Winters Past 2010 2011

WINTER Dec 2010 to March 2011

This winter shows many icy outbreaks, some will of course be record breaking as usual, and it will have the usual blizzards with some strong wind activity expected for the season which astrologically begins at the solstice, though given the time of writing this in November at the time of heavy snowfall, it does seem that winter really does begin at the time of the ancient Celts ‘’wintermonath’ signal, the Full Moon phase in November..

A big freeze could welcome in the

Whatever the Weather Read Amazing long range forecasts for the season ahead

New Year from the end of December and so far I’ve identified these dates that are going to centre around a few of the dates of winter’s coldest in the UK:- 22nd to end of December 2010; 7th -12 Jan, 16/17th Jan with potential for fetching some snow outbreaks to Ireland and west of UK; 1- 2 Feb very icy lows 4th Feb very icy, 6 Feb very icy lows and blizzards expected in many regions for the first weeks…with some headlines to follow for North of England and Scotland around these dates with likelihood of floods.

Ireland and Wales look troubled by heavy snows and thaws that can cause floods by second week of the month; 12 Feb cold, 14/17 Feb icy cold also; 7-9th March looks to be the colder days of that month. February and March brings in some windy weather that can cause problems and disrupt travel plans, and I found reference to at least three tornado breeding eras from 11/12th and 24th Feb and 8-9th March, when I know that high speed winds will create headlines. I haven’t yet progressed to isolating the exact locality where these will hit….sadly…..I don’t get paid as much as the mets even though I often have a better success rate in long range prediction than do they… I can’t take time out to study these outbreaks more closely….

The 11th-18th February sees some busy headlines with weather news and more generally some world weather headlines, potentially seismic in nature, and 12th March phase looks to be bringing some similar disastrous trends as well but expect this to culminate more fully by 18-19th March.

Some interesting research I conducted helps deduce that this February could become one of the drier than average statistics, for England (not rest of UK), though cold and icy temps will still be part of the winter scenario.
This year we have a rare conjunction of the two hottest planets.i.e Sun and Mars in the cold and dry sign Aquarius. Here is what happened on the rare occasions they combined in February in the past:-

Sun conjunct Mars:Aquarius 28/02/1917 21:09 Ju:Taurus; Sat:Cancer; Uran: Aqu.

1916/1917 (Winter):One of the most SEVERE WINTERS of the 20th century up to 1939/40. A major problem in the Great War……….. Feb/Mar/Apr CET values (anomalies) were: Feb: 0.9(-2.9), Mar: 3.2(-2.5), Apr: 5.4(-2.5).

Sun conjunct Mars:Aquarius 01/02/1932 05:31. Ju:Leo; Sat:Cap; Uranus: Aries.

February 1932 comes up as an extreme record breaking month as it was driest Feb OVERALL for last century at least, with 8.8 mll of precip recorded making it one of driest months overall compared to normal levels expected at this time of year.
Taken from:-
Netweather site:- 1931-32: Little snow. In fact probably Scotland’s most snowless winter in memory! No real snow to note.
Bonacina 1931-32 Feb 2.9 Little OFMaA Scotland’s most snow free winter in memory ?

Sun conjunct Mars:Aquarius 17/02/1964 02:57. Ju: Aries; Sat: Aquarius; Uranus: Virgo.

Taken from:-
Bonacina 1963-64 Dec 2.6 temp Little snow Jan/March had noteable falls, Mid-Jan. south coast hit. 1964: Driest winter and driest season relative to normal. The season of winter 1963/64 breaks seasonal records as it registers as the driest winter of all between 1918 and 2008, also driest season of all relative to normal.

Conclude: Sun/Mars conjunct in Aquarius seems to trigger the driest February in England, in the record making statistics. 1917 was a severe winter but it was January and March that had the worst precipitation headlines not February. 1932 and 1964 also show dry February records. So I’m expecting February to be drier than average in 2011, especially as Jupiter is in dry Aries, though Uranus is in wet Pisces it disposits Neptune in dry Aquarius…..This doesn’t mean no snow or rainfall, just a little less than normally expected in this month, though it also looks possible that Scotland will enjoy less than usual snowfall as well for this month…….

So I expect February to give some below centennial average in rainfall figures in England, but this doesn’t mean no precipitation for there could be some floods to the north—Scotland included—for 3-10th February. Spring comes flooding in literally from 19th March with many areas of the UK experiencing heavy rainfall reaching flood levels, of this I am 99.9% certain……
I’ve already taken a look at the weather for the next few seasons and 2011 is on course for being a year of seasonal extremes for us at least, which will have climate change demons raging around the globe.


28th Dec-4th Jan
This is a worrisome weather phase reminiscent of the weather we got from 22 Feb last year which saw extremely wet conditions and something like a metre of snow falling on low ground in Scotland. I don’t expect as much precipitation as then, but it is going to be terrifically cold and brass monkeys……well…. should be kept indoors…..The NE of England looks vulnerable to some of the intense conditions coming over along with some headlines in Scotland where snow will again cause a few travel problems.

28th. Has some nippy whippy easterly clashing with cold westerly winds to cut into exposed flesh, reaching gale force levels for some areas. There could be signs of freezing fog around for a few days in some low lying areas due to the muggy air coming in with the easterlies. Cloudy damp conditions are likely with heavy precipitation, hail sleet or snow arriving late evening.

29th. The pattern of yesterday continues but temperatures take a further sudden low dive, sudden hail or sleet showers could arrive late afternoon and evening

30th. Frosty freezing morning with slightly more moderate conditions to yesterday that will allow late evening snowfall to colour the landscape white.

31st. Snow or sleet continues to fall early in the day and again at late evening as temps ease a tiny fraction. Expect wet conditions to prevail though some clearer conditions during the daytime.

1 January. Another snow attempt or frost early in the morning. Temperatures EXTREMELY low today with less cloud around to keep in any warmth giving a nice but icy day so take care while out walking or travelling. Some blue afternoon skies to enjoy. This phase has some seismic conditions operative especially around 2nd and areas on the globe that might manifest them are around Hawaiian Island and Med Sea zones………watch out for the event for days around this date and 12th of month….

2nd January. The big freeze continues………….Any likely precipitation arrives at the turn of day with bluer skies breaking out after sunrise inviting all to enjoy the great outdoors to enjoy some clear exhilarating air.

3rd. Same as yesterday still cold, but some cloud heralds precipitation by late evening, Cloud with sunshine during the daytime. It also looks like strong northerlies prevail today bringing in a warning of stronger winds in following days.

4th-12 January.
Generally we will have dry days and bright clear skies during the daytime, but icy weather. To the west it does look as if higher levels of precipitation are gathering and will cause some stormy outbursts from the outset. Ireland, SW England and the west of UK overall will get varying degrees of blizzard like weather some with heavy sleet and snow giving headline weather news.

4th. A dry day for us and very cold outlook though too cold to snow for us today expect it to mellow enough for snow to arrive tomorrow in our region. Cold icy northerlies prevail from yesterday some gales blowing especially along western side of UK, particularly SW, but we’ll get some icy blasts as well.

5th. Still cold but not enough to protect us from snowfall which can be heavy, and I expect it to arrive around 3-5 am. Can be some cold mists around in the morning as well but clearer outlook by late afternoon.

6th. Quick early spartan showers will arrive before sun up and snow falls especially on high ground today….very cold temps still prevailing. I expect some icy showers overnight tonight and into the morning of 7th

7th. Sun with cloud today, mists if not fog during late evening and a late evening spartan shower could also arrive.

8th. Cold start with damp outlook as morning progresses as showers threaten around 9 am bringing clouds to create some gloominess late morning as well as late evening. Afternoon could see drier conditions and some sun spells.

9th. Here will be a fine day but to NW and SW of UK there will be occasional heavy showers. Milder temps to previous days weather but this wont last.

10th. Early showers could arrive after 1 am but dry day though extremely icy temps heralding headline news of freeze-overs, but some gorgeous blue skies and exhilarating air to enjoy outdoors. Strong cold northerlies grow excitable and turn NW as day progresses– could be gale force in some regions.

11th. Sudden quick showers from early morning leaves us with some brighter weather but unsettled electrical conditions that threaten a thundery outbreak of a quick outpouring that once delivered leaves us with fairer conditions again. Icy cold temperatures still and some strong easterlies bringing in the unsettled static air.

12th.Some left over precipitation could arrive overnight 2-3rd clearing late morning today to leave us with a gusty N Westerly blowing and cold conditions prevailing, but a promise of some better weather for next few days.

12-19th. These conditions are similar to those from 23 Jan 2010 and 4 Jan 2009 but without the drama, though iciness will be severe. There will be wet conditions but not so many floods as in the other years and snow is heralded for more western areas such as Ireland, than our region.

12th. Continues the windy outlook some hail or sleet expected from the start of the day and quick hail outbursts before lunch and again late at night. There should be sunshine around but very cold temperatures; in fact I’ll be looking out for icicles with these conditions!

13th Temperatures will plunge today, record breaking for some areas, depends on what you compare the temps with in the records………..last year, ten years ago or one hundred years ago?
Could be too cold to snow but there will be frost coatings and some sleet or snow attempts after mid day but some clear crisp outdoor conditions with cold bright blue skies.

14th Seems cloudy indicating a less icy temperature, some sun spells around during the day combining with noisy breezes and a late evening quick shower/hail.

15th. Cloud or misty am beginning to clear towards mid day but cloudy by evening; could be snow clouds coming over as there is a strong likelihood of heavy showers with potential for snow fall by 9pm onwards. Temps could ease very slightly on previous days iciness.

16th. Still cold but some sunshine could break through though expect mists or cloud by late evening.

17th. Extremely icy so expect a big freeze to continue make headlines, freezing fog could disrupt travel for some regions, more precipitation likely by late evening also.

18th. Not a nice day at all, icy showers everywhere, cold and damp conditions in fact these showers could continue well into the next day …a lot of gloom around well into tomorrow morning, and some breeziness expected

19th As above from early morning but some respite beginning to come through by late evening and we should see some starry skies overnight tonight…………

19th-26th January 2011

This phase heralds some frostiness due to less cloud around to keep us shielded from the icy temps, but the freezing conditions will not be as severe as during the last phase. Some fair days to enjoy as long as you wrap up warmly, but early mornings and late evenings will be crisp underfoot, and the real wet conditions arrive from 23rd deteriorating into gloomy extremes by 26th.
Most of the snow and frost lies to the west of us at the outset, but is ready to arrive in our region by 23rd-24th.
More seismic potential around as well centred around 23rd January…….could be Asia that’s affected…

19th. Gloominess from early morning; could be a quick snow outbreak late at night…Ireland will be getting more of this than us…

20th Snow still expected in western regions late tonight we get some mistiness or frosty fogs to contend with.

21st. Sunny with cloud, mists by evening due to evaporation during day, cold but clear skies later overnight.

22nd. Cloudy or misty start sun spells expected, some Spartan showers can arrive, mostly to the western regions….cold and frosty for us with some breezes keeping temps from being too bitter during the day…..

23rd. Dry day, cold and frosty, but sunny with snow slowly moving over to our area so watch out for snow clouds. Southerly breezes ward off icy extremes….

24th. I expect a wet day throughout England with snow, hail and sleet showers arriving from early morning for us……. A wet day…

25th. Exceedingly cold outlook some more snow or sleet attempts around sunrise and a cloudy outlook generally though there could be some sun spells during the day

26th. Easterly air flows herald extremely cold damp and muggy temps and static air that can result in sudden outburst of hail and sleet but Spartan in nature but a promise of worse to come……………..though there should be some clearer conditions as the sun gets strength at mid day….

26th Jan- 3rd Feb

This is an electrical phase where sudden outbursts can interrupt sun spells but end as soon as they began with hail or sleet showers arriving then subsiding just as suddenly. The south gets most of the muggy conditions and the headline news looks set to be coming in from across the extreme North and South of mid Europe. Icy cold lows descend from North to South UK from 1st-3rd Feb

26th as above

27th. Sudden early am outburst likely but clearer weather during the day though with an unsettled atmosphere

28th Quick hail or sleet outbursts the south look more afflicted than our region should be clearer conditions here

29th. Should stay dry till around 6pm when quick showers are possible temperatures are colder today onwards.

30th. Snow or sleet showers arriving early before sunrise throughout the UK, frosty conditions clearer skies in afternoon.

31st. dry day but cold night expected

1st. another dry day expected temps seasonally moderate, but cold nights.some snow flurries or frost around

2nd. Snow or frost likely, strong gusty westerlies likely, sudden lows in temps keep it wintery, snow potential for high ground especially to the north of England and Scotland where a warning of the pending arrival of blizzard type conditions could upset routines…For our region some snow or frost around especially at sunrise, temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, could be blizzards blowing through with cold N Westerlies over high areas such as the Pennines etc…

3rd. Electrical outbursts continue especially early morning, and particularly to the south but some to the north and here also. Cloudy morning, very cold temperatures.

3-11th Feb
This phase seems reminiscent of 22 Feb 2010 when snow blizzards hit Auchterarder and NW Scotland, and certainly a lot of electrical outburst in the form of sudden blizzards, hail or sleet showers could erupt in localities around the UK. Some blizzards may be isolated, perhaps to N and NW regions, especially around 3-5th Feb, our region seems to have a slightly better weather outlook however, and cold seems to be the main theme with icy, electrical conditions prevailing. Generally there should be some sunny days but we can expect some sudden electrical outbursts and the occasional freezing fog, muggy and misty starts. Precipitation should be lighter than normal for this time of year.

3rd As above with this extension that some blizzards arise perhaps from 2nd hitting NW regions rather than here, though we may encounter some quick scattered outbursts from early morning in the form of hail, sleet or snow flurries. Southerlies seem to be around occasionally gusty, but temps look extremely icy from tomorrow to 8th.

4th. Freezing fog could halt smooth transportation in some areas, frost or light snow dusting around. Breezy and very low temps.

5-6th. Skies may be clearer with some sun around during the day temps lower still compared to yesterday, some northerlies add to the icy conditions. Dry generally but by mid night tonight this could change as more wintry flurries cross our region moving eastwards after mid day tomorrow. Drier by afternoon on 6th with clearer skies…..southerlies around to contrast with the icy temperatures..

7-8th. Drier, still icy, could be spartan attempts at precipitation from early morning and snappy northerlies compete with whippy westerlies…cold chilly…

9 and 10th. Mist or fog start with temps less harsh, sun could come out to play today and tomorrow (10th). Hard hitting winter showers could arrive late at nights..–could be isolated hail showers around during afternoon. Temperatures are icy.

11th. There does look to be some wetness around in the morning 9 onwards approx, looks like potentially snow/sleet hail showers…and windy conditions could get stronger as day progresses……read on….

11-18th February
These charts took a lot of decoding and although at first it looked generally low in precipitation, a closer scrutiny gave a few warnings of blizzards and strong winds that will dominate the phase, making it quite an eventful one that will undoubtedly keep the weather news headlines running. A cyclone breeding in the Atlantic at 54N and 20W looks set to hit Ireland which looks snow covered from the start as do some western regions of Great Britain….read on for our regional news….we should see some sunshine around most days in spite of the unsettled weather trends. 11-12th look dramatic and give lots of headline fodder…..

11th. A cyclone developing off the western coast looks set to make headlines and bring in blizzards disrupting transport. Could be reports of tornado type activity today and tomorrow with cold driving winds and news of snow drifts and strong gale force winds.

12th. Outlook snow sleet and wintry showers along with wind conditions continuing to bring hazards especially to our region till late pm, echoing some of disruption and destruction of 6th Nov phase when gales hit trees creating havoc.…..temps icy cold There will be snow attempts but by afternoon some blue skies and by late evening the sky should be clearer preventing more snow attempts.

13-14th. winds are still high speed and gusty westerlies and can cause damage to loose tiles and, trees and telegraph poles etc Temps deliver icy lows. Overnight there will be some frost and snow dusting. Through afternoon on 13th can see some sudden sharp icy isolated hail and sleet showers but by afternoon on 14th we should see clearer conditions and blue skies, a sunny afternoon by no let up with the cold. By 14th we can expect some easterlies slowly but surely bringing in colder Siberian lows from the continent.

15th. Overnight possibly light but wintry showers brought in by easterlies continue to keep temps low and we can expect short sharp wintry outbreaks till midday even though these may be spartan in nature. Temperatures will plunge lower, expect biting gusty westerlies…

16th. More wintry outbreaks but short sharp and icily sweet, northerlies keep things cold and biting but we should see some sunshine around. Strong Northerlies bring in colder conditions

17th. Most of precipitation looks to be in southern areas arriving in the form of spartan outbursts moving east, keeping things icy cold, but we could experience sudden outburst here too. Sunshine also expected with varying winds in the mix. Clearer skies but frosty.

18th. Cold and frosty, strong northerlies, high speed occasionally but bringing in clearer less static conditions, skies may be bluer but the frost will bite harder for next phase!!!

18th-24th February
Some regions could encounter a few short hailstorms, sudden outburst of sleet showers and even a few blizzards but overall there should be some sunshine around and precipitation should be lower than average for February for this phase. I do expect either a tornado or high speed gales to arrive around 19-21st ‘’It should be dry when the moon is high’’ is an old lunar lore, and this phase is when we can put the theory to the test when at night as the Full Moon shines brightly, there will be clearer skies, but that also heralds very icy and frosty temps as there is no cloud to keep in the warmth generated by a weak sun at this time of year. 21-24th some intensely cold weather fronts look set to dominate……these could be easterly flows from Europe like those we had in November……

18th. Cold frosty day with early icy showers expected at the start of day, and more could arrive at teatime. Temps icy cold and frosty with some southerlies and easterlies creating mischief as they battle with northerlies trying to clear things up….white woolly cloud formations develop during the day, nippy westerlies. East Anglia regions look worst hit by a weather front, and Kent.

19th. I expect wintery showers and harsher conditions to be more active to S and SE regions. Here it could be too cold to snow, though attempts will be made before mid day. This looks like the day of blizzard type conditions as winds look livelier and strong. Cold, frosty, some sunshine with cloud during the day with south easterlies still active tornado breeding conditions that look set to strike today or tomorrow to the Midland…possibly S/SE regions East Anglia/Kent…..we could see some strong whipping wind activity.

20th.Could be cloud and frosty mists around from the start and hail or sleet showers by late afternoon. Some of these weather conditions could be brought in with the easterlies from previous days and be blowing over from the continent. Temps lower again.

21st. Some gloominess could prevail during the daytime and any winter showers arrive before mid-day but not long lasting…..

22nd. Spartan showery attempts very early morning. Temps lower again, icy cold if not freezing conditions lead to short, sharp evening showers.

23rd. Some frost or snow dustings around today, temps still freezing cold with occasional nippy westerlies.

24th. Temps still freezing cold but should end up as a dry though crisp day with sunshine breaking through.

24 Feb-4th March.

A cold, frosty and crisp outlook with wintery showers, occasional mists in lowlands and some wet spells with temperatures very cold at the start of the phase but becoming seasonally slightly milder as we continue into March.

24th. Could be a misty muggy start by clearer by mid day, some short lived icy showers expected before lunchtime.

25th. Should be some good outdoor weather today, though icy cold, and with nippy breezes, showers expected late evening.

26th. Quick icy outbursts begin before sunrise and could continue intermittently throughout the day moving towards the east for many UK regions…This looks like the wettest day of this phase.

27th. Icy Winter showers very early again same as yesterday, could indicate snow for some localities on high ground, frost around from the start, clearer but cold day.

28th. Some snow on high ground by late afternoon, hail and sleet showers for lower regions, seasonally slightly more moderate temperatures as March begins.

1st March. Quick icy showers from 8am are likely, more prolonged precipitation to come during the afternoon.

2nd.News of snow arriving to the west…Ireland/Wales on high ground, supported by some lowering of temperature fronts, more mellow showers could arrive here by mid night or before, lasting till early morning on 3rd…

4-12th March

This looks like some stormy or unsettled weather is expected and the outlook seems a little gloomy. Blizzards look likely for NW regions and a tornado breeding conditions arrives around 8/9th if not high speed winds and gales with some very icy blasts expected. A pattern of weather similar to that of 15th March 2010 looks set to be experienced this phase. More snow to the north of England/Scotland highly probable….

4th. Some damp conditions with winter showers around heavier to the east of our region and could become prolonged as the day wears on….

5th. Early morning cloud along with ongoing showers, pockets of icy cold lows around with easterlies bringing in some unsettled muggy conditions which could breed mistiness for some low lying areas.

6th. Colder/icy temps could see frost developing with varying wind flows bringing in unsettled conditions. Snowfall or sleet likely and the night sky looks gloomy.

7th. Showery start, heavier by p.m. cold icy sleet long lasting till tomorrow possibly…..

8th. Rain at beginning and end of day, cloudy some high speed gales will also create cause for concern…icy blasts, very cold conditions. Tornado outlook today or tomorrow due to southerlies getting stronger and clashing with cold lows moving southwards.

9th.Snow blizzards especially in high exposed regions. I expect the tornado to arise today…..not a nice day…high speed windy activity…

10th. Hope I’m wrong but this still looks gloomy with rain around by mid day…some cold lows around also and icy possibly blustery wind blasts, but a clearer outcome later in the evening

11th. Still some unsettled weather fronts around with cloud and continuing wind leading to a gloomy morning on 12th but hopefully this clears by evening on 12th….

12-19th March

This looks like an eventful weather phase where from the outset snow could be expected if not falling on western regions of the UK. Some prolonged heavy downpours will be arriving overnight 14-15th and again on 18-19th for many regions of the UK, but especially ours. Winds are expected to be strong, if not gale force off NW Scotland, while we get some strong westerlies brewing from 15th, stronger on 16th. Mistiness and fog around can upset travel schedules during this phase……..
Conditions are extremely seismic for this phase and from 12th March so some news expected….read blurb on website for 12-25th march when you could feel the earth move under your feet.

12th as above though there could be some quick wintery outbreaks at daybreak with some icy and fast hail/ sleet late afternoon……..temps icy cold

13th. More snow and sleet shower attempts, breezy, occasional sun outbreaks during the day, breeziness with some southerlies could bring some promise of milder temp…

14th. Very early mists, cloud if not snow attempts, afternoon outbreaks of rain highly likely clouds developing during the day with easterlies bring in the muggy trends. By late afternoon I expect rain to be prolonged and set in for a long period lasting till 15th…..not a nice two days…..

15th. Rain and still perpetuating mists and mugginess but should be better conditions by afternoon with some brighter spells of spring weather but clouds still hovering around. Northerlies vie with southerlies to bring in clearer conditions by evening thank goodness.

16th. More showery outbreaks possible during the afternoon, some moderate spring themes around temperature wise, though temps will vary throughout the day, though some sunshine or brighter conditions could cheer us up especially during the afternoon, though this means fog or mists for some low lying places by evening. Breezy westerlies begin to rev up the day….

17th. I expect some brighter weather today with seasonally mild conditions though strong winds could be the reason why. The westerlies become stronger, speedy and gusty…..a good day to dry out the washing and get rid of cobwebs…..

18th.Rain expected for most parts of the UK but especially here in our region. Some sunshine could accompany the weather during the day…still windy. Flood warnings look highly likely and some really messy conditions of some areas of UK westerly and beyond…….over next few days.

Batten down the hatches

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