Spring Weather 2011

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Spring Weather 2011

( If you are wanting a preview of Summer Weather 2011 for West Yorkshire and beyond then visit http://www.starsite.org.uk where I have already posted what to expect and singled out some weeks in August for you to book your holiday or not!)

A cool spring expected with some milder interludes, though characterised by wet and windy extremes. March could see some seasonal highs hitting the maxima celsius range for the month around pre and post 21st of the month though some cold lows arrive on the 20-21st when sudden temperature changes can see icy Nor Westerly cold pockets of air descending from high slopes and moving easterly, with increased wind speeds, providing wind chills, low temperatures especially chilly on high ground, particularly in Scotland.

Some intermittent erratic windy weather will come in over the spring months along with some stormy outbreaks and these erupt from the beginning.

The end of March heralds a virus breeding climate where news of rapidly spreading flu and other viral illnesses hit the headlines.

The good news is the Jupiter with Mars conjunction seems to bring a warm summer if occurring in June as in 1975, the bad news is it brings notably wet springs when it happens in Spring as in 1930, 1932 and 1934—oh dear and this year it happens in May….auguring a potentially wet time for us as it happens on 1st May this year!! However, don’t get disheartened because if I have done my job properly the phase from 4th May looks like summer arrives with much nicer temperatures reigning, followed by some nice weeks in June as well. Generally some of the highs for the season, though not all of them, centre around 6-10th of each month and 12-15th approximately.

There is a strong likelihood that some maxima temps will be reached for March competing with those in 1928/29 but read on for a more detailed account. We do have Uranus still hovering around the equator and this can generate some cold erratic windy weather as in 1927/28

Jupiter with Mars 1-3rd May can bring in some snow events, mostly down south, though I didn’t see any for us in W Yorks, but it can also bring some sunny days and warmer trends.
Spring also brings in some viral problems and this year competes with 1951 for seeing interest rates remaining at an all time low.

I do expect a 90% accuracy level for these predictions and if I get lower it isn’t because astrology cannot predict the weather, it means I haven’t given enough time to analysing and interpreting the trends in detail.

19th 26th March

Outlook is blustery and unsettled with potential stormy electrical outbursts, floods likely to follow heavy outbursts, with some high speed winds in exposed regions and high speed gales could have arrived to NW Scotland 18th and continue across northern regions. There will be some fine weather to enjoy however when clear skies provide some fine visibility with sunshine, but blustery conditions. Some electrical discharge is inevitable. This phase is full of seismic features so expect news of large earthquakes and some stormy conditions causing trouble at sea, to hit the headlines for this phase. The Moon 19th is close to our planet, and sysygy, forming an alignment with earth that always brings stormy unsettled conditions with widespread bad weather outbreaks around the globe, and this is near the equinox when we usually get turbulent weather. Due to the moon travelling to the southern hemisphere at this time it will drag some of the bad weather in a southwards direction.

19th Heavy rain coming in from west looks likely with floods for some regions by late afternoon Temperatures look mild but with cold pockets, wind chill in exposed high places and high speed gales are likely to northern regions, but strong winds here.
20th Clouds/mists likely, should be some sunshine around during the day, but still windy, strong whipping at times with variable speed, temperatures moderate, rising by mid day, but clouds still around late evening clearing overnight.
Cold chills around at the start, but sun brings some attempts at warmth by mid day to sheltered regions, extremely cold in high exposed outposts, but warm and rising temps in sheltered areas, could be some quick outbreaks of hail or sleet.
22nd A fairer outlook with temps improving, but some static could begin to build with sudden showery outbreaks. NW Winds could be erratic and strong at times today/tomorrow
23rd Fair weather interrupted by electrical discharge rain even thundery outbursts, sleet or hail likely with the promise of bluer skies to follow once the precipitation ends.
24th I’m plumping for a fair day with higher seasonal temps and a fine day for outdoors though still lots of static around which can cause quick isolated showers. Hot sticky air likely to continue as easterly air blows over, with some precipitation likely
25th Fair skies with cloud intervals, but still some outbursts of quick showers are likely intermittently especially late at night with north westerlies blowing. Some unsettled atmospherics can still prevail. Cooler temps at the start of the day more moderate as it progresses
26th Could be early precipitation.. A fairer outlook later with southerlies bringing warmer breezes and nor westerlies adding to the mix, so expect breezy/windy conditions, strong for some areas over next few days, but temps still seasonally mild.

26th March -3rd April
Outlook unsettled.
Some fine weather tries to break out but this battles with some stormy outbursts and continuing unsettled damp muggy conditions with flooding likely to still be causing problems in some localities at the outset, as Spring continues to break its way into our hemisphere.
Electrical outburst still likely, with drenching rain potential for eastern regions threatening to move west. Wind/ breezy conditions continue for the UK with news of tempestuous conditions from many regions of the globe expected.
Some unseasonable conditions arrive and EQ news arrives in the headlines. Similar conditions to when EQ hit Windermere and Staveley last year phase beginning 3rd August. The seismicity centres around 1st April long 30 – 40 East and 40- 50 north latitude.
Financial interests will still be prominent and newsworthy, with interest rates still low as in 1951 when they were at an all time low. This week could also see news related to viral illnesses.

26th as above

27th My notes say this is cold enough to snow! Let’s hope not, but this phrase seems like the elements are throwing a mix of weather our way and can’t decide whether it’s winter, summer or spring throughout these days! There does seem to be milder temps with all the cloud around, but northerlies blow for the next few days, and showery outbreaks look set to arrive t/out today The afternoon could brighten but the evening looks gloomy again.
28th Intermittent showers throughout, heavy at times with southerlies bringing in muggy and unsettled weather conditions. Storms across mainland Europe can be tempestuous and widespread over following days.
29th -1st Virus breeding conditions are prevalent now, mild to humid, and we can expect news of these spreading rapidly in this mild but damp climate brought in on southerly air flow. Should be some sunshine around but quick showery outbreaks such as hail is also expected with static discharge and some windy/breezy conditions to contend with. Late evening on 30th will be cloudy and gloomy, rain likely, while on 31st rain, if not a thunderstorm comes over western regions later in the day and could arrive here for 1st with some westerly winds helping them speed on their way.
2nd-3rd Short sharp showers from mid morning, and mid afternoon; temperatures rising at mid day with sunny outbreaks, and potential for tornado activity to the south of us, along with some rainy outbursts. Strong nor westerlies with varying speed expected. Temperatures can be variable from sudden highs to sudden lows as icy hail or short sharp showers erupt—tornado breeding conditions. NW winds can be high speed at times if not brisk energetic, and potentially destructive.

April 3-11th
We could see some weather extremes for this phase as last year 28th Feb phase we had floods to the west and the Chile EQ and 23rd October we got a tornado and record setting winds in Hastings. The EQ this time around was referenced in the previous phase to this (above) as well as high speed winds arriving. Ordinarily for a New Moon phase we cod expect any precipitation to arrive evenings and overnight with days warding off any clouds threatening rain.

3rd See above also—-Some clearer skies but cloud around with sudden isolated hail or spartan showery outbreaks along with continuing erratic winds.. Pleasanter outlook for the evening but some more showers arriving overnight.
4th Cloud with sun spells should be clearer skies later but winds still strong and troublesome.
5th Air should feel clearer, lighter and more refreshing so even though showers can threaten it will be good to be outdoors to enjoy some fine if cool exhilarating air. Some brisk erratic NW could give a lash or two.
6th Some quick outbursts of refreshing showers expected, heavier to south, moderate temps, some cold pockets in exposed areas but some hints of warm summer coming in the sunshine in sheltered places.
7th More electrical outburst expected along with northerlies blowing away the unsettled weather of previous week should be a pleasanter outlook developing with good photography conditions.
8-10thSunny spells to enjoy along with variable wind activity in direction and velocity, not sure if the southerlies and N Westerlies on 8th strong enough to bring a tornado event, this is more likely for 9-10th Temps rise over these days as well with showers expected overnight on 10th and more outburst on 11th.

11-18th April
Some t/storm weather could arrive 2-3 days into this phase; rain arriving with flooding potential for some regions. Breezy conditions with cold showery outbreaks also expected.

11th Warmer temps can begin to arrive with thunder or lightening for some areas with quick heavy downpours expected from early morning, skies clearing later in the day.
12th Temps warmer than yesterday, strong NW to SSW blowing; potential spray/showery outbreaks early around sunrise. Cloud around with sun spells.
13th Dry day some static build with cloud around cold but sunny. Thunder or lightening could arrive but little precip with it for our region
14th Cool day expected after static outbursts, but less cloud around some easterlies blowing in. NW regions could see flash flooding.
15th-16th Some fair spring weather some cloud cool to moderate seasonal temps. N Westerlies gusty and strong at times. Some showers around on 16th
17th A gloomy /cloudy start before sunrise fairer later but some brooding easterlies bring in cloud leaving sun to fight for some space in the cloud. Worst of the weather is to the western regions.

18-25th April
Weather will be clearer sunset to sunrise so a good week for getting out into the garden though the soil will be soggy from last week’s weather. Dry varying winds reign but we can expect much more settled conditions generally and some spring warmth to make seedlings grow.

18th Sudden spartan spray attempts southerlies and easterlies clashing but generally breezy not strong and windy. Temperatures pleasant for the time of year.
19th same as yesterday though winds more westerly getting stronger at times and gales could develop to NW regions /Scotland Sun with cloud and potentially mists late evening. Temps seasonally mild.
20th Could be short sharp showers early morning again varying and occasionally gusty wind activity Exposed places cool but warmth from sun expected with temps rising
21st Cool start cold northerlies clash with warmer southerlies with whirlwind type activity further to south of us, some weather disturbance arrives along with blustery outlook.
22nd-24th Good outdoor weather some cloud and breeziness prevails with some cold pockets around in exposed areas along with sudden quick short cold showery outbreaks. Overnight frostiness/rhyme also likely.
25th Electrical, cool lightening potential with icy showers could also be thundery outbreaks.

25th April-3rd May
This phase looks like a similar pattern to 14th May 2010 when there was very heavy rain to SE regions……we could see a cool start with cloud developing brining drizzly spells for us for the second half of the phase, but there can also be some warmth from the sunshine in our region at least, though other regions of the UK might not fare so well.

25th Cool if not frosty conditions generally clear skies with cold crisp air.
26th Quick icy showers but some fair spring weather today
27thQuick early day showers and lively nor westerlies some sunshine but clouds developing…
28th Some breezy to blustery conditions, precipitation early afternoon with lively N westerlies I expect some sunshine as well.
29th Sun with cloud around some showery outbreaks likely by evening breeziness continues.
30th-1st Some drizzly outbreaks less wind to day, some cloud drizzle at start of 1st, this could be prolonged drizzle from yesterday, clearer conditions on 1st as day progresses
Bankers could either be under attack around this time or taking the initiative in sorting out the financial mess, terrorism could hit the headlines as well.
2nd Cool start; quick refreshing showers with brisk lively westerlies and southerlies around; another quick shower for us by mid day; nice warmer outlook for late afternoon and evening.
3rd Sunny start, gusty strong westerlies, but warmer breezy southerlies also, and rain coming in over western parts.

3-10th May
Summer looks like breaking through, though it could come in with a storm but at least we get the highs in temps! At least the worst of the weather comes over at night, but I also expect some very high levels of rain to fall as from 26th July last year when flash floods had desecrated Cumbria, and 21 November saw similar devastation but with worse snow to NE Scotland for 17 years…we were OK though…but there will be some mists and fogs to contend with.

3rd as above heavy showers expected by evening this looks worse for southern regions, easterlies prevail, sun with cloud.
4thRainy if not stormy for 2 days now could be t/storms today or tomorrow, rainy afternoon, breezy southerlies, warm muggy temps, drizzle and misty late at night.
5th Sun with cloud early showers continue from yesterday till around sunrise but temps are much milder and begin to climb
6th-7th Warmer temps today some nice rises in warmth to enjoy better conditions during the day time with clearer skies and lovely highs continuing. NW winds prevail. Could be a misty or foggy outlook on 7th early am.
7-8th overnight outbreaks of rain can be heavy. Some westerlies arrive turning southerly 8-9th
9th Quick showers can arrive 1-3pm some sunshine with cloud today but cooler temps strong westerlies.
10th Northerlies arrive along with brisk westerlies and some southerly outpourings, could be some lightening outbreaks for some localities but these could clear the air a little, mild temps, mists also expected as a result.

11th-17th May
Echoes of 22nd Feb 2010 and as accurately predicted this year we saw similar strong gale force winds bringing in blizzards to NW Scotland some minor destruction also to our region from 3rd Feb. I expect NW region to be vulnerable again to these weather patterns this phase with potential for floods to North UK. I expect weather headlines to feature in the news for northern regions where floods can cause problems as very heavy precipitation arrives in a short space of time. This phase is characterised by strong but variable wind conditions with some dry spells, though a stormy gloomy start from 10th and a potential tornado breeder to south of our region. Another EQ likely around 15th and a weather system hits N travels east then south.

11th More thundery outbreaks due to temps rising in previous days strong gusty southerlies combine with brisk N Westerlies strong at times and could reach gale force to some regions.
12th Some rain hail or sleet attempts midnight to early morning with clouds or mistiness at the start. Outlook cool but warmer as sun gets high by mid day. Ran favours western and southern regions.
13-14th Should be fairer weather from afternoon to evening with some southerlies stopping temps getting low cloud with sun spells expected but it should be warmest days these two days
15th-17th Nights clearer; temps mild but muggy with all the rain around, some cloud or fogs/ mists southerlies for 15th with storm breeding potential move to make way for N Westerlies on 16th when temps get cooler. By 16th some easterlies around sun with cloud, cold pockets and rain. Tornado or whirlwind potential around 16-17th and rain arrives early on 17th. This can be very heavy bringing flash floods to some regions as it moves west to east. Thundery outbreaks can combine with lightening strikes with North of England and Scotland worst affected Rain moves to east coast by 17th when winds turn to very strong N Westerly.

17th -24th May
More weather extremes rain provides problems for overused drains unable to cope with the downpour of previous days. More discharge with t/storms expected 26th October we had similar patterns to this phase when Stonehaven in Scotland was flooded with one months rain in one day, the worst flood for 30 years 10th August phase also brought a t/storm with flooding to central and east parts of Yorkshire with 1 inches of rain in 1 hour on 13th August. The October 23rd phase we got the tornado to Hastings…

17th See previous phase for tornado etc.—stormy strong gale force winds likely with thundery outbreaks and lightening and heavy rain potential with possible flood outbreaks
18th Strong NW winds carry on from yesterday, should see some better weather for next few days though good for outdoors hopefully…
19th Some heavy downpours expected late afternoon with the bulk of the rain falling to southern regions today temps warm but muggy breezy weather around to dry out the earth.
20-22ndth Turn around for the better hopefully more settle conditions with sunshine to enjoy temps getting higher. Gusty westerlies 21st, but some nice outdoor sunshiny weather 21-22nd
23rd Quick showers very early am could be lightening around as well to some localities, broody easterlies coming over as well, but some sunshine developing for late afternoon.
24th Rain, mists and fog after a clear start to the day, but clearer skies by late evening. A very heavy outburst with records levels of rain could arrive with flash flooding results.

24th May-1st June
WET. WET. WET! Salcombe, Devon singled out this phase as one area where high levels of rain could fall as well as other areas like Cornwall and Wales. This phase will be reminiscent of 1st May 2009 when winds reached 40mph and 28th December 2010 phase when mists and fog was around a lot of the time. 3rd February phase this year we got gales and floods for some areas like Wales and N Yorks. This phase was also seismic for Ripon.

24th Not a nice day fog mists and drizzle see above for rest. Pockets of floods likely for Scotland, N England Cumbria and Wales as rain moves west to east then south.
25th Rain mist and fogginess continues mild temps due to cloud cover varying winds, strong at times, though some sun could break through during the day.
26th More showery outbreaks expected before sunrise with milder temps and snappy westerlies
27th onwards. The weather should turnaround a little today with some finer spring days, with milder temps continuing; some southerly breezes along with N Westerlies—not quite a tornado breeder but should blow some clouds away with brighter starts than previous days some cloud with sun may be around in afternoon and evening.

1st – 9th June
Seismic again and I expect one or more EQ headlines centring around 8-9th possibly Atlantic Ridge and areas around Iran region of globe…
Dry, windy and wet some fine outdoor weather interrupted by electrical outbursts reminiscent of 22 June last year when we got high levels of rain, (but glorious weather at Keswick) and humidity was high. 2nd December 2009 flood watches were out at Gloucester and Wiltshire though some sunny days did arrive.

1-3rd Looks like days when thundery outbreaks can arrive with strong snappy westerlies along with gloomy easterlies unsettling the atmosphere on 1st bringing a rise in temps, high humidity, but rain by evening perhaps staying overnight into 2nd when rainy outbreaks can again add to levels causing concern, though it will be sunny with cloud during the day after mugginess and mistiness from early morning. Wind levels vary on 2nd with alternate breezy to strong winds. From today some more unsettled weather comes over from west and could bring some sudden heavy outbursts by 3rd.

4th Rain could be in south now we get a sunny start cloudy pm leading to quick showers or spray for evening when N westerlies try clearing up the air a little. 4-5th should be better spring days generally with some blue sky and sun around

5-6th some south easterlies around from 5th along with the N Westerlies, but I expect warmer outdoor weather.
7th Temperatures rising; very strong winds for some regions-N Westerlies along with Easterlies later in the evening combining with strong and more settled conditions and some fine Spring temperatures coming in for 8-9th. 9th could see some tropical like breezes (well British tropical!! Or pleasantly mild) but strong Northerlies could stop temps reaching too high. 9th could bring some early quick showers but sun with cloud later along with rising temps

9th-15th June
Same as 23/1/2010 wet gloomy start to phase then mild temps but strong winds, same as 6/5/2010 was similar, outlook, and 7/10/2010 no rain at all and a sunny second half of the phase……So a potential for second half of this phase being very pleasant indeed…

10th WOW temps should reach a good high from today after mid day sun, hope its warmth and not drizzle that I can see!! But there could be some showery outbreaks in the afternoon but once this has passed over we can expect some good weather to settle in…..
11th a Nice day forecast with seasonal highs
12th Showers after midnight and potential for mistiness before sunrise; sun with some cloud during the day. Temps still good
13th-15th Maybe some showers around after midnight at break of day but a clearer outlook for today and next three days. Squally easterlies could arrive on 14th.

15th – 23rd
We arrive at the solstice and this phase doesn’t look too pleasant. Some hot electrical conditions around between thundery outbursts like those 22/6/2010 when we had heavy rain here and sunny weather at Keswick and 2nd December 2010 when as mentioned earlier we had flood watches at Gloucester Wiltshire areas and beyond. This time around I expect the SE region of England to be hitting the weather headlines with East Anglia facing a bad weather front from the outset. BUT there will also be some fair weather………….

15th A sunny outlook continues here, though some precip possible by 1-3pm but East Anglia looks under threat of a bad weather system.
16th A clear start but Spartan showery outbreaks again in afternoon heaviest downpour to SE and Suffolk regions. Seasonally fair temps moderated by cooler northerlies.
17th Overnight mists /spray/cloud depending on whether you live in valleys or high up. Northerlies around blowing clouds away clearer skies develop during the day bringing a fine evening—potential barbecue time….
18th-21 Winds strong to NW Scotland today but next few days should settle into summery conditions with temps warming to nice highs by 20th- 21st. Some mists around in low lying areas though; strong easterlies blowing by 21st, zippy westerlies by 22nd. Evenings should generally be fine summery ones any precipitation should be less than early days of this phase and will arrive during the day.

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