SPRING WEATHER W Yorks and Yonder 2014



This forecast was done in February using satellite technology provided by the universe, honed by the ancient civilisations and still used today by the wise and those who respect ancient traditions that don’t harm the planet.


We seem to have missed out a harsh winter but replaced it with some amazing weather spectaculars in the form of flooding and more flooding and storms off the south coast of England at the start of the year, which fortunately W Yorks and yonder didn’t get dragged into.


Just when you thought weather couldn’t get more extreme for the UK  you look at April 7th onwards and wonder whether or not to leave the planet…..The star turn of this atmospheric drama is Jupiter arguing with Uranus and Pluto, and Mercury, to cap it all, decides to move north and all hell breaks loose.


These are weather events of epic proportion and we don’t even have to pay a licence fee to watch it!


Summer looks to arrive by 28th May once Venus decides to move into the northern hemisphere. This sojourn usually tells us its spring but I think she is telling us sorry for being so late, but here’s a bit of summer instead…….


16th-24th March


This brings the weather from early February back to haunt us once again. This time W Yorks  get some of the poorer outlook in keeping with poor weather to western and southern regions, whilst in Feb we just had the freaky weather around 12th, so were lucky. This time however our region doesn’t escape the blast and looks to be in the thick of it, and I expect river surges to flood the plains alongside Wharfe and Aire and others in our region, with the 19th-22nd seeing the worst of this due to heavy winds and rain. Cumbria inundated from 19th with floods and freaky winds.


Southern regions are on track for getting more devastating  tidal surges as well as freaky winds and being on the receiving end of the worst of the weather in the form of higher than average precipitation.  I also expect high tides around the coastline generally; let’s hope shipping adheres to warnings. The equinox often brings in high Spring tides, along with some surges and tidal surges are active again with flood barriers like the Thames gates needing to be used for one to two weeks ahead. The Somerset Levels under assault again as well as the West Country and potentially Wales.


Do take care to consult local forecasts if you are climbing high ground as much danger from high winds and mudslides are heralded for this phase. More sink holes will also be appearing causing much consternation.


Mists and fogs will also create transport problems and these will be stronger to watery areas such as river valleys.


Wind speeds will be higher end 90mph plus, with potential for hurricane standards or freak winds to some localised regions, probably to south/ midlands/Wales area.   I expect the high building in Leeds town centre will have to have traffic diverted away again, creating much anger and frustration for Leeds folk yet again.   Leeds needs qualified planners with the expertise and insight that would prevent this tragedy from happening again, let’s hope some are already being recruited.


I can guarantee traffic disruptions as well as communication lines and power shortages; trees will also be brought down again potentially damaging major routes on road and rail. Shipping will also be at risk and I expect many timetables to be disrupted, air travel will also be causing consternation with more helicopter crash incidents and former mysteries still not resolved.


So in brief another freaky weather phase and all I have to inform my forecast is the hindsight value of February’s outburst. Take care……

28th March-30th

Outlook a little on the stormy side to start and possibly end with.

Spring temps look to be rising to West GB and Eastern shores of Ireland bringing high humidity but also a threat of more destruction due to strong winds blowing high tides and storm surges.

Floods are highly likely, some to regions already affected earlier in the year, NW regions also look vulnerable, precipitation is heavy on some occasions with overnight 25th-26th a likely candidate for our region, but these heavy downpours will be widespread rather than localised, with the heaviest of the precipitation hitting the south of the country once more. With Jupiter at 51 degrees latitude this doesn’t augur well for Glastonbury regions and Somerset and the West country…again, which is probably why prehistoric man built the henge here at 51 degrees north, as it was a good marker for such weather extremes to be noted and warnings shared, and let’s not forget it was prehistoric man who first realised the value of watching planets and understanding their cyclic impact on the weather.


Weather will be mostly unsettled with transport routes affected once more, mudslides and flooding contributing to the disruption, and I expect more news of sinkholes. Power lines will also be affected by strong winds for this phase.



Rain of previous days will be more to the east by now leaving a stormy feel behind and some intermittent showery spells for us, which could turn heavy mid afternoon, becoming sporadic late evening. Winds are active and tidal activity is strong if not ferocious, so get your surfing gear ready………..don’t take the boat out Christine and Richard!


Winds rev up today getting extremely gusty by 25th with wild whippy westerlies gusting along low valley channels and waterways, very high speed winds/gales expected.


I’m expecting rain to continue overnight into 25th


25th As above but also some mists mizzles and fogs around due to high humidity being formed as temps try to gain seasonal highs to the west. It could be clearer for us by evening or some clearing of cloudy skies occurs. The North winds begin to blow in and I expect this to turn the weather around dry out the sodden ground a little and provide some good crisp clean air in next few days to revive us after a long stay indoors.


26th I expect a fairer outlook, very strong winds however from the north, cool day but some sunshine to enjoy.

27th Weather patterns could begin to get a bit freaky over the next few days. Potential rain for around 1- 2 am. Similar weather to yesterday, make the most of these two days as things get murky again from now on.


28th Some cloud forming but occasional sun spells, but a hinting at unsettled weather again, winds still very active but these are not the northerlies of former days, they are gloomier, broody and easterly in nature. and bode ill to come…. Some blue skies try to prevail with cool conditions and wind during the evening, the coast looks to be under assault once more and widespread storms look set to circulate and I am not capable of tracking their path…..sorry…..


29th The Moon is coming north so heralds a weather system moving eastwards for a few days keeping systems very intense to the south and Midlands. Some rainfall by mid day, mists and cloud prevail early morning/very late evening, it will be cool drizzly after a brief fair spell around sunset…..and I can’t rule out some heavy downpours overnight.



Rain to the east…..and heavier to the south….floods augury once more…sorry……….another weather extreme hits the headlines again could be mudslides……sinkholes or both….take care wherever you are.



30th March-7th April


This weather looks really interesting and I’ll be definitely watching how my forecast turns out.


The most striking element of my maps is a seismic one and this could manifest as a rumbling or two off Ireland’s south coastline which is a seismic area that can send ripples across to Kent and other regions along the south coast.


There is also a hint of more avalanches echoing those in Glencoe last year, but this year it may be Snowdonian Mountains that feature for this type of weather. I will be interested to see if I get the location correct for the avalanche, there may be mudslides to other regions as well.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any windier the 7th brings in a MAJOR wind event that will be worth watching out for…..can’t wait for this one, make sure your windows are shut and batten down the hatches……don’t book a camping holiday or a mountain climb for this time of the year…….winds will howl around throughout these days the 7th-8th is when it gets really exciting! The drama of the weather for this phase should keep all headlines busy and news profits boosted!


The best of the temps will be around for us on 2nd with humidity on 3rd and muggy conditions.


30th Icy cold in high exposed places. Rain moving eastwards. A cold windy outlook, temps variable, sunshine highly likely, strong gusty westerlies, potential for showers late evening onwards.


31st Cold, mostly dry and sunny.

1st lovely sunshine but winds could be cold and strong across high ground with gusts to valleys. Mists could hang around in the morning but clear away as day draws on. Overnight breezes into 2nd

2nd Potential for mists, another lovely sunshiny day, cold dry mostly and strong winds could be hitting power lines to some localities. The sun attempts to get things above average temp wise, humid conditions along with strong gusty conditions. Today is likely date for avalanche news.

3rd breezy very cold start, high humidity, air flow potentially gloomy easterlies, developing some gloomy clouds by mid day. Mostly dry pity about the cloud but some sunshine should break through hopefully as breezes disperse the clouds. Could be continuing mugginess with winds keeping things fresh

4th Cold, dry, sunny windy, winds stronger on high ground keeping things cool. Warmth from sun as it gets stronger during the days reach.

5th Another sunny day with temperatures peaking for the phase, some unsettled conditions turn things a little windy again by evening and it looks like heavy rain coming in overnight

6th-7th    6th is potentially a dry sunny day after overnight rain but this is when the winds begin to get lively and causes more sea surges, as well as river surges. Thunderstorms look likely migrating throughout the UK for these two days, and heavy precipitation is expected for 7th as well as more surges and flooding. Winds get strong and destructive 7th-8th



7th-15th April


Do read the introduction again to see what to expect for this period then get the popcorn out ready for the panoramic epic drama to unfold globally.

I spent a lot of time trying to locate the exciting bits and interpret them but failed to capture everything that will race around the globe providing sensational headlines. I have probably even missed stuff that will hit our own W Yorks and yonder region, so forgive me, but I expect there will be so much going on you wont have time to read this………………………I wont be booking a week away for this phase anyway……………………


The maps convey a sense that highs develop off SE Azores but are blocked throughout with a low that brings in some poor conditions for us, leaving us reeling from highs to lows in the space of a day. A weather system forming off SE Greenland looks ominous, and Sweden around about Stockholm is beset with floods of its own.


Mercury moves into the northern hemisphere on 7th and guarantees to arrive in style on 7th, heralding strong winds and potentially seismic events—-Japan/China region most likely- I have stopped forecasting EQ generally, as it takes too much time.  I expect tornadoes, gale force winds and there could even be thunderstorms breaking out due to hugely unsettled atmospherics—13th-15th singled out for this weather and E Anglia looks to be on the receiving end of some of this, so I’ll be watching closely to see if I am correct. NW regions are also vulnerable to floods creating problems to travel routes and some roads cut off due to damage from flooding, but the south also continues to be assaulted by heavy precipitation. The winds get pretty volatile and destructive 13th-15th.


7th Floods arriving 6th-7th seem most prevalent to NW regions, and look set to come our way as days progress. It’s wet and windy, temperatures extremely variable and can drop to exceedingly low, with iciness on high land. Some warmth from sun by mid day, but don’t expect it to last. Precipitation moving over our way from the west is very heavy at times.


8th Still unsettled and not very nice, sunny at times, more so in the afternoon, but some showers, icy in nature, disruptive weather conditions abound, and some thunderstorms could be circulating. The air will be static winds still active. Cloudy if not misty from midnight into next day.


9th Some warmth around with sunshine today, but the western regions still seeing routes disrupted, freaky southerly type conditions with mugginess and mists to river valleys overnight.


10th Rain arrives here today possibly from midnight continuing to mid day, could come over during the night, mists and mizzles could clear by mid day, with some sun spells late afternoon at least. A rise in temps accompanies humidity.  It seems a risk of more flooding abounds, a cold front moving weather systems south where inundations could rule for a while.  River levels will be high to flood plains and overspill by today.


These are freaky conditions continuing and reminding us of weather revisited in 2012 when it seemed rain would never end-one of coldest Aprils since 1659, ……………………..and to jostle memories April 2012 was when we got   mid air tornadoes to Lincolnshire and E Anglia along with lightening strikes……..March 2010 thunderstorms to NW and snow, and for March 2011 the unforgettable gales that turned the largest building in Leeds into a killer as it funnelled high speed winds dangerously along transport routes, blowing over an HGV tragically killing a professor.

11th-14th brings in similar dramas……………………………………..


11th Driving winds develop today, blowing clouds around for occasional sun spells, but disrupting travel. Cloudiness prevails; precipitation brought in on winds swells rivers even more leading to floods though we could see some drier outbreaks in our region.


12th Rain in the morning or this could be mists fogs and cloud around along with mizzle and drizzle for us; winds begin veering NW leading clearer skies, but still cloud around by evening.


13th Let the volatile winds begin…this should be fun to watch as long as you are safely tucked up at home……not a good time for long distance journeys…… MEGA wind events expected, gales and stormy air circulating, could be thunderstorms migrating along with some violent hail sleet and downpours. Winds are volatile and tornado type activity expected—E Anglia signalled for weather events causing problems as well…..Clouds wind driven with intermittent showers, probably throughout the day.


14th Precipitation heavier to the southern regions, cold and gusty for us, some hail outbreaks but cold day with sunshine around. More tornado conditions expected. The winds yesterday and today are high speed and destructive so expect coastal storms as well as risks to shipping, but also some damage to buildings/power lines and services. I expect major bridge routes to NE Scotland potentially to also be affected by this system. 


Remember comms systems breaking down at airports in February…revisit this spectacle again this time around. The Jupiter square Uranus is bringing powerful outcomes for British air travel and we have witnessed this successively with helicopter accidents where fuel systems have not been communicating with the engine bringing down helicopters and causing havoc with air travel. Perhaps one day these companies will employ astrologers who have a far better long range forecast for them to make use of than anything the met currently provides. This situation is destined to continue to the end of May at least………………………………………


15th More wind driven clouds, high humidity and winds less volatile….read on….


15th April-22nd


This looks mostly dry for us with some seasonally highs temps on some days, but they don’t stay around long enough to turn spring into summer….

Some cloudy or misty spells, along with winter showers will interrupt good weather, and Scotland could bear the brunt of  wintery outbreaks spoiling travel plans. Power emergencies may develop due to static outbursts of fast incoming hail, sleet and high speed winds if not gales moving southwards during this phase. Snow to Scotland potential for 17th and 19th.

The NE looks set for thunderstorms around 14th to East England and up to borders and I’m not ruling out some flooding to eastern regions, NE a likely candidate…..not sure about southern parts, though they do get the higher levels of precipitation as they arrive and get pushed southwards again….this weather trends for the south getting the worst of the weather subsides by end of May.


15th Strong winds continue  from yesterday leaving a stormy feel  in the air, cool, windy for us with some sporadic and localised static outbursts likely, mist, fogs or cloud from early morning….

16th Mists, mizzles, clouds and fogs abound with occasional showers again, but some gusty breezes for us, strong speedy gales moving weather systems along so nothing remains settled but the evening should see finer weather.

17th Air frosts to start the day, some winter outbursts but warmth developing from the sun by mid day, finer conditions by evening.

18th Seems to be a fine day with sunshine generally with gusty breezes potential.

19th Today seems the wettest day of all. I expect some showers–sleet, snow hail—- for us today, heavier to the south region, the NE and Scotland easterlies rule the day with some gloominess as clouds develop, these look like the blue grey clouds that often leave some electric blue areas for the sun to keep moving into and shine through…but the sky will be a fast moving panorama leaving nothing around to rely upon.

20th Very unsettled weather today with some gloomy cloud around, windy spells but we may get occasional sun spells.

21st Hailstorms or mists early morning—scattered showers potential

22nd Morning mists to valleys, gusty westerlies and cool and sunny during daylight. Winds could create sea surge dilemmas around this date….NE SE regions indicated for this attack……………………….



22nd April-29th

22nd-24th Looks stormy with gales and strong winds around, and tornado breeding conditions to south/midland area by 23rd/24th. Hail sleet and fast hard hitting rainy outbreaks around on 24th adding to wild blustery conditions of previous days. The second half may be less unsettled with cool temps but more chances for sunshine…


22nd As above but some chance for fair conditions for us, humidity and misty or cloudy areas near flatlands and valleys along with gentle gusty breezes, unsettled conditions move in for evening when more static arises…

23rd Things getting lively today some sun spells but cool temps, rain arrives later in the day with localised fast moving winter showers, sporadic, localised hail and sleet, heavier southwards. Winds rev up today and strong gales are expected to high regions and tornado breeding activity midlands today/ tomorrow brings headlines.

24th Still windy with sporadic downpours continuing…..difficult to locate these fast moving systems….but NE SE most likely regions for worst of weather to pass over.


25th A better outlook with bad weather now over for us. Should be some good fresh air, though cool but sunshine and cloud bring in good photographic conditions.


26th A little unsettled again mid morning, some showery outbreaks around and winds look to rev up again, some mist and cloud hovering in valleys and across plains but as sun gets stronger fair temps break out.


27th-29th less unsettled weather expect some mists early morning, cloudier conditions to the north and better skies to the south and we get caught between the two, but don’t expect sunshine to follow you up to North Yorks is the key to making the most of this forecast for these two days! Gustiness around on 28th and cloudier to 29th and some cloudbursts around for these two days but these will be short lived and refreshes the atmosphere.


29th April-7th May


Some more unsettled weather—3rd and 6th likeliest candidates for some of the eye-catching outcomes.


A brief tour:-


29th Cloudy, cool easterlies ruling so a little gloomy with cloudbursts as mentioned previously. Northerlies arrive late at night so should begin to see unsettled weather go south

30th Should be a fine spring day…famous last words…

1st May Another fine day windy, cool some seasonal highs to enjoy when the sun is high in the sky winds or breezes keep things cool


2nd Unsettled outlook with clouds, breaks in clouds allow sun spells but showery conditions also expected


3rd A very unsettled weather outlook, rain can be heavy and prolonged to many parts of UK but for us particularly, easterlies keep things gloomy but there can also be some warmth around. Seismic conditions today indicate a major seismic weather event but I don’t have time to track this…..


4th Cloudy and cool, showery stuff could linger but gradually withdraw as day grows older.


5th Windy, cloudy but clearing to  mid day again…some better weather outlook for today.


6th Unsettled again but trying to be nice and sunny, some NE breezes and atmospherics which can lead to occasional gloomy spells , cool temps but a nice day could manage to break through it all eventually.


7th Northerlies clear up residual bad weather and we can expect some highs of the season to bring in warmth and a summery outlook today….



7th-15th May


This weather looks like fun!

The last time I looked at a chart like this was when we got snow and wind emergencies in February 2011.  Severe weather hit the north and Scotland, Ireland also, with wind, clouds and rain and snow blizzards creating a stir even  E  Anglia joined in some of the fun along with Derbyshire and Lancashire.


Similar outcomes for this phase but far south gets some of the bad weather also. More storm surges create problems for those living near coastlines under siege…..the east coast looks vulnerable but so does the west coast of Ireland and Scotland, and these wind blown surges will travel around coastal regions yet again, swelling rivers at estuaries.  Few places in the UK will be left unscathed by the end of the phase.


Mists and fogs will predominate and we can expect high levels of precipitation, with ancient astro mets calling some of the configurations I am looking at now, ‘Opens Heaven’s Gates” except these are floodgates and wind storm bringing emergencies to bear on sea and road transport.


9th and 12th-14th look like the better days for us in W Yorks but do write and tell me when I get it wrong!


7th For us looks like a rainy outlook. Mists fogs and cloud around, windy as well with gusty North easterlies, but easterlies brings in gloom, dull skies and bone chilling weather that tires you out. Fogs cloak coastal regions; rain can turn to sleet and snow and back to rain again…


8th Cloudy with snow attempts before mid day, strong northerlies on higher ground.


9th Mists or fogs abound from early day; humidity is high, cloudy overnight to 10th. Variable winds during the day, strong and northerly to higher ground such as Pennines, and some sunshine around during the afternoon and evening.


10th Winds look to be very active today blowing in snow and sleet blizzards in fits and starts but getting more actively damaging as the day wears on. Tempests abound to coastal regions for overnight drama. Expect cold winds to blow keeping things miserable and bone chilling



11th Sea surge due to strong winds blow up river, storm emergencies arise with these as rivers swell and create road and transport and flood problems, precipitation will be heavy and prolonged and our region will also be under assault as well as western regions.  These storms are being pulled southwards slowly and in an easterly direction so everyone gets a taste of the bad weather over these few days.


12th More outpourings but beginning to subside so less intense with next couple of days to 14th being muggy but with more chance of settled weather. Winds will be westerly and strong and gusty and on 14th I am expecting more snow to arrive for Highlands and high ground such as Pennines……


14th  -21st May


Heavy precipitation is moving away to the east for us, but could still be causing problems for the far south. Indications are that more surges are active to Somerset and along the SW coast at Devon, and will be travelling eastwards for the first days or so.  Cold penetrating winds blow along south shores and create wave surges that blow up estuary


This is a full moon phase and generally we get a clearing up of bad conditions weather wise though often another weather system comes in halfway to cause another storm for the three quarter moon phase, but the Full Moon is highly likely (though not a 100% guarantee) to bring clearer weather into play. A rule of thumb measure is for drier conditions sunrise to sunset, so bear this in mind when planning outings for this phase….the tour below for W Yorks is not intensive, nor does it cover all weather patterns for the phase, so use the rule of thumb as a guide between the lines.


This is also a very seismic looking chart and either EQ or mudslides will hit our UK headlines during this phase. I am expecting continued disruption and damage to transport routes due to weather extremes.



14th Can be a fairer day for us after showery weather moves on after mid day, sunny but very cold. Much colder and windier to southern shores.


15th Still unsettled some cold penetrating drizzly stuff around, moving southwards, north  westerly air flows shifting these along, with abrupt changes to temps– erratic unseasonably low, so keep warm clothes around whatever your outdoor aims. Storm emergencies to south coast could still be headlining today as high pressure moves easterly. W Yorks and yonder could encounter unsettled outlook some showery stuff sun with cloud….potential for tornado type winds to cause a stir also.


16th More settled but cold, some wind around some sunshine possible


17th Shower could arrive late at night but again a more settled outlook with sunshine around but still cold


18th Some clouds and mists or thin fogs, cloudy with showery episodes gusty westerlies, but this could also be a fine sunny outlook

19th-21st fairer conditions, clouds breaking up to let sunshine through some mists and haze at start or end of day to valleys but some sunshine expected.



21st-28th May

We seem to have some potential for better range of temps but these are being stalked closely behind by a low that brings in winds and showers to spoil the party on some occasions, but then that’s the merry go around of Brit weather…all the fun of the fair!!


I’m not going to go into great detail but the worst of the rain looks likely to be for us on 22nd during the evening, and this precip will be circulating most other regions by evening time with some gloomy clouds hovering around.


I also expect heavy precipitation by the end of the phase to be migrating around the UK, London and south getting the worst of the outpouring, but we wont get away with getting a share either.




Humidity high, mists to watery places and in valleys expected. Some sun spells with winds blowing clouds around, temps moderate to warm at times, but muggy conditions arrive late pm heralding some rainfall for perhaps overnight.


22nd it will rain and for us it can get to be a heavy outpouring by evening. Daytime could bring in some sun spells but I expect more cloud around than sunshine…famous last words…!! Temps look quite cool today.


23rd -24th looks like a steady system moving slowly eastwards then north by end of phase. I expect cloudy sporadic outbursts by 23rd  but some lovely sunshine as well, showers getting heavier by evening so don’t get the barbie out just yet….this pattern repeats for next two days. with 26th seeing some very strong cold winds and breezes flying around keeping things cool out of the warmth of the sunshine.

27th sees some southerly breezes and some mists around once more with temps trying to rise a little but by 28th the rain I warned about could be forecast to travel around most parts of the UK, but temps should be much milder


28th May -5th June


I could be wrong, I hope I’m not, but this looks like summer to me……..


I can definitely see highs for the season (not sure which season this is supposed to be, looks like summer to me….) so throw away your brolly, but keep the rain mac handy, and get the suntan lotion and wash off the barbie equipment.

Devon looks to lag behind with some mists and mugginess hanging around their and off the South coast of Ireland, misty dull weather might hover there for this phase near the coastline with showery outbreaks further inland.

However, for the rest of the UK the trend looks like favouring some seasonal highs to enjoy as temps begin to rise


28th There could be some light almost indiscernible drizzle spells today with cloud around but some warm temps with sunshine

29th A bit unsettled with sunshine after mists and mizzles overnight

30th Temps should be high today with some lovely southern breezes nice and warm.

31st Gorgeous with temps higher to west

1st Some showers could break out before sunrise but I expect clearer skies after breakfast so get your skates on.

2nd The heat could bring in some mists but the warmth remains and we should get nice temps continuing though high regions and exposed areas may be cooler… I expect some blue skies

3rd Mists or cloudy start but this is a lovely warm if not hot day for us

4th Some nebulous variable breeziness along with some sunshine and cloud but the warmth can be felt in sheltered places as sun gets strong.

5th The nice phase could begin to wane as the day grows older and as the dreaded showery stuff arrives potentially early around sunrise time, and late evening for us, lots of rains likely to the west….so enjoy the benefits of previous days. Temps will vary today but warmth will linger in low and sheltered places, colder in exposed areas.


5th-13th June


Lots of weather to capture for this phase for you, and I can’t be sure I get it all accurate but hopefully will encapsulate the best of the trends for W Yorks and yonder. The maps show a conflict of hot and cold, so varying temps with the extremes  to the west expected, with some high temps but some lows as well particularly to high landscapes.

I do expect a few more days of sunshine with confidence of a nice day with highs on 9th for us. Thunderstorms could circulate from the first few days and bring hail or sleet outburst as well as hazes for some localities and Ireland also a likely recipient, but these look to be short lived for many with sunshine and rainbows abounding.

Mid day to midnight periods should be less likely to see rainy outcomes for us, but the NW and Scotland and perhaps Wales and Cornwall could see more humidity, higher precipitation and fogs with hazes.


5th as above

6th An early shower followed by a nice day with sunshine around sudden cold fronts can see thunderstorms moving eastwards from high regions. Temps varying but certainly warmth from the sun in sheltered places. Clouds form as day wears on precipitation driven easterly but by tomorrow NW will gradually turn NW

7th Fair day, gusty breezes, sun, rainfall to Cumbria, NW and Scotland likely with strong winds potential also for those regions. Sun with cloud around for us.

8th-9th localised quick sporadic outbursts from turn of day, hail sleet expected. Cloudy but fair with easterlies threatening a little gloom by late evening when mists and haze could arise near watery places and valleys. 9th brings some lovely warmth from sun but some fast moving showery stuff potential from late night into 10th

10th -13th seems to deliver cooler tendencies but electric blue skies with N Westerlies actively clearing up the atmosphere keeping it fresh—for W Yorks and yonder.

12th could bring in some mists haze and fogs to Wales, West NW and Scotland and although I don’t think excessive rains will cause extensive floods some downpours in those regions may cause either flash floods or hazes that hinder travel, some of this weather could reach us by late evening ( 9-10pm is late evening in my reports)

13th seems to break up the weather fetching potential for prolonged rain, or increasing cloud, dull skies and fogs forming to coastal regions and valleys……..damp and chilly outlook, the East looks a likely candidate for this system.



13th 19th June

The” Full Moon seeth off bad weather” is an old lunar lore that frequently comes true and is a good rule of thumb if you are planning long term. This phase is when rain, if it does fall, will arrive during the daytime leaving some wonderful evenings when everyone yearns to dine al fresco and meet up at the local Inn with friends.


I expect this phase to bring in some lovely weather although it will be cool in exposed areas due to breezes blowing and northwesterlies coming in for the first few days, there is also the likelihood of some tropical or at least warmth flowing over to ward off any doldrums.


Generally a finer spring week with hints of summer with warmer temp trends out of the wind and in sheltered places, along with drier outlook.  17th does seem to have some early  showery stuff but it will be short lived and leave the day unspoiled, 18th windy again with mists and haze likely due to warmth of sunshine during the daytime, but still some promise of sunny days.


Any lightening or thundery static outbursts look short-lived over as soon as they began and likeliest days are 15th and 18th



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