Winters Past 2008-2009

Long Range Forecast Winter 2008/09

The following report is an astro analysis of weather trends for winter to Spring equinox season. It is written for the Yorkshire district but especially for Leeds folk, though there may also be references to weather further afield. It takes a long time to do these forecasts but in the hands of a competent astro met, long range weather forecasts can be more reliable than often the national met.

Each phase referred to doesn’t follow a Sunday to Saturday week but does follow lunar phases, which do last about seven, sometimes eight days.

I have only been studying this field of astrology for 2-3 years and am still refining the best predictive techniques for the UK weather predictions. However, this is the first time I have posted a whole season’s results on my website, so enjoy…….

Winter for our region looks cold, icy cold at times, also very wet with floods threatening some disruption to roads and transport.

5th-12 Dec
Wintry showers in the north and south with cold northerly winds bringing frosty temps along with some snow, expect icy conditions overnight with thawing likely during the day. Dry around 11th.

12-19 Dec
Heavy precipitation with cloud around 12-14, with 12th heralding some tempestuous weather with likelihood of snow/slushy conditions. There could be some dramatic weather headlines for the SE of our region and floods around the Yorkshire region and midlands due to heavy wintry downfall coming down from NW Scotland, with some crossing over from Wales also.

19-25th Dec
Northerly winds blowing in some icy cold weather bringing some gloomy freezing fog conditions on occasions. Some blue skies will be around however especially by 25th which is milder, still breezy with cold northerlies blowing, with some thawing and sunny weather around, though a few snow flurries which may not last long. It looks gloomier to the NW of UK.
By 27th it gets colder with more frost and wintry showers threatened. By 30-31 expect more heavy sleet and snow with some northerlies still around and colder temperatures.

4-11 Jan
Floods are likely to hit our region again as heavy snowfall is likely 3-4th, accompanied by some freezing fog conditions, especially in valleys and plains, then again more showers 6-8th bringing more wintry conditions if not snow storms and blizzards likely accompanied by high fierce North winds, especially affecting latitude 48-52 North which covers from midlands to North of Yorkshire and beyond. But there could also be blue skies around 6-8th, though expect some flooding as snow recedes especially in our region by 9-10th when thawing will take place.

11-18th Jan Full Moon
Milder temperatures but still some winter showers by 10-13, then 14-15 sleet could arrives but some nice sunny spells also to melt cares and ice away. Still some north winds blowing and these can bring in some cold temperatures.

18-26th Jan
Notice this is an 8day lunar eek which is unusual
Gloomy and unpleasant weather coming over with more floods likely. An Icy start to this phase brings snow by 18-19th with strong winds blowing some freezing snow blasts our way and hail sleet and snow can be around 20-21, then again by 24th but a more mellow phase follows.

26th Jan – 2nd Feb
Not as wet as last phase, and temps can be milder, but this brings danger of snow flurries by 26th followed by hail and even some sleet conditions along with it, accompanied by strong gales becoming tempestuous by 27th, this could result in localised flooding also. Cold and frosty weather arrives by 29th becoming colder by 31st january-3rd Feb with winds blowing in some cold conditions.

2nd-9th Feb
Begins cold and icy with some extra low temperatures to deal with. 4th -7th slightly less icy but we’ll still have cold with gusty winds about from 6-7th. 7-8th could bring in some icy winter showers which can lead again to some flooding in the region as they thaw.

9th Feb-4th March
Some stormy weather around with freezing temps.
Snow ice and frosty coverings begin this phase as icy temps continue by 12th hailstorms and blizzards likely with strong winds blowing. South West and N W Scotland look set to get worst conditions but we get some bad weather till 13-14 when things clear up with clearer skies likely, though 15/16 also could bring in some showers of snow.

4-11th March
3-4th should see some sunny spells but cold temps and frosty spells continue as sever weather subsides. 5-7yj brings in some winter showers with windy conditions. After 7th expect some drier weather still some lows around but some sunshine during the day to cheer everyone up a little, reminding us that spring is just around the corner–thank goodness.

11-18th March
Cold start still some sun around but grievous slushy and slabby conditions 12-13th with icy conditions and lows at night likely with frost and fog likely. 13-15th some melting moments with milder conditions prevailing, but again expect some floods coming into play by 17-18, especially in lowland river valleys along with high tides.

18th-20th March with 20th being the day of the spring solstice.
18-19th brings more cold winter showers, possible some snow as well and by 20-23 we can expect some very heavy precipitation with localised flash flooding especially near coastal and river plains with high tides bringing added dangers to thee regions as well. The moon moves North on 25th March making it pretty prone to raising tides, but also heralding more clement weather once it passes the equator. This phase is reminiscent of the flooding of Humberside in 1947, which also happened at this stage of the season at the equinox. The 20-23rd is especially giving out of warning of danger in this regard and it does look like the Aire and tributaries are at risk of flood levels being high.

Keep smiling wotever the wevver

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