Long Range Spring 2012 Weather Forecast W Yorks and Yonder.

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Spring 2012 Spring begins early this year as I accurately pointed out in my Winter forecast. While all the mets were waking up to the sudden arrival of extra mild temps mid Feb, waxing lyrical about how some areas had … Continue reading

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WINTER WEATHER FORECAST West Yorkshire and Beyond 2011-2012

WINTER WEATHER FORECAST West Yorkshire and Beyond 2011-2012

Looks like the unusual temperature fluctuations prevalent during 2011 continue throughout this season with sudden lows followed by a rise that brings sunny days and those glorious electric blue skies we have come to enjoy seeing—fantastic for photographers working outdoors.

For 50% of the season we will have some moderate wintry conditions but for 25% we see some extremes of winter causing havoc to regions of the UK. Generally from 22nd December-8th January we see some dominating highs with cold fronts coming down from the north.
I expect 8- 21st January to be extremely cold and frosty with perhaps some blizzards, see daily forecasts for this potential. Once again it looks like the South gets the record breaking temps, while 5th January, 10th and 15th February, approximately, depending where you are in the UK, there will be some icy cold conditions to deal with. March looks more likely to be less volatile with milder conditions around.

While it was March 2011 that brought us some unusually good weather, and April saw temperatures rising to their highest for 340 years, we can expect a similar pattern to unfold in 2012…but more of this for the spring forecast

February looks wet with more mists and fogs and unsettled conditions around from mid month warning of some high levels of moisture and precipitation for a prolonged period beyond February. Though March looks like more of a drought phase.

Spring is earlier rather than later for 2012 and we get some tastes of spring weather from mid February.

18th-24th December
Looking at previous similar phases to this one there is a catalogue of weather events attaching to celestial/terrestrial outcomes, so I expect this phase to bring in some fair and some foul conditions, with the latter coming in from the outset to many regions of the UK. In the past snowstorms and heavy sleet has arrived with these conditions, though not necessarily in the W Yorks locality.
I should point out that previous similar epochs to this one brought us the tsunami in the Solomon Islands, an EQ in Kent and in November 2010 heavy blizzards to the UK, I also expect blizzards to some regions of UK for 19th-22nd
Snow looks to already be lying around in eastern areas to us at 18th..Precipitaton during this phase would usually be more likely mid day to midnight with some exceptions as written below.
Seismic conditions still create headlines and the SE of England is singled out this time around, but I don’t have time to date it exactly, but 22nd December stands out as likely.
I am only 90% confident of this forecast due to a lot of conflicting weather triggers.

18th Some N Westerlies active icy temps, winter snow showers highly likely with snow bearing cloud coming over but some sunshine around between showers.
19th Fogs/mists around especially in low lying valleys, clearing mid morning but returning late evening combining with nebulous breezy twirls.
20th Frosty or foggy outlook. Snow clouds again from very early in the morning could bring more wintry fall during afternoon, clearer skies around mid day some mists fog by evening and S Easterlies flows for us with poorer weather to the W and SW of the country.
21st S Easterlies unsettle the outlook and bring scattered winter showers and more snow for high ground. Frosty start with sudden hail or sleet outbursts from 7-8 am for our region clearer skies with some sun mid day, and potential for snow flurries mid afternoon and evening coming in from over western regions.
22nd Icy cold outlook brings in some mists and fogs, very unsettled outlook for today for sure, but some sun outbreaks can keep us optimistic for better days ahead. There will be ice around but also some thawing during daytime so take care of slippery conditions when travelling.
23rd N Westerlies, strong at times, clear away some of gloom and better conditions begin to arrive with sunshine but cold temps during the day. Fogginess around overnight 23/24th
24th Some fair outdoor weather again conditions similar to yesterday but N Westerlies turn into some southerlies making it moist and cooler to North UK, slightly more temperate to S England. Could be a few quick ice sleet or snow outbursts in the afternoon coming in from the West. Looks like we get some sunshine also to herald Christmas Day.

22nd for this phase is cold enough to snow and heralds a few days to follow that are lovely sunny, cold with the bluest of skies…get your camera out…but freezing fog outbreaks could arrive in the evening and overnight with icy or oily conditions on roads and footpaths.

24th December -1st January
This is a Full Moon for Christmas day and on such a day we can generally expect the daytime to be fairer with any poorer weather arriving at night.

Everyone wants to know if it will snow on Christmas Day and in October I was in the local BBC radio studios with one of the TV mets who was asked to say whether snow would arrive today. No answer arrived, and I had to say we both wouldn’t expect snow in Leeds on Christmas Day as it is a highly unusual occurrence. However, I also said I hadn’t yet done the charts for this time of year and now that I have……..well I’m not so sure!

Certainly there is some white stuff around from the start and that is likely a leftover from the previous phase. Some snow can be seen to be forming off the coast of SW Iceland on 24th and definitely heading our way, it’s likely to hit NW Scotland by 25th so they are the lucky ones. or not…! It could arrive here by the afternoon on 25th.. so Santa Klaus looks like sending us a nice timely white gift wrapping…or not if I’m way off the mark. I am 100% sure this is snow arriving however, by the time it reaches us in the afternoon the sun could be strong enough to turn it into sleet or rainy weather, so don’t hold your breath….I only give a 95% forecast that it will snow in Leeds on Christmas Day, and do wish I could be more certain.

25th Brings potential for snow flurries around 3. 45 am , then again another try around 10 30 am, with cloud/mists in valleys but clearer skies by afternoon with sunshine and some southerly flows around. By around 20:15 it is likely that winter snows hail and sleet showers will be around to West and N West.

26th Some sun and cloud in the morning, mists in low lying areas, clearer skies by 5-6pm. Southerlies are still active but temps take a plunge when N Easterlies join in the affray and snow likely again today localised and scattered late evening 22:00 approx. Boxing Day can often be a sunny outdoor day and this looks set to follow the pattern..

27th Potential for snow to continue falling into the early hours 1 am onwards this morning leaving a cold frosty outlook to start the day, sunshine likely by late morning with temps less cold than previous day

28th No precipitation expected here, and it should clear to be a sunny day with some N Westerlies around

29th Slightly milder temps but similar to yesterday some S Easterlies which often make the atmosphere a little muggy.

30th Some frostiness with a quick sharp showery micro and localised outlook potential for mid afternoon, cold nippy temps Strong winds, though variable at times, for the next three days mostly NW clearing the atmosphere.

31st Showery from around 4pm with winds as described yesterday intermittent rain throughout is likely.
1st January 2012 More moderate temps with sunshine during the day but windy conditions as described on 30th.

At this stage the forecast reminds us that from the 5th-10th January whatever else is forecast there will be some unusual daytime highs in temperature values for the season, especially during the day, but with strong night time frosts reacting.

1-9th January 2012
I expect some fine sunny and dry weather generally and 3-5th will have some refreshing atmospheric conditions prevailing, but there will be some windiness as well with tornado potential for 8th ( not in our region probably to south of us) when southerly flows clash with north westerlies. Some static release either thunder or lightening is also likely for some UK regions from the outset of this phase.

Some unusual daytime seasonal wintry ‘highs’ can offset the more frosty conditions expected. There is potential for precipitation to be snow or sleet for this phase. I’m only 90% confident of this forecast as there are a few conditions that could bring blizzards, and with some of the features present in my maps we have seen floods previously, though not in the West Yorkshire region, and I don’t expect any after the 2nd of January……famous last words perhaps! Generally a quarter Moon phase at this time of year should not arouse severe weather……

However, seismicity is high on 8th and regions vulnerable are E of China Japan regions and N Aus area Timor island area

1st Strong gusty westerlies, temps seasonally moderate with hail, sleet and snow showers around 1-2 am, and again 1-3pm but clearer skies by evening but some sunshine to brighten in between.

2nd Easterly wind flows with muggy conditions and potential for more sleet and hail showers 3-4pm Clouds and mists around by evening, especially in the Aire Valley, but by midnight stargazers should get a good clearer glimpse of the world beyond ours…photographers would also get good midnight scene shots.

3rd Breezy spells with moderate temps and some sunshine with cloud but the air will be refreshing and outdoor pursuits more enjoyable in this kind of atmosphere. Even with winter showers which could be around for some localities further east of ours, not ours I don’t think, the air will feel exhilarating and bracing with these kind of conditions.

4th Strong westerlies continue, sun with cloud but clearer skies late at night.

5th Sleet or localised hail showers to the west of us around mid day, but we seem to remain dry. Cool temps greet us in the morning, but it looks like from today until 10th January they begin to go higher than is seasonally usual bringing in some new records. Westerlies turn southerly which also indicates milder temps for the season.

6th Sunny day, some cloud and nebulous breezes. Any winter showers would arrive between 7-9am and if I’m right we see snow to west and rain to east of us by 1-3pm

7th Southerlies and some fogs and mists around from outset with sun breaking through after sunrise quick icy showers likely 10-11pm, strong easterly outlook and a snow bringer harbinger for intermittent winter showers

8th-Should be some sunshine around with strong southerlies seasonally mod-high temps. Fast windy outbreaks likely, Tornado conditions created as mentioned earlier as southerlies conflict with some icy cold strong N Westerlies that can bring snow blizzards. Very nippy conditions in exposed and shaded areas, warmth from sun in sheltered areas. EQ headline expected on 8th—+/- 1 day.

Read on for 9th….the N Westerlies will be strong and icy from 11th onwards on so wrap up warmly. High winds and blizzards are likely to be prominent features weather wise till 21st January t/out UK regions but our main focus is on W Yorks and yonder……

9th- 16th January

Watch the weather change abruptly after 12th this week……..
A sudden jolt arrives by 12th when very icy lows arrive bringing a sudden change in temperature for our region. N W winds are still active on 12th also but these will blow away unwanted cloud leaving some sun and a fresh atmosphere, icy temp pockets in exposed or shaded regions.
Snow is almost guaranteed for 14th and beyond
Blizzards look likely to affect UK regions disrupting traffic and power lines from 8th-21st January.

9th-12th Overall for these days I do expect sunshine along with some unusually rising seasonal temps around, but these also indicate extra cold frosty nights when we see lovely crisp clear skies, but these combinations can also give birth to some freezing fogs and mists as well….winds as outlined above….

11th Frosty start but some sun during the day after early morning clouds and mist. Frost and potential for snow by 23:15 with southerlies active,
12th The warmth begins to be drawn southwards later today leaving us with breathtaking lows and a turn around from the temperatures on previous days. Freezing fogs can cause travel problems from early morning, clearing around mid day for some sun to come out during the afternoon but cold nippy gusty westerlies keep everyone on their toes.
13th Sun with cloudy start, south easterlies bringing in some mugginess and snow clouds forming. Winter showers likely 5-7am looks like snow or sleet blizzards.
14th Cold temps continue with some hope of sunshine during the day but snow bearing clouds release their load by evening with northerlies around late evening to clear up some of the muggy air.
15th Snow likely to continue till early this morning. Looks gloomy for first part of day, clearing slightly during the afternoon, with betters conditions for late evening, cold temps continue.
16th Winter showers around from 6-7 am, and 2-3pm with some sun attempts in between, but still some muggy air around leading to a slight rise in temps on previous days……. 5-6pm brings in a better outlook

16th-23rd January

Some blue skies with sunshine for some days interrupted with static icy outbursts of hail and sleet, and snow for some UK regions.. Some arctic lows arrive producing mists and fogs in low lying areas.

16th Icy conditions with snow for high slopes, quick winter showers after a gloomy mid day, skies clearing by 6 pm but more winter hail and sleet showers likely and cloud by 8-9 pm static conditions will bring in some reports of lightening showers today/tomorrow for some regions of UK.
17th Temps milder than yesterday but some mists/fog and dullness to start of day, snow potential for south of our region, we get icy showers outbursts 6pm and 8pm approximately, depending on your locality as these are very localised outbursts, but sunshine around in the afternoon.
18th Icy, icy, icy start but some blue skies around sunrise, icy cold outbursts around mid day. Freezing fog around by evening and winter snow and sleet showers arrive late at night
19th Temps slightly milder here than yesterday, static outbursts for some regions, snow on high ground with easterlies creating some unsettled conditions. Sun and cloud with unsettled outlook arriving from west. A blizzard outlook can develop today bringing heavy snowfall to some regions beyond ours especially on high ground.
20th Much the same as yesterday but temps more variable and fluctuating, some clearer skies but icy pockets, but a little warmth from sun, quick icy attempts at showers likely for some localities in our region.
21st Midnight 20th-21st clearer conditions arrive. Sun around with cloud during the day, but arctic lows as weather travels easterly, the evening looks to bring some clearer skies for us but that means temps plunge lower with no cloud cover to keep things warm so frost and ice on roads prevails. The arctic conditions could ward off snow falling in our region today but I can’t be 100% certain, for there is a snowy outlook operating for some areas of UK
22nd Less severe low temps and some sunshine around today. Westerlies begin to prevail after today, growing strong, gusty and nippy over next 24 hours, but temps seem to be less severe and icicles look likely to be keeping everyone entertained today and tomorrow…..so there could be some thaw to iced over waters….

23rd-31st January

Similar conditions prevailed 31st March 2012 when blizzards hit Lancashire and Ireland got 1 foot of snow in 10 minutes causing chaos, but some modifications exist this time around bringing some variations on the theme back then.

Snow looks likely to hit John O Groats region and winter showers hit SW Midlands with weather pulled from SE to NW from 26th and seismic outbursts a trend for this phase.

23rd Strong westerlies, high speed continue for a few more days with outlook gloomy and rainy from start of 23rd still showery by 6am, clearing for a sunnier outlook by morning. Quick icy showers could arrive by evening with temps seasonally cool.
24th Slightly milder temps today, cloud mists in the early morning sudden showery intervals also. Skies look a little clearer by 10- 11 am so some sun spells expected during the day. Cloud around late evening with snow for high regions likely late evening.
25th Icy winter showery outbreaks, potential for snow flurries for our region, but west of us is likely candidate for heavier outbreaks than we get. Temps cold. Should be some sun conditions by afternoon with skies looking much clearer by 11pm.
26th Very cold weather with more news of winter blizzards could combine sleet and snow. A cloudy morning but sun spells by late afternoon, late evening looks icy and frosty or crisp underfoot so take care while journeying.
27th Southerlies and some easterlies which can bring in muggy conditions along with daybreak mists and fogs. Sun with cloud fro 7 am cloudier by 5pm. Some very heavy winter showers moving across from SE to NW regions. Expect icy showery intervals till late evening continuing into early next day.
28th Windy, icy cold, with ice frst particularly on exposed ground where strong winds can blow N Westerly turning into high speed gusts at times. Sun with cloud by the afternoon, with temps variable today from freezing cold to less severe, clearer conditions by 7pm.

31st Jan – 7th Feb

Some dominating high seasonal temps with lows to Scotland and northern England, westerlies arriving to confirm the outlook. Some misty conditions and showery outlook to the west of UK and unsettled temps make it difficult to predict outcomes for this phase weather wise so far ahead. There’s a lot of contradictory signals weather wise with some icy low freezes offset by some dull, showery, mizzly conditions and a tendency for temperatures to thwart a constant that helps forecast the outcome. I do expect some good outdoor weather though on some days probably the first two days and then for the second half. The first half is dominated by some highly variable conditions that could lead into prolonged heavy winter showers overnight 1st-2nd, with some flood alerts showing for some UK regions and I’m only sorry I never get time to do all the necessary charts to readily locate and follow the weather trends throughout the UK

31st shows some localised quick icy showery outbreaks some sun during the day with late evening mists and mizzles, and cold pockets. Snow or frost not unlikely either, but the air should feel clear if not invigorating.

1st Feb some quick showers lead to a sunny day cloud forming by evening along with more mizzle or quick showery outbursts by 10pm Strong westerlies look likely to break over the west of us and could reach here, temps cool to moderate and varying. I expect some prolonged rainy outbursts as mentioned above from late tonight till tomorrow

2nd The rain could continue from last night until a final shower outburst lasting 2-3pm. Southerlies combine with easterlies echoing the forecast for the unsettled weather.

3rd Cool to moderate variable temp conditions sunshine with cloud during the day and a quick shower potential around 4 pm with some more cloud around late evening. breeziness could arise also

4th-5th I expect today and tomorrow to be a little more settled with some sunshine and warmer temps especially with sun around to cheer everyone up, cold temps on high places and in sheltered areas. More cloud around by 8pm on 5th

6th-7th A dry day, sunshine and cloud clearing enough to allow some blue skies, cold pockets, breezy sudden spurts of NW winds lower temps in high places with potential for snow on high ground a few flutters here not beyond the bounds of expectation. Some localised icy winter shower outbreaks by evening approx clearer outlook after 6pm. Exposed regions will have some strong pockets of wind blowing downslopes, gusty at times.

7th-14th Feb
This phase brings a long ranging change from fair to not so good from halfway through. Overall the mists and dull weather remind us of November’s mists and mugginess as we move towards Valentine’s Day! Temps will be variable damp air can be a little cloying if not oppressive particularly the by the 9th onwards with prolonged precipitation likely from late on 12th into early hours of 13th raising water levels in some rivers and we can expect a warning of disruption to travel as a result. Mists and fog, mizzly muggy outlook for second half can also interfere with air travel as well.
Again I’m looking at some conflicting evidence for weather, some of which dictates snow and frost, others that forecast mistiness, mizzles and milder temps that deny a snowy or icy outlook so a difficult weather chart to be confident of for this phase, but I do expect the prolonged precipitation on 12-13th and I also expect at least one if not more river to burst its banks and create problems for motorists from the outset, air travel will also be affected by fogs and mists at some airports particularly for the second half of this phase.

6-7th as previously describes
8th Cold start with frosts mists or even snow around in high places, but sunshine brightens up the middle part of the day, with temps growing moderate, but colder by evening when cloudy skies are around.
9th-10th Mists and fog around, some scattered often localised hail and sleet or winter showers with temps variable, climbing slightly higher on 10th but the outlook is increasingly unsettled. Cold to frosty conditions at night with southerlies clashing with cold northerlies and gusty westerlies trying to sort out the weather, but not succeeding, by late 10th. Temps can be unusually mild for this time of year but the air will be a little oppressive as a result.

11th Showers likely around mid day, some sun could break through later afternoon, but more gloom around by evening. Humidity levels are high…
12-13th Oppressive air rules and damp conditions can be chilly with muggy, misty mizzly conditions expected to culminate in prolonged if not abnormal precipitation from tonight into early morning on 13th, not nice conditions for these two days, though sun may breakthrough clouds late on 13th when easterlies prevail

14th-21 Feb
The worst of the floods should be coming over and I expect many areas to be affected by this heavy precipitation which will see heavy amounts fall in a short space of time helping February match if not beat its record set for England and Wales in 1848.
A weather system moves down from the Isle of Foroyar to NW Scotland from 14th, and is followed by a cold icy weather flow forming off the S E coast of Iceland bringing some cold icy conditions to northern highlands travelling S Easterly down Great Britain for this phase.

14th Rain will be travelling eastwards and flood warnings continue, some in our region from yesterday, some static outbursts and lightening could accompany this flow with drains overflowing and roads affected. Cool temps with some cold pockets around. Some sunshine with cloud during the day.

15th N Westerlies around today, strong at times, mild to mod temps for season, some sunshine around but rain expected by 7-8pm

16th mod temps during the day but icy by night time, cloud with sunshine winds NW can be strong and speedy and lashing, gales likely.

17th Some gloom fogs and mists before sunrise clearer by 7 am, cold outlook but bluer sky outlook by 9 am with sunshine arriving auguring a nice sunny day mild temps a little cloud around and some southerly intrusions into the less active whippy westerlies bringing in some cloud for the evening.

18th Expect early morning showers, clouds and mists around from night before, some cool temps but clear skies with sunshine during the day. Strong if not high speed winds expected by today, very unsettled conditions prevail with clear skies soon clouding over then clearing again.

19th Variable temps today, some sunshine, variable winds, mists and mizzly evening weather, followed by more very heavy rain 7pm approx.

20th Clearer skies today, after a misty muggy start, with a cold nippy outlook during the day, zippy westerlies strong at times, and rain coming over to the south western parts of UK today.

21st Dry but icy pockets mingle with some mild to mod temps in sunshine. Cloudy by evening with rain to west leaving us dry.

21st Feb -1st March 2012

Outlook is for some fine weather interrupted by scattered showery intervals, temps look mostly moderate for the season but some icy pockets around. Some windy weather expected with strong if not gales for us by 26th. I don’t expect high levels of precipitation to reach flood capacity, in fact many winter showers look light if frequent, but 26th-27th looks to bring heavier rain but this will clear the air and provide refreshing conditions that make even a wet walk in the wood seem uplifting, though the strong winds might make it a little risky in case of dead branches being blown off…..
Seismic conditions herald a large EQ for end of this phase, and 1st is likely time with Spain, SE of Madrid and France looking to be affected.

21st As already outlined in previous phase, I expect winter showers to be travelling over here in the morning and moving over to eastern parts by afternoon leaving chilly temps in their wake, some little warmth in sun but mostly cold with southerlies and some easterlies around. Some mistiness and cloud around by evening in valleys and especially to regions to the east of W Yorks.

22nd Icy showers before sunrise and mid afternoon, clouds around clearing by 9 pm some sunshine breaks during the day, temps seasonally moderate, breeziness prevails with air currents strong to the easterly quarter.

23rd Quick spartan icy showery along with sunny outbreaks 9am and later in day, not long lasting, gusty westerly windy weather continues into today, fair temps around but icy showers keep things wintry. By 9pm still windy, fair outlook and still showery outbreaks which continue to be localised and scattered until next morning.

24th Sun with cloud by late morning should remain drier today but a strong northerly keeps temps cool

25th A sunny and bright day, though winter sleet showers around 10 am expected. Cold temps as strong northerlies give way to some winds westerly, strong and gusty from the outset but these turn to south westerlies by 2 pm, and will build to stronger outburst as day progresses Mists and cloud by 8pm.

26th-27th Cooler temps, strong windy weather that can bring gale strengths into play, 7 am on 26th brings showery conditions with more cloud forming by 1pm more rainy outbreaks overnight into 27th when intermittent rainy spells refresh the air but keep things wet wet wet. Some south easterlies coming in on 27th also

28th Should be more settled outlook, moderate temps winds can still be brisk.
29th Quick showers expected around 9 am, temps icy lots of cold pockets rolling down from north and a frosty outlook highly likely by evening. Winds gusty North Westerly strong and speedy at times. Some sunshine expected for today.
1st March Temps moderate for season during the day but frosty cold at night winds variable but very strong and high speed at times, showery outbreaks from 2am and again risk of more by 10pm

1st-8th March 2012
Thunderstorms and lightening are signalled during this phase, with spring temps warming up a little to boost hopes of better weather to come….Some mistiness expected for 6-8th and strong winds from outset with Market Harborough region likely to experience on 5th, some unusual if not record breaking weather, near tornado type wind activity or wind clashes are prevalent during this phase. There is a promise of a little good outdoor weather but this could quickly change leaving you exposed to some rapid changes that catch you out, so be warned that nothing is to be left for granted weather wise…mistiness can arise 6-8th but clearer outlook afterwards…..

1st Strong winds expected with easterly flows in the mix, temps moderate with some cool pockets coming downslope by the evening, mistiness around cloud and some lightening or static outburst expected for today, icy showers if not hail by 11pm also. Outlook is seismic for today +/- 2-3 days.

2nd N westerlies around strong at times, some variable mix of winds produce easterly and southerly clashes as well, squally winds expected. Temps vary from cool to moderate but much cooler by evening, a very unsettled outlook again, with risk of more static outbursts by evening. Showers look to be localised and scattered 7-9pm short and sharp but heavy at times. Some sunshine with cloud, but no guarantees…

3rd Mod temps but some cold pockets around especially in exposed high places, broody southerlies around today and tomorrow, sun, cloud, wind and rain expected, a kind of all weather outlook

4th Variable winds strong at time, strong easterlies to start with, followed by strong westerlies whizzing about, SE by afternoon and SW by evening. Cloudy, but sun at the start of the day, misty showery outlook overall, with conditions a bit murkier to the west of our W Yorks region, looks like some clearer outlook for us by 8pm, but don’t hold your breath…a quick showery outbreak could also arrive at this time too….

5th This day heralds sudden weather changes and static outbursts with intermittently strong NW winds likely, and cold pockets around in spite of some warming trends as sun gains strength. Better outlook by mid day with some sunshine around and warmth if sun gets out….

6th Cold from very early but milder later. Mists arrive today but also milder temps, with cloud around for the most part during the day. Can’t see much sun but I could be wrong…this is a cold November day today…

7thMuch milder today with a spring outlook developing should remain dry with some sun attempts to let us know the earth is quickening and summer is on its long journey into the northern hemisphere… Should stay dry but breezy

8th The bad weather travels NW to SE today and a clear outlook with sunshine expected…….

8th-15th March
Time allowed only a brief tour for this phase. So not a daily forecast unfortunately…

Mostly a dry phase but there will be reports of t/storms for some UK regions, we may be lucky and avoid such outbreaks locally. The phase looks mostly dry and spring like with warming temps to bring out plant growth but some strong winds at time predominantly westerly, remainig breezy in between the strong bouts of windy weather.
Rain is most noteable on 9th and 14th and some rumblings of t/storms likely 14th-16th as spring continues its journey into the northern hemishpere. 11-12th is when temperatures will rise but this leads to static oubreaks in days afterwards depending where you are in the UK.

15th-22nd March

This phase brings in some fine serene outdoor weather, especially to eastern parts, but also it is characterised by strong and sometimes gale force winds mostly West and N Westerlies, Some drying trends and unsettled conditions with the sun moving North on 19th. I expect news reports of strong gales causing disruptions to power lines around 18/20th, depending on your UK region, as well as to traffic, probably Scotland again, but high lying regions generally to north also affected. Precipitation more likely mid day to midnight for this phase. Extreme west UK and GB coastal regions such as Caenarvon, Pembroke Cornwall NW Scotland etc look likely to be worst hit by the strong winds for this phase.

16th Temps on the rise strong N Westerlies often gusty and strong and lasting next couple of days. Some sunshine expected and mostly dry weather, the rise in temp could lead to some static outbursts.

17th Winds strong continuing gusty intervals, risk of showery outbreaks today, heavier to west of our region but winds could fetch rain here. The low pressure looks south east at this stage.

18th The weather looks more unsettled, with sunshine and cloud, with winds not knowing whether to stay or go. Temps can be cold but some warmth from sunshine and rain is definitely around our region in the afternoon especially when dark clouds can reign, and could be heavy at times, but I see no risk of floods from this level of precipitation.

19th Sunshine and fair weather clash with some passing gloomy clouds but winds look to be strong enough to take away any darkening of the skies. I expect some blue skies to prevail today and tomorrow.

20th Strong gusty sometimes high speed winds expected to rev up again, N Westerly, some blue skies to brighten up the outlook, but cold, but after today temps could heat up to remind us that summer is just around the corner….

21st Sun with cloud around but high temps expected could lead to quick showery outbreaks by evening…….winds look less active by today…

22nd Sunshine, blue sky and N Westerly spurts keeping temps exposed to cold pockets, hail or fast sleet showery outbreaks but will be short lived. Winds turn more high speed and westerly by afternoon. Brisk south westerlies begin to blow in for tomorrow…..

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Christmas, Pagan, Midwinter Seasonal Forecast West Yorks and Yonder 18 December 2011-1st January 2012

WINTER WEATHER FORECAST West Yorkshire and Yonder 2011-2012

General outlook for Winter season:-Looks like the unusual temperature fluctuations prevalent during 2011 continue throughout this season with sudden lows followed by a rise that brings sunny days and those glorious electric blue skies we have come to enjoy seeing—fantastic for photographers working outdoors.

For 50% of the season we will have some moderate wintery conditions but for 25% we see some extremes of winter causing havoc to regions of the UK.
I expect 8- 21st January to be extremely cold and frosty with perhaps some blizzards, see daily forecasts for this potential. Once again it looks like the South gets the record breaking temps, while 5th January, 10th and 15th February, approximately. depending where you are in the UK, there will be some icy cold conditions to deal with. March looks more likely to be less volatile with milder weather around.

While it was March 2011 that brought us some unsually good weather, and April saw temperatures rising to their highest for 340 years, we can expect a similar pattern to unfold in 2012..but more of this for the Spring forecast later…

Midwinter, Pagan and Christmas Weather

18th-24th December
Looking at previous similar phases to this one there is a catalogue of weather events attaching to these celestial/terrestrial outcomes, so I expect this phase to bring in some fair and some foul conditions, with the latter coming in from the outset to many regions of the UK. In the past snowstorms and heavy sleet has arrived with these conditions, though not necessarily in the W Yorks locality. We got the floods to the West UK on October 24th though W Yorks escaped the heavy weather that was due to the Perigean Spring tide moon on 26th of that month.
I should also point out that previous similar epochs to this one brought us the tsunami in the Solomon Islands, an EQ in Kent and in November 2010 heavy blizzards to the UK, I also expect blizzards to some regions of UK for 19th-22nd
Snow looks to already be lying around in eastern areas to us at 18th..precipitaton during this phase would usually be more likely mid day to midnight with some exceptions as written below.
Seismic conditions still create headlines and the SE of England is singled out this time around, but I don’t have time to date it exactly, but 22nd December stands out as likely.
I am only 90% confident of this forecast due to a lot of conflicting weather triggers.

18th Some NWesterlies active icy temps, winter snow showers highly likely with snow bearing cloud coming over but some sunshine around between showers.
19th Fogs/mists around especially in low lying valleys, clearing mid morning but returning late eveinng combining with nebulous breezy twirls.
20th Frosty or foggy outlook. Snow clouds again from very early in the morning could bring more wintery fall during afternoon, clearer skies around mid day some mists fog by evening and S Easterlies flows for us with poorer weather to the W and SW of the country.
21st S Easterlies unsettle the outlook and bring scattered winter showers and more snow for high ground. Frosty start with sudden hail or sleet outbursts from 7-8 am for our region, clearer skies with some sun mid day, and potential for snow flurries mid afternoon and evening coming in from over western regions.
22nd Icy cold outlook brings in some mists and fogs, very unsettled outlook for today for sure, but some sun outbreaks can keep us optimistic for better days ahead. There will be ice around but also some thawing during daytime so take care of slippery conditions when travelling.
22nd for this phase is cold enough to snow but also heralds a few days to follow that are lovely sunny, cold with the bluest of skies…get your camera out…but freezing fog oubreaks could arrive in the evening and overnight with icy or oily conditions on roads and footpaths.

23rd N Westerlies, strong at times, clear away some of gloom and better conditions begin to arrive with sunshine but cold temps during the day. Foggines around overnight on 23/24th
24th Some fair outdoor weather again conditions similar to yesterday but N Westerlies turn into some southerlies making it moist and cooler to North UK, slightly more temperate to S England. Could be a few quick ice sleet or snow outbursts in the afternoon coming in from the West. Looks like we get some sunshine also to herald Christmas Day.

24th December -1st January
This is a New Moon for Christmas day and on such a day we can generally expect the daytime to be fairer with any poorer weather arriving at night.

Everyone wants to know if it will snow on Christmas Day and in October I was in the local BBC radio studios with one of the local TV mets who was asked to say whether snow would arrive on Cjristmas day in Leeds city. No answer arrived, and I had to say we both wouldn’t expect snow in Leeds on Christmas Day as it is an highly unúsual occurrence. However, I also said I hadn’t yet done the charts for this time of year and now that I have……..well I’m not so sure!

Certainly there is some white stuff around from the start and that is likely a leftover from the previous phase. Some snow can be seen to be forming off the coast of SW Iceland on 24th and definitely heading our way, it’s likely to hit NW Scotland by 25th so they are the lucky ones..or not…! It could arrive here by the afternoon on 25th.. so Santa Klaus looks like sending us a nice timely white gift wrapping…or not if I’m way off the mark. I am 100% sure this is snow arriving however, by the time it reaches us in the afternoon the sun could be strong enough to turn it into sleet or rainy weather, so don’t hold your breath….I only give a 95% accuracy rating for my forecast that it will snow in Leeds on Christmas Day, and do wish I could be more certain.

25th Brings potential for snow flurries around 3. 45 am , then again another try around 10 30 am, with cloud/mists in valleys but clearer skies by afternoon with sunshine and some southerly flows around. By around 20:15 it is likely that winter snows hail and sleet showers will be around to West and N West Uk regions

26th Some sun and cloud in the morning, mists in low lying areas, clearer skies by 5-6pm. Southerlies are still active but temps take a plunge when N Easterlies join in the affray and snow likely again today localised and scattered late evening 22:00 approx. Boxing Day can often be a sunny outdoor day and this looks set to follow the pattern..

27th Potential for snow to continue falling into the early hours 1 am onwards this morning leaving a cold frosty outlook to start the day, sunshine likely by late morning with temps less cold than previous day

28th No precipitation expected here, and it should clear to be a sunny day with some N Westerlies around

29th Slightly milder temps but similar to yesterday some S Easterlies which often make the atmosphere a little muggy.

30th Some frostiness with a quick sharp showery micro and localised outlook potential for mid afternoon, cold nippy temps Strong winds, though variable at times, for the next three days mostly NW clearing the atmosphere.

31st Showery from around 4pm with winds as described yesterday intermittent rain throughout is likely.
1st January 2012 More moderate temps with sunshine during the day but windy conditions as described on 30th.

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Autumn Weather 2011

A very cold autumn is augured with record lows, some arriving to bring bone chilling conditions from 13 Nov-13th December, and some temperature extremes from 23rd September.
There can also be some mizzly drizzly spells with mists and freezing fog, and some of these spells arrive for us around mid 10-18th December.
Some fair skies to enjoy however and unusual seasonal dryness continues to keep the global warming demons happy.

Plato Aristotle and their predecessors would smile at the thought of climate change being reversible, or only a 21st century occurrence, by their reckoning and reports it had been around and well noticed millennia before some up and coming young exec ‘’discovered’’ a new way of painting his bandwagon today.

But enough of pre history……..we can expect some unusual autumnal conditions to arrive along with more seismic outbursts, one of which centres around +/_ 4 days 17th December…when we can expect one of the big seismic events of the season.

Snow potential exists around late September and early October with some nasty weather around 24th November (around the globe as well) when the now infamous close sysygy makes its pull on the earth’s atmosphere. For us it brings severe weather trends, blizzards and very heavy precipitation combing with record lows by 25th.

We have an abundance of super moons for everyone to enjoy after the publicity they got this year in connection with EQ activity, one very close super moon occurs 24th November so watch for weather headlines then another 28th September, but the closest of all is the 26th October, so if you feel you’re reading a lot of stormy outlooks for the Autumn you now know why!

I could pick out some good weeks ….but why spoil it for you when you can read the week by week forecast for yourself…….One thing I do expect is some lovely blue skies to enjoy with less gloom around than we normally get in our British autumn.

20th-27th September

Unsettled conditions around, with localised flood potential for SW regions due to very heavy precipitation arriving in a short space of time. Some downpours for Severn area but the duration won’t be long lasting and fair weather spells soon prevail again. T/storm around 22nd/23rd and risk of squalls arriving with winds revving up by 26th-27th
Seismicity centring +/_ 3-4 days 26th September one area of globe I’ll be watching is Sea of Chomsk area, meantime over on our shores high power lines could be affected especially to northern regions..

20th Some sun with cloud spartan showers around 7-8 am heat later in sun, but some cold pockets around with easterly flows brining in unsettled weather Rain overnight to early 21st heavy at times with sudden spartan outbreaks continuing till mid afternoon. Southerlies and cloud with sun in the afternoon, clearer skies by evening….
22nd. Early showers risk 3-4 am with cloud around brisk westerlies brining showers by late evening though skies should be less cloudy by 8-9 pm.
23-24th Can be thundery outbreaks and potential for tornado on 23rd, not in our region though, squalls can be active as temps build on 23rd and northerly winds getting stronger to some regions. More settled on 24th with southerlies around again.
25th Warmer generally but variable temps sunshine with cloud, fine evening.
26th More squally conditions stronger by 27th for some regions, but clearer skies and sunnier weather. Seasonal highs for today and 27th.

27th Sept-4th Oct
Some record breaking and destructive weather to North, seismic events still in headlines at the start of this close sysygy. Changeable weather as summer turns more autumnal, or else misses out this season altogether!

27th Very strong winds prevailing and high speed NW gales in part of UK, temps moderate for the season, cool enough to snow on exposed high ground. Mists cloud, or fog around 2-3 am. Sleet, hail, even snow on high ground 6-10am.
28th Similar conditions to 27th, cooler but clearer skies western areas look misty or foggy, perhaps sea frets likely 2-3 am, clearer in the day but some intermittent winter showers potential 9-11 am and 1-4pm, turning cloudy late evening, strong winds continue..
29th Clearer skies, moderate seasonal temps, potential for quick shower 1-3pm
30th Showers around 1-3pm Heavy downpour expected 8-10pm.
1st -4th should be more settled and calmer after stormy weather, with better outdoor conditions by 1st, and southerly flows for 2nd cool but clearer skies 3rd brings some mists and hazes or cloud early morning, but some sunshine with cloud as day develops, 4th could see some quick showery outbreaks, cool with some sunshine along with westerlies and easterlies clashing.

4th Oct-12th
Some good outdoor weather expected but some rainy conditions as outlined. Mostly dry, sunny with breeziness The record breaking weather looks to be to SW regions of the IUK at the outset of this phase….could be windy conditions that attract attention…..but some unsettled weather for this phase made it difficult to be confident of the forecast at this stage……..

4th Some precipitation moving over the far east from outset, breezy-very windy condition for some regions Cooler outlook but still seasonally average conditions and thundery outbreaks likely to some parts of UK.
5th-7th Sunshine with clouds, noisy winds and sudden spartan showery outbursts especially on 7th
8th Rain bearing cloud formations moderate temps, nebulous breezes and potential for rain/thundery showers by evening
9th Warmth in mid day sun, more sunshine around for us today.
10th A bit unsettled today. Sudden showery outbreaks by evening, some hail and sleet and potential for snow on high ground. Brisk westerlies and sometimes strong along with some southerlies.
11th Strong easterlies blow in some mugginess could even be the white stuff coming over with this unsettled air, early hail sleet outbursts possible from around sunrise Clearer skies after 6pm

12th….read on….

12th-20th October
Cool and breezy phase with some freaky windy weather extremes hitting the headlines, Durham and NW looks vulnerable to this system and headlines could come in from those regions as well as SE.
W Yorks singled out to be battered by strong winds and we could see some wind damage here and overturned vehicles as well. Try not to plan a journey across exposed regions at this stage….Heavy showers expected but weather more settled to second half of this phase..

12th Potential for showery outbreaks 10-11 am less cloudy later in the morning with some hope for sunshine during the day with better skies by night time though some mists/fog in low lying places late evening. Temps seasonally cool but clouds keep conditions muggy
13th Rain around sunrise, intermittent showery weather, heavy but refreshing, temps variable with rain cooling things down but some sun spells bring warmth by mid day and beyond. Winds could begin to rev up today becoming gusty if not violent and destructive….north westerly…over next few days…
14th Fluctuating temps again, with cold from wind and rain passing over UK regions west to east reaching our region from beginning and end of day but some clearer skies possible 10 am – 5pm but we’re likely to be watching some freaky windy weather unfold today and tomorrow. Seismic conditions are also high over the coming days to 23rd…
15th Sun with cloud cool temps but clearer skies, sudden showery outbreaks 5-7pm Lovely overnight clear skies.
16-17th Clearer outlook southerlies bring in more moderate temps, sun with cloud, and risk of sudden showers late afternoon and evening could even be quick thundery outbursts by 17th when northerlies attempt to purge the bad weather.
18th Clearer skies, spartan outbreak attempts early morning 18th but sunny by afternoon, later afternoon outbreak spartan, on 19th. Temps rising moderately
20th Could be showery….read on….

20th-26th October
Some fine outdoor weather, cool but windy with more destructive outbreaks expected for 24-25th onwards so take care if on high ground, near trees or driving across high areas. Any rain attempts will be sudden often spartan in nature ad not long lasting with skies clearing soon afterwards..

20th Temps seasonally warm, quick spartan showery attempts 12-3pm sun with cloud strong S Westerlies and some rain potential late at night.
21st Sun with cloud around mod to brisk lively westerlies.
22nd Still Breezy, sun with cloud today
23rd Cool but clearer skies, some cloud and variable winds continue
24th Rain early from outset of day, speedy NW winds, clear clouds away during the day
25th Sunny day, cool but strong if not violent winds NW and record breaking around this date…
26th Some static outbursts from midnight to early morning, these accompany seasonal warming with likelihood of heavy levels falling. Winds look set to continue but be less volatile. Outlook is stormy, clearing as day grows older when the system moves to the far east of UK Not a nice day….Potential for snow cloud formation but also some extreme temps recorded for today…. weird weather outlook!

26th Oct-2nd November
Winter makes its presence felt with cold temps and icy conditions by 2nd. Less eventful wind wise though some breezy conditions around at start and end of phase with potential t/storm 31st. 29th-30th seem the best days of this phase in UK

27th Mists fogs cloud likely early morning winter showers, heavy at times. Quick outbursts 4-6pm clearer outlook from lat evening though more precip expected after midnight
28th Early mists fog cloud around could clear later, quick winter showers with high levels of precipitation expected between 4-6pm
29-30th Seem better days with sunshine expected along with drier conditions…westerlies blowing things dry but on 30th
winter showers again 6-9pm,
31st Could be thundery at break of day with prolonged heavy rain but clearing as day progresses.
1st Showers from early 2-3 am, rainy or cloudy sunrise give way to sun spells later in day with nebulous breezes blowing
2nd Quick heavy showers expected. Unsettled system flowing our way could even be snow on high ground Very cold conditions but some sunny outbursts as well to ward off the cold. Breeziness prevails…..

2nd-10th November
Weather system hitting N and W Scotland from first two days of this phase and we can expect unsettled weather with heavy precipitation at times along with thundery outbreaks for some regions….again! Might be wrong….
2nd as above
3rd Intermittent sudden showers potential for snow for exposed places, but we get some sunshine along with icy pockets
4th Misty or cloudy start clearing later in the day still very cold with risk of winter showers
5th Seasonal lows arriving, intermittent showery periods
6th Very heavy precipitation expected, icy cold, late at night winter showers arriving…
7th Mists mizzle and drizzle travels eastwards, cloudy day
8th-10th Strong risk of very heavy downpours, thunderstorms for some localities with a system moving around UK from 8th, extremely icy conditions and winter showers could bring snow for us by 9th. I expect headline making weather for this event, could be SE winds bringing in snow blizzards and other nasty weather conditions that creates problems….

10th-18th November
Outlook is windy again but the extra icy Siberian lows arrive from now on into December…….Snow around from outset of this phase…

A quick tour for this phase gives icy conditions strong windy weather with wet spells with southern half of England getting the worst of the conditions. Snow sleet and winter showers along with westerlies expected for 11th before sunrise, fairer outlook 12-14th, but some gusty westerlies around 13th hail showers around. and freezing conditions.
15th Looks stormy but milder temps and more winter showers continuing into early 16th with tiny let up in iciness, Strong gusty westerlies from 17th very icy conditions from 18th with cold making record levels for headlines no doubt for South UK for this phase……Note that predominantly freezing conditions rule this phase……

18th-25th November
Another Supermoon period extremely close with EQ potential on 24th so an eventful time on the weather globe…… I expect heavy levels of precipitation in a short space of time and flood for some regions of the UK, we can also expect some sunshine along with the showers though so not all is lost….22nd is a very unsettled day and heralds bad conditions….but some of the worst of the weather is expected by 20th and severe conditions raging 22 -24th Flash flood likely with drains overflowing and under stress….don’t go potholing as underground caverns will be treacherous at this time…..but Caves and falls at Ingleborough should look stupendous with this amount of rain gushing out of them….. Some sunshine between showers to start, but gets worse as days ear on for this phase….some real weather spectacles around…
18th Icy cold frost snow still on ground with risk of more showers mid day and evening some sun spells during the day could be freezing fogs and mists around by evening….EQ alert for next few days
19th Sunshine and showers mostly, slightly milder temps (but still cold) to allow slight thaw N W prevail but some south and easterly flows can add to the mix auguring unsettled conditions to arrive.
20th EQ seimicity still active some sunny spells today temps less sever, winter showers 2-4am and later at night from 23;00 when they can be prolonged
22nd Winter showers around from last night into early morning becoming intermittent. Strong winds around if not blizzards to some regions and these can be prevalent over net few days…. be on a weather alert fro this weather before making unnecessary journeys…
23rd Very heavy downpours, this looks like more snow, from early morning and prolonged, moving around UK bringing flash floods that hit the headlines due to overworked drains and overflow basins…..Expect a lot of precip in a short space of time to cause these floods…
25th Freezing again and some record lows achieved in parts of UK so roads will be icy and dangerous take care…..

25th Nov -2nd December
Some regions may see prolonged spells of precipitation as NW England and Scotland experienced the last time we had these weather factors from 17th May this year, when high speed gales raged as well…….I only have 80% confidence in this phase forecast due to wind charts not playing ball with moisture charts!

25th Freezing conditions with record lows could be too cold to rain but expect frosty ground with some sun spells for daytime. 26th Cold, frosty risk of icy showers in the afternoon but generally some sun spells as well. Could be blustery breezes for us as well
27th Some winter showers arrive from midnight to early this morning especially to western regions Freezing but dry and sunny day some icy air flows
28th Similar to yesterday but risk of icy showers late evening frosty conditions prevail overall.
29th Risk of showers before sunrise sunshine during the day
30th Misty or cloudy start risk of drizzle spells during day clearing by evening temps less severe but still icy
1st Daytime seems sunshine with cloud but evening there is likelihood of showery outbreaks heavy at times
2nd Returns to cold icy and quite frankly brass monkeys should beware….

2nd December-10th
Oh what a shame it isn’t May 2010 when these significations brought fab hot weather….dream on……..if you thought the weather was cold ……then you need to wise up to the Siberian conditions I expect to come our way….but my sheepskin boots should now come in handy….My note say ARCTIC for 5th….
Brief tour expect snow…I do…..At outset snow already lying on ground frost for some regions if not snow, and this will be added to significantly for 4th and 7th when there looks to be more risk of heavy snowfall……
2nd Nice day after snow/frost early morning
3rd Too cold for anything should be sunny though
4th Heavy snow expected
5th Arctic conditions reign
6th Bright day freezing cold
7th Frosty or snowy start, heavy snow likely by mid morning, some easterlies kicking in
Snow looks to be moving west from 7th some northerlies add to cold on 9th more snow and icy conditions possible on 10th……..wrap up warm, buy a sled, get the ice skates out and enjoy the outdoor life………some lovely skies around in spite of the ice and snow…..

10-18th December
Unsettled conditions again fogs and mist around probably freezing…some frost and snow still lying around from last phase. 10th could be too cold for the snow to arrive as forecast……..but if it does then mid day is likely time to expect it. Temps plunge even further so wrap up warmly

11th Some freezing mists and fog potential across valleys clearer skies by evening but icy weather, snow looks to be arriving to North of Scotland coming down from the Arctic area….Bbbrrrrr….. and is travelling south
12th Cold, mist even drizzle and mizzle frost or snow late at night with transport routes struggling to do their job especially to NW Scotland
13th Icy hail sleet and rain arrive by late morning looks like blizzards are likely for some UK regions….North and West most likely to be affected……..Wet day generally potential for more snow attempts late afternoon, but clearer skies by late evening but this means cold and icy conditions on the road….
14th Clearer skies, sunny some southerlies bringing in changing conditions turning south early later gusty by 15th
15th Intermittent outbreaks after a frosty start, short showery spells coming in with S Easterlies some thawing likely late afternoon but temps create potential for more snow to arrive….cold enough to snow…..
16th Looks like more snow for 17 35 temps icy though but right for snow late afternoon eve and winds turn South westerly strong at times with potential for more blizzards
17th continues unsettled showery from 1-3 am and sunny spells later freezing cold winds northerly and nippy
18th Winter showers after 4 am more travel disruptions expected………………

Read https://amazingweather.wordpress.com for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for AUTUMN 2011 or go to http://ukweatherbrief.wordpress.com
Read http://learnastrometeorology.wordpress.com to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … http://www.starsite.org.uk/1491.html for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

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Summer Weather 2011

Wet, cool, calm rainy but some record extremes likely for days when temperatures do rise and +/- 2 days 26/27th June comes to mind when
talking about records broken, similarly 27th July and 10th August, depending on whereabouts in the UK you are.

A fickle summer is forecast but lots of sunshine between windy and rainy outbreaks. The best week when you can dine al fresco is August
13-31st if you’re looking for a guaranteed week of summery conditions. One of the worst weeks to pitch your tent or go sailing is 30th July-6th
August. We could see some snow arrive in UK as early as after second week in September……

The best weeks for temperatures centre around 8th and 15th of each month earlier or later, depending which region of the UK you live in.

There are some nice tropical flows around and these are mentioned in each phase below.

Earthquakes are active as well and I haven’t paid much attention to these in my summer forecast as I did in Spring and Winter. East Asia/Japan is vulnerable +/-2-3 days 18th Sept. An EQ also likely +/- 2-3 days 28th July. But of course there are over 300 EQ per day around the world, and it would take a lot of time for an astrologer to predict them all, I only refer to ones which arise as a natural result of looking at weather charts. Other dates old astrologers would have picked out include 19th July, 8th /28th August 5th September and a big one for +/- 2-3 days 17th Oct……watch this space…..

Tornadoes arrive as normal, and as usual I haven’t located these as I find it difficult to give more time to doing so, but they are mentioned in the forecasts for dates when I expect them to be around. Not all tornadoes hit the headlines, and sadly I often have to sift for hours sometimes through many weather forums and newspapers to confirm my predictions, but I do get a 90% accuracy level for singling out this type of weather, and my peer mets in the US are also highly skilled at locating tornado outbreaks across the US during the tornado season there.

I have to confess that due to pressures of work I haven’t predicted my usual detailed forecasts for the summer season so it will be interesting
to see how this affects accuracy rates.

Remember please that my predictions are long range, and I expect at least 80-90% accuracy, though often achieve 100% for some weeks.

Also, I don’t change my predictions like the met do, they stay on this site unchanged from the day I post them, often showing accurate weather
trends for up to five or six months ahead.

Read https://amazingweather.wordpress.com
for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for both Spring and Summer 2011 or go to

Read http://learnastrometeorology.wordpress.com to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … http://www.starsite.org.uk/1491.html for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in weather
forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

23 June-1 July
This phase should bring us some fine outdoor weather with warmth from sun in sheltered places. Some Rainy spells can interrupt play by
30th especially to southern parts of UK

Winds can provide good kiting and sailing conditions some breezy air flows keep things cool with conditions around 22nd-25th seeing the liveliest days for gusty blustery conditions, and there may be potentially cold and cutting winds to contend with in unsheltered places centring around 24th.

Some cool spots on down slopes and in high exposed areas around 26th but the temps look set to turn into fine high pressure by 25th- 27th with the temps rising to monthly highs over next 2-3 days from 27th.
Some static could build as a result of rising temps and the 30th looks the likely culprit for a break in the fine spell especially to southern parts of UK.

Some spartan showers could break out on occasions but will clear quickly.

1-8th July
This phase brings echoes of 28th Feb 2010 when we had the Chile EQ, as well as floods to N York’s and Wales, though I doubt these will repeat this time around. Given 3rd April 2011 NM brought the Indonesian EQ ( see my Spring predictions where I warned of such seismic activity, ) I do expect a repeat of seismic activity and it looks like 8th July is the likely date for this to happen +/- 2-3days, though 8th most likely. I don’t get time to locate these but Mid Atlantic ridge is one of places that look vulnerable.

Also 23rd Oct saw tornado activity in Hastings I do expect another one for the southern region/midland area from 5th July.

1st could be some early am showers cool temps expected little or no breeze, quite still air.

2n Some cloud around keeping in the warmth but still on cool side with blustery easterly flows clashing with westerlies providing some interest., but temps struggling to return to last weeks highs.

3rd Could be spartan very early am showers, variable temps today mostly cool.

4th Winds get livelier keeping temps down, tornado will arrive to today.

5th Cool but sunny with blue skies to enjoy good photography light and some humidity around with southerlies. News of fires could arrive.

6th A fair day some showers could arrive by 5pm approx, but not long lived, temps begin to warm again with mild conditions today but some whippy westerlies around, but a good day for outdoors.

7th Some cloud around and temps rising today and tomorrow, could be some news of rain arriving to western regions of UK expect some lively westerlies.

8-15th July
Some fair weather interrupted with a few showers.Temps improve for second half of this phase. From outset a weather systems moves in from NW coast of Scotland and will hopefully spend itself before reaching here.

8th Showers could break out before sunrise, temps still rising due to cloud keeping warmth in, still air expected.

Potential for heavy showers before evening and these could continue into early next day. Some easterly conditions will provide a muggy feel.
Seasonally high temps expected as yesterday

10th Showers possible as mentioned in above, still mugginess around

11th Should be a fairer day

12-13th Dry outlook with fair outdoor weather still some cloud around

14th Some warmer conditions today by mid day still some cloud and humidity

15th Generally the temperature highs continue. Could see some static release either quick hail or spartan outbreaks, we see some of better temps for the month today and tomorrow, so make the most of it! Potential for erratic N westerly spurts if not high speed winds for some

regions. Skies should be lovely and clear, but cool by night time.

16th-23rd July
A cooler phase with breezes and some lively winds to come, some sunny spells but heavier rain expected by 23rd
I don’t expect flooding levels to meet those of 2009 when similar patterns were around for Scotland and Yorkshire. Last year similar patterns saw the Iceland volcano erupting. Some lightening could arrive with rain.

16th-17th looks sunny with warm temps declining sudden spartan outbreaks potential mid morning on 17th

18th Cooler temps prevail with some noisy breezes, could be some showery outbreaks from early morning, but clears for a pleasant evening.

19th North westerlies are active, zippy and strong, should be dry. Cloud around and cooler temps

20-21st Some fair seasonal conditions after sunrise, but cloud builds during afternoon. Strong northerlies active on 21st.

22nd should be a fine summer day cloud with sunshine, variable winds easterlies arrive along with southwesterlies keeping temps cool to seasonally warm

23rd Rain looks likely from mid day or earlier, as temps rise, and static builds, but the precipitation will be refreshing and clear the air, though it could prove heavy to extreme north and south regions of Britain, however heavy this rain becomes it will accompany refreshing air rather than oppressive, once the storminess subsides.

15-23rd July
A generally cooler temperature phase with breeziness prevailing along with some showers to interrupt sunny days. Some electrical outbursts may result in lightening or static breaks around 17th.

23-30th July

A similar phase to last one where sunshine mingles with rainy outbreaks from the beginning and at the end. A change around 27th is expected to bring more cloud and windy conditions with potential to give rise to thundery outbreaks for some regions on 30th.

24th Some danger of continuing showery outbreaks for our region though most of the precipitation will be travelling to eastern quarters. The day should see things settle with some sun around with humid conditions but also some fine refreshing air.

25th Quick showers before sunrise cloud clearing a little by late morning ready for a sunnier outlook

26th Clearer skies after midnight some bright and mild conditions with more cloud arriving mid afternoon and rain attempts by late at night, a still atmosphere.

27th Things change today weather wise. The day will be seasonally cool, but full of sunshine with a few fluffy clouds around and this lays conditions for outbreaks of quick hail showers mid day and we can expect a very cool but sunny evening.

28th More isolated hail attempts 9-10am cloudy pm with some sun spells with a fine evening but gloomy by mid night. (There can be news of fiery outbreaks for some regions of the globe ..) The winds beginning to get started today after laying a back seat role in weather play for last few days.

29th Some tropical flows mingle with lively breezy conditions and clash with some cooler temps with things feeling unsettled weather wise. Cloudy by evening and rain threatens, sunshine will mingle with cloud. Breezes today can be like Fohn winds which can be warm and drying.

30th This could be a day for very quick thundery outbreaks around the region heavier rainy conditions by evening but sunny conditions between outbreaks.

30th July-6 August

First of all not the best week to pitch you tent or plan a sailing break around the UK!!!
This is going to be an eventful phase weather-wise similar to, but not as bad as 11 July phase last year when we saw flood and gale advisories for Scotland and record breaking rain for Ireland along with squalls travelling up to Gloucestershire. However, I do expect some
similar if not as extreme weather this phase so batten down the hatches especially from 2nd August when gale force winds can rage and on 4-5th I expect news of a tornado or two.
A wet weather system is over western UK at the outset.
Ireland could be in trouble at the outset, but the western front of the UK is set to be dealing with wet conditions coming in. NW England and Scotland, along with Wales are vulnerable to this system.

31st July wet weather moving over eastern UK still atmosphere but some sunny outbreaks.

1st AUGUST Cloud around and easterlies beginning to flow along with some North westerlies, some cloud around but sunshine expected in large doses.

2 August winds getting strong increasing to speedy westerly gales today for many parts of UK. with some potential for speeds 60+ mph from today/tomorrow. These winds can bring in rain for this region as well as the west, and is most likely to bring rain after midnight and before 4 pm today. A very unsettled weather outlook but some sunshine could still be around our region.

3rd Unsettled conditions continue………Some cool pockets but some sunshine battling with cloud to keep temperatures seasonally summery, some undercurrents of warm air could ward off the cold feel. Gales continue for some areas and coastal regions and some sea borne problems hit the news headlines around this date.

4th Milder conditions could win the day, but winds can still be troublesome with easterlies entering the affray today/ tomorrow

5th Still muggy atmosphere with threats of more rainy conditions and strong easterlies …unsettled conditions continue to affect weather.

6th Cool to moderate temps but rain could arrive by late evening and drains could be at flood levels for many localities around the UK. The south looks the worst hit by rain today as the bad weather gets pulled south.

6th-13th August
This phase brings back memories of that of 6th Nov 2010 when 80mph gales hit Wakefield felling trees, 2nd Feb phase 2009 which saw a tornado hitting the Cornish coast and blizzards, and 16th Feb 2009 when strong westerlies swirled clockwise around the UK bringing rain and flood warnings with Anglia and S E regions vulnerable. 18th Oct 2009 phase saw as many as 14 flood warnings in place……..So expect a bit of drama for this phase and you won’t be disappointed. We will get cooler summer temps (though 9th looks best for warmth) with some strong winds and some record levels of sudden precipitation.

I decided to give a brief reference to each day rather than the usual analysis.
The first half is a gloomy oppressive air with some heavy downpours affecting drains putting them on overload, and transport routes will be affected. Some fast westerlies rule with rain from 7th, while 8th could bring a fairer spell but still unsettled weather conditions. 9th brings the gales into play from NW and tornado potential accompanying heavy prolonged downpours brings more humid but static conditions. 11-12th onwards should be more settled with some sunshine attempting to prove it’s still summer, but still some cold lows around and still windy with showery intervals.

13-21 August
This is barbecue time for certain. Some fogs and mistiness at outset in low lying areas but generally we can expect some summer highs and fine weather to come with lovely summer evenings bringing fine outdoor conditions for sitting outside cafe style and al fresco dining.

13-14th Warm air and mugginess from outset leading to some mistiness in low lying areas, but some clearer conditions with sunshine as sun grows stronger.. Temperatures should be soaring and lead to electrical outbursts for 15th and this can bring showers for some regions

of UK especially northern areas. Winds can begin to be active from 16th and clouds likely to be blown about moving any rain threats along leaving sunshine some room to shine and whippy westerlies grow stronger on 17th turning N Westerly. Nice day on 18th with warm southerly
air flows mingling below strong N Westerlies and some varying temperatures by 19th onwards, but summer continues though we leave the highs behind by the end of this phase with news of wetter weather to come over from west.

21-29th August
Not as fair a phase with wet unsettled conditions for first half but weather turning slightly sunnier for second half when winds can be strong and tornado activity develops after 26th…..temps on cool to mod range with 27th-29th seeing better mercury levels for the phase

Rain expected from outset especially over Ireland and Scotland and Northern England, we might escape the worst of it here and there will be some refreshing air to compensate for lack of dryness. Sun and cloud from 21-22nd and some easterlies can be swirling around from

Monday 23rd could see continuing showery outbreaks cloudy some sun spells while 23rd brings some erratic weather and some easterly squalls along with southerly spurts expect a cloudy but mild day with showers threatening to arrive on Friday t/out UK leaving some sunny
weather once rain has passed over. strong north westerlies to clear up the rain. 24th should be moderate to warm but don’t expect any highs,atmosphere will be more settled less breezy. 25th Northerlies also begin to reign growing stronger by 26/27th when high speed winds can
bring breeding tornadoes, and in the north there will be gales. Cool conditions with cold pockets especially in exposed regions from 28th with winds continuing in strength and the outlook is for strong windy and rainy conditions t/out UK for 29th

29th August-4th September
A cool and abrupt end to summer. Expect some sunshine but not a lot of warmth, in fact some lows for September could be reached, and potentially there is news of EQ to NW England.

30th Some precipitation continues with nor westerlies strong at times combined to battle with some easterly flows but this can be an attempt to clear the wet conditions. I expect noisy breezes on 30th which will be a cool sunny day with cloud. Expect days to follow to be cool and windy, some showery outbreaks, but some sunshine breaks out between the clouds.
The weather is more settled for second half of this phase, with better chance of drier less breezy days with sunshine with 3rd being the pleasanter day for this phase and heralding some more amenable weather with some sunshine in days to follow.

4-12 September
Overview: Some sunny days but unsettled from 9th when winds dominate the scene and bring electrical outbursts. Not too much rain expected overall for the phase, but winds strong and tornado breeding, producing gales.

Expect some rain to southern parts of England from outset, we may escape this system enjoying some fine outdoor weather for first few days with clouds but sunshine as well, some warmth for 4-7th in sun. It’s the unsettled conditions from 9th that attract attention weather wise with winds revving up slowly but surely as day progresses, sunshine bringing warmth today but electrical outbursts can be expected.
Windier weather continues to increase on 10th with high speed winds and gales for 11th and tornado breeding conditions. Rain expected for this second part of this phase for 11th moving eastwards by 12th

11th-20th September
Rain expected, winds active and cooler conditions to remind us Autumn is on its way, some icy cool conditions with showery hail outbursts, and thundery outbursts also expected for some regions.

12th sees rain heavier to the east of us with some continued sporadic outburst in our region along with very strong winds. Cloudy and cold day. A cloudy evening with quick showery outbursts after 10pm.

13th cloudy before sunrise electrical showery outbursts, rain/hail sleet showers by mid day, a bit more moderate temps than yesterday, windy.

14th Showery after midnight at start of day, some mistiness early morning, a cloudy afternoon and clearer evening. Temps seasonally moderate.

15th hail/sleet showers mid afternoon, cold icy temps accompany showery outbursts, some sun potential with cloud, northerlies grow strong.

16th hail showers after 2 am more icy outbreaks mid afternoon, cold temps cloud around and gusty zippy westerlies prevail. News of EQ +/- 2-3 days of this date Far east Asia region/Japan.

17th Showery after 6am, cloud with some sun spells and southerly spurts.

18th Cold, cloudy, rain threatens and could even be news of snow showers for high northern places.

19th Breezy conditions, some sunshine around but unsettled air. Sporadic showery outbreaks could break out but not long lasting or heavy.Very windy weather

20th More mild temperatures clashing with some icy cold pockets coming down sloped regions. Easterlies active, weather remains unsettled and showery outbreaks expected again.

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Spring Weather 2011

Long Range UK Weather Forecasts

Whatever the Weather--Your long range forecast for West Yorks UK and beyond

Spring Weather 2011

( If you are wanting a preview of Summer Weather 2011 for West Yorkshire and beyond then visit http://www.starsite.org.uk where I have already posted what to expect and singled out some weeks in August for you to book your holiday or not!)

A cool spring expected with some milder interludes, though characterised by wet and windy extremes. March could see some seasonal highs hitting the maxima celsius range for the month around pre and post 21st of the month though some cold lows arrive on the 20-21st when sudden temperature changes can see icy Nor Westerly cold pockets of air descending from high slopes and moving easterly, with increased wind speeds, providing wind chills, low temperatures especially chilly on high ground, particularly in Scotland.

Some intermittent erratic windy weather will come in over the spring months along with some stormy outbreaks and these erupt from the beginning.

The end of March heralds a virus breeding climate where news of rapidly spreading flu and other viral illnesses hit the headlines.

The good news is the Jupiter with Mars conjunction seems to bring a warm summer if occurring in June as in 1975, the bad news is it brings notably wet springs when it happens in Spring as in 1930, 1932 and 1934—oh dear and this year it happens in May….auguring a potentially wet time for us as it happens on 1st May this year!! However, don’t get disheartened because if I have done my job properly the phase from 4th May looks like summer arrives with much nicer temperatures reigning, followed by some nice weeks in June as well. Generally some of the highs for the season, though not all of them, centre around 6-10th of each month and 12-15th approximately.

There is a strong likelihood that some maxima temps will be reached for March competing with those in 1928/29 but read on for a more detailed account. We do have Uranus still hovering around the equator and this can generate some cold erratic windy weather as in 1927/28

Jupiter with Mars 1-3rd May can bring in some snow events, mostly down south, though I didn’t see any for us in W Yorks, but it can also bring some sunny days and warmer trends.
Spring also brings in some viral problems and this year competes with 1951 for seeing interest rates remaining at an all time low.

I do expect a 90% accuracy level for these predictions and if I get lower it isn’t because astrology cannot predict the weather, it means I haven’t given enough time to analysing and interpreting the trends in detail.

19th 26th March

Outlook is blustery and unsettled with potential stormy electrical outbursts, floods likely to follow heavy outbursts, with some high speed winds in exposed regions and high speed gales could have arrived to NW Scotland 18th and continue across northern regions. There will be some fine weather to enjoy however when clear skies provide some fine visibility with sunshine, but blustery conditions. Some electrical discharge is inevitable. This phase is full of seismic features so expect news of large earthquakes and some stormy conditions causing trouble at sea, to hit the headlines for this phase. The Moon 19th is close to our planet, and sysygy, forming an alignment with earth that always brings stormy unsettled conditions with widespread bad weather outbreaks around the globe, and this is near the equinox when we usually get turbulent weather. Due to the moon travelling to the southern hemisphere at this time it will drag some of the bad weather in a southwards direction.

19th Heavy rain coming in from west looks likely with floods for some regions by late afternoon Temperatures look mild but with cold pockets, wind chill in exposed high places and high speed gales are likely to northern regions, but strong winds here.
20th Clouds/mists likely, should be some sunshine around during the day, but still windy, strong whipping at times with variable speed, temperatures moderate, rising by mid day, but clouds still around late evening clearing overnight.
Cold chills around at the start, but sun brings some attempts at warmth by mid day to sheltered regions, extremely cold in high exposed outposts, but warm and rising temps in sheltered areas, could be some quick outbreaks of hail or sleet.
22nd A fairer outlook with temps improving, but some static could begin to build with sudden showery outbreaks. NW Winds could be erratic and strong at times today/tomorrow
23rd Fair weather interrupted by electrical discharge rain even thundery outbursts, sleet or hail likely with the promise of bluer skies to follow once the precipitation ends.
24th I’m plumping for a fair day with higher seasonal temps and a fine day for outdoors though still lots of static around which can cause quick isolated showers. Hot sticky air likely to continue as easterly air blows over, with some precipitation likely
25th Fair skies with cloud intervals, but still some outbursts of quick showers are likely intermittently especially late at night with north westerlies blowing. Some unsettled atmospherics can still prevail. Cooler temps at the start of the day more moderate as it progresses
26th Could be early precipitation.. A fairer outlook later with southerlies bringing warmer breezes and nor westerlies adding to the mix, so expect breezy/windy conditions, strong for some areas over next few days, but temps still seasonally mild.

26th March -3rd April
Outlook unsettled.
Some fine weather tries to break out but this battles with some stormy outbursts and continuing unsettled damp muggy conditions with flooding likely to still be causing problems in some localities at the outset, as Spring continues to break its way into our hemisphere.
Electrical outburst still likely, with drenching rain potential for eastern regions threatening to move west. Wind/ breezy conditions continue for the UK with news of tempestuous conditions from many regions of the globe expected.
Some unseasonable conditions arrive and EQ news arrives in the headlines. Similar conditions to when EQ hit Windermere and Staveley last year phase beginning 3rd August. The seismicity centres around 1st April long 30 – 40 East and 40- 50 north latitude.
Financial interests will still be prominent and newsworthy, with interest rates still low as in 1951 when they were at an all time low. This week could also see news related to viral illnesses.

26th as above

27th My notes say this is cold enough to snow! Let’s hope not, but this phrase seems like the elements are throwing a mix of weather our way and can’t decide whether it’s winter, summer or spring throughout these days! There does seem to be milder temps with all the cloud around, but northerlies blow for the next few days, and showery outbreaks look set to arrive t/out today The afternoon could brighten but the evening looks gloomy again.
28th Intermittent showers throughout, heavy at times with southerlies bringing in muggy and unsettled weather conditions. Storms across mainland Europe can be tempestuous and widespread over following days.
29th -1st Virus breeding conditions are prevalent now, mild to humid, and we can expect news of these spreading rapidly in this mild but damp climate brought in on southerly air flow. Should be some sunshine around but quick showery outbreaks such as hail is also expected with static discharge and some windy/breezy conditions to contend with. Late evening on 30th will be cloudy and gloomy, rain likely, while on 31st rain, if not a thunderstorm comes over western regions later in the day and could arrive here for 1st with some westerly winds helping them speed on their way.
2nd-3rd Short sharp showers from mid morning, and mid afternoon; temperatures rising at mid day with sunny outbreaks, and potential for tornado activity to the south of us, along with some rainy outbursts. Strong nor westerlies with varying speed expected. Temperatures can be variable from sudden highs to sudden lows as icy hail or short sharp showers erupt—tornado breeding conditions. NW winds can be high speed at times if not brisk energetic, and potentially destructive.

April 3-11th
We could see some weather extremes for this phase as last year 28th Feb phase we had floods to the west and the Chile EQ and 23rd October we got a tornado and record setting winds in Hastings. The EQ this time around was referenced in the previous phase to this (above) as well as high speed winds arriving. Ordinarily for a New Moon phase we cod expect any precipitation to arrive evenings and overnight with days warding off any clouds threatening rain.

3rd See above also—-Some clearer skies but cloud around with sudden isolated hail or spartan showery outbreaks along with continuing erratic winds.. Pleasanter outlook for the evening but some more showers arriving overnight.
4th Cloud with sun spells should be clearer skies later but winds still strong and troublesome.
5th Air should feel clearer, lighter and more refreshing so even though showers can threaten it will be good to be outdoors to enjoy some fine if cool exhilarating air. Some brisk erratic NW could give a lash or two.
6th Some quick outbursts of refreshing showers expected, heavier to south, moderate temps, some cold pockets in exposed areas but some hints of warm summer coming in the sunshine in sheltered places.
7th More electrical outburst expected along with northerlies blowing away the unsettled weather of previous week should be a pleasanter outlook developing with good photography conditions.
8-10thSunny spells to enjoy along with variable wind activity in direction and velocity, not sure if the southerlies and N Westerlies on 8th strong enough to bring a tornado event, this is more likely for 9-10th Temps rise over these days as well with showers expected overnight on 10th and more outburst on 11th.

11-18th April
Some t/storm weather could arrive 2-3 days into this phase; rain arriving with flooding potential for some regions. Breezy conditions with cold showery outbreaks also expected.

11th Warmer temps can begin to arrive with thunder or lightening for some areas with quick heavy downpours expected from early morning, skies clearing later in the day.
12th Temps warmer than yesterday, strong NW to SSW blowing; potential spray/showery outbreaks early around sunrise. Cloud around with sun spells.
13th Dry day some static build with cloud around cold but sunny. Thunder or lightening could arrive but little precip with it for our region
14th Cool day expected after static outbursts, but less cloud around some easterlies blowing in. NW regions could see flash flooding.
15th-16th Some fair spring weather some cloud cool to moderate seasonal temps. N Westerlies gusty and strong at times. Some showers around on 16th
17th A gloomy /cloudy start before sunrise fairer later but some brooding easterlies bring in cloud leaving sun to fight for some space in the cloud. Worst of the weather is to the western regions.

18-25th April
Weather will be clearer sunset to sunrise so a good week for getting out into the garden though the soil will be soggy from last week’s weather. Dry varying winds reign but we can expect much more settled conditions generally and some spring warmth to make seedlings grow.

18th Sudden spartan spray attempts southerlies and easterlies clashing but generally breezy not strong and windy. Temperatures pleasant for the time of year.
19th same as yesterday though winds more westerly getting stronger at times and gales could develop to NW regions /Scotland Sun with cloud and potentially mists late evening. Temps seasonally mild.
20th Could be short sharp showers early morning again varying and occasionally gusty wind activity Exposed places cool but warmth from sun expected with temps rising
21st Cool start cold northerlies clash with warmer southerlies with whirlwind type activity further to south of us, some weather disturbance arrives along with blustery outlook.
22nd-24th Good outdoor weather some cloud and breeziness prevails with some cold pockets around in exposed areas along with sudden quick short cold showery outbreaks. Overnight frostiness/rhyme also likely.
25th Electrical, cool lightening potential with icy showers could also be thundery outbreaks.

25th April-3rd May
This phase looks like a similar pattern to 14th May 2010 when there was very heavy rain to SE regions……we could see a cool start with cloud developing brining drizzly spells for us for the second half of the phase, but there can also be some warmth from the sunshine in our region at least, though other regions of the UK might not fare so well.

25th Cool if not frosty conditions generally clear skies with cold crisp air.
26th Quick icy showers but some fair spring weather today
27thQuick early day showers and lively nor westerlies some sunshine but clouds developing…
28th Some breezy to blustery conditions, precipitation early afternoon with lively N westerlies I expect some sunshine as well.
29th Sun with cloud around some showery outbreaks likely by evening breeziness continues.
30th-1st Some drizzly outbreaks less wind to day, some cloud drizzle at start of 1st, this could be prolonged drizzle from yesterday, clearer conditions on 1st as day progresses
Bankers could either be under attack around this time or taking the initiative in sorting out the financial mess, terrorism could hit the headlines as well.
2nd Cool start; quick refreshing showers with brisk lively westerlies and southerlies around; another quick shower for us by mid day; nice warmer outlook for late afternoon and evening.
3rd Sunny start, gusty strong westerlies, but warmer breezy southerlies also, and rain coming in over western parts.

3-10th May
Summer looks like breaking through, though it could come in with a storm but at least we get the highs in temps! At least the worst of the weather comes over at night, but I also expect some very high levels of rain to fall as from 26th July last year when flash floods had desecrated Cumbria, and 21 November saw similar devastation but with worse snow to NE Scotland for 17 years…we were OK though…but there will be some mists and fogs to contend with.

3rd as above heavy showers expected by evening this looks worse for southern regions, easterlies prevail, sun with cloud.
4thRainy if not stormy for 2 days now could be t/storms today or tomorrow, rainy afternoon, breezy southerlies, warm muggy temps, drizzle and misty late at night.
5th Sun with cloud early showers continue from yesterday till around sunrise but temps are much milder and begin to climb
6th-7th Warmer temps today some nice rises in warmth to enjoy better conditions during the day time with clearer skies and lovely highs continuing. NW winds prevail. Could be a misty or foggy outlook on 7th early am.
7-8th overnight outbreaks of rain can be heavy. Some westerlies arrive turning southerly 8-9th
9th Quick showers can arrive 1-3pm some sunshine with cloud today but cooler temps strong westerlies.
10th Northerlies arrive along with brisk westerlies and some southerly outpourings, could be some lightening outbreaks for some localities but these could clear the air a little, mild temps, mists also expected as a result.

11th-17th May
Echoes of 22nd Feb 2010 and as accurately predicted this year we saw similar strong gale force winds bringing in blizzards to NW Scotland some minor destruction also to our region from 3rd Feb. I expect NW region to be vulnerable again to these weather patterns this phase with potential for floods to North UK. I expect weather headlines to feature in the news for northern regions where floods can cause problems as very heavy precipitation arrives in a short space of time. This phase is characterised by strong but variable wind conditions with some dry spells, though a stormy gloomy start from 10th and a potential tornado breeder to south of our region. Another EQ likely around 15th and a weather system hits N travels east then south.

11th More thundery outbreaks due to temps rising in previous days strong gusty southerlies combine with brisk N Westerlies strong at times and could reach gale force to some regions.
12th Some rain hail or sleet attempts midnight to early morning with clouds or mistiness at the start. Outlook cool but warmer as sun gets high by mid day. Ran favours western and southern regions.
13-14th Should be fairer weather from afternoon to evening with some southerlies stopping temps getting low cloud with sun spells expected but it should be warmest days these two days
15th-17th Nights clearer; temps mild but muggy with all the rain around, some cloud or fogs/ mists southerlies for 15th with storm breeding potential move to make way for N Westerlies on 16th when temps get cooler. By 16th some easterlies around sun with cloud, cold pockets and rain. Tornado or whirlwind potential around 16-17th and rain arrives early on 17th. This can be very heavy bringing flash floods to some regions as it moves west to east. Thundery outbreaks can combine with lightening strikes with North of England and Scotland worst affected Rain moves to east coast by 17th when winds turn to very strong N Westerly.

17th -24th May
More weather extremes rain provides problems for overused drains unable to cope with the downpour of previous days. More discharge with t/storms expected 26th October we had similar patterns to this phase when Stonehaven in Scotland was flooded with one months rain in one day, the worst flood for 30 years 10th August phase also brought a t/storm with flooding to central and east parts of Yorkshire with 1 inches of rain in 1 hour on 13th August. The October 23rd phase we got the tornado to Hastings…

17th See previous phase for tornado etc.—stormy strong gale force winds likely with thundery outbreaks and lightening and heavy rain potential with possible flood outbreaks
18th Strong NW winds carry on from yesterday, should see some better weather for next few days though good for outdoors hopefully…
19th Some heavy downpours expected late afternoon with the bulk of the rain falling to southern regions today temps warm but muggy breezy weather around to dry out the earth.
20-22ndth Turn around for the better hopefully more settle conditions with sunshine to enjoy temps getting higher. Gusty westerlies 21st, but some nice outdoor sunshiny weather 21-22nd
23rd Quick showers very early am could be lightening around as well to some localities, broody easterlies coming over as well, but some sunshine developing for late afternoon.
24th Rain, mists and fog after a clear start to the day, but clearer skies by late evening. A very heavy outburst with records levels of rain could arrive with flash flooding results.

24th May-1st June
WET. WET. WET! Salcombe, Devon singled out this phase as one area where high levels of rain could fall as well as other areas like Cornwall and Wales. This phase will be reminiscent of 1st May 2009 when winds reached 40mph and 28th December 2010 phase when mists and fog was around a lot of the time. 3rd February phase this year we got gales and floods for some areas like Wales and N Yorks. This phase was also seismic for Ripon.

24th Not a nice day fog mists and drizzle see above for rest. Pockets of floods likely for Scotland, N England Cumbria and Wales as rain moves west to east then south.
25th Rain mist and fogginess continues mild temps due to cloud cover varying winds, strong at times, though some sun could break through during the day.
26th More showery outbreaks expected before sunrise with milder temps and snappy westerlies
27th onwards. The weather should turnaround a little today with some finer spring days, with milder temps continuing; some southerly breezes along with N Westerlies—not quite a tornado breeder but should blow some clouds away with brighter starts than previous days some cloud with sun may be around in afternoon and evening.

1st – 9th June
Seismic again and I expect one or more EQ headlines centring around 8-9th possibly Atlantic Ridge and areas around Iran region of globe…
Dry, windy and wet some fine outdoor weather interrupted by electrical outbursts reminiscent of 22 June last year when we got high levels of rain, (but glorious weather at Keswick) and humidity was high. 2nd December 2009 flood watches were out at Gloucester and Wiltshire though some sunny days did arrive.

1-3rd Looks like days when thundery outbreaks can arrive with strong snappy westerlies along with gloomy easterlies unsettling the atmosphere on 1st bringing a rise in temps, high humidity, but rain by evening perhaps staying overnight into 2nd when rainy outbreaks can again add to levels causing concern, though it will be sunny with cloud during the day after mugginess and mistiness from early morning. Wind levels vary on 2nd with alternate breezy to strong winds. From today some more unsettled weather comes over from west and could bring some sudden heavy outbursts by 3rd.

4th Rain could be in south now we get a sunny start cloudy pm leading to quick showers or spray for evening when N westerlies try clearing up the air a little. 4-5th should be better spring days generally with some blue sky and sun around

5-6th some south easterlies around from 5th along with the N Westerlies, but I expect warmer outdoor weather.
7th Temperatures rising; very strong winds for some regions-N Westerlies along with Easterlies later in the evening combining with strong and more settled conditions and some fine Spring temperatures coming in for 8-9th. 9th could see some tropical like breezes (well British tropical!! Or pleasantly mild) but strong Northerlies could stop temps reaching too high. 9th could bring some early quick showers but sun with cloud later along with rising temps

9th-15th June
Same as 23/1/2010 wet gloomy start to phase then mild temps but strong winds, same as 6/5/2010 was similar, outlook, and 7/10/2010 no rain at all and a sunny second half of the phase……So a potential for second half of this phase being very pleasant indeed…

10th WOW temps should reach a good high from today after mid day sun, hope its warmth and not drizzle that I can see!! But there could be some showery outbreaks in the afternoon but once this has passed over we can expect some good weather to settle in…..
11th a Nice day forecast with seasonal highs
12th Showers after midnight and potential for mistiness before sunrise; sun with some cloud during the day. Temps still good
13th-15th Maybe some showers around after midnight at break of day but a clearer outlook for today and next three days. Squally easterlies could arrive on 14th.

15th – 23rd
We arrive at the solstice and this phase doesn’t look too pleasant. Some hot electrical conditions around between thundery outbursts like those 22/6/2010 when we had heavy rain here and sunny weather at Keswick and 2nd December 2010 when as mentioned earlier we had flood watches at Gloucester Wiltshire areas and beyond. This time around I expect the SE region of England to be hitting the weather headlines with East Anglia facing a bad weather front from the outset. BUT there will also be some fair weather………….

15th A sunny outlook continues here, though some precip possible by 1-3pm but East Anglia looks under threat of a bad weather system.
16th A clear start but Spartan showery outbreaks again in afternoon heaviest downpour to SE and Suffolk regions. Seasonally fair temps moderated by cooler northerlies.
17th Overnight mists /spray/cloud depending on whether you live in valleys or high up. Northerlies around blowing clouds away clearer skies develop during the day bringing a fine evening—potential barbecue time….
18th-21 Winds strong to NW Scotland today but next few days should settle into summery conditions with temps warming to nice highs by 20th- 21st. Some mists around in low lying areas though; strong easterlies blowing by 21st, zippy westerlies by 22nd. Evenings should generally be fine summery ones any precipitation should be less than early days of this phase and will arrive during the day.

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Winters Past 2010 2011

WINTER Dec 2010 to March 2011

This winter shows many icy outbreaks, some will of course be record breaking as usual, and it will have the usual blizzards with some strong wind activity expected for the season which astrologically begins at the solstice, though given the time of writing this in November at the time of heavy snowfall, it does seem that winter really does begin at the time of the ancient Celts ‘’wintermonath’ signal, the Full Moon phase in November..

A big freeze could welcome in the

Whatever the Weather Read Amazing long range forecasts for the season ahead

New Year from the end of December and so far I’ve identified these dates that are going to centre around a few of the dates of winter’s coldest in the UK:- 22nd to end of December 2010; 7th -12 Jan, 16/17th Jan with potential for fetching some snow outbreaks to Ireland and west of UK; 1- 2 Feb very icy lows 4th Feb very icy, 6 Feb very icy lows and blizzards expected in many regions for the first weeks…with some headlines to follow for North of England and Scotland around these dates with likelihood of floods.

Ireland and Wales look troubled by heavy snows and thaws that can cause floods by second week of the month; 12 Feb cold, 14/17 Feb icy cold also; 7-9th March looks to be the colder days of that month. February and March brings in some windy weather that can cause problems and disrupt travel plans, and I found reference to at least three tornado breeding eras from 11/12th and 24th Feb and 8-9th March, when I know that high speed winds will create headlines. I haven’t yet progressed to isolating the exact locality where these will hit….sadly…..I don’t get paid as much as the mets even though I often have a better success rate in long range prediction than do they…..so I can’t take time out to study these outbreaks more closely….

The 11th-18th February sees some busy headlines with weather news and more generally some world weather headlines, potentially seismic in nature, and 12th March phase looks to be bringing some similar disastrous trends as well but expect this to culminate more fully by 18-19th March.

Some interesting research I conducted helps deduce that this February could become one of the drier than average statistics, for England (not rest of UK), though cold and icy temps will still be part of the winter scenario.
This year we have a rare conjunction of the two hottest planets.i.e Sun and Mars in the cold and dry sign Aquarius. Here is what happened on the rare occasions they combined in February in the past:-

Sun conjunct Mars:Aquarius 28/02/1917 21:09 Ju:Taurus; Sat:Cancer; Uran: Aqu.

1916/1917 (Winter):One of the most SEVERE WINTERS of the 20th century up to 1939/40. A major problem in the Great War……….. Feb/Mar/Apr CET values (anomalies) were: Feb: 0.9(-2.9), Mar: 3.2(-2.5), Apr: 5.4(-2.5).

Sun conjunct Mars:Aquarius 01/02/1932 05:31. Ju:Leo; Sat:Cap; Uranus: Aries.

February 1932 comes up as an extreme record breaking month as it was driest Feb OVERALL for last century at least, with 8.8 mll of precip recorded making it one of driest months overall compared to normal levels expected at this time of year.
Taken from:-
Netweather site:- 1931-32: Little snow. In fact probably Scotland’s most snowless winter in memory! No real snow to note.
Bonacina napiereclipse.co.uk 1931-32 Feb 2.9 Little OFMaA Scotland’s most snow free winter in memory ?

Sun conjunct Mars:Aquarius 17/02/1964 02:57. Ju: Aries; Sat: Aquarius; Uranus: Virgo.

Taken from:-
Bonacina napiereclipse.co.uk 1963-64 Dec 2.6 temp Little snow Jan/March had noteable falls, Mid-Jan. south coast hit.
http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk 1964: Driest winter and driest season relative to normal. The season of winter 1963/64 breaks seasonal records as it registers as the driest winter of all between 1918 and 2008, also driest season of all relative to normal.

Conclude: Sun/Mars conjunct in Aquarius seems to trigger the driest February in England, in the record making statistics. 1917 was a severe winter but it was January and March that had the worst precipitation headlines not February. 1932 and 1964 also show dry February records. So I’m expecting February to be drier than average in 2011, especially as Jupiter is in dry Aries, though Uranus is in wet Pisces it disposits Neptune in dry Aquarius…..This doesn’t mean no snow or rainfall, just a little less than normally expected in this month, though it also looks possible that Scotland will enjoy less than usual snowfall as well for this month…….

So I expect February to give some below centennial average in rainfall figures in England, but this doesn’t mean no precipitation for there could be some floods to the north—Scotland included—for 3-10th February. Spring comes flooding in literally from 19th March with many areas of the UK experiencing heavy rainfall reaching flood levels, of this I am 99.9% certain……
I’ve already taken a look at the weather for the next few seasons and 2011 is on course for being a year of seasonal extremes for us at least, which will have climate change demons raging around the globe.


28th Dec-4th Jan
This is a worrisome weather phase reminiscent of the weather we got from 22 Feb last year which saw extremely wet conditions and something like a metre of snow falling on low ground in Scotland. I don’t expect as much precipitation as then, but it is going to be terrifically cold and brass monkeys……well…. should be kept indoors…..The NE of England looks vulnerable to some of the intense conditions coming over along with some headlines in Scotland where snow will again cause a few travel problems.

28th. Has some nippy whippy easterly clashing with cold westerly winds to cut into exposed flesh, reaching gale force levels for some areas. There could be signs of freezing fog around for a few days in some low lying areas due to the muggy air coming in with the easterlies. Cloudy damp conditions are likely with heavy precipitation, hail sleet or snow arriving late evening.

29th. The pattern of yesterday continues but temperatures take a further sudden low dive, sudden hail or sleet showers could arrive late afternoon and evening

30th. Frosty freezing morning with slightly more moderate conditions to yesterday that will allow late evening snowfall to colour the landscape white.

31st. Snow or sleet continues to fall early in the day and again at late evening as temps ease a tiny fraction. Expect wet conditions to prevail though some clearer conditions during the daytime.

1 January. Another snow attempt or frost early in the morning. Temperatures EXTREMELY low today with less cloud around to keep in any warmth giving a nice but icy day so take care while out walking or travelling. Some blue afternoon skies to enjoy. This phase has some seismic conditions operative especially around 2nd and areas on the globe that might manifest them are around Hawaiian Island and Med Sea zones………watch out for the event for days around this date and 12th of month….

2nd January. The big freeze continues………….Any likely precipitation arrives at the turn of day with bluer skies breaking out after sunrise inviting all to enjoy the great outdoors to enjoy some clear exhilarating air.

3rd. Same as yesterday still cold, but some cloud heralds precipitation by late evening, Cloud with sunshine during the daytime. It also looks like strong northerlies prevail today bringing in a warning of stronger winds in following days.

4th-12 January.
Generally we will have dry days and bright clear skies during the daytime, but icy weather. To the west it does look as if higher levels of precipitation are gathering and will cause some stormy outbursts from the outset. Ireland, SW England and the west of UK overall will get varying degrees of blizzard like weather some with heavy sleet and snow giving headline weather news.

4th. A dry day for us and very cold outlook though too cold to snow for us today expect it to mellow enough for snow to arrive tomorrow in our region. Cold icy northerlies prevail from yesterday some gales blowing especially along western side of UK, particularly SW, but we’ll get some icy blasts as well.

5th. Still cold but not enough to protect us from snowfall which can be heavy, and I expect it to arrive around 3-5 am. Can be some cold mists around in the morning as well but clearer outlook by late afternoon.

6th. Quick early spartan showers will arrive before sun up and snow falls especially on high ground today….very cold temps still prevailing. I expect some icy showers overnight tonight and into the morning of 7th

7th. Sun with cloud today, mists if not fog during late evening and a late evening spartan shower could also arrive.

8th. Cold start with damp outlook as morning progresses as showers threaten around 9 am bringing clouds to create some gloominess late morning as well as late evening. Afternoon could see drier conditions and some sun spells.

9th. Here will be a fine day but to NW and SW of UK there will be occasional heavy showers. Milder temps to previous days weather but this wont last.

10th. Early showers could arrive after 1 am but dry day though extremely icy temps heralding headline news of freeze-overs, but some gorgeous blue skies and exhilarating air to enjoy outdoors. Strong cold northerlies grow excitable and turn NW as day progresses– could be gale force in some regions.

11th. Sudden quick showers from early morning leaves us with some brighter weather but unsettled electrical conditions that threaten a thundery outbreak of a quick outpouring that once delivered leaves us with fairer conditions again. Icy cold temperatures still and some strong easterlies bringing in the unsettled static air.

12th.Some left over precipitation could arrive overnight 2-3rd clearing late morning today to leave us with a gusty N Westerly blowing and cold conditions prevailing, but a promise of some better weather for next few days.

12-19th. These conditions are similar to those from 23 Jan 2010 and 4 Jan 2009 but without the drama, though iciness will be severe. There will be wet conditions but not so many floods as in the other years and snow is heralded for more western areas such as Ireland, than our region.

12th. Continues the windy outlook some hail or sleet expected from the start of the day and quick hail outbursts before lunch and again late at night. There should be sunshine around but very cold temperatures; in fact I’ll be looking out for icicles with these conditions!

13th Temperatures will plunge today, record breaking for some areas, depends on what you compare the temps with in the records………..last year, ten years ago or one hundred years ago?
Could be too cold to snow but there will be frost coatings and some sleet or snow attempts after mid day but some clear crisp outdoor conditions with cold bright blue skies.

14th Seems cloudy indicating a less icy temperature, some sun spells around during the day combining with noisy breezes and a late evening quick shower/hail.

15th. Cloud or misty am beginning to clear towards mid day but cloudy by evening; could be snow clouds coming over as there is a strong likelihood of heavy showers with potential for snow fall by 9pm onwards. Temps could ease very slightly on previous days iciness.

16th. Still cold but some sunshine could break through though expect mists or cloud by late evening.

17th. Extremely icy so expect a big freeze to continue make headlines, freezing fog could disrupt travel for some regions, more precipitation likely by late evening also.

18th. Not a nice day at all, icy showers everywhere, cold and damp conditions in fact these showers could continue well into the next day …a lot of gloom around well into tomorrow morning, and some breeziness expected

19th As above from early morning but some respite beginning to come through by late evening and we should see some starry skies overnight tonight…………

19th-26th January 2011

This phase heralds some frostiness due to less cloud around to keep us shielded from the icy temps, but the freezing conditions will not be as severe as during the last phase. Some fair days to enjoy as long as you wrap up warmly, but early mornings and late evenings will be crisp underfoot, and the real wet conditions arrive from 23rd deteriorating into gloomy extremes by 26th.
Most of the snow and frost lies to the west of us at the outset, but is ready to arrive in our region by 23rd-24th.
More seismic potential around as well centred around 23rd January…….could be Asia that’s affected…

19th. Gloominess from early morning; could be a quick snow outbreak late at night…Ireland will be getting more of this than us…

20th Snow still expected in western regions late tonight we get some mistiness or frosty fogs to contend with.

21st. Sunny with cloud, mists by evening due to evaporation during day, cold but clear skies later overnight.

22nd. Cloudy or misty start sun spells expected, some Spartan showers can arrive, mostly to the western regions….cold and frosty for us with some breezes keeping temps from being too bitter during the day…..

23rd. Dry day, cold and frosty, but sunny with snow slowly moving over to our area so watch out for snow clouds. Southerly breezes ward off icy extremes….

24th. I expect a wet day throughout England with snow, hail and sleet showers arriving from early morning for us……. A wet day…

25th. Exceedingly cold outlook some more snow or sleet attempts around sunrise and a cloudy outlook generally though there could be some sun spells during the day

26th. Easterly air flows herald extremely cold damp and muggy temps and static air that can result in sudden outburst of hail and sleet but Spartan in nature but a promise of worse to come……………..though there should be some clearer conditions as the sun gets strength at mid day….

26th Jan- 3rd Feb

This is an electrical phase where sudden outbursts can interrupt sun spells but end as soon as they began with hail or sleet showers arriving then subsiding just as suddenly. The south gets most of the muggy conditions and the headline news looks set to be coming in from across the extreme North and South of mid Europe. Icy cold lows descend from North to South UK from 1st-3rd Feb

26th as above

27th. Sudden early am outburst likely but clearer weather during the day though with an unsettled atmosphere

28th Quick hail or sleet outbursts the south look more afflicted than our region should be clearer conditions here

29th. Should stay dry till around 6pm when quick showers are possible temperatures are colder today onwards.

30th. Snow or sleet showers arriving early before sunrise throughout the UK, frosty conditions clearer skies in afternoon.

31st. dry day but cold night expected

1st. another dry day expected temps seasonally moderate, but cold nights.some snow flurries or frost around

2nd. Snow or frost likely, strong gusty westerlies likely, sudden lows in temps keep it wintery, snow potential for high ground especially to the north of England and Scotland where a warning of the pending arrival of blizzard type conditions could upset routines…For our region some snow or frost around especially at sunrise, temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, could be blizzards blowing through with cold N Westerlies over high areas such as the Pennines etc…

3rd. Electrical outbursts continue especially early morning, and particularly to the south but some to the north and here also. Cloudy morning, very cold temperatures.

3-11th Feb
This phase seems reminiscent of 22 Feb 2010 when snow blizzards hit Auchterarder and NW Scotland, and certainly a lot of electrical outburst in the form of sudden blizzards, hail or sleet showers could erupt in localities around the UK. Some blizzards may be isolated, perhaps to N and NW regions, especially around 3-5th Feb, our region seems to have a slightly better weather outlook however, and cold seems to be the main theme with icy, electrical conditions prevailing. Generally there should be some sunny days but we can expect some sudden electrical outbursts and the occasional freezing fog, muggy and misty starts. Precipitation should be lighter than normal for this time of year.

3rd As above with this extension that some blizzards arise perhaps from 2nd hitting NW regions rather than here, though we may encounter some quick scattered outbursts from early morning in the form of hail, sleet or snow flurries. Southerlies seem to be around occasionally gusty, but temps look extremely icy from tomorrow to 8th.

4th. Freezing fog could halt smooth transportation in some areas, frost or light snow dusting around. Breezy and very low temps.

5-6th. Skies may be clearer with some sun around during the day temps lower still compared to yesterday, some northerlies add to the icy conditions. Dry generally but by mid night tonight this could change as more wintry flurries cross our region moving eastwards after mid day tomorrow. Drier by afternoon on 6th with clearer skies…..southerlies around to contrast with the icy temperatures..

7-8th. Drier, still icy, could be spartan attempts at precipitation from early morning and snappy northerlies compete with whippy westerlies…cold chilly…

9 and 10th. Mist or fog start with temps less harsh, sun could come out to play today and tomorrow (10th). Hard hitting winter showers could arrive late at nights..–could be isolated hail showers around during afternoon. Temperatures are icy.

11th. There does look to be some wetness around in the morning 9 onwards approx, looks like potentially snow/sleet hail showers…and windy conditions could get stronger as day progresses……read on….

11-18th February
These charts took a lot of decoding and although at first it looked generally low in precipitation, a closer scrutiny gave a few warnings of blizzards and strong winds that will dominate the phase, making it quite an eventful one that will undoubtedly keep the weather news headlines running. A cyclone breeding in the Atlantic at 54N and 20W looks set to hit Ireland which looks snow covered from the start as do some western regions of Great Britain….read on for our regional news….we should see some sunshine around most days in spite of the unsettled weather trends. 11-12th look dramatic and give lots of headline fodder…..

11th. A cyclone developing off the western coast looks set to make headlines and bring in blizzards disrupting transport. Could be reports of tornado type activity today and tomorrow with cold driving winds and news of snow drifts and strong gale force winds.

12th. Outlook snow sleet and wintry showers along with wind conditions continuing to bring hazards especially to our region till late pm, echoing some of disruption and destruction of 6th Nov phase when gales hit trees creating havoc.…..temps icy cold There will be snow attempts but by afternoon some blue skies and by late evening the sky should be clearer preventing more snow attempts.

13-14th. winds are still high speed and gusty westerlies and can cause damage to loose tiles and, trees and telegraph poles etc Temps deliver icy lows. Overnight there will be some frost and snow dusting. Through afternoon on 13th can see some sudden sharp icy isolated hail and sleet showers but by afternoon on 14th we should see clearer conditions and blue skies, a sunny afternoon by no let up with the cold. By 14th we can expect some easterlies slowly but surely bringing in colder Siberian lows from the continent.

15th. Overnight possibly light but wintry showers brought in by easterlies continue to keep temps low and we can expect short sharp wintry outbreaks till midday even though these may be spartan in nature. Temperatures will plunge lower, expect biting gusty westerlies…

16th. More wintry outbreaks but short sharp and icily sweet, northerlies keep things cold and biting but we should see some sunshine around. Strong Northerlies bring in colder conditions

17th. Most of precipitation looks to be in southern areas arriving in the form of spartan outbursts moving east, keeping things icy cold, but we could experience sudden outburst here too. Sunshine also expected with varying winds in the mix. Clearer skies but frosty.

18th. Cold and frosty, strong northerlies, high speed occasionally but bringing in clearer less static conditions, skies may be bluer but the frost will bite harder for next phase!!!

18th-24th February
Some regions could encounter a few short hailstorms, sudden outburst of sleet showers and even a few blizzards but overall there should be some sunshine around and precipitation should be lower than average for February for this phase. I do expect either a tornado or high speed gales to arrive around 19-21st ‘’It should be dry when the moon is high’’ is an old lunar lore, and this phase is when we can put the theory to the test when at night as the Full Moon shines brightly, there will be clearer skies, but that also heralds very icy and frosty temps as there is no cloud to keep in the warmth generated by a weak sun at this time of year. 21-24th some intensely cold weather fronts look set to dominate……these could be easterly flows from Europe like those we had in November……

18th. Cold frosty day with early icy showers expected at the start of day, and more could arrive at teatime. Temps icy cold and frosty with some southerlies and easterlies creating mischief as they battle with northerlies trying to clear things up….white woolly cloud formations develop during the day, nippy westerlies. East Anglia regions look worst hit by a weather front, and Kent.

19th. I expect wintery showers and harsher conditions to be more active to S and SE regions. Here it could be too cold to snow, though attempts will be made before mid day. This looks like the day of blizzard type conditions as winds look livelier and strong. Cold, frosty, some sunshine with cloud during the day with south easterlies still active tornado breeding conditions that look set to strike today or tomorrow to the Midland…possibly S/SE regions East Anglia/Kent…..we could see some strong whipping wind activity.

20th.Could be cloud and frosty mists around from the start and hail or sleet showers by late afternoon. Some of these weather conditions could be brought in with the easterlies from previous days and be blowing over from the continent. Temps lower again.

21st. Some gloominess could prevail during the daytime and any winter showers arrive before mid-day but not long lasting…..

22nd. Spartan showery attempts very early morning. Temps lower again, icy cold if not freezing conditions lead to short, sharp evening showers.

23rd. Some frost or snow dustings around today, temps still freezing cold with occasional nippy westerlies.

24th. Temps still freezing cold but should end up as a dry though crisp day with sunshine breaking through.

24 Feb-4th March.

A cold, frosty and crisp outlook with wintery showers, occasional mists in lowlands and some wet spells with temperatures very cold at the start of the phase but becoming seasonally slightly milder as we continue into March.

24th. Could be a misty muggy start by clearer by mid day, some short lived icy showers expected before lunchtime.

25th. Should be some good outdoor weather today, though icy cold, and with nippy breezes, showers expected late evening.

26th. Quick icy outbursts begin before sunrise and could continue intermittently throughout the day moving towards the east for many UK regions…This looks like the wettest day of this phase.

27th. Icy Winter showers very early again same as yesterday, could indicate snow for some localities on high ground, frost around from the start, clearer but cold day.

28th. Some snow on high ground by late afternoon, hail and sleet showers for lower regions, seasonally slightly more moderate temperatures as March begins.

1st March. Quick icy showers from 8am are likely, more prolonged precipitation to come during the afternoon.

2nd.News of snow arriving to the west…Ireland/Wales on high ground, supported by some lowering of temperature fronts, more mellow showers could arrive here by mid night or before, lasting till early morning on 3rd…

4-12th March

This looks like some stormy or unsettled weather is expected and the outlook seems a little gloomy. Blizzards look likely for NW regions and a tornado breeding conditions arrives around 8/9th if not high speed winds and gales with some very icy blasts expected. A pattern of weather similar to that of 15th March 2010 looks set to be experienced this phase. More snow to the north of England/Scotland highly probable….

4th. Some damp conditions with winter showers around heavier to the east of our region and could become prolonged as the day wears on….

5th. Early morning cloud along with ongoing showers, pockets of icy cold lows around with easterlies bringing in some unsettled muggy conditions which could breed mistiness for some low lying areas.

6th. Colder/icy temps could see frost developing with varying wind flows bringing in unsettled conditions. Snowfall or sleet likely and the night sky looks gloomy.

7th. Showery start, heavier by p.m. cold icy sleet long lasting till tomorrow possibly…..

8th. Rain at beginning and end of day, cloudy some high speed gales will also create cause for concern…icy blasts, very cold conditions. Tornado outlook today or tomorrow due to southerlies getting stronger and clashing with cold lows moving southwards.

9th.Snow blizzards especially in high exposed regions. I expect the tornado to arise today…..not a nice day…high speed windy activity…

10th. Hope I’m wrong but this still looks gloomy with rain around by mid day…some cold lows around also and icy possibly blustery wind blasts, but a clearer outcome later in the evening

11th. Still some unsettled weather fronts around with cloud and continuing wind leading to a gloomy morning on 12th but hopefully this clears by evening on 12th….

12-19th March

This looks like an eventful weather phase where from the outset snow could be expected if not falling on western regions of the UK. Some prolonged heavy downpours will be arriving overnight 14-15th and again on 18-19th for many regions of the UK, but especially ours. Winds are expected to be strong, if not gale force off NW Scotland, while we get some strong westerlies brewing from 15th, stronger on 16th. Mistiness and fog around can upset travel schedules during this phase……..
Conditions are extremely seismic for this phase and from 12th March so some news expected….read blurb on website for 12-25th march when you could feel the earth move under your feet.

12th as above though there could be some quick wintery outbreaks at daybreak with some icy and fast hail/ sleet late afternoon……..temps icy cold

13th. More snow and sleet shower attempts, breezy, occasional sun outbreaks during the day, breeziness with some southerlies could bring some promise of milder temp…

14th. Very early mists, cloud if not snow attempts, afternoon outbreaks of rain highly likely clouds developing during the day with easterlies bring in the muggy trends. By late afternoon I expect rain to be prolonged and set in for a long period lasting till 15th…..not a nice two days…..

15th. Rain and still perpetuating mists and mugginess but should be better conditions by afternoon with some brighter spells of spring weather but clouds still hovering around. Northerlies vie with southerlies to bring in clearer conditions by evening thank goodness.

16th. More showery outbreaks possible during the afternoon, some moderate spring themes around temperature wise, though temps will vary throughout the day, though some sunshine or brighter conditions could cheer us up especially during the afternoon, though this means fog or mists for some low lying places by evening. Breezy westerlies begin to rev up the day….

17th. I expect some brighter weather today with seasonally mild conditions though strong winds could be the reason why. The westerlies become stronger, speedy and gusty…..a good day to dry out the washing and get rid of cobwebs…..

18th.Rain expected for most parts of the UK but especially here in our region. Some sunshine could accompany the weather during the day…still windy. Flood warnings look highly likely and some really messy conditions of some areas of UK westerly and beyond…….over next few days.

Batten down the hatches

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Accuracy rates Autumn 2010


Predictions with FEEDBACK of RESULTS

Autumn augurs a rough outlook with some extremely bad conditions to deal with and a warning to batten down the hatches and keep windows and doors shut for many regions t/out the UK. Cold temperatures look like dominating with some blusteries bringing in cold dry winds often extremely strong record breaking gales making headlines. A stormy outlook is set to break out from the outset with some extremely stormy weather to welcome the season.
7-14th October is not a pleasant phase and some flood alerts will be out as heavy precipitation arrives for some regions, making headline news, especially to SE and other eastern regions. Expect the worst of the weather from end of October to 6th November, we don’t see the end of the dark conditions till the 7th November, and for first week in November we could have some new temperature setting records…..(7th Nov was a nice sunny clear day, so an accurate result for ending gloominess up to this date, but of course not totally for whole of autumn! but because I didn’t keep up with adding to this précis it is very misleading, though obviously more bad weather predicted in day to day analysis below!….one of mildest November weeks on record reported in Mail— flood warnings issued for Wales and 15 other areas by 7-8th NOV some in Scotland, and locally flood warnings for Ilkley and some other local regions 3-5th Nov)

23rd Sept-1 Oct

Storms could break out but there will be some dry spells, but electrical outbreaks can be spartan on occasion. Sea frets and inclement conditions can hover around eastern coastal regions and the NE and SW of GB will make headline news. Could be heavy rain in some localities with rivers reaching their limit.
For our region the 26th looks likely to be the day thunder breaks out. 23rd Southerlies blowing but a gloomy outlook looks likely with electrical outbursts before sunrise possibly some hail showers in isolated regions…could be the giant ones I’ve been expecting..

24th Some mean easterlies kicking in cooler temps and precipitation around late evening

25th Fog or mists in some localities from early morning cloud and wetness mid afternoon but drier towards late evening. Some sudden cold lows can arrive although southerlies strong at times may offset these with some warmth. There does look likely to be some isolated magnetic storms around and NE/ SW regions could be likely places affected with strong wind velocities…could arrive late evening and continue to next day when clashing southerlies compete with N westerlies.

26th Likely time for thunderstorms to hit our region thundery outbreaks with rain potential with hailstorms as well but drier conditions late at night….some sudden lows around to contend with especially on high ground.

27th Doesn’t look like a very nice day, though air could be fresher after all the rainfall, expect cloud if not more rain!!

28th Rain or hail around before sunrise but some brighter conditions attempting to breakthrough late evening if not during afternoon Warm air with some cool pockets but generally fairness or mild temps should prevail.

29th A better day….hopefully……

30th Rain t/out UK looks inevitable…………..but better conditions during afternoon Some whipping westerly winds, strong at times will dry things out but unsettled air flows come in often strong and blustery

1st October Cool trends, some cloud and breezy conditions hung over from yesterday…but see next phase….

1st Oct-7th 3/4 moon phase

This phase should see some fine weather in terms of dry and clearer outlook with some sunshine around and some wind activity keeps things dry. Some precipitation will be very heavy and from the outset this look likely in NE and SW regions. A weather pattern forming off the NW coast of the UK on 1st looks set to come in by 2-3rd and NW regions of England, especially Cumbria, will be in direct line with it, but I don’t think we’ll escape it either

1st Heavy rain from the outset, but from 4am GMT along with windy weather if not some fierce Northerlies, expect a surge of dark clouds and wetness, moving over to the east, London regions also affected, cool temps with some westerlies in the mix bringing the rain easterly. A little rain stills a great wind so the winds should die down as the rain passes over, and the skies can’t stay gloomy all day….

2nd Some rain or hail showers around spartan showers or isolated hail outbreaks possible mid afternoon in our region, but temps should be more congenial. Some freak weather systems seem to be experienced generally around the UK and I’ll be looking out for isolated high speed winds N Westerly in nature, if not tornado activity. I also expect the weather system forming off the NW coast region to be hitting the NW parts of England the Cumbrian region and perhaps SW Scotland, coming in from the west, with heavy torrential precipitation expected…….2-3rd

3rd Our region should see some fairer weather but electrical outlook, with any precipitation moving over and being carefully warded off perhaps, as clouds are scurried along by wind activity, though still some cloud around along with north westerlies. A thundery outbreak could arrive by 1 pm GMT.

4th I expect cloud to be around with some sun but a dry day mostly with strong gusty air flows if not some sudden high speed winds and clashing easterly and westerlies.

5th Rain could threaten between 4-6pm in our region, and some cold air pockets in high and very low areas.
I expect some cloud with wind activity still strong

6th Moderate seasonal temps but still tome cold air pockets around so wrap up warm….

7th Some showers may arise but expect it to be drier later in the day, pronounced autumnal temps to deal with and some noisy frenzied N Westerlies…..

7-14 October

Expect some oppressive wet spells and murky weather, but some sunshine will also break out by 10-13th so all is not lost weather wise! By the end of this phase though there does look to be some strong windy conditions in some UK regions as some choppy blasts prevail when southerlies and nor westerly fight each other..12-15th a likely time for these. Nothernmost extremes of Scotland look to be unlucky with weather conditions at the outset and some weather headlines could emerge to the SE of England as well. Extremely heavy precipitation will arrive from 9th and flood alerts are expected with eastern regions
vulnerable especially those at 54 N latitude which is the Northumberland region and beyond……………and 52 N latitude which is around East Anglia and beyond…..and by 9-10th we’ll be experiencing some thick, dark, oppressive air conditions accompanying the weather trends……….

7th Cloud rainy start to the day but hopefully some better conditions break out later when it will be fair but cloudy. Some sudden lows can arrive again keeping temps seasonally cool. Wind will be easterly, noisy and swirling with some NW kicking in suddenly to add to the excitement both today and tomorrow.

8th Looks like some heavy showers late afternoon hail possible for some isolated localities but clouds could begin to give way to some sunny breaks. Moderate temps though still some cold air pockets around.

9th Unsettled weather– don’t book any outdoor activity for these days as conditions will be murky if not oppressive. I expect a total washout though temps will be seasonal the heavy precipitation can be disturbing and vulnerable regions to our east might be on flash alert.

10th Still gloomy and wet but skies will become clearer some warmth if sun manages to break through eventually, but the air will be muggy but some seasonally warming southerlies could dry things out a little enabling some warmth to cheer everyone up giving hope for fairer weather to come…

11th/12th A fairer weather outlook for today and tomorrow with winds more settled and less interfering—

13th A bit more gloominess could begin to arise, cool temps and some strong south westerlies bring in some cloud, drizzle, rain or mistiness, depending on how near to rivers or valleys you live. Some sudden spurts of wind can put people off outdoor work

14th There will be rain around during the early hour to mid day, more in eastern regions, but here as well. The north westerlies should clear out the air and see off any precipitation by late afternoon, sun with cloud expected with temps seasonably cool

14-23rd October

Some dry weather to come, but wind characterises this phase, there will be less precipitation than last phase, but some unusual weather to come especially wind wise 15-17th….here’s hoping I get the picture correct….but no guarantees due to so many contradictory elements reigning….weather fronts are coming in off the Atlantic along latitude 50- 52 North but arrive on different days. The first one hits on 15-16th, and the second one later when the moon crosses the
equator on 19th.NW Scotland and western shore of UK look more assaulted this time, with some icy cold flows coming down from the extreme north.

15th Some gloominess with clouds threatening rain but this should blow over and sun could break through the gloom after a potential early morning shower

16th Quick shower early clearing by mid day, but spartan outbreaks with sudden scattered showers can arrive during the afternoon, Should be some sun around but mistiness or cloud threatens the late evening and more showers by 22 30 onwards…some muggy temperatures brings some extremes to contend with and if I have interpreted this correctly some blizzards may interrupt play for today in some regions ….we get some southerlies with northerly flows

17th I expect blue skies with cloud around and any spartan showers not long lasting in nature disappearing as suddenly as they arrive. Some cloud or mists in the evening depending on where you live near high or low ground but there does seem to be a promise of strong gusty westerlies around also

18th Some gloom and possible showers before 9 am cloud but sun truing to shine by mid day but rain arriving, quite heavy overnight on 18/19th as some easterlies clash with N Westerlies and it is possible some isolated tornado activity causes a stir for some region beyond ours. ( fairly accurate…though blue skies early am, turn cloudy pm cold temps along with occ showers by mid pam to late eve windy )

19th Weather system coming in off the Atlantic will be cold and unsettling with some squalls and gusty conditions, especially to the west coast and midland areas. These types of wind can be intermittent and keep revving up again just when you thought they had gone. The unusual weather conditions for 18-19th should begin to settle late today expect temps to be cool.

20th Rain expected around sunrise could be some hail or quick sharp showers before mid day. temps seem extra cool with winds keeping warmth at bay…

21 Quick spartan showers around early morning again a heavier shower by 9-11 temps seasonally moderate but some excitable northerlies, easterlies and westerlies sport with each other….

22 Should be a dry day sun with cloud but seasonally cold temps

23 Rainy weather especially to the South/SE of England some muggy conditions to accompany and some sudden gustiness to keep you on your toes……Could be some sudden squalls if not high speed winds and blizzards …the lunar phase changes today and the outlook does look grim to be honest with weather extremes causing what could be chaos for some UK regions and for us here as well. Some stormy electrical outbreaks can combine with very heavy rain to come…..drains already with grass growing out of them in my locality are going to prove troublesome without doubt with these downpours ahead……Scotland
and North of England could also be under assault with some of these weather threats……
Feedback:- http://www.ukweatherworld.co.uk/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=39608&posts=5
Posted 23/10/2010 20:10 (#580397)
Subject: RFMI. Possible tornado near Hastings. 23/10/10
Location: Tiverton, Devon Come by a report of a possible tornado near Hastings. As far as I can make out, this occurred around 1400Z. No damage had been reported.
Some squally showers across the south this afternoon, see photo section for gust front images, and the report may have been nothing more than a nasty squall. Satpix do show a ‘curly job’ crossing the area at that time.
However, I am happy to stand corrected if anyone can come up with any hard evidence.

23-30th October

If I’ve done my job right then this is the week of some notable conditions heralded at the beginning of the year by the up coming planetary conditions emerging for 2010. Destructive extremes are likely for the UK and Britain and in our locality (especially in our locality in West Yorkshire) can expect to be battered by some high speed winds, gales and even hear of a strong tornado breeding condition south of us ( see above insert from UK weatherworld!!! For feedback on this accurate prediction), though one could also hit our region as well…… 26-28th phase when I expect we’ll be hearing news of some southern whirlwind type activity causing damage. 22nd-25th shows strong if not gale force winds coming down off coast of NW Scotland. Suffolk and East coast of Yorkshire and beyond are vulnerable to wet if not stormy outbursts around 23rd Oct.
FEEDBACK netweather report affirms this prediction 23rd Oct:- Sunshine or showers for much of UK, cloud & rain across S Scotland and N Ireland spreading S into N England. Cold northerly wind developing. Mainly dry, bright or sunny on Sunday & Monday
On 24th this predicton from netweather:- A fine sunny day for most, some showers near eastern coasts where there’ll be a cold northerly wind. After a frosty start, dry and sunny for Monday. Turning unsettled and milder Tuesday onwards.

23rd See above lots of static around with strong NW gales blowing in muggy unsettled electrical atmosphere not very nice….( feedback….not a nice day rainy spells along with unsettled conditions, wind more settled as day progressed, mostly gloomy)

24th-25th Noisy blustery occasionally high speed winds Northerly and Westerly and destructive…some southerlies entering the affray..a rainy outlook culminating in thunder and lightening, some hail possibly sleet as winds get involved with precipitation, humid electrical conditions to deal with, a cracker of a storm breeding with very heavy rain Southerlies breed more muggy trends for 29th ( mistake should have read 25th h/sight) but keeping temps seasonally moderate. A storm cell comes in off the NW coast of Scotland
creating murky conditions for that area but moving southwards……….
FEEDBACK .Herrumph 24th a nice day but icy cold temps, though sun kept off some of iciness during height, while 25th same with a frosty start……..netweather predict for 25th:- Dry and sunny for most of the UK today. Cloud and rain spreading in across northern and western areas overnight. Mostly cloudy and with rain or showers tomorrow. Unsettled but mild for rest of the week.
In fact Daily Mail reports 25th is coldest October :- It will come as no surprise then that the wintry conditions made last night the coldest in October for 17 years in some regions.Temperatures in West Freugh in south-west Scotland dipped to a bone-rattling -5.2C, falling below the previous record of -5.1C which was endured in October 1993.But it was even colder in Sennybridge, south Wales, where the mercury dropped to -6.4C, beating the -6.2C record set 13 years ago in 1997. RECORD BREAKING TEMPS for cold…..I’d written on notes record breaking destructive winds due to transit Mars trine transit Uranus…..but clearly it was a herald for record breaking low temps for this time of year!!!!

26th-27th Nasty conditions from the outset of 26th, Variable temps unsettled weather still southerlies still operative with more rain from the outset and electrical discharge late at night, tornado breeding conditions are here and these will be hitting the regions to south of us today and tomorrow….some weather extremes t/out the UK very cold for some regions which will bring in hail showers late night 26th and again 27th though 27th could see some sunshine trying to breakout…along with fairer temps as air clears later on 27th

28th Showers round before sunrise mistiness also if not fog another tornado outlook to SE region, likely but some clearer skies expected though some showery outbreaks still to come between 1-3pm some conflicting wind activity…..

29th Some showers, cloud around but also some sunshine and clearer skies, more moderate less volatile atmosphere and some cold pockets around warning of winter.

30th Rain likely but more moderate temps and less wind than experienced so far……

30th October-6th November

This phase is very similar in weather experience to at least five other weeks we have experienced in the UK so far—for example week beginning 30th March when Derry was hit by a freak snow storm, then from week beginning 27th May when Scotland was inundated, week beginning11 July when bad weather was around especially in Ireland and week beginning 4th June when heavy precipitation spoilt play…… I expect this phase to bring similar conditions with thundery showers expected, along with some extremes for some regions in the UK. An eventful weather week, stormy at times, with worst weather to the
South, milder than this to North with heaviest precipitation to S and SE headlines to come from NW regions. Expect a wet week with some extremes of conditions, thunder for our region 5th, in fact if I have done my job properly I expect this to break around 15 22 5th November……..3-5th see strong wind if not gales for some localities…..( hindsight —no thunder for our region but an outbreak of rain mid afternoon around 2 30 pm GMT the wind activity prediction is spot on and the gales did become strong at times over the week with stronger ones during the day on 4-5th)

30th Oct A weather cell coming in from latitude 53 N due to hit N Ireland and Cumbria or NW regions today, rain likely around us for morning clearer pm, but gloomy
outlook again by evening. some warming trends for the season might be around, but some cold variables as well, strong northerly flows around brining in the
variable colds.

31st Drier outlook showers likely by mid day mistiness cloud late evening, some warming of the season could prevail, brought in by muggy southerlies keeping temps less harsh for the season.

1st Weather cell coming in on 50 degrees North could be hitting the south coast badly giving rain and winds rain for us could arrive from turn of day to 1-2 am, moderate temps still for season and breezy or windy conditions, some southerlies still bringing in mugginess

2nd Rain looks heavy from overnight of yesterday not a nice day looks gloomy and muggy by evening

3rd Could break out into a fairer outlook till late at night when conditions deteriorate bringing in some grey clouds. Mod to cold temps lively and strong snappy westerlies, noisy and whistling at times Snow attempts could be in forecasts for some regions as well over next few days……

4th Still wet around 1-2 am again could be wet throughout, some strong high speed northerlies could be around to add excitement to the day….again snow might not be out of the question for some high ground…..PERFECT PREDICTION!

5th Stormy outlook with thundery showers likely by 15 22 wind activity is highly excitable and whirlwinds could form to the south as southerlies get out of control clashing with westerlies…precipitation will be extremely heavy and some areas can expect flash flood warnings to be in operation from yesterday onwards. ( Accurate for flash flood warnings Ilkley and Wharfe and other areas had flood warning from 4th)

6th Rain likely by 16.00 if not all day varying temps with some sudden lows to remind us of winter chills and nebulous wind activity creating unsettled air. (Hindsight:-Accurate mostly…can’t remember if a shower came at 1600 some spray may have hit some areas, we were dry I think some sun spells icy temps all day ….)


weather alert as UK faces snow, flooding and 70mph winds
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:44 AM on 8th November 2010

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Britain is bracing itself for snow, torrential downpours and winds of up to 70 miles per hour as winter descends across the country.

Those hoping to gently acclimatise to the harsher weather will be in for a shock – with conditions changing without a moment’s notice.
Meteorologists said it was unlikely that any region would escape the gloom, with parts of Wales and Scotland expected to bear the brunt of the bad weather, before it spreads east throughout the day.

The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning for Wales, whilst 15 other areas are expected to be hit by flash flooding.
The Met Office has also issued a number of severe weather warnings, alerting people of heavy rain, severe gales and heavy snow in the Scottish Highlands.

Warnings of gale force winds and heavy rain were also given in Wales, along with heavy rain and heavy snow in parts of the north west of England.

A severe warning of heavy rain was also issued in south west England.
Gusts of 40 to 50mph will be typical, with winds picking up to 71mph in parts of western Scotland and the west coast. Gusts will also reach 56mph in areas of the south east.
Rachel Vince, Meteogroup weather forecaster, said: ‘There is a deep low moving in from the north west bringing very strong and gusty winds across the whole of the UK.’
The windy weather will be accompanied by heavy rain that will spread eastwards throughout the day.

‘It is going to be a pretty horrible day,’ Ms Vince added.
Along with the wind and rain, some areas of the country will also see snow fall today.
Parts of the Scottish Highlands, Cumbria and the Peak District over 400m could see flurries, forecasters said. Parts of Wales and Scotland could also face sleet.

After a brief respite in the middle of the week, storms and heavier winds are due to return around Thursday with the threat of thunder and lightning in western Scotland.
It comes after the country enjoyed one of the mildest November weeks on record. Wednesday was the warmest November night for five years, said the Met Office.
Byron Chalcraft, forecaster at the Met Office, said: ‘This, I’m afraid, is a sign of things to come. It’s going to be thoroughly miserable.
‘For quite a while now we are going to get these very unsettled conditions.
‘It looks as though the next couple of weeks will be characterised by this weather, if not longer.
‘At the moment we have quite a deep area of low pressure and that’s going to be moving south eastwards ending up over the English Channel.
‘We’re going to get strong to gale force winds and some heavy rain revolving around this system.
‘The whole band is continuing to move slowly eastwards in the south but will come to a grinding halt across central England.

‘The Midlands will probably get rain all day long today and face gusty winds.
‘The temperature will also be quite low – probably only getting as high as 6C.’
Overnight temperatures could drop to -2C in places, say forecasters.
The bad weather will continue into Tuesday, with thundery rain, pausing momentarily for a little respite on Wednesday, before resuming once again on Thursday.
By Friday, the strong winds and rain will have returned.
A dip in temperature, combined with the wind speed, means it could get as cold as 0C in some places.
Forecasters also warned that up to 35mm of rain could fall across the north west and in Cumbria with snow at high level.

6th-13 November

Weather outlook for this phase augurs some gloomy if not electrical conditions around, along with mists and fog along with some spartan drizzly events. along with some frosty chills

6th As above clearing by afternoon though some more rain could arrive late at night before things begin to clear tomorrow. Some cold spells as well and damp conditions if not fog and mists for high and very low areas.

7th Strong intermittent but sudden gusts of westerlies, very strong on high ground, but this should result in a fine day with some blue skies between fast dissipating gloomy cloud…hopefully. Rain around from midnight and still a gloomy start before day break but fairer conditions later and any precipitation will be spartan by 16.30 onwards. Accurate. A fine day with sunshine around,cold though

8th Some quick showers could be around from late afternoon but generally a dry fairer day, very cold with frosty chills (inaccurate rain from outset and strong gusty winds very cold with frosty chills is accurate though))

9th Still frosty temps some loud but finer weather around bright blue around in the sky, even though some cloud around. ( wrong again!!! Rain rain and more rain icy temps alng with squally wind activity, often strong, and gloomy skies………snow falls on high ground from midlands to Scotland and six cars get trapped in 5 inches of snowfall at Kirkstone Pass highest place in Cumbria….how wrong was my prediction!!!!)

10th Mid day showers, prolonged and mid night also, cool temps westerlies prevail the rain will be heavy and could cause flash floods to some localities ( NOT fully accurate the mid day showers did not arrive:- a gloomy but drier start, though some spartan shower early am, lead to blue skies by 1 pm and fair weather, but seasonally cold, little breeze around HOWEVER on a general scale for UK another system from Atlantic expected so the flash flood and rain predicted for midnight tonight by net weather might not be totally inaccurate………)

11th Rain around till mid-day with very strong gusty westerly airflows in the mix….does the rain ever stop……(EXCELLENT—though gusterlies were very strong at often 80-90mph and destructive. ONE WOMAN KILLED today reported in daily’s by 12th when her car hit by tree. )

12th Air is icy and breathtaking, with frostiness meaning blue skies but some rain sleet or hail still around from start of day and spartan showers around late at night, but less gloomy generally though frosty temps could also mean that some snow falls in some exposed regions. Cold if not snow heralded….. (EXCELLENT AGAIN! Just missed the gusty trends continuing from yesterday see above for woman killed by strong westerlies occasional spartan spray sleet like as it was icy cold…) )

13th Some heavy showers heavy at times from early- mid morning along with some noisy breezy conditions, but the temps look like they could be milder than previously experienced

13-21 November

This phase promises to be wet with rain crossing to eastern parts, especially South Eastern England from early morning on 13th and we can expect some Unusual autumn temperatures when some days from the outset reach dizzy seasonal heights and again around 16-17th which is unusual for this time of year. Most occasional showers will be spartan and shortlived unless longer spells are mentioned, and we can expect some electrical outbursts particularly on 21st This weather phase is reminiscent of 6th May when similarly rain seemed to keep threatening but many days remained dry with only spartan showers with some cloud but also some sunshine….

13th Rain from the outset as mentioned above but clearing as day progresses with temps a seasonal high beginning to develop…but don’t get the bikini out just yet!! As if you would this time of year….atmosphere, mugginess could be uncomfortable and breezes will be noisy and swirling. accurarte

14th Some showery outbreaks likely between 6-9 am sun with cloud during the day and mists or cloud very early with seasonal highs continuing along with excitable westerlies in the mix. accurate

15th 12-1am then again 7-9 am showers particularly to the south where they might stay if we’re lucky, generally a dry day for us with sun along with cloud, more highs for the season. Accurate…..though should have said seasonal lows, and there was a frost covering around early morning…….today’s papers were featuring mists over somerset and Topcliffe, as a result of the lack of wind and cold condtions.Also, they were warning of a cold winter ahead due to berries on holly being larger than average…..

16th Occasional showers 8-10pm this evening sun with cloud during the day but a generally dry time again but some easterlies flowing over keeping things a little muggy (frosty misty/muggy start but clear by 10 am and nice and sunny with some cloud around—more accurate than the TV met who said yesterday was going to be best day of the week!!!!)

17th Dry day bluer skies some cloud still around easterlies still blowing ( may have been early morning showers—not sure……easterlies a bit blustery, and sky cloudy still at 11 am…..headline floods in Devon and landslide stops trains at Tiverton…from Daily Telegraph:-….No deaths or serious injuries were reported this morning despite the severity of the weather.
Gales have contributed to the problems as trees have been brought down and blocked roads including the A390 at Gunnislake.
Many schools have been closed. Lostwithiel, Bodmin, St Austell, Par, Luxulyan and St Blazey have been flooded. Helicopters from RNAS Culdrose and RMB Chivenor rescued trapped drivers near St Blazey, where water was “waist-deep”.
Parts of the county’s main roads, including the A30, A38 and A390 are under water and lorries and cars have been abandoned. A spokesman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said coastguard teams were working with emergency services to evacuate flooded buildings across coastal communities.
A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police said the force was dealing with a “major flooding incident”.

18th Early morning showers 12 -1 am, potential for more spray 11-2pm mists cloud possible late evening and some mugginess if not mistiness prevails, while some quirky breezes can’t decide which way to blow. (accurate forecast….)

19th Showers around 7-9 am occ spray attempts t/out spartan in nature sun with cloud and warm air flows keep things seasonally mild as southerlies flow a little like Fohn winds really bringing in some welcome warm breezes but also some easterlies till around along with NW bringing in the changes ( mostly accurate…a misty day with drizzly spells, no sun though mild t muggy day….)

20th Sun with cloud possible short sharp showers temps unusual for this time of year again, perhaps slightly muggy or clammy but some blue skies could prevail as well ( gloomy day mild t some attempts at bright spells, but mostly gloomy)

21st It will rain today and be quite heavy for some localities including ours in fact some lightening could ring in the changes…..(accurate….rain here 4-6pm temps still mild didn’t look for lightening ranges)

21-28th Nov

Some bright sunshine around especially by late afternoons and evenings, with mostly clearer skies overnight keeping nights cool, but conditions can be electrical and occasional spray showers will arrive, though will be short lived. Mistiness wont stay around long in our region and though Full Moon phases usually bring extra clear skies during evening and overnight we’ll see some showers arriving overnight 25/26th with hail showers likely and some frosts could appear due to less cloud at night to keep wamth insulated.

21st As above with rain going eastwards leaving clearer skies by evening. Some strong breezy conditions for some localities.

22nd Electrical build quick showers could arrive by evening mod temps breezy, some rain clouds could form late eve, sun with cloud around during day time

23rd Could see intermittent showers t/out but still sunshine with cloud in between ( accurate….showers spartan)

24th Early morning shower arriving before sunrise and more showers by 7 34, could even be lightening and thunder conditions possible by mid day, but these don’t seem too threatening. Temps warm up a little today which is what could create electrical discharge. (oh dear! Nope…no early showers here anyway though snow showers expected in some regions beyond ours,, frosty temps and lake frozen slightly…must go back to the drawing board!!! So frosty morning, lake freezing and sunny outlook with little cloud around is the right description for today….the temps got colder as the day progressed….to icy cold bloody freezing!!!! Snow troubling traffic in N yorkshire at Hole of Horcum))

25th Showery attempts at break of day some gloomy clouds around also temps variable, but could be frost in exposed places, pleasant and bright blue sky by evening. Some rain arriving by midnight tonight and early tomorrow morning….(quite accurate bright sunshine around in spells but cloud gathering becoming more gloomy by mid day….…some frost in exposed places, but not here, lake only a tiny veneer of ice in some tiny areas from yesterday probably, and snow flurries by 10 15am for about 1-2 hours….but NE Eng and E Scotland fared worst this morning with heavy snow and some road probs……

26th Hail outbursts break of day again and some frosty starts look likely as less cloud around at night to keep warmth in

27th More electrical discharges around mid day and afternoon heavy at times, some cloud, possible fog or mistiness along with blustery breezes

28th Some mistiness or fog around very early morning. The winds can begin to get stronger breeding faster N Westerlies, and will bring in some showers today

28th Nov-5th December

This phase brings in some strong windy conditions and unsettled atmosphere which can be wild and woolly with muggy conditions to contend with especially with southerlies operative around 1 ad 4th and easterlies on 3rd. Some sunshine will also be breaking out but this is a very unsettled phase generally as we are moving towards a perigee moon in southern declination which doesn’t generally bring us the best of the weather.

28th Unsettled, possible rainy start, with strong if not wild north westerlies, not a good day for outdoor work and though some sunshine with cloud is around, rain could be blown in as well but by evening skies should be clearer (oh dear completely missed the snowfall that came our way after creating chaos in NE regions!

29th Still windy and colder temps prevail strong westerlies with some northerlies as well should stay dry…..( not much precip of snow today, still ground cver down, and overnight to 30th snowfall raised the levels to above two inch of settled snow in our region at least!!) The northerlies were quite key as they l
eft a low on the left of the UK—i.e Saturn in lunar char. And the snow came in from the east….Saturn retro???

30th Some precipitation around sunrise (yep….snow!) still breezy with some cloudiness threatening rain to come

1st Dec Southerlies prevail…not good and rain expected but not heavy and will be sunshine with cloud too but showers by 4-6pm approx.

2 Dec More unsettled condition arrive and some outbreaks of showers as aimless breeziness and muggy air provide an electrical feel

3rd Dec Similar to yesterday but very strong N W and westerlies blowing now rain could arrive early morning…N West coast could be awaiting arrival of a weather cell
coming in off the Atlantic

4th Dec Southerlies and rain pm to eve t/out UK, with drains stretched to bursting….especially our grass growing ones full of mud and debris in my area (wicked I know but true)cool temps some mists around in low valleys early morning. Cold conditions.

5th Hopefully a dry day with sunshine and clearer skies, though it may look a little gloomy by evening, but some noisy swirling breezes along with milder temps……so far but read on for more about today…..

5-13th December

This phase is cold, mostly dry with some precipitation by 7th especially. It does look at this stage (and I don’t alter my predictions once they are posted months ahead of the weather arriving) as if a storm cell is coming over to SW Ireland from the outset approaching SW England and beyond by 6th.

5th Some spray or light showers after mid day, swirling noisy breezes..

6th Can turn cold if not frosty some extremes for some areas around this date temperature wise. Light showers around mid day with cloud mist or fog by eve along with hail or sharp showers potential 2-4 pm

7th It will rain today quite heavily and thundery outbreaks if not lightening could characterise the weather systems coming in especially by 7-9pm and this could continue overnight till early the next day temps cool

8th Gloomy starts clears a little later in the day some breezy conditions.

9th Spray 12-2am followed by sun with cloud during the daytime very breezy if not windy outlook..

10th Electrical discharges bring sporadic showers sun with cloud, and some moderate seasonal warmth but this could be a snow breeding temperature? Gusty Westerlies around to keep everyone on their toes.

11th Sun and cloud, a gloomier outlook arrives by evening

12th Rain to southern regions today and could arrive here by 176; 37 onwards GMT temps seasonally mild

13th Rainy morning from outset but some Sunshine prevails with some blue in the skies later in the day hopefully

13-21 December

Wet, wet, wet, some nasty conditions come in from 16-20th snow is possible but it won’t stay white for long I don’t think…..

14th Some showers mid day but clearer skies and less rain forming cloud

15th Swirling noisy windy weather bringing in some showers by evening

16th Early morning precipitation is likely, cold conditions could intensify paving the way for a snow breeding once this eases up

17th More weather coming in off the Atlantic and we could be getting snow, sleet or just rain, but my money is on snow…..

18th More snow or rain from sunrise onwards freezing conditions by 8pm so take care on slippery roads some freezing fogs and mists around YEP!!! It did snow cover here, about 1 inch f freezing cold afternoon and evening Scotland hit again from yesterday even Devon covered in snow…

19th Cold icy, frosty….chilly winter conditions could be too cold to rain but does that mean more snow arrives early morning Yep Arctic conditions from early am

20th N Westerlies are very strong arriving in sudden spurts, cold icy conditions around with frost expected to cover ground so wrap up warm…..more snow showers look likely

21st Drier but still cold conditions…….will it snow for Christmas……wait one hour while I look at the chart for this weather …..one thing is for sure the weather looks eventful for the Christmas week……..

SO WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS????????? READ ON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

25th-28th December—SOLSTICE TIME

First of all the winds are going to be pretty strong at the outset and we have a full moon which is perigee by 25th and on the equator which also brings in some unsettled conditions, so this is an eventful week weather wise to add excitement to the celebrations around the world…..
Our local weather is wet, some ground frosts or even snow coverings could still be lying around, but w can also expect some sunshine to come long and brighten up the days ahead. Sadly there also looks to be some floods disturbing the celebrations in some localities at the outset, and the worst hit at this phase looks to be around Salcombe area as well as some NE England localities so watch out for heavy rain alerts and flood warnings…..

21st Rain heavy for many regions especially from early morning particularly to the South and some fierce north westerlies will be around but some mild southerlies could ward off some of the icy cold conditions

22nd Rain or sleet showers from the beginning of the day after an icy cold night and some freezing fog or mists could hang around in the morning as southerly air flows ring in the day but expect strong northerlies to be bringing in cold temps as well. Another snow or sleet shower could arrive by 8-10 am and the afternoon looks a little gloomy and cloudy

23rd Hail or sleet around 7 in the morning then again showers around 6-8 pm and this again could be more snows or sleet condition nut some sunshine could brighten us up in between

24th Electrical hail snow or sleet before mid day gloomy outlook with cloud around for the afternoon temps same as previous day

25th Very breezy outlook for today. Some colder weather can begin to come along but it looks like a sunny start to the day with some cloud around by afternoon….snow bearing cloud highly likely, any snow likely to arrive by 22.00 pm but no promises or guarantees just that the precipitation does look white from where I’m sitting…..I’m going to give a 80% chance of it snowing later today..

26th Sunshine around after some quick showers around 2 am

27th Today I’ll give a 90% chance of snow arriving before mid day…milder temps than previously and very breezy westerlies

28th Overnight snow likely28/29th

Winds and Weather Autumn 2010

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Summers Past 2010

Summer Weather 2010

See predictions below for summer for regions around Leeds/Bradford West Yorks.

This summer we have Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra a dry sign, so what can we expect weather wise from this combi? We have to go back to 1982 to see previous effects:-

Will the volcano have an effect on the weather this summer?
The years 1980, 1981, and 1982, for example, saw several major volcanic eruptions adding large quantities of particulate volcanic material and volatiles to the stratosphere, including the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington, on May 18, 1980, and a large eruption of Mount Hekla, Iceland, on August 17, 1980. The 1982 series of eruptions from El Chichón volcano, Mexico, caused death and destruction in the populated area around the volcano, but a further reaching impact may result from the effect on Earth’s climate because of the enormous ejection of volcanic material into the stratosphere. (from http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/Glossary/VolcWeather/description_volcanoes_and_weather.html)

What was 1982 like in terms of weather?

Taken from: http://www.london-weather.eu/article.121.html
July [1982] – Dry and rather dull with temperatures close to average.

The opening fortnight was rather unsettled, and although temperatures were near normal at first, some very warm or hot days developed. On both the 8th and 9th there were highs of 28°C., with 27°C., recorded on the 13th. High pressure dominated the weather after mid month, but it was often situated to the north or northwest of the country and sometimes brought rather cloudy skies and temperatures rather below normal. The month ended with thundery rain.

However we also have Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries a scorching and dry sign and in 1927 July and August these two planets conjoined twice in the sign but it was the wettest year for rainfall when a record 329mm of rainfall was recorded. However the total solar eclipse in Cancer for that year could be partly to blame, but guess what? The same total eclipse in Cancer is scheduled for a revisit this year, though the pathway is not through Britain in 2010, as it was in June 1927, but arches across Tahiti starting from Norfolk Island and stretching as far as the tip of South America in the southern hemisphere……..

29th June 1927 saw the first total solar eclipse to be seen on Britain’s mainland for over 203 years when people travelled miles onto moors or offshore Wales to get a view of the event ( 6 degrees Cancer Leo rising 6 23 05 am) and in Palestine:’’ The Palestine earthquake of July 11, 1927, which was quite as severe at Ramleh and Ludd as anywhere else. Jaffa on the other hand was not damaged. Other cities along the coast, Gaza to the south and Haifa to the north, had escaped. The violence at Ramleh and Ludd was very local.’’ (http://zadok.org/research/1927/willis.html)

A truly eventful summer to come around the world in the northern hemisphere at least, with some seismic activity already active in Iceland we will have more of this type of ‘’weather ‘’ along with earthquakes, cyclones and floods, as well as tornadoes to add to headline news. Giant hailstones should feature with outbursts creating sensational headlines. I expect some amazing gales for us this autumn though so be sure to return to find out when these are likely…..

In West Yorkshire we have some floods to come, but also some lovely high—if not scorching– temperatures and fair weather to enjoy along with some prolonged dry spells. Around 10th July (I’m 2 days out after deluge hit Norfolk and Suffolk on 12th, then Bristol had rip tides with high speed squalls on 13/14: we got deluge on 14th with cracking t/storm then 19th 20th Keswick Liverpool hit by floods again) we could see some strong destructive weather trends with wet conditions but gardeners will probably be the ones to benefit from the deluge! Winds can be strong this summer on occasions, with some varying hot and cold pressures colliding at a few intervals, leading to a few tornadoes hitting headline news in Britain over the summer, but wait till autumn for the real all time record breaking wind activity.

I get high temps peaking around the following dates: 13,15,18,31 July: 14 August:: 1,14 September. Generally middle and end of July is hot along with mid and end of June, and September, while mid August brings the high temps for that month for our region. From 4-11th July I picked up a strong windy outlook which looks lively and interesting and we could see this hitting headlines for some parts of UK. 16-24 August is not a good week t/out our UK so don’t plan for outdoor activities and expect them to run smoothly….So read on for the weather in more detail……..I expect at least an 80% accuracy level sometimes 100% for some weeks…….forecasting rain is the most difficult due to micro climates which can rain a hailstorm or quick showers on one street while the next street remains dry!!

The good news is at least we will have at least some occasional nice summer weather for those lovely outings which create memories that last.

19 -26th June
Cool with rain moving across to east of us at the start, but some fine days to come with electrical conditions.
The South West of England looks to be navigating some difficult weather patterns at the start of this phase and we will be experiencing some cooler trends overall with rainy outbreaks but better conditions for the second half of this phase.
19th Stormy weather fronts arrive… I expect heavy rain t/out most of England at the start of the day moving east with some moderate temperatures once gloomy clouds pass over leading to slightly better weather during the afternoon.
Areas around Salcombe and SW regions look vulnerable and Grimsby, regions around London could be hard hit as well. I expect news of a localised tornado for around this date also, not necessarily in the W Yorks region.
20th Any precipitation arrives before sunrise. Breeziness prevails, cloud with sun, some blue skies especially for afternoon
21st is solstice day and we normally expect heavy rain to arrive with scenes of a very muddy Glastonbury on TV screens…I have a variable outlook for the morning with cloud around temperatures fluctuating from highs breeding electrical conditions and could discharge heavy outbreaks by mid night . Strong winds likely including tornado activity in some locality either today or tomorrow which is very difficult to define for a UK astro met without taking up a whole day to locate it, but it certainly revs up the summer outlook!
22 Heavy rain regionally 2-7am approx and again 5-7 pm expect temps cool to moderate along with breezy conditions, the afternoon could be drier and late at night some cold fronts around so wrap up warm.
23 Nice day with fresh invigorating air.
24 cool temps around still breezy sun with cloud t/out.
25th Strong windy conditions, sudden strong gusts, any heavy rain could arrive by lunch for some localities in the region, and again by mid night but day should be dry with some sunshine around.
26th sees NW winds but a fine day, occasional Spartan showers 11-12 am but good weather overall…..see next

26th June-3rd July
Barbeque time with some fine weather expected….
26th Fine day could break out eventually bringing warmth but cooling northerlies, fresh atmosphere and wool packed clouds.
27th Fair day still some cloud around and cool breezy activity.
28th Some showers could break out 8-10 am getting heavier as they travel to eastern areas but subsiding by mid day much clearer by evening. Sharp gusty wind activity westerly but warming, watch for some red clouds forming……
29th Rising temps but electrical outbursts quick showery spells around mid day, some cloud and some disruption to air traffic continues perhaps due to Iceland’s volcano, sharp gusty westerlies around as well
30th Fair day sun with cloud still breezy—noisy whistling type Mists could form by late evening with lively short showers between 5-7 pm
1-3rd July Blue sky, some cloud, temps humid and mild to cool, some squally type conditions around the region especially in lowlands. Weather should stay this way till 3rd when we get warmer trends but rainy magnetic stormy outbreaks early morning…heavy especially to NE England with potential to bring flooding………

4-11th July
Generally for this phase of the moon cloud or rainy spells are more intense from evening to midnight onwards, and while this proves to be an electrical phase again with spartan showers, some mists if not fog around but strong winds characterise the weather for this phase and air travel will be affected.

4th Electrical atmosphere, seasonally warm sunshine, cloud nice bright weather to greet the day but cold squalls could also threaten
5th Unusual wind flurries, cooling dry air flows sun with cloud gusty breezes expect cloud if not mist to build late evening.
6th A turn in the weather—-any electrical build up expected to discharge today from overnight electrical showers arrive then again 8-9 am strong winds, gusty, high velocity in some areas especially high ground, will accompany the precipitation.
7th Temps cooler still windy more showers around 4-10am but temps warming up…..by mid day, pleasant outlook for rest of day but more clouds and showers by evening.
8th Some unsettled conditions from 1 am onwards but clearing by afternoon which should turn out pleasant. Wind disturbance should die down any showers may arrive by 4pm approx with cloud for late evening.
9th Strong erratic gusty winds, wilder to east of our region and on high slopes NW winds bring in cooler air, fairer weather to North. Easterlies are active also and some rain could arrive 2pm onwards this is indicative of tornado type activity…it seems this could be more to the north of us and to east if not over in Europe where news takes us about this weather pattern Rough seas and high tides expected near coastline….
10th Scorpio moon perigee and on equator….not one to celebrate!!! High tides and high levels of rain could fall o/night and flood levels including drains overstretched in many places A stormy wet day……….

11-18th July
Hopefully any bad weather will be subsiding now for us at least, though we will be hearing news of how this sysygy has upset many regions around the world for days to come……..we can expect a more settled weather phase after the ups and down of previous weeks……and some BRILLIANT HOT WEATHER TO COME>>>>>>>>I expect airline news for this weeks headlines
11 Cloud some sun showers threaten around 2-3 pm but nice evening to share…
12th Blue skies a little cloud and some breeze also but nice day.
13 same as yesterday but clearer skies expected….any showers arrive 1-3 pm temps rising..
14 Any rainfall out of the way by 2 am could even be hail shower, leading way to a very pleasant summer day with TEMPS RISING AGAIN
15th Some noisy breezes around but temps still good but some cooling at night after shower around 6-8pm approx
16th-18th some cold pockets of air could now begin to wind their way into the warmth of summer…so always take a jumper on outings showers around 6-8 pm on 16th but day should be pleasant and warm generally, winds get brisker on 17th westerlies could prevail, 18th is hotter but strong NW winds revving up, and any showers arrive by 2-4 am so mostly hot sunny days to enjoy for this era—but watch out for sudden low pockets especially on high ground and in valleys.

18-26th July
Earthquake activity could be lively around the British Isles around this phase, especially 22 -24th, but weather is still good drier with very HIGH TEMPS HURRAH!!! 25th looks like some rain could spoil play around late afternoon cooling things down, but we might be pleased for the interlude
21 is slightly breezy and temps hotter still by 23rd and breezier, gusty by 24th, and by 25th some noisy southerlies could bring in warm air

26th July 3rd August
This phase should normally be the barbeque one, but I would set out your stall with wind breaks if you want to enjoy the seasonal feast as there is likely to be some disturbed atmospherics around, including some unusual wind conditions to contend with especially 28-30th. My advice is go for the barbeque on 26th, for though there may be a few showers of electrical discharge they are unlikely to crate too much of a drenching to spoil the food or gathering.

Electrical phase could bring hail showers….. 28th-30th phase brings a change to summer conditions where strong winds can arise and atmospheric changes make it difficult to give a full forecast due to so many change and varying conditions swinging from squally weather to gusty high velocity winds in some localities. The air is under attack from malefic Mars and Saturn, and I expect some news of aeroplane events to circulate the headlines, though hopefully I’m wrong!

26th electrical and static donations some spray if not hail showers, around but although clouds breed and form we can expect drier conditions some sun spells and more mod summer temps and nebulous breezes
27th Cloudy start very breezy day, sudden outbursts by 8-9 pm approx some southerlies active bringing in more static to deal with.
28th Some winds develop a tornado breeding outlook, temps muggy but rain expected to clear the atmosphere with erratic wind conditions due to conflicts of N Westerly winds often at high velocity…
29th Dry day sunny warm some blue sky but strong wind/breezes across high ground and some sudden lows in temps. NE England around Durham could face worst of windy weather.
30th Still some squalls around cold air descending but drying unsettled atmosphere some sun to cheer us up; overnight skies should be stunning so plan for a midnight feast…
31 Cloud mid day till late evening short sharp shower 1-2 am approx, temps rising some better conditions to enjoy
1 cloudy mid day and evening could be more news of terrorist activity, more settled weather less volatile wind or breezes and lovely night skies, day should be nice too….
2 Same as yesterday after some light refreshing showers around mid day to keep blossoms blooming….
3 nice summer day after rain before sunrise….

3-10th August
Fair weather phase, sunny and hot, with breezes around on 6 and 8th, noisy on 5th and rising temps to get us heated up for 6-8.
3rd-5th could still be some cold lows around…

10-16th August

Another fine weather phase with blue skies though Pembroke, Landsend and NW Scotland might not have as fair a week…..we get some lovely summer weather 13th sees temps rising continuing ever higher 14-15th, ( Yep 15th had highs and so did 16th……h/s) on 16th a few noisy breezes around. ( yep 17th as well when they got strong westerlies?)Any rainfall could arrive overnight 12-13th but mostly dry conditions with pleasant summer days to enjoy especially afternoon and evenings( TRUE how accurate am I!!!) Some record breaking weather will be achieved during this phase with hot temps t/out especially 14th S Wales and Cornwall or even NW England and East Scotland could see the heavier rainfall promised for 16-17th ( 13th poured down 8pm according to Caroline…..bucketing it down on 17th as well as predicted!!!)

16-24th August
Outlook stormy and not very nice at all……
16th Rings in some dramatic weather event with rain affecting Southern regions of England quite badly, drains under stress to many areas and news of floods. This will move across to eastern regions by 17th…prepare for a nasty deluge with damage to land and homes expected. 18-21st will also be wet days with torrential rain affecting many places along with floods. N England and Scotland NW and John O Groats regions especially lower Midlands, S Wales areas also vulnerable. Very volatile winds by 19th but 21st should see these awful conditions subside but winds will still be very gusty, and 22-24 is when it begins to dissipate though some scattered sudden showers may still break out in some areas with temps fluctuating from hot to cold as summer tries to sustain but battles low pressure.
22-23rd sees cold air pockets to contend with and some breezy weather.

24th-1 September

Slightly better phase, but then anything is an improvement after the last phase!!
Less rain around but still a lot of mopping up of damage to do from last week. A chill factor can be around during the evenings so don’t forget to take a jacket wherever you go…Mars is likely to bring some kind of extreme weather event into play at this phase in east Asia region and beyond…

24th Cloud with sun but drier day
25th Rain early afternoon but some sunshine with NW keeping things cool…summer seems to have deserted us now…
26th Northerlies keep things cool but some southerlies bring in a promise of a warm up air wise anyway…triggers mentioned on 29th can also happen today and tomorrow….watch for headline news….
27th NW with easterly flows can be cloudy but mostly sun and dry with temps rising……
28th Could be early morning rain cloud around 1-2 am and some snappy westerlies during a summer day with cloud around.
29th Cold spells to contend with but a fair day and at least more settled conditions than we’ve had…The lunar eclipse of 11 July is activated today so we could hear news this week onwards of cyclones or typhoon type or seismic activity over in East China, Philippines or Hong Kong regions…..and beyond could be unusual monsoon activity in NE India also…
30th Potential for rain around mid day temps rising a bit broody
31 Gentle southerlies refreshing precipitation around sunrise clearing away any residual bad air from last week temps could be on the rise again…..but this will build into lots of static by evening and rainfall as a
1st Some heavy rain expected today some from early morning from 5 am approx heavy at times but refreshing also, temps still rising during the day building static, rainfall expected to be heavy and long lasting…some floods look likely…

1-8th September
rain at outset continues heavy at times across to eastern parts, some high levels of precipitation expected at the start, some clouds and rain around 3-5th some snappy westerlies on 4th, and some howling windy conditions by 5thsnappy by evening, cloudy but drier weather by 6th when breezes make their presence felt, southerly in nature by 7th along with warmer temps and dry day on 8th

8-15th September
We have a full sysygy or supermoon on 8th which promises to bring in news of weather headlines around this time either before or after the 8th, destructive in nature in some parts of globe in the northern hemisphere, but happily for us some of the bad conditions are way outside our region.
We will experience some electrical outpourings which could lead to localised hailstorms and evenings outbreaks of lightening. Some mists and fog could also arise days may be dry but dampness around late evening or early morning . 14th-16th tend to see the higher temps
(review: 10 September 2010 Last updated at 10:38 An amateur cameraman has filmed the scene from Atrani in southern Italy when a mudslide crashed through the village. Cars and debris were swept into the central piazza and at least one person is missing.
9th Sept Colorado: About 3,500 people have been evacuated from the path of the fire in Fourmile Canyon, near the city of Boulder.
7th Sept Northern Ireland deluge Lough Fea in Northern Ireland received nearly 107mm of rain in just 3 days when the monthly average is 65mm.
10th Sept Fireball due to gas explosion hits california )

8th Early morning rain cloud and sea frets off east coast of our region fro outset. Some outbreaks of rain and cloudy conditions for us 4pm onwards, or just cloud as precipitation moves over eastern areas, but a generally dry day, quick sudden outbursts of hail or fast showers from 6pm onwards Cloud could block sunshine attempts cold air and seasonally cool temps
9th Southerly breezes and some mistiness at the outset with a quick shower likely 6-7 am clearer skies 8-10 am some sun spells with cloud. Dry day continues with some warmth from sun but rain expected again by evening quite heavy at times
10th Early mists fog in some areas clearing late, northerlies and westerlies strong at times cool temps
11th Early mists or haze clearing by mid morning, sunny spells with cloud continues during day, some heavy rain conditions begin to form to the west of England and very heavy rain expected by 7-8 pm. Could be strong winds accompanying this weather system, cold temps. Clearer skies after rainfall.
12th Should be a fair day though heavy showers threaten again late at night
13th Better outdoor conditions to enjoy but strong windy/breezy conditions to keep this dry and ward off rain hopefully..
14th Same as yesterday but some warmer temps as wind currents turn southerly conflicting with N Westerlies
15th Varying temps a dry start but some high levels of rain expected to fall could lead to flood levels of precipitation record breaking for some localities and continues to ravel eastwards Yorks, Pickering, Grimsby regions at risk but also other regions of UK Temps fluctuate t/out but by mid day some warmer conditions could arise as the sun tried to chase away any cooling that takes place during rainfall.
16th Another electrical outburst with lightening for some regions, adding to heavy levels of surface water and flood damage already encountered. Warmth and humidity t/out the day but fairer conditions towards the afternoon.
17thAny showery outbreaks are expected around 5-7 pm strong northerlies around humidity reigns with seasonal temps
18thNoisy winds/breezes whistling down chimneys, cold pockets of air warn of the cold winter to come, a chill factor around near high ground but a fairer day otherwise.
19-20th noisy windy conditions some sun with cloud, varying temps with cold air pockets around descending from high places tornado breeding conditions for 20-21st also
21-23rd I expect high force gales to get us prepared for more to come this autumn……….Rain expected along with high levels of rain with varying temps due to equinox and sun going south for the winter here. Some high humidity along with some tempestuous conditions and more record breaking weather to SW and NE UK by 21/22. Some sunny spells could interrupt the bad conditions.

Sunshine and smiles to come>>>

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Past Spring 2010


This forecast was compiled January- February 2010. No corrections to it will be made subsequently so you can be assured that this long range forecast is not tampered with to suit last minute changes.

We can expect at least 50% weather which is bright clear and sunshiny and reasonable warmth, with some excellent visibility, but of course it is spring so there will be wet conditions to contend with. Expect dampness which stays around longer than usual, along with cooler than the average temperatures. There are some blustery conditions to deal with also, but some higher temps prevail in west Yorkshire see the predictions below for more info. We can expect some seasonal lows to suddenly arrive accompanied by chilling hail, sleet and even snow fall as late as June. So the message is ‘don’t cast a clout till May is out’ but don’t trust early June either!

Predictions run from spring equinox 20th March until solstice 21 June

PHASE 22nd-29th March Any clear weather arrives mid night to morning generally. Some sunny days but seasonally cool temps, some unsettled days bringing blustery breezes with a gloomy/stormy outlook by end of phase. Wet and damp at the beginning and end of this phase. At the beginning I expect weather systems to come in from southern Ireland, and Wales across to NE England and E side Scotland i.e from Caenarvon to Dundee.

22-23 very wet periods and flood warnings could be out in areas mentioned.
22 Not a pleasant start after 1 am a stormy, cloudy or gloomy outlook, though improved weather conditions could develop as the day draws on into morning.
23 Cool seasonal temps, some breeze but mists and moisture gathering also, not a bright day especially towards later in afternoon
24 Early and sometimes heavy rain creates more muggy conditions if not fog, some clearing by 9-10 am but temperatures remain seasonally cool, some sun could break through cloud by mid morning.
25th Drier day expect sunshine cloud and some NW air flow keeping things cool
26 Any showers clear by morning, some mistiness in the evening especially in low lying areas. Some sunshine by lunchtime with some seasonal warmth but NW winds can be noisy and swirling.
27 Cool but sunny, some breezes around, but drier conditions. Quick spring showers could fall early evening, but very Spartan and light, finer weather afterwards
28th Cool, some sun around with some breezes. Showers across the UK could arrive by 9 am; locally some could expect rain by mid afternoon. Outlook generally gloomy, if not stormy.
29th Any o/night storm or rain should clear the atmosphere by late afternoon bringing clearer skies by late evening.

PHASE 30th March-6th April. Expect typical April weather with some short but refreshing showers to clear away any gloom and encourage spring growth. Expect some peasant evenings to enjoy outdoors gardening etc but take care on 1st when conditions are intense if not sultry and on 3rd take your brolly and wellies with you.

30-31 More settled outlook with some pleasanter spring conditions to enjoy.
1st Will see some heavy rain if not snow, sleet hail or frost especially mid morning. By evening brighter skies, but icy temps along with very strong air flows, sharp and biting in nature.
6th A drier day some good outdoor weather but see next phase for this could become disturbed….

PHASE 6-14th April Cold, dry but with blustery windy conditions. Some wet systems coming over the Atlantic around 11-12th hitting latitudes from 46 North i.e midlands and upwards along western parts of Britain and Scotland. Cornwall and SW England could also be caught by another weather system coming their way too, though for the most part the south of England gets the better weather this phase. If skies do clear it will be midnight to mid day, with afternoon and evenings being the times that any of the worst of the weather prevails-generally

6th Weather system travelling down off NW Scotland towards N England could bring some wet and muggy conditions our way by late afternoon or evening. Cool temps and snow possible especially across higher ground.
7th Early morning short sharp showers, cloudy or muggy afternoon, rain or potential snows on high ground by early evening, but gloomy conditions begin to clear later by midnight.
8th Cool temps, but clearer atmosphere.
9th Some cloud or mists in valleys and low lying areas but rain less likely though atmosphere still damp.
10th Rain likely t/out UK and here around the middle of the day, but milder temps than previous days, with some sun attempts and unusual swirly wind activity…
11 Showers could arrive overnight but warmer temps are likely and a pleasant outlook for cleared skies and sun shine. Overnight becomes less temperate heralding rainfall and weather systems coming in from S Wales across to Dundee
13th Electrical showers, hails, sleet snow, short and sharp but clearing the air again, some sunshine with rainbows and temps varying from mild to cool with showers and icy wind chills. Some whipping winds keeping up sporadic gusts over next few days…
14th Some cloud spray type precipitation but clearer sky during daytime

PHASE 14-21 April I expect the North of Britain to get the worst of the unpleasant weather with rain coming over and the south experiencing milder seasonal conditions, though heavier rain falls in their region. Some bright days are forecast in between awful gloomy days, but static conditions characterise this phase. The good thing is that clear skies occur during the day and for the most part the worst arrives through the night

14th Appears muggy and gloomy across UK with rain expected early morning and at close of day around mid night. Some snow attempts potential for south of England.

15th Some cloud around with seasonal showers possible into mid morning but clearing the air to leave a refreshed atmosphere. Sunshine and warmth expected especially to northern areas.

16th Sunshine and warmth especially to northern areas, breezy conditions but some blue skies.

17 Sun with cloud but dry day with some short sharp showers around perhaps early evening.
18th Expect clouds to bring rain early evening. Breezes/winds SW, at times strong, sharp and gusty for next 3-4 days
19th A warmer drier day for most of us with sunshine though clouds could be around middle of the day temps below average for the season, in fact some regions could have very icy temperature.
20th Lovely day
21st Cloud around with potential for short sharp showers, especially on higher ground, but still some blue skies around

PHASE 21-28th April Dry weather, electrical conditions, clear but bitingly crisp air sudden hail or sleet showers, short but sharp in nature. Cold if not icy frosty conditions. Clouds generally clear mid day to midnight. We can expect a cloak of white descend in the form of hail, frost or snow for some of this period, more moderate temps for second half of this phase.

21 See above in previous phase, but with added likelihood of electrical discharge in some localities especially by 6 pm
22 Temps varying sudden lows bring cold fronts in, frosty conditions along with some breezes keeping warmth away, and veering NW by late evening. A drier day.
23rd Any swift downpours arrive late evening, drier conditions otherwise with breezes varying in speed, at times gusty but keeping dampness away.
24th Some cloud around even mist, breezy spells but dry day generally.
25th Short showers around 7-10 am spartan in nature, then late at night more of the same. Typical spring day mostly dry with lower seasonal temps than usual though some southerlies could bring in some better promise.
26th Electrical outbursts, possibly hail or sleet, especially 25 am, temps cooler, but drier day.
27th More moderate outlook temp wise, with cloud and even mist of fog early and late evening but some sun during the day.
28th This would bring in the worst of the weather for this phase some sun but cold outlook, hail, sleet and snow again expected in some regions, with conditions getting worse as the day progresses.

PHASE 28th April-4th May Some intense cold and wet conditions from the outset though some sunny days likely and nice evenings. A promise of clearer weather to the south with unpleasant conditions to the north of Britain.

28th Not a good day, very heavy rain expected drains could be on overload in some areas leading to flash flooding in some regions across roads. N E England and Scotland bear the brunt of this system, but by evening things should be clearer.
29th More showers possible 5-8 am, but lovely clear skies and clearer air by midnight till next morning….great if you are a bird watcher, but tough luck if you’re not….!
30th Some coolness along with electric shower if not a t/storm before sunrise, with more showers released by midnight again. Cloud t/out winds southerly in nature.
1st very early shower 1-2 am, skies clearer by 10 pm, beautiful night sky. Some showers could affect N England and Scotland by approx 4 pm
2 Sunny clearer day, some cloud to start with around breakfast but afternoon should be lovely and some sun around, but cold temp.
3 Quick short sharp showers may affect some localities 7-10 am again 7-9 pm, but a dry day with blue skies and may be a few clouds but generally OK, though chilled.
4 Varying conditions/out cloud around with sun at start of day, some humidity creating potential for mists in low lying areas, but some finer conditions could evolve until late evening. Warmth around with cloud but cold at night.
5 Early shower suggested or cloud but sunny clear afternoon turning into a lovely day with warmth around encouraging growth and lots of outings for walks by evening. Southerly breezes
6th Warm day still? See next phase…..

PHASE 6-14 May some gloominess could prevail for half of the week with cold and damp conditions accompanying, though on some days we can expect precipitation to be lower than usual

6th A little warmth around after early misty damp start. Could end with a stormy outburst in some regions paving way for cooler evening.
7th skies should be cleared by mid morning after a misty start, any light showers to come arrive around 9-11 pm
8th Bright sky early light showers 5-6 am some cloud during the day, but sun as well, with a quick sharp shower by evening 8-9pm
9th Dry day lovely skies early morning, some cloud by evening again short sharp shower around 8-9 pm, short and sharp. Strong westerlies heralded today and tomorrow.
10th warmer drier day
11th Shower before sunrise, bluer skies by mid morning though some mistiness or cloud mid day?
12th Occasional gusty outburst, mostly gloomy outlook early eve could see some sun around with the cloud. Especially cloudy to the south, mild evening.
13th Rain refreshes the air from 1-2 am some cloud around by mid morning but a nice spring day expected…..

PHASE 14-20th May More breezy/windy spells to provide some drying conditions, no fogs or mist and clouds soon blown on their way before providing any moisture. Some gloomy clouds around but will give way to clear skies during the day. A milder phase after cold conditions so far.

14th Fine day temperature rising with promise of warmth to come as clouds come and go not staying around to spoil outdoor activity. Good day for gardeners….
15th Break of day could see some showers, but day should be fine
16th some battles between southerly, westerlies and northerlies but after a showery start will soon clear as clouds are blown on their way. Expect strong whipping wind activity.
17th Crisp morning air, frosty some cloud and continued wind conditions from yesterday.
18th Any rain arrives early morning with clouds passing over late afternoon but come clearer skies to enjoy as well. Mists in some areas towards late eve.
19th Slightly milder temps spartan electric showers by mid morning, clearer skies by afternoon, some cloud by evening and mists again till next day
20th Changeable weather today with southerlies around….continued in next phase….

PHASE 20-27th May Cloud or lunch before lunchtime will clear later in the day. Some rains expected, a few gloomy days also with eruptions into storms, but some sunny days also likely. 2 weather fronts passing over this week Starts fair, turns gloomy and ends with foul weather. Southern parts get the worst and 22-24 could even bring some late snow.

20th Stormy outlook as day wears on. Brief showers around 9-11 am could just be spray, some sun with blue sky afterwards.
21 Afternoon better than the morning, but some cloud around 7-8 pm some downfall could arrive warning of more to come. Fewer breezes around today.
22 Cold day especially early morning due to showers bringing in colder temps. Gloomier by midnight cloud, gloomy or misty conditions could prevail
23 Variable skies with cloud and potentially misty even a shower around mid morning, clearing by lunchtime. temps seasonally low.
24 Again quick early showers possible, I wouldn’t discount snow or sleet, some sun by afternoon but more air currents brining in a storm from the Atlantic.
25th Quick early miring outbursts rain heavier to southern regions today or tomorrow, unsettled conditions prevail a stormy outlook
26th again outlook gloomy, damp conditions if not rain

PHASE 26th May-4th June Less stormy outlook but temps icy at times due to less cloud cover at night remember the saying ”don’t cast a clout till May is out?” You’d be best advised to keep winter clothes in the wardrobe…..ground frosts are expected, even though some fairer weather arrives. Lovely evening and night skies to enjoy for us stargazers. I have a weather front coming along for S Ireland, Cornwall 27th /28th May.
This phase and next phase are potentially seismic for some parts of the globe particularly along the Asiatic fault lines; also cyclonic activity could be hitting the headlines.

27th May Still some damp around at the start of the day with gloomy clouds until after 9 am when some sun attempts will be made. Humid or damp conditions with cooler evening temps bringing in potential for ground frosts.
28th Some blustery air flows westerly in nature, early morning shower outlook for sunrise, but dome sun during the day cloud around by evening any gloom that prevailed should now disappear
29 Showers could arise around UK at break of day from 2 am approx, especially eastern half of Britain.
30th Blustery air flows could continue in some localities cloud with fairer conditions and fine trends for outdoors during the evening.
31 O/night showers could see cool temps if not icy to start the day, with temps varying t/out. A mid afternoon shower looks likely overnight, ground frosts likely.
1 Mid afternoon shower again 4-5 pm likely but some breezes to dry everything out, and I wouldn’t discount an early morning snow attempt either, though it could just manifest as frosty?
2 Gently whipping breezy conditions warding off any damp conditions some sunshine but cool temps.
3 Early morning shower around 5 am sun with cloud and gusty air flows expected….strong, whipping at times.
4 Cool again similar to yesterday
5 Some gloominess weather wise, also in the news where we can be found in the middle of some sudden and unexpected economic trends, some of which can be downwards in nature. Expect news affecting bankers, the treasury and cabinet, the wealthy and the ruling class to be breaking into the headlines in a major way. Don’t know when the election is but this could be a time of sudden unexpected outcomes affecting politicians. My prediction ( first published on the net in January) is Conservatives get a large percentage of votes, but Labour get more seats with fewer percentage votes.

PHASE 4th-12th June Remember this phase is still seismic so our weather could also be expected to respond in an unsettled way. I haven’t time to locate the exact regions for outburst, though I have identified areas around Bermuda Triangle- E of US and Hanoi areas and around Taiwan as vulnerable, but hopefully I’m’ wrong…..
Weather wise here some seasonal showers, with worst of weather to south regions, cold if not gloomy for a few of the days, and better conditions around mid night to mid day.

5th break of day around 13 am sees some clearer skies before sunrise some fine warmer conditions follow. Some cloud and potential for quick showers around 8 am the day should become fairer but clouds around 11-12 midnight.
6th Breezy conditions southerly in nature, but some gusty westerlies chipping in. milder temps prevail for the season, some mists or hazes can accumulate as a result.
7 N westerlies expected with strong air currents and some tornado breeders for some locality, impossible to place these due to tiny size in the UK. Cold air clashes with milder air in the south, some cloud and haze by evening along with damp air.
8th Gloomy by mid day extremely unsettle conditions after a very cold start at sunrise. Expect varying blue sky with cloudiness t/out strong air activity in many UK regions some creating headline news.
9th Winds still active in many regions, easterlies with some gloom from early morning, veering NW gusty strong in many high areas. Some regions could see hail sleet or snow showers today, ours arrive 8.30-9.30 am
10th More precipitation likely again hail sleet or snow attempts not unlikely, heavy at times about 12-1 am. Sudden lows in temperature.
11 Better conditions temp wise, after a cold start but strong winds to contend with
12 Expect southern areas to bear the worst of this weather with northern areas to have it slightly better today.

PHASE 12-19th June. Fairer conditions but variable, drier though, cool with only moderate precipitation if any. Better conditions during the day, any cloud and downfall expected through the night….
12 Rain t/out UK likely, here from 1 am but some finer weather expected during the day with warmer temps
13 Another dry day with some fine weather and warm seasonal temps
14 Another dry day same as yesterday any precip arrives around 4 am summery day
15 Southerlies, warm, fluffy clouds and blue skies….ice
16 Stronger breezes northerly, but southerlies still around so not too cold. A cloudy or damp start at sunrise some haziness could develop in low-lying areas but still a summery day.
17th Some showers again after a sunny afternoon
18th 8 am could see some shower, but tiny, 9. 30 another threatened, some electricity building in the atmosphere with warm fronts turning extremely cold just as suddenly as they arrived.
19th gloomy and stormy outlook…..summer is a rushing in…….


springing surpises

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