Summers Past 2010

Summer Weather 2010

See predictions below for summer for regions around Leeds/Bradford West Yorks.

This summer we have Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra a dry sign, so what can we expect weather wise from this combi? We have to go back to 1982 to see previous effects:-

Will the volcano have an effect on the weather this summer?
The years 1980, 1981, and 1982, for example, saw several major volcanic eruptions adding large quantities of particulate volcanic material and volatiles to the stratosphere, including the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington, on May 18, 1980, and a large eruption of Mount Hekla, Iceland, on August 17, 1980. The 1982 series of eruptions from El Chichón volcano, Mexico, caused death and destruction in the populated area around the volcano, but a further reaching impact may result from the effect on Earth’s climate because of the enormous ejection of volcanic material into the stratosphere. (from

What was 1982 like in terms of weather?

Taken from:
July [1982] – Dry and rather dull with temperatures close to average.

The opening fortnight was rather unsettled, and although temperatures were near normal at first, some very warm or hot days developed. On both the 8th and 9th there were highs of 28°C., with 27°C., recorded on the 13th. High pressure dominated the weather after mid month, but it was often situated to the north or northwest of the country and sometimes brought rather cloudy skies and temperatures rather below normal. The month ended with thundery rain.

However we also have Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries a scorching and dry sign and in 1927 July and August these two planets conjoined twice in the sign but it was the wettest year for rainfall when a record 329mm of rainfall was recorded. However the total solar eclipse in Cancer for that year could be partly to blame, but guess what? The same total eclipse in Cancer is scheduled for a revisit this year, though the pathway is not through Britain in 2010, as it was in June 1927, but arches across Tahiti starting from Norfolk Island and stretching as far as the tip of South America in the southern hemisphere……..

29th June 1927 saw the first total solar eclipse to be seen on Britain’s mainland for over 203 years when people travelled miles onto moors or offshore Wales to get a view of the event ( 6 degrees Cancer Leo rising 6 23 05 am) and in Palestine:’’ The Palestine earthquake of July 11, 1927, which was quite as severe at Ramleh and Ludd as anywhere else. Jaffa on the other hand was not damaged. Other cities along the coast, Gaza to the south and Haifa to the north, had escaped. The violence at Ramleh and Ludd was very local.’’ (

A truly eventful summer to come around the world in the northern hemisphere at least, with some seismic activity already active in Iceland we will have more of this type of ‘’weather ‘’ along with earthquakes, cyclones and floods, as well as tornadoes to add to headline news. Giant hailstones should feature with outbursts creating sensational headlines. I expect some amazing gales for us this autumn though so be sure to return to find out when these are likely…..

In West Yorkshire we have some floods to come, but also some lovely high—if not scorching– temperatures and fair weather to enjoy along with some prolonged dry spells. Around 10th July (I’m 2 days out after deluge hit Norfolk and Suffolk on 12th, then Bristol had rip tides with high speed squalls on 13/14: we got deluge on 14th with cracking t/storm then 19th 20th Keswick Liverpool hit by floods again) we could see some strong destructive weather trends with wet conditions but gardeners will probably be the ones to benefit from the deluge! Winds can be strong this summer on occasions, with some varying hot and cold pressures colliding at a few intervals, leading to a few tornadoes hitting headline news in Britain over the summer, but wait till autumn for the real all time record breaking wind activity.

I get high temps peaking around the following dates: 13,15,18,31 July: 14 August:: 1,14 September. Generally middle and end of July is hot along with mid and end of June, and September, while mid August brings the high temps for that month for our region. From 4-11th July I picked up a strong windy outlook which looks lively and interesting and we could see this hitting headlines for some parts of UK. 16-24 August is not a good week t/out our UK so don’t plan for outdoor activities and expect them to run smoothly….So read on for the weather in more detail……..I expect at least an 80% accuracy level sometimes 100% for some weeks…….forecasting rain is the most difficult due to micro climates which can rain a hailstorm or quick showers on one street while the next street remains dry!!

The good news is at least we will have at least some occasional nice summer weather for those lovely outings which create memories that last.

19 -26th June
Cool with rain moving across to east of us at the start, but some fine days to come with electrical conditions.
The South West of England looks to be navigating some difficult weather patterns at the start of this phase and we will be experiencing some cooler trends overall with rainy outbreaks but better conditions for the second half of this phase.
19th Stormy weather fronts arrive… I expect heavy rain t/out most of England at the start of the day moving east with some moderate temperatures once gloomy clouds pass over leading to slightly better weather during the afternoon.
Areas around Salcombe and SW regions look vulnerable and Grimsby, regions around London could be hard hit as well. I expect news of a localised tornado for around this date also, not necessarily in the W Yorks region.
20th Any precipitation arrives before sunrise. Breeziness prevails, cloud with sun, some blue skies especially for afternoon
21st is solstice day and we normally expect heavy rain to arrive with scenes of a very muddy Glastonbury on TV screens…I have a variable outlook for the morning with cloud around temperatures fluctuating from highs breeding electrical conditions and could discharge heavy outbreaks by mid night . Strong winds likely including tornado activity in some locality either today or tomorrow which is very difficult to define for a UK astro met without taking up a whole day to locate it, but it certainly revs up the summer outlook!
22 Heavy rain regionally 2-7am approx and again 5-7 pm expect temps cool to moderate along with breezy conditions, the afternoon could be drier and late at night some cold fronts around so wrap up warm.
23 Nice day with fresh invigorating air.
24 cool temps around still breezy sun with cloud t/out.
25th Strong windy conditions, sudden strong gusts, any heavy rain could arrive by lunch for some localities in the region, and again by mid night but day should be dry with some sunshine around.
26th sees NW winds but a fine day, occasional Spartan showers 11-12 am but good weather overall…..see next

26th June-3rd July
Barbeque time with some fine weather expected….
26th Fine day could break out eventually bringing warmth but cooling northerlies, fresh atmosphere and wool packed clouds.
27th Fair day still some cloud around and cool breezy activity.
28th Some showers could break out 8-10 am getting heavier as they travel to eastern areas but subsiding by mid day much clearer by evening. Sharp gusty wind activity westerly but warming, watch for some red clouds forming……
29th Rising temps but electrical outbursts quick showery spells around mid day, some cloud and some disruption to air traffic continues perhaps due to Iceland’s volcano, sharp gusty westerlies around as well
30th Fair day sun with cloud still breezy—noisy whistling type Mists could form by late evening with lively short showers between 5-7 pm
1-3rd July Blue sky, some cloud, temps humid and mild to cool, some squally type conditions around the region especially in lowlands. Weather should stay this way till 3rd when we get warmer trends but rainy magnetic stormy outbreaks early morning…heavy especially to NE England with potential to bring flooding………

4-11th July
Generally for this phase of the moon cloud or rainy spells are more intense from evening to midnight onwards, and while this proves to be an electrical phase again with spartan showers, some mists if not fog around but strong winds characterise the weather for this phase and air travel will be affected.

4th Electrical atmosphere, seasonally warm sunshine, cloud nice bright weather to greet the day but cold squalls could also threaten
5th Unusual wind flurries, cooling dry air flows sun with cloud gusty breezes expect cloud if not mist to build late evening.
6th A turn in the weather—-any electrical build up expected to discharge today from overnight electrical showers arrive then again 8-9 am strong winds, gusty, high velocity in some areas especially high ground, will accompany the precipitation.
7th Temps cooler still windy more showers around 4-10am but temps warming up… mid day, pleasant outlook for rest of day but more clouds and showers by evening.
8th Some unsettled conditions from 1 am onwards but clearing by afternoon which should turn out pleasant. Wind disturbance should die down any showers may arrive by 4pm approx with cloud for late evening.
9th Strong erratic gusty winds, wilder to east of our region and on high slopes NW winds bring in cooler air, fairer weather to North. Easterlies are active also and some rain could arrive 2pm onwards this is indicative of tornado type activity…it seems this could be more to the north of us and to east if not over in Europe where news takes us about this weather pattern Rough seas and high tides expected near coastline….
10th Scorpio moon perigee and on equator….not one to celebrate!!! High tides and high levels of rain could fall o/night and flood levels including drains overstretched in many places A stormy wet day……….

11-18th July
Hopefully any bad weather will be subsiding now for us at least, though we will be hearing news of how this sysygy has upset many regions around the world for days to come……..we can expect a more settled weather phase after the ups and down of previous weeks……and some BRILLIANT HOT WEATHER TO COME>>>>>>>>I expect airline news for this weeks headlines
11 Cloud some sun showers threaten around 2-3 pm but nice evening to share…
12th Blue skies a little cloud and some breeze also but nice day.
13 same as yesterday but clearer skies expected….any showers arrive 1-3 pm temps rising..
14 Any rainfall out of the way by 2 am could even be hail shower, leading way to a very pleasant summer day with TEMPS RISING AGAIN
15th Some noisy breezes around but temps still good but some cooling at night after shower around 6-8pm approx
16th-18th some cold pockets of air could now begin to wind their way into the warmth of summer…so always take a jumper on outings showers around 6-8 pm on 16th but day should be pleasant and warm generally, winds get brisker on 17th westerlies could prevail, 18th is hotter but strong NW winds revving up, and any showers arrive by 2-4 am so mostly hot sunny days to enjoy for this era—but watch out for sudden low pockets especially on high ground and in valleys.

18-26th July
Earthquake activity could be lively around the British Isles around this phase, especially 22 -24th, but weather is still good drier with very HIGH TEMPS HURRAH!!! 25th looks like some rain could spoil play around late afternoon cooling things down, but we might be pleased for the interlude
21 is slightly breezy and temps hotter still by 23rd and breezier, gusty by 24th, and by 25th some noisy southerlies could bring in warm air

26th July 3rd August
This phase should normally be the barbeque one, but I would set out your stall with wind breaks if you want to enjoy the seasonal feast as there is likely to be some disturbed atmospherics around, including some unusual wind conditions to contend with especially 28-30th. My advice is go for the barbeque on 26th, for though there may be a few showers of electrical discharge they are unlikely to crate too much of a drenching to spoil the food or gathering.

Electrical phase could bring hail showers….. 28th-30th phase brings a change to summer conditions where strong winds can arise and atmospheric changes make it difficult to give a full forecast due to so many change and varying conditions swinging from squally weather to gusty high velocity winds in some localities. The air is under attack from malefic Mars and Saturn, and I expect some news of aeroplane events to circulate the headlines, though hopefully I’m wrong!

26th electrical and static donations some spray if not hail showers, around but although clouds breed and form we can expect drier conditions some sun spells and more mod summer temps and nebulous breezes
27th Cloudy start very breezy day, sudden outbursts by 8-9 pm approx some southerlies active bringing in more static to deal with.
28th Some winds develop a tornado breeding outlook, temps muggy but rain expected to clear the atmosphere with erratic wind conditions due to conflicts of N Westerly winds often at high velocity…
29th Dry day sunny warm some blue sky but strong wind/breezes across high ground and some sudden lows in temps. NE England around Durham could face worst of windy weather.
30th Still some squalls around cold air descending but drying unsettled atmosphere some sun to cheer us up; overnight skies should be stunning so plan for a midnight feast…
31 Cloud mid day till late evening short sharp shower 1-2 am approx, temps rising some better conditions to enjoy
1 cloudy mid day and evening could be more news of terrorist activity, more settled weather less volatile wind or breezes and lovely night skies, day should be nice too….
2 Same as yesterday after some light refreshing showers around mid day to keep blossoms blooming….
3 nice summer day after rain before sunrise….

3-10th August
Fair weather phase, sunny and hot, with breezes around on 6 and 8th, noisy on 5th and rising temps to get us heated up for 6-8.
3rd-5th could still be some cold lows around…

10-16th August

Another fine weather phase with blue skies though Pembroke, Landsend and NW Scotland might not have as fair a week…..we get some lovely summer weather 13th sees temps rising continuing ever higher 14-15th, ( Yep 15th had highs and so did 16th……h/s) on 16th a few noisy breezes around. ( yep 17th as well when they got strong westerlies?)Any rainfall could arrive overnight 12-13th but mostly dry conditions with pleasant summer days to enjoy especially afternoon and evenings( TRUE how accurate am I!!!) Some record breaking weather will be achieved during this phase with hot temps t/out especially 14th S Wales and Cornwall or even NW England and East Scotland could see the heavier rainfall promised for 16-17th ( 13th poured down 8pm according to Caroline…..bucketing it down on 17th as well as predicted!!!)

16-24th August
Outlook stormy and not very nice at all……
16th Rings in some dramatic weather event with rain affecting Southern regions of England quite badly, drains under stress to many areas and news of floods. This will move across to eastern regions by 17th…prepare for a nasty deluge with damage to land and homes expected. 18-21st will also be wet days with torrential rain affecting many places along with floods. N England and Scotland NW and John O Groats regions especially lower Midlands, S Wales areas also vulnerable. Very volatile winds by 19th but 21st should see these awful conditions subside but winds will still be very gusty, and 22-24 is when it begins to dissipate though some scattered sudden showers may still break out in some areas with temps fluctuating from hot to cold as summer tries to sustain but battles low pressure.
22-23rd sees cold air pockets to contend with and some breezy weather.

24th-1 September

Slightly better phase, but then anything is an improvement after the last phase!!
Less rain around but still a lot of mopping up of damage to do from last week. A chill factor can be around during the evenings so don’t forget to take a jacket wherever you go…Mars is likely to bring some kind of extreme weather event into play at this phase in east Asia region and beyond…

24th Cloud with sun but drier day
25th Rain early afternoon but some sunshine with NW keeping things cool…summer seems to have deserted us now…
26th Northerlies keep things cool but some southerlies bring in a promise of a warm up air wise anyway…triggers mentioned on 29th can also happen today and tomorrow….watch for headline news….
27th NW with easterly flows can be cloudy but mostly sun and dry with temps rising……
28th Could be early morning rain cloud around 1-2 am and some snappy westerlies during a summer day with cloud around.
29th Cold spells to contend with but a fair day and at least more settled conditions than we’ve had…The lunar eclipse of 11 July is activated today so we could hear news this week onwards of cyclones or typhoon type or seismic activity over in East China, Philippines or Hong Kong regions…..and beyond could be unusual monsoon activity in NE India also…
30th Potential for rain around mid day temps rising a bit broody
31 Gentle southerlies refreshing precipitation around sunrise clearing away any residual bad air from last week temps could be on the rise again…..but this will build into lots of static by evening and rainfall as a
1st Some heavy rain expected today some from early morning from 5 am approx heavy at times but refreshing also, temps still rising during the day building static, rainfall expected to be heavy and long lasting…some floods look likely…

1-8th September
rain at outset continues heavy at times across to eastern parts, some high levels of precipitation expected at the start, some clouds and rain around 3-5th some snappy westerlies on 4th, and some howling windy conditions by 5thsnappy by evening, cloudy but drier weather by 6th when breezes make their presence felt, southerly in nature by 7th along with warmer temps and dry day on 8th

8-15th September
We have a full sysygy or supermoon on 8th which promises to bring in news of weather headlines around this time either before or after the 8th, destructive in nature in some parts of globe in the northern hemisphere, but happily for us some of the bad conditions are way outside our region.
We will experience some electrical outpourings which could lead to localised hailstorms and evenings outbreaks of lightening. Some mists and fog could also arise days may be dry but dampness around late evening or early morning . 14th-16th tend to see the higher temps
(review: 10 September 2010 Last updated at 10:38 An amateur cameraman has filmed the scene from Atrani in southern Italy when a mudslide crashed through the village. Cars and debris were swept into the central piazza and at least one person is missing.
9th Sept Colorado: About 3,500 people have been evacuated from the path of the fire in Fourmile Canyon, near the city of Boulder.
7th Sept Northern Ireland deluge Lough Fea in Northern Ireland received nearly 107mm of rain in just 3 days when the monthly average is 65mm.
10th Sept Fireball due to gas explosion hits california )

8th Early morning rain cloud and sea frets off east coast of our region fro outset. Some outbreaks of rain and cloudy conditions for us 4pm onwards, or just cloud as precipitation moves over eastern areas, but a generally dry day, quick sudden outbursts of hail or fast showers from 6pm onwards Cloud could block sunshine attempts cold air and seasonally cool temps
9th Southerly breezes and some mistiness at the outset with a quick shower likely 6-7 am clearer skies 8-10 am some sun spells with cloud. Dry day continues with some warmth from sun but rain expected again by evening quite heavy at times
10th Early mists fog in some areas clearing late, northerlies and westerlies strong at times cool temps
11th Early mists or haze clearing by mid morning, sunny spells with cloud continues during day, some heavy rain conditions begin to form to the west of England and very heavy rain expected by 7-8 pm. Could be strong winds accompanying this weather system, cold temps. Clearer skies after rainfall.
12th Should be a fair day though heavy showers threaten again late at night
13th Better outdoor conditions to enjoy but strong windy/breezy conditions to keep this dry and ward off rain hopefully..
14th Same as yesterday but some warmer temps as wind currents turn southerly conflicting with N Westerlies
15th Varying temps a dry start but some high levels of rain expected to fall could lead to flood levels of precipitation record breaking for some localities and continues to ravel eastwards Yorks, Pickering, Grimsby regions at risk but also other regions of UK Temps fluctuate t/out but by mid day some warmer conditions could arise as the sun tried to chase away any cooling that takes place during rainfall.
16th Another electrical outburst with lightening for some regions, adding to heavy levels of surface water and flood damage already encountered. Warmth and humidity t/out the day but fairer conditions towards the afternoon.
17thAny showery outbreaks are expected around 5-7 pm strong northerlies around humidity reigns with seasonal temps
18thNoisy winds/breezes whistling down chimneys, cold pockets of air warn of the cold winter to come, a chill factor around near high ground but a fairer day otherwise.
19-20th noisy windy conditions some sun with cloud, varying temps with cold air pockets around descending from high places tornado breeding conditions for 20-21st also
21-23rd I expect high force gales to get us prepared for more to come this autumn……….Rain expected along with high levels of rain with varying temps due to equinox and sun going south for the winter here. Some high humidity along with some tempestuous conditions and more record breaking weather to SW and NE UK by 21/22. Some sunny spells could interrupt the bad conditions.

Sunshine and smiles to come>>>

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