Winters Past 2009 2010

WINTER 2009 2010

Forecast produced end of November 2009

We can expect a cold and stormy winter with some freezing over and snow at times, and some gusty squalls to contend with along with biting cold, dry, chilling winds. Get out the warmest clothes to protect yourself from some harsh extremes.
The south especially Cornwall, SW England and Southern Wales look likely to face disruptive weather and some major headline making events this winter, even as soon as the last week of December. The end of January brings headlines about disruptions to power supplies and water pipes. The North of England and Scotland, especially the SW Scotland will also encounter stormy weather to come, to add to that experienced mid November. The Severn area is cause for concern early in February, but hopefully I’m wrong…….
Tornadic winds likely around middle January and beyond, floods for our region after 27 January turbulent stormy conditions to the south of us especially the first week in February, with much snow around later that month combined with some stormy weather conditions to greet March.
An eventful time this winter weather wise so don’t take anything for granted.

Times report 1 March 2010-03-01
Statistics released yesterday showed that Britain had its coldest February since 1995 and the coldest winter since 1978-79. Data from MeteoGroup UK showed that rainfall was 20 per cent higher than average at about 3in (79mm) in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland had a sunnier than average month with 80 hours and 75 hours, but England’s sunshine hours were below average at 67. The sunniest place was Dunstaffnage, Argyll, with 106 hours. Luton had the least sunshine with 39 hours.

24th-31st December
First of all I have to say there is so much weather for this phase I cannot be totally confident that I will cover all eventualities, I single out just some events for you to consider.
This is an eventful week weather wise with high winds along with hugely disruptive blizzards likely with the south, SW England and Wales getting the worst of it, with some flash floods causing havoc for Christmas celebrations to these southern regions from 24th onwards. A stormy phase ahead……
24th Here heavy showers are likely, icy, hail sleet and short sharp cutting precipitation is likely with blustery icy winds and breezes to keep you cold.
25th Icy cold and frosty conditions with snowfall on high ground again any precipitations will be icy and there is potential for short sharp electrical showers bringing hail. Looks like a gloomy day with clouds bearing snow moving over in the skies.
26th-27th A more frosty outlook and more blizzards some with hail, sleet and snow will hit the headlines in our region as well. There could be a few sunshiny spells to break up the gloom, but breezes will be blustery north westerlies chilling and strong. Precipitation will be high especially to the SW and SE of England with record breaking flood levels likely.
28th Brings more wintery precipitation, heavy at times..expect snow hail and sleet showers. I expect most snow to fall on this day
29th More heavy precipitation, blustery breezes, lessening on 30th but heavier winter showers to arrive, snow likely.
31st Brings the heaviest downfall of all with floods expected to some regions with many flood warnings in place. Winds will be moderate to blustery with some potential for snowfall, especially on high ground.
RESULTS: 24th Fog all day, cold and some intermittent snow showers heavy at times.
25th snow cover already down, sunny day, some icy rain attempts late evening
26th sunny day more icy showers late evening with frost around early morning.
27th still drizzly from overnight some sun attempts with blustery breezes
28th No snow or rainfall, but frosty with icy temps.Snow showers hit high ground only, not here.
29th Here it was o/cast mild frost, no breeze early am…………………….some short snow attempt here around 10 am, in Huddersfield areas more snow fell around 9am than we got.
ACCURACY:The disruption to the south—Midlands area– and Wales that I predicted came true by evening 28th when headlines warned of blizzards and freezing fog causing havoc to drivers, and a foot of snows falling on high ground by 29th after blizzards hit areas around central and south Wales. Central and southern England expected more snow blizzards by 29th HOWEVER by 30th most low lying areas reported a result of less than expected snowfall…much to the disappointment of many! It was high ground which took the greatest battering by snow and the M62 was closed for 8 hours as snow blizzards swept across this part of our region and beyond.
30th here saw drizzle continue from evening of 29th, some snowflakes with rain. No breeze, just gloomy clouds…..accurate forecast for today for here, but on high ground ice and snow coverings from last night were still causing traffic problems…..

31st Dec 07th Jan
1st Still some gusty winds around less strong 203rd but by 4th gusty again. The heaviest precipitation is to be expected during the daytime especially 3rd Jan when some electrical conditions discharge clouds. Night skies will be clearer with invigorating air especially overnight 1-2nd January. Some light snow attempts may be around 31st–3rd but there could also be some sunny spells to brighten everyone up.
4th Any showers will be icy, short and sharp with more gusty breezes to keep you clutching hats and scarves
5th Brings in electrical conditions and older temps especially late at night with strong breezes and hail if not snow showers likely.
6th Brings variable weather icy showers some gloom to deal with along with strong winds again to blow you around.
7th Windy still with some quick showers around so take your brolly. 6-7th sees some weather reaching us that has been travelling over from the Atlantic cold in nature of course….expect the air to be crisp.
RESULT: Accurate except for wind conditions which proved less strong and occurred during the evenings only.

7-15 January

8thVery strong nippy winds keeping fingers cold any showers including snowy ones, will be short lived and some sunshine around during the day.
9th A windy and wet day!
10th Another murky day with spurts of whipping gusty weather to contend with as well.
11th Still gloomy cloud around, cold and breezy
12th Rain with variable temps but frosty early morning and late night, sudden lows to chill the bone with north westerlies prevailing. Rainfall early morning for us, much heavier to the south by evening.
13th-14th Sudden lowering of temps after overnight winds bringing in chills, and potential tornado activity by 14th, some blizzards breeding also.
15th16th Cold temps strong windy conditions with more hail sleet and snow blizzards around. Frosty night by 16th easing mid day. (Posted 16 January 2010 – 10:50
RESULT:Another overcast day with strong winds and frequent heavy rain. Wind seems to be gradually dying down. Temp. currently 3.8c after 6.6c in the early hours. From weatherworld tyne and Wear posted 16th Jan so they got the extra stron winds in NE)

15-23rd January
17th-19th Strong high speed gusty conditions southerly and easterly brining easing of some icy cold temps and any precipitation will be short and sharp some sunshine with cloud around.
19th-20th north westerlies prevail…always cold at this time of year, still milder temps for the season but some attempts at wintery showers by 19th
21st Early morning frost and snowfall, still windy but more moderate in nature.
22nd A few wintry blizzards can disrupt the day, windy again
23rd Frosty temps winds stronger and more heavy wintry showers by middle of the day, continuing into the evening very strong winds around also.

23rd-30th January
A very wet phase, high precipitation expected at the beginning and the end, I expect more snowfall especially 23-24th
24th Similar to 23rd expect cold frosty mornings cold temps prevail some cloud around also.
25th-27th Still breezy but less likelihood of showers and skies should be clearer with some sunny spells but also sudden icy lows by 27th and frosts along with more gusty winds some from south possibly a tornado breeds on 27th some snow blizzards on high regions with high precipitation with flood potential in SE regions likely-Suffolk area?
28th Overnight showers start the day some attempts at thawing around mid day with wet conditions to contend with. Some sunshine but not enough to dry things out and temps will still be extra low for the next few days as well……..
29th Sudden outbreaks of icy winter showers likely, snow for some regions, especially late at night extremely icy temps but during the day the sun could break out but not enough to warm you up! A warning to make sure all water pipes are insulted from cold and power supplies could be affected at this time of the year while in Australia we could get news of spontaneous electrical combustion starting forest fires.Energy and power supplies can also be disturbed due to excess static in the atmosphere, so like boy scouts be prepared! Reminiscences about 4-5th Feb 1963 will be relayed in news items.
30th dry day sunny winds becoming stronger again later in the day some spray around mid day and last thing at night, not a good time to plan a walk in the woods! In spite of these conditions 28th- 30th should see some sun around loud and proud! Any wintry showers, especially on 29th will be short and sharp, though frequent.

30th Jan -5th February
Outlook windy, cold gloomy, wet with storms likely, heaviest to the south of England with winds becoming extremely strong gales, destructive in nature with the south especially vulnerable Expect strong winds to disrupt transport and travel plans.
31st Winds likely to be stronger and gustier arriving in spurts bringing in some spray mid day and last thing at night.
1st Variable temps and sudden lows, unsettled air with showers expected after mid day, winds getting troublesome now and for the next 4 days.
2nd Easing of temps still cold, some icy showers late night.
3rd Winds still howling and blustery but blowing clouds around allowing some sun to smile through.
4th Short sharp electric showers greet the day still gusty
5th A wet and oppressive day. Very heavy rain expected a stormy day cold and intense especially further south when drains come under strain from high levels of water draining of the land. Flood warnings to be expected.

5th-14th February
Generally turning into a drier phase cold and frosty in nature some sunshine with strong winds keeping things wintry, but some areas struggling with residual water damage at the outset.

6th Weather changeable drying out during the morning and more moderate conditions around, mostly cold frosty, some cloud but some heavy showers threaten later in the day.
7th Colder temps but everything points to this turning into a stormy kind of day with a chance of high downfall by evening. Some sun around 10-12pm mid day, gloomy late afternoon 3-7pm. expect very strong winds I expect Bristol Channel areas and Severn boundaries up to Blackpool and further north to be hit by this weather more than us….we’ll see…
8th Still breezy blue skies early morning to mid day again, any showers will arrive later an overnight.
9th-10th Still breezy, some snowy clouds in the sky and easing of temps.
11th Could see some early mist and frost any showers arrive mid eve 6-9 short sharp like hail or sleet.
12th More short sharp wintry showers heavier to the north with snow on high ground.
13th Cloud and damp conditions and mists in some areas but high velocity whipping winds to deal with and lower temps, easterlies very early morning veering NW by late breakfast.
14th Potential icy showers by 9 am, slightly milder temps mists or cloud around snow breeding conditions for some localities……..especially on those on high ground…Some strong N Westerlies could argue with easterly flows. Icy showers again to end the days well.

14th-22nd February
Generally varying weather trends with swift changes to weather conditions this week ahead. Cold conditions continue but cloudy weather develops with heralds some gloomy air but less biting temps as the cloud hovers to keep in any warmth that might be generated Any rainy spells arrive overnight thank goodness so some hope for a few sunshiny days especially late afternoon.

15th More snow attempts combine with varying icy lows less wind.
16th some white to decorate the scenery mild to no breeze
17th Wintry showers, hail or sleet like short and sharp intermittent also.
18th White cloud around, colder but some sun during the day, unsettled conditions generally.
19th Colder temps today with breezes blowing your breath away, any showers, snow for some areas, fall late evening.
20th Cold winds keep air extra cool ….wrap up warmly…
21st Clouds and mists around along with NW, showers likely overnight especially to the south
22 Very heavy downfall with north and easterly flow, a gloomy outlook ahead especially along our eastern coastal regions and NW Scotland Pembrokeshire and Cornwall look especially gloomy disease outbreaks are likely to be dominating the headlines this week and for some weeks to come. Some snow also expected to fall.

22-28th February
A more cheerful phase cold but some exhilarating air and sunshine to encourage gardeners walkers and sporty types .Some electrical precipitation short sharp and sweet characterises this weeks precipitation patterns(hindsight yes 21-23 had this type of precip and weather)…Neptune adds dangers of mistiness, some freak weather patterns and dangers of fog with high levels of moisture to be expected for the next 26 days till mid March and beyond (this began on 24th but below I have it for 27th!!)…..don’t say we didn’t warn you!!! Precipitation will be sudden but lower than usual.

23rd Any short sharp icy showers will stop as soon as they began around 3pm otherwise more moderate breezes some cloud and moisture around and mistiness with some sun spells.
24th Late evening shower attempts after a sunny afternoon (H/S misty start with 2-3 nches of snowfall from start of day at around 1–5 am)
25th A nicer day but cold overnight snow on high ground especially, dampness could prevail
26th Any showers arrive early but some sunny conditions, cold with blue skies for next few days some sudden gusty air flows.
27th Misty start early nebulous wind or breeze conditions some cloud but still good outdoor weather eventually, gustier air later. Very cold temps
28th Early showers variable day, breezy some showers could arrive by 3pm but expect these to be short and sharp, we will see cloud but some invigorating air, and southerlies bring a less icy temp to enjoy.

28th Feb-7th March
Stormy outlook towards the second half, humidity and electrical conditions at the start, cold windy with some heavy downfall in some localities, Kent/Suffolk areas most likely will experience the storms more keenly, some freaky or unusual weather, blizzards if not snow storms by 7th

1st Cold mists and frosts around NW winds, strong but clearer conditions by late afternoon with some blue sky and sunshine Any showers short sharp electrical in nature winds veer NW by midnight escalating in velocity.
2nd The promise of spring arrives today. Cold conditions to begin the day, but some more spring like conditions as the Sun gets stronger, strong wind with rain. Air sharp and clear some blue skies to enjoy by afternoon some cloud late evening and more blustery breezes.
3rd Sun with cloud a fair day generally after easterlies create a stormy start before sunrise
4th Showers may be around before sunrise sleet or snow showers likely, cold temps warn of a frosty outlook but clear skies again later
5th Brings extremely heavy downfall, cold temps snow on high ground some southerlies moderate the air, drains will be overstretched again leading to some flood conditions for some localities…..
6th Electric showers early morning by a milder though muggy spring like day with some south easterlies around, but this is a storm breeding condition which will manifest on 7th when very heavy showers are expected especially late in the day with high velocity north westerlies making things unpleasant, but clearing the gloom and static brought in by the south easterlies, though flooding could upset play in our region sadly. Hopefully some strong Jupiterian rays could also bring some spring like sunshine in the next three days 7-10th in spite of other conditions around.

7th-15th March
Another electrical phase with weather turning really nasty on occasions.
8th Early morning rain along with very strong NW winds clear and sunny after mid day cloud late evening
9th Winds continue strong gale force at times NO!!; any rain arrives by late afternoon with clouds scurrying along yes to clouds no to rain!
10th Gusty sharp winds and biting, can be destructive in nature late shower by late evening some blizzard like conditions could arrive. NO! a sunny day
11th Early showers wind noisy, drier afternoon some sun expected. BREEZY but a glrorious start, icy temps!
12th Fog or mists around in valleys today keeping temps more moderate
13th more electrical outbursts hail sleet along with some SW winds but not altogether unpleasant.(accurate for today but outbreaks scanty)
14th Rain by evening, strong southerlies prevailing but meeting with some icy temps which can be a tornado breeder today but especially tomorrow 15th by 7 pm bringing an end to what could be a spring like day otherwise. (Very Accurate for today)
Both days cold and icy temps overnight difficult to locate the tornado on 15th could even be in our region. Snow and frost on high ground especially 14th-15th and continuing in some cold conditions for the next six days and more.

15-20th March
This phase shows the birth pangs of spring with some stormy outbreaks to accompany the equinoctial shift as the sun rises above the equator. Thundertorms are guaranteed 16-17th with winds and electrical outbursts expected in the days ahead. Temperatures can be very icy even though the birth of spring is in the air.
16th Should be a clear start, cold with developing static and overcast by mid day heavy showers likely. Changeable conditions t/out strong winds liven up the outlook by evening if not before. 17th Thunder and lightening expected with powerful SW winds to add excitement to the mix, some tornado type breeders expected.
18th Heavy showers early but blue skies, cold with some cloud as the day progresses some very strong SE winds around to warm up some chilly temps as well
19th Early overnight showers but some sun in the morning but an unsettled day, gloomy by evening when winds get stronger gale force velocity likely by 20th to greet the equinoctial shift.

Nature Sleeps

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