Past Spring 2010


This forecast was compiled January- February 2010. No corrections to it will be made subsequently so you can be assured that this long range forecast is not tampered with to suit last minute changes.

We can expect at least 50% weather which is bright clear and sunshiny and reasonable warmth, with some excellent visibility, but of course it is spring so there will be wet conditions to contend with. Expect dampness which stays around longer than usual, along with cooler than the average temperatures. There are some blustery conditions to deal with also, but some higher temps prevail in west Yorkshire see the predictions below for more info. We can expect some seasonal lows to suddenly arrive accompanied by chilling hail, sleet and even snow fall as late as June. So the message is ‘don’t cast a clout till May is out’ but don’t trust early June either!

Predictions run from spring equinox 20th March until solstice 21 June

PHASE 22nd-29th March Any clear weather arrives mid night to morning generally. Some sunny days but seasonally cool temps, some unsettled days bringing blustery breezes with a gloomy/stormy outlook by end of phase. Wet and damp at the beginning and end of this phase. At the beginning I expect weather systems to come in from southern Ireland, and Wales across to NE England and E side Scotland i.e from Caenarvon to Dundee.

22-23 very wet periods and flood warnings could be out in areas mentioned.
22 Not a pleasant start after 1 am a stormy, cloudy or gloomy outlook, though improved weather conditions could develop as the day draws on into morning.
23 Cool seasonal temps, some breeze but mists and moisture gathering also, not a bright day especially towards later in afternoon
24 Early and sometimes heavy rain creates more muggy conditions if not fog, some clearing by 9-10 am but temperatures remain seasonally cool, some sun could break through cloud by mid morning.
25th Drier day expect sunshine cloud and some NW air flow keeping things cool
26 Any showers clear by morning, some mistiness in the evening especially in low lying areas. Some sunshine by lunchtime with some seasonal warmth but NW winds can be noisy and swirling.
27 Cool but sunny, some breezes around, but drier conditions. Quick spring showers could fall early evening, but very Spartan and light, finer weather afterwards
28th Cool, some sun around with some breezes. Showers across the UK could arrive by 9 am; locally some could expect rain by mid afternoon. Outlook generally gloomy, if not stormy.
29th Any o/night storm or rain should clear the atmosphere by late afternoon bringing clearer skies by late evening.

PHASE 30th March-6th April. Expect typical April weather with some short but refreshing showers to clear away any gloom and encourage spring growth. Expect some peasant evenings to enjoy outdoors gardening etc but take care on 1st when conditions are intense if not sultry and on 3rd take your brolly and wellies with you.

30-31 More settled outlook with some pleasanter spring conditions to enjoy.
1st Will see some heavy rain if not snow, sleet hail or frost especially mid morning. By evening brighter skies, but icy temps along with very strong air flows, sharp and biting in nature.
6th A drier day some good outdoor weather but see next phase for this could become disturbed….

PHASE 6-14th April Cold, dry but with blustery windy conditions. Some wet systems coming over the Atlantic around 11-12th hitting latitudes from 46 North i.e midlands and upwards along western parts of Britain and Scotland. Cornwall and SW England could also be caught by another weather system coming their way too, though for the most part the south of England gets the better weather this phase. If skies do clear it will be midnight to mid day, with afternoon and evenings being the times that any of the worst of the weather prevails-generally

6th Weather system travelling down off NW Scotland towards N England could bring some wet and muggy conditions our way by late afternoon or evening. Cool temps and snow possible especially across higher ground.
7th Early morning short sharp showers, cloudy or muggy afternoon, rain or potential snows on high ground by early evening, but gloomy conditions begin to clear later by midnight.
8th Cool temps, but clearer atmosphere.
9th Some cloud or mists in valleys and low lying areas but rain less likely though atmosphere still damp.
10th Rain likely t/out UK and here around the middle of the day, but milder temps than previous days, with some sun attempts and unusual swirly wind activity…
11 Showers could arrive overnight but warmer temps are likely and a pleasant outlook for cleared skies and sun shine. Overnight becomes less temperate heralding rainfall and weather systems coming in from S Wales across to Dundee
13th Electrical showers, hails, sleet snow, short and sharp but clearing the air again, some sunshine with rainbows and temps varying from mild to cool with showers and icy wind chills. Some whipping winds keeping up sporadic gusts over next few days…
14th Some cloud spray type precipitation but clearer sky during daytime

PHASE 14-21 April I expect the North of Britain to get the worst of the unpleasant weather with rain coming over and the south experiencing milder seasonal conditions, though heavier rain falls in their region. Some bright days are forecast in between awful gloomy days, but static conditions characterise this phase. The good thing is that clear skies occur during the day and for the most part the worst arrives through the night

14th Appears muggy and gloomy across UK with rain expected early morning and at close of day around mid night. Some snow attempts potential for south of England.

15th Some cloud around with seasonal showers possible into mid morning but clearing the air to leave a refreshed atmosphere. Sunshine and warmth expected especially to northern areas.

16th Sunshine and warmth especially to northern areas, breezy conditions but some blue skies.

17 Sun with cloud but dry day with some short sharp showers around perhaps early evening.
18th Expect clouds to bring rain early evening. Breezes/winds SW, at times strong, sharp and gusty for next 3-4 days
19th A warmer drier day for most of us with sunshine though clouds could be around middle of the day temps below average for the season, in fact some regions could have very icy temperature.
20th Lovely day
21st Cloud around with potential for short sharp showers, especially on higher ground, but still some blue skies around

PHASE 21-28th April Dry weather, electrical conditions, clear but bitingly crisp air sudden hail or sleet showers, short but sharp in nature. Cold if not icy frosty conditions. Clouds generally clear mid day to midnight. We can expect a cloak of white descend in the form of hail, frost or snow for some of this period, more moderate temps for second half of this phase.

21 See above in previous phase, but with added likelihood of electrical discharge in some localities especially by 6 pm
22 Temps varying sudden lows bring cold fronts in, frosty conditions along with some breezes keeping warmth away, and veering NW by late evening. A drier day.
23rd Any swift downpours arrive late evening, drier conditions otherwise with breezes varying in speed, at times gusty but keeping dampness away.
24th Some cloud around even mist, breezy spells but dry day generally.
25th Short showers around 7-10 am spartan in nature, then late at night more of the same. Typical spring day mostly dry with lower seasonal temps than usual though some southerlies could bring in some better promise.
26th Electrical outbursts, possibly hail or sleet, especially 25 am, temps cooler, but drier day.
27th More moderate outlook temp wise, with cloud and even mist of fog early and late evening but some sun during the day.
28th This would bring in the worst of the weather for this phase some sun but cold outlook, hail, sleet and snow again expected in some regions, with conditions getting worse as the day progresses.

PHASE 28th April-4th May Some intense cold and wet conditions from the outset though some sunny days likely and nice evenings. A promise of clearer weather to the south with unpleasant conditions to the north of Britain.

28th Not a good day, very heavy rain expected drains could be on overload in some areas leading to flash flooding in some regions across roads. N E England and Scotland bear the brunt of this system, but by evening things should be clearer.
29th More showers possible 5-8 am, but lovely clear skies and clearer air by midnight till next morning….great if you are a bird watcher, but tough luck if you’re not….!
30th Some coolness along with electric shower if not a t/storm before sunrise, with more showers released by midnight again. Cloud t/out winds southerly in nature.
1st very early shower 1-2 am, skies clearer by 10 pm, beautiful night sky. Some showers could affect N England and Scotland by approx 4 pm
2 Sunny clearer day, some cloud to start with around breakfast but afternoon should be lovely and some sun around, but cold temp.
3 Quick short sharp showers may affect some localities 7-10 am again 7-9 pm, but a dry day with blue skies and may be a few clouds but generally OK, though chilled.
4 Varying conditions/out cloud around with sun at start of day, some humidity creating potential for mists in low lying areas, but some finer conditions could evolve until late evening. Warmth around with cloud but cold at night.
5 Early shower suggested or cloud but sunny clear afternoon turning into a lovely day with warmth around encouraging growth and lots of outings for walks by evening. Southerly breezes
6th Warm day still? See next phase…..

PHASE 6-14 May some gloominess could prevail for half of the week with cold and damp conditions accompanying, though on some days we can expect precipitation to be lower than usual

6th A little warmth around after early misty damp start. Could end with a stormy outburst in some regions paving way for cooler evening.
7th skies should be cleared by mid morning after a misty start, any light showers to come arrive around 9-11 pm
8th Bright sky early light showers 5-6 am some cloud during the day, but sun as well, with a quick sharp shower by evening 8-9pm
9th Dry day lovely skies early morning, some cloud by evening again short sharp shower around 8-9 pm, short and sharp. Strong westerlies heralded today and tomorrow.
10th warmer drier day
11th Shower before sunrise, bluer skies by mid morning though some mistiness or cloud mid day?
12th Occasional gusty outburst, mostly gloomy outlook early eve could see some sun around with the cloud. Especially cloudy to the south, mild evening.
13th Rain refreshes the air from 1-2 am some cloud around by mid morning but a nice spring day expected…..

PHASE 14-20th May More breezy/windy spells to provide some drying conditions, no fogs or mist and clouds soon blown on their way before providing any moisture. Some gloomy clouds around but will give way to clear skies during the day. A milder phase after cold conditions so far.

14th Fine day temperature rising with promise of warmth to come as clouds come and go not staying around to spoil outdoor activity. Good day for gardeners….
15th Break of day could see some showers, but day should be fine
16th some battles between southerly, westerlies and northerlies but after a showery start will soon clear as clouds are blown on their way. Expect strong whipping wind activity.
17th Crisp morning air, frosty some cloud and continued wind conditions from yesterday.
18th Any rain arrives early morning with clouds passing over late afternoon but come clearer skies to enjoy as well. Mists in some areas towards late eve.
19th Slightly milder temps spartan electric showers by mid morning, clearer skies by afternoon, some cloud by evening and mists again till next day
20th Changeable weather today with southerlies around….continued in next phase….

PHASE 20-27th May Cloud or lunch before lunchtime will clear later in the day. Some rains expected, a few gloomy days also with eruptions into storms, but some sunny days also likely. 2 weather fronts passing over this week Starts fair, turns gloomy and ends with foul weather. Southern parts get the worst and 22-24 could even bring some late snow.

20th Stormy outlook as day wears on. Brief showers around 9-11 am could just be spray, some sun with blue sky afterwards.
21 Afternoon better than the morning, but some cloud around 7-8 pm some downfall could arrive warning of more to come. Fewer breezes around today.
22 Cold day especially early morning due to showers bringing in colder temps. Gloomier by midnight cloud, gloomy or misty conditions could prevail
23 Variable skies with cloud and potentially misty even a shower around mid morning, clearing by lunchtime. temps seasonally low.
24 Again quick early showers possible, I wouldn’t discount snow or sleet, some sun by afternoon but more air currents brining in a storm from the Atlantic.
25th Quick early miring outbursts rain heavier to southern regions today or tomorrow, unsettled conditions prevail a stormy outlook
26th again outlook gloomy, damp conditions if not rain

PHASE 26th May-4th June Less stormy outlook but temps icy at times due to less cloud cover at night remember the saying ”don’t cast a clout till May is out?” You’d be best advised to keep winter clothes in the wardrobe…..ground frosts are expected, even though some fairer weather arrives. Lovely evening and night skies to enjoy for us stargazers. I have a weather front coming along for S Ireland, Cornwall 27th /28th May.
This phase and next phase are potentially seismic for some parts of the globe particularly along the Asiatic fault lines; also cyclonic activity could be hitting the headlines.

27th May Still some damp around at the start of the day with gloomy clouds until after 9 am when some sun attempts will be made. Humid or damp conditions with cooler evening temps bringing in potential for ground frosts.
28th Some blustery air flows westerly in nature, early morning shower outlook for sunrise, but dome sun during the day cloud around by evening any gloom that prevailed should now disappear
29 Showers could arise around UK at break of day from 2 am approx, especially eastern half of Britain.
30th Blustery air flows could continue in some localities cloud with fairer conditions and fine trends for outdoors during the evening.
31 O/night showers could see cool temps if not icy to start the day, with temps varying t/out. A mid afternoon shower looks likely overnight, ground frosts likely.
1 Mid afternoon shower again 4-5 pm likely but some breezes to dry everything out, and I wouldn’t discount an early morning snow attempt either, though it could just manifest as frosty?
2 Gently whipping breezy conditions warding off any damp conditions some sunshine but cool temps.
3 Early morning shower around 5 am sun with cloud and gusty air flows expected….strong, whipping at times.
4 Cool again similar to yesterday
5 Some gloominess weather wise, also in the news where we can be found in the middle of some sudden and unexpected economic trends, some of which can be downwards in nature. Expect news affecting bankers, the treasury and cabinet, the wealthy and the ruling class to be breaking into the headlines in a major way. Don’t know when the election is but this could be a time of sudden unexpected outcomes affecting politicians. My prediction ( first published on the net in January) is Conservatives get a large percentage of votes, but Labour get more seats with fewer percentage votes.

PHASE 4th-12th June Remember this phase is still seismic so our weather could also be expected to respond in an unsettled way. I haven’t time to locate the exact regions for outburst, though I have identified areas around Bermuda Triangle- E of US and Hanoi areas and around Taiwan as vulnerable, but hopefully I’m’ wrong…..
Weather wise here some seasonal showers, with worst of weather to south regions, cold if not gloomy for a few of the days, and better conditions around mid night to mid day.

5th break of day around 13 am sees some clearer skies before sunrise some fine warmer conditions follow. Some cloud and potential for quick showers around 8 am the day should become fairer but clouds around 11-12 midnight.
6th Breezy conditions southerly in nature, but some gusty westerlies chipping in. milder temps prevail for the season, some mists or hazes can accumulate as a result.
7 N westerlies expected with strong air currents and some tornado breeders for some locality, impossible to place these due to tiny size in the UK. Cold air clashes with milder air in the south, some cloud and haze by evening along with damp air.
8th Gloomy by mid day extremely unsettle conditions after a very cold start at sunrise. Expect varying blue sky with cloudiness t/out strong air activity in many UK regions some creating headline news.
9th Winds still active in many regions, easterlies with some gloom from early morning, veering NW gusty strong in many high areas. Some regions could see hail sleet or snow showers today, ours arrive 8.30-9.30 am
10th More precipitation likely again hail sleet or snow attempts not unlikely, heavy at times about 12-1 am. Sudden lows in temperature.
11 Better conditions temp wise, after a cold start but strong winds to contend with
12 Expect southern areas to bear the worst of this weather with northern areas to have it slightly better today.

PHASE 12-19th June. Fairer conditions but variable, drier though, cool with only moderate precipitation if any. Better conditions during the day, any cloud and downfall expected through the night….
12 Rain t/out UK likely, here from 1 am but some finer weather expected during the day with warmer temps
13 Another dry day with some fine weather and warm seasonal temps
14 Another dry day same as yesterday any precip arrives around 4 am summery day
15 Southerlies, warm, fluffy clouds and blue skies….ice
16 Stronger breezes northerly, but southerlies still around so not too cold. A cloudy or damp start at sunrise some haziness could develop in low-lying areas but still a summery day.
17th Some showers again after a sunny afternoon
18th 8 am could see some shower, but tiny, 9. 30 another threatened, some electricity building in the atmosphere with warm fronts turning extremely cold just as suddenly as they arrived.
19th gloomy and stormy outlook…..summer is a rushing in…….


springing surpises

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