Summer Weather 2011

Wet, cool, calm rainy but some record extremes likely for days when temperatures do rise and +/- 2 days 26/27th June comes to mind when
talking about records broken, similarly 27th July and 10th August, depending on whereabouts in the UK you are.

A fickle summer is forecast but lots of sunshine between windy and rainy outbreaks. The best week when you can dine al fresco is August
13-31st if you’re looking for a guaranteed week of summery conditions. One of the worst weeks to pitch your tent or go sailing is 30th July-6th
August. We could see some snow arrive in UK as early as after second week in September……

The best weeks for temperatures centre around 8th and 15th of each month earlier or later, depending which region of the UK you live in.

There are some nice tropical flows around and these are mentioned in each phase below.

Earthquakes are active as well and I haven’t paid much attention to these in my summer forecast as I did in Spring and Winter. East Asia/Japan is vulnerable +/-2-3 days 18th Sept. An EQ also likely +/- 2-3 days 28th July. But of course there are over 300 EQ per day around the world, and it would take a lot of time for an astrologer to predict them all, I only refer to ones which arise as a natural result of looking at weather charts. Other dates old astrologers would have picked out include 19th July, 8th /28th August 5th September and a big one for +/- 2-3 days 17th Oct……watch this space…..

Tornadoes arrive as normal, and as usual I haven’t located these as I find it difficult to give more time to doing so, but they are mentioned in the forecasts for dates when I expect them to be around. Not all tornadoes hit the headlines, and sadly I often have to sift for hours sometimes through many weather forums and newspapers to confirm my predictions, but I do get a 90% accuracy level for singling out this type of weather, and my peer mets in the US are also highly skilled at locating tornado outbreaks across the US during the tornado season there.

I have to confess that due to pressures of work I haven’t predicted my usual detailed forecasts for the summer season so it will be interesting
to see how this affects accuracy rates.

Remember please that my predictions are long range, and I expect at least 80-90% accuracy, though often achieve 100% for some weeks.

Also, I don’t change my predictions like the met do, they stay on this site unchanged from the day I post them, often showing accurate weather
trends for up to five or six months ahead.

for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for both Spring and Summer 2011 or go to
Read to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in weather
forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

23 June-1 July
This phase should bring us some fine outdoor weather with warmth from sun in sheltered places. Some Rainy spells can interrupt play by
30th especially to southern parts of UK

Winds can provide good kiting and sailing conditions some breezy air flows keep things cool with conditions around 22nd-25th seeing the liveliest days for gusty blustery conditions, and there may be potentially cold and cutting winds to contend with in unsheltered places centring around 24th.

Some cool spots on down slopes and in high exposed areas around 26th but the temps look set to turn into fine high pressure by 25th- 27th with the temps rising to monthly highs over next 2-3 days from 27th.
Some static could build as a result of rising temps and the 30th looks the likely culprit for a break in the fine spell especially to southern parts of UK.

Some spartan showers could break out on occasions but will clear quickly.

1-8th July
This phase brings echoes of 28th Feb 2010 when we had the Chile EQ, as well as floods to N York’s and Wales, though I doubt these will repeat this time around. Given 3rd April 2011 NM brought the Indonesian EQ ( see my Spring predictions where I warned of such seismic activity, ) I do expect a repeat of seismic activity and it looks like 8th July is the likely date for this to happen +/- 2-3days, though 8th most likely. I don’t get time to locate these but Mid Atlantic ridge is one of places that look vulnerable.

Also 23rd Oct saw tornado activity in Hastings I do expect another one for the southern region/midland area from 5th July.

1st could be some early am showers cool temps expected little or no breeze, quite still air.

2n Some cloud around keeping in the warmth but still on cool side with blustery easterly flows clashing with westerlies providing some interest., but temps struggling to return to last weeks highs.

3rd Could be spartan very early am showers, variable temps today mostly cool.

4th Winds get livelier keeping temps down, tornado will arrive to today.

5th Cool but sunny with blue skies to enjoy good photography light and some humidity around with southerlies. News of fires could arrive.

6th A fair day some showers could arrive by 5pm approx, but not long lived, temps begin to warm again with mild conditions today but some whippy westerlies around, but a good day for outdoors.

7th Some cloud around and temps rising today and tomorrow, could be some news of rain arriving to western regions of UK expect some lively westerlies.

8-15th July
Some fair weather interrupted with a few showers.Temps improve for second half of this phase. From outset a weather systems moves in from NW coast of Scotland and will hopefully spend itself before reaching here.

8th Showers could break out before sunrise, temps still rising due to cloud keeping warmth in, still air expected.

Potential for heavy showers before evening and these could continue into early next day. Some easterly conditions will provide a muggy feel.
Seasonally high temps expected as yesterday

10th Showers possible as mentioned in above, still mugginess around

11th Should be a fairer day

12-13th Dry outlook with fair outdoor weather still some cloud around

14th Some warmer conditions today by mid day still some cloud and humidity

15th Generally the temperature highs continue. Could see some static release either quick hail or spartan outbreaks, we see some of better temps for the month today and tomorrow, so make the most of it! Potential for erratic N westerly spurts if not high speed winds for some

regions. Skies should be lovely and clear, but cool by night time.

16th-23rd July
A cooler phase with breezes and some lively winds to come, some sunny spells but heavier rain expected by 23rd
I don’t expect flooding levels to meet those of 2009 when similar patterns were around for Scotland and Yorkshire. Last year similar patterns saw the Iceland volcano erupting. Some lightening could arrive with rain.

16th-17th looks sunny with warm temps declining sudden spartan outbreaks potential mid morning on 17th

18th Cooler temps prevail with some noisy breezes, could be some showery outbreaks from early morning, but clears for a pleasant evening.

19th North westerlies are active, zippy and strong, should be dry. Cloud around and cooler temps

20-21st Some fair seasonal conditions after sunrise, but cloud builds during afternoon. Strong northerlies active on 21st.

22nd should be a fine summer day cloud with sunshine, variable winds easterlies arrive along with southwesterlies keeping temps cool to seasonally warm

23rd Rain looks likely from mid day or earlier, as temps rise, and static builds, but the precipitation will be refreshing and clear the air, though it could prove heavy to extreme north and south regions of Britain, however heavy this rain becomes it will accompany refreshing air rather than oppressive, once the storminess subsides.

15-23rd July
A generally cooler temperature phase with breeziness prevailing along with some showers to interrupt sunny days. Some electrical outbursts may result in lightening or static breaks around 17th.

23-30th July

A similar phase to last one where sunshine mingles with rainy outbreaks from the beginning and at the end. A change around 27th is expected to bring more cloud and windy conditions with potential to give rise to thundery outbreaks for some regions on 30th.

24th Some danger of continuing showery outbreaks for our region though most of the precipitation will be travelling to eastern quarters. The day should see things settle with some sun around with humid conditions but also some fine refreshing air.

25th Quick showers before sunrise cloud clearing a little by late morning ready for a sunnier outlook

26th Clearer skies after midnight some bright and mild conditions with more cloud arriving mid afternoon and rain attempts by late at night, a still atmosphere.

27th Things change today weather wise. The day will be seasonally cool, but full of sunshine with a few fluffy clouds around and this lays conditions for outbreaks of quick hail showers mid day and we can expect a very cool but sunny evening.

28th More isolated hail attempts 9-10am cloudy pm with some sun spells with a fine evening but gloomy by mid night. (There can be news of fiery outbreaks for some regions of the globe ..) The winds beginning to get started today after laying a back seat role in weather play for last few days.

29th Some tropical flows mingle with lively breezy conditions and clash with some cooler temps with things feeling unsettled weather wise. Cloudy by evening and rain threatens, sunshine will mingle with cloud. Breezes today can be like Fohn winds which can be warm and drying.

30th This could be a day for very quick thundery outbreaks around the region heavier rainy conditions by evening but sunny conditions between outbreaks.

30th July-6 August

First of all not the best week to pitch you tent or plan a sailing break around the UK!!!
This is going to be an eventful phase weather-wise similar to, but not as bad as 11 July phase last year when we saw flood and gale advisories for Scotland and record breaking rain for Ireland along with squalls travelling up to Gloucestershire. However, I do expect some
similar if not as extreme weather this phase so batten down the hatches especially from 2nd August when gale force winds can rage and on 4-5th I expect news of a tornado or two.
A wet weather system is over western UK at the outset.
Ireland could be in trouble at the outset, but the western front of the UK is set to be dealing with wet conditions coming in. NW England and Scotland, along with Wales are vulnerable to this system.

31st July wet weather moving over eastern UK still atmosphere but some sunny outbreaks.

1st AUGUST Cloud around and easterlies beginning to flow along with some North westerlies, some cloud around but sunshine expected in large doses.

2 August winds getting strong increasing to speedy westerly gales today for many parts of UK. with some potential for speeds 60+ mph from today/tomorrow. These winds can bring in rain for this region as well as the west, and is most likely to bring rain after midnight and before 4 pm today. A very unsettled weather outlook but some sunshine could still be around our region.

3rd Unsettled conditions continue………Some cool pockets but some sunshine battling with cloud to keep temperatures seasonally summery, some undercurrents of warm air could ward off the cold feel. Gales continue for some areas and coastal regions and some sea borne problems hit the news headlines around this date.

4th Milder conditions could win the day, but winds can still be troublesome with easterlies entering the affray today/ tomorrow

5th Still muggy atmosphere with threats of more rainy conditions and strong easterlies …unsettled conditions continue to affect weather.

6th Cool to moderate temps but rain could arrive by late evening and drains could be at flood levels for many localities around the UK. The south looks the worst hit by rain today as the bad weather gets pulled south.

6th-13th August
This phase brings back memories of that of 6th Nov 2010 when 80mph gales hit Wakefield felling trees, 2nd Feb phase 2009 which saw a tornado hitting the Cornish coast and blizzards, and 16th Feb 2009 when strong westerlies swirled clockwise around the UK bringing rain and flood warnings with Anglia and S E regions vulnerable. 18th Oct 2009 phase saw as many as 14 flood warnings in place……..So expect a bit of drama for this phase and you won’t be disappointed. We will get cooler summer temps (though 9th looks best for warmth) with some strong winds and some record levels of sudden precipitation.

I decided to give a brief reference to each day rather than the usual analysis.
The first half is a gloomy oppressive air with some heavy downpours affecting drains putting them on overload, and transport routes will be affected. Some fast westerlies rule with rain from 7th, while 8th could bring a fairer spell but still unsettled weather conditions. 9th brings the gales into play from NW and tornado potential accompanying heavy prolonged downpours brings more humid but static conditions. 11-12th onwards should be more settled with some sunshine attempting to prove it’s still summer, but still some cold lows around and still windy with showery intervals.

13-21 August
This is barbecue time for certain. Some fogs and mistiness at outset in low lying areas but generally we can expect some summer highs and fine weather to come with lovely summer evenings bringing fine outdoor conditions for sitting outside cafe style and al fresco dining.

13-14th Warm air and mugginess from outset leading to some mistiness in low lying areas, but some clearer conditions with sunshine as sun grows stronger.. Temperatures should be soaring and lead to electrical outbursts for 15th and this can bring showers for some regions

of UK especially northern areas. Winds can begin to be active from 16th and clouds likely to be blown about moving any rain threats along leaving sunshine some room to shine and whippy westerlies grow stronger on 17th turning N Westerly. Nice day on 18th with warm southerly
air flows mingling below strong N Westerlies and some varying temperatures by 19th onwards, but summer continues though we leave the highs behind by the end of this phase with news of wetter weather to come over from west.

21-29th August
Not as fair a phase with wet unsettled conditions for first half but weather turning slightly sunnier for second half when winds can be strong and tornado activity develops after 26th…..temps on cool to mod range with 27th-29th seeing better mercury levels for the phase

Rain expected from outset especially over Ireland and Scotland and Northern England, we might escape the worst of it here and there will be some refreshing air to compensate for lack of dryness. Sun and cloud from 21-22nd and some easterlies can be swirling around from

Monday 23rd could see continuing showery outbreaks cloudy some sun spells while 23rd brings some erratic weather and some easterly squalls along with southerly spurts expect a cloudy but mild day with showers threatening to arrive on Friday t/out UK leaving some sunny
weather once rain has passed over. strong north westerlies to clear up the rain. 24th should be moderate to warm but don’t expect any highs,atmosphere will be more settled less breezy. 25th Northerlies also begin to reign growing stronger by 26/27th when high speed winds can
bring breeding tornadoes, and in the north there will be gales. Cool conditions with cold pockets especially in exposed regions from 28th with winds continuing in strength and the outlook is for strong windy and rainy conditions t/out UK for 29th

29th August-4th September
A cool and abrupt end to summer. Expect some sunshine but not a lot of warmth, in fact some lows for September could be reached, and potentially there is news of EQ to NW England.

30th Some precipitation continues with nor westerlies strong at times combined to battle with some easterly flows but this can be an attempt to clear the wet conditions. I expect noisy breezes on 30th which will be a cool sunny day with cloud. Expect days to follow to be cool and windy, some showery outbreaks, but some sunshine breaks out between the clouds.
The weather is more settled for second half of this phase, with better chance of drier less breezy days with sunshine with 3rd being the pleasanter day for this phase and heralding some more amenable weather with some sunshine in days to follow.

4-12 September
Overview: Some sunny days but unsettled from 9th when winds dominate the scene and bring electrical outbursts. Not too much rain expected overall for the phase, but winds strong and tornado breeding, producing gales.

Expect some rain to southern parts of England from outset, we may escape this system enjoying some fine outdoor weather for first few days with clouds but sunshine as well, some warmth for 4-7th in sun. It’s the unsettled conditions from 9th that attract attention weather wise with winds revving up slowly but surely as day progresses, sunshine bringing warmth today but electrical outbursts can be expected.
Windier weather continues to increase on 10th with high speed winds and gales for 11th and tornado breeding conditions. Rain expected for this second part of this phase for 11th moving eastwards by 12th

11th-20th September
Rain expected, winds active and cooler conditions to remind us Autumn is on its way, some icy cool conditions with showery hail outbursts, and thundery outbursts also expected for some regions.

12th sees rain heavier to the east of us with some continued sporadic outburst in our region along with very strong winds. Cloudy and cold day. A cloudy evening with quick showery outbursts after 10pm.

13th cloudy before sunrise electrical showery outbursts, rain/hail sleet showers by mid day, a bit more moderate temps than yesterday, windy.

14th Showery after midnight at start of day, some mistiness early morning, a cloudy afternoon and clearer evening. Temps seasonally moderate.

15th hail/sleet showers mid afternoon, cold icy temps accompany showery outbursts, some sun potential with cloud, northerlies grow strong.

16th hail showers after 2 am more icy outbreaks mid afternoon, cold temps cloud around and gusty zippy westerlies prevail. News of EQ +/- 2-3 days of this date Far east Asia region/Japan.

17th Showery after 6am, cloud with some sun spells and southerly spurts.

18th Cold, cloudy, rain threatens and could even be news of snow showers for high northern places.

19th Breezy conditions, some sunshine around but unsettled air. Sporadic showery outbreaks could break out but not long lasting or heavy.Very windy weather

20th More mild temperatures clashing with some icy cold pockets coming down sloped regions. Easterlies active, weather remains unsettled and showery outbreaks expected again.

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