Accuracy rates Autumn 2010


Predictions with FEEDBACK of RESULTS

Autumn augurs a rough outlook with some extremely bad conditions to deal with and a warning to batten down the hatches and keep windows and doors shut for many regions t/out the UK. Cold temperatures look like dominating with some blusteries bringing in cold dry winds often extremely strong record breaking gales making headlines. A stormy outlook is set to break out from the outset with some extremely stormy weather to welcome the season.
7-14th October is not a pleasant phase and some flood alerts will be out as heavy precipitation arrives for some regions, making headline news, especially to SE and other eastern regions. Expect the worst of the weather from end of October to 6th November, we don’t see the end of the dark conditions till the 7th November, and for first week in November we could have some new temperature setting records…..(7th Nov was a nice sunny clear day, so an accurate result for ending gloominess up to this date, but of course not totally for whole of autumn! but because I didn’t keep up with adding to this précis it is very misleading, though obviously more bad weather predicted in day to day analysis below!….one of mildest November weeks on record reported in Mail— flood warnings issued for Wales and 15 other areas by 7-8th NOV some in Scotland, and locally flood warnings for Ilkley and some other local regions 3-5th Nov)

23rd Sept-1 Oct

Storms could break out but there will be some dry spells, but electrical outbreaks can be spartan on occasion. Sea frets and inclement conditions can hover around eastern coastal regions and the NE and SW of GB will make headline news. Could be heavy rain in some localities with rivers reaching their limit.
For our region the 26th looks likely to be the day thunder breaks out. 23rd Southerlies blowing but a gloomy outlook looks likely with electrical outbursts before sunrise possibly some hail showers in isolated regions…could be the giant ones I’ve been expecting..

24th Some mean easterlies kicking in cooler temps and precipitation around late evening

25th Fog or mists in some localities from early morning cloud and wetness mid afternoon but drier towards late evening. Some sudden cold lows can arrive although southerlies strong at times may offset these with some warmth. There does look likely to be some isolated magnetic storms around and NE/ SW regions could be likely places affected with strong wind velocities…could arrive late evening and continue to next day when clashing southerlies compete with N westerlies.

26th Likely time for thunderstorms to hit our region thundery outbreaks with rain potential with hailstorms as well but drier conditions late at night….some sudden lows around to contend with especially on high ground.

27th Doesn’t look like a very nice day, though air could be fresher after all the rainfall, expect cloud if not more rain!!

28th Rain or hail around before sunrise but some brighter conditions attempting to breakthrough late evening if not during afternoon Warm air with some cool pockets but generally fairness or mild temps should prevail.

29th A better day….hopefully……

30th Rain t/out UK looks inevitable…………..but better conditions during afternoon Some whipping westerly winds, strong at times will dry things out but unsettled air flows come in often strong and blustery

1st October Cool trends, some cloud and breezy conditions hung over from yesterday…but see next phase….

1st Oct-7th 3/4 moon phase

This phase should see some fine weather in terms of dry and clearer outlook with some sunshine around and some wind activity keeps things dry. Some precipitation will be very heavy and from the outset this look likely in NE and SW regions. A weather pattern forming off the NW coast of the UK on 1st looks set to come in by 2-3rd and NW regions of England, especially Cumbria, will be in direct line with it, but I don’t think we’ll escape it either

1st Heavy rain from the outset, but from 4am GMT along with windy weather if not some fierce Northerlies, expect a surge of dark clouds and wetness, moving over to the east, London regions also affected, cool temps with some westerlies in the mix bringing the rain easterly. A little rain stills a great wind so the winds should die down as the rain passes over, and the skies can’t stay gloomy all day….

2nd Some rain or hail showers around spartan showers or isolated hail outbreaks possible mid afternoon in our region, but temps should be more congenial. Some freak weather systems seem to be experienced generally around the UK and I’ll be looking out for isolated high speed winds N Westerly in nature, if not tornado activity. I also expect the weather system forming off the NW coast region to be hitting the NW parts of England the Cumbrian region and perhaps SW Scotland, coming in from the west, with heavy torrential precipitation expected…….2-3rd

3rd Our region should see some fairer weather but electrical outlook, with any precipitation moving over and being carefully warded off perhaps, as clouds are scurried along by wind activity, though still some cloud around along with north westerlies. A thundery outbreak could arrive by 1 pm GMT.

4th I expect cloud to be around with some sun but a dry day mostly with strong gusty air flows if not some sudden high speed winds and clashing easterly and westerlies.

5th Rain could threaten between 4-6pm in our region, and some cold air pockets in high and very low areas.
I expect some cloud with wind activity still strong

6th Moderate seasonal temps but still tome cold air pockets around so wrap up warm….

7th Some showers may arise but expect it to be drier later in the day, pronounced autumnal temps to deal with and some noisy frenzied N Westerlies…..

7-14 October

Expect some oppressive wet spells and murky weather, but some sunshine will also break out by 10-13th so all is not lost weather wise! By the end of this phase though there does look to be some strong windy conditions in some UK regions as some choppy blasts prevail when southerlies and nor westerly fight each other..12-15th a likely time for these. Nothernmost extremes of Scotland look to be unlucky with weather conditions at the outset and some weather headlines could emerge to the SE of England as well. Extremely heavy precipitation will arrive from 9th and flood alerts are expected with eastern regions
vulnerable especially those at 54 N latitude which is the Northumberland region and beyond……………and 52 N latitude which is around East Anglia and beyond…..and by 9-10th we’ll be experiencing some thick, dark, oppressive air conditions accompanying the weather trends……….

7th Cloud rainy start to the day but hopefully some better conditions break out later when it will be fair but cloudy. Some sudden lows can arrive again keeping temps seasonally cool. Wind will be easterly, noisy and swirling with some NW kicking in suddenly to add to the excitement both today and tomorrow.

8th Looks like some heavy showers late afternoon hail possible for some isolated localities but clouds could begin to give way to some sunny breaks. Moderate temps though still some cold air pockets around.

9th Unsettled weather– don’t book any outdoor activity for these days as conditions will be murky if not oppressive. I expect a total washout though temps will be seasonal the heavy precipitation can be disturbing and vulnerable regions to our east might be on flash alert.

10th Still gloomy and wet but skies will become clearer some warmth if sun manages to break through eventually, but the air will be muggy but some seasonally warming southerlies could dry things out a little enabling some warmth to cheer everyone up giving hope for fairer weather to come…

11th/12th A fairer weather outlook for today and tomorrow with winds more settled and less interfering—

13th A bit more gloominess could begin to arise, cool temps and some strong south westerlies bring in some cloud, drizzle, rain or mistiness, depending on how near to rivers or valleys you live. Some sudden spurts of wind can put people off outdoor work

14th There will be rain around during the early hour to mid day, more in eastern regions, but here as well. The north westerlies should clear out the air and see off any precipitation by late afternoon, sun with cloud expected with temps seasonably cool

14-23rd October

Some dry weather to come, but wind characterises this phase, there will be less precipitation than last phase, but some unusual weather to come especially wind wise 15-17th….here’s hoping I get the picture correct….but no guarantees due to so many contradictory elements reigning….weather fronts are coming in off the Atlantic along latitude 50- 52 North but arrive on different days. The first one hits on 15-16th, and the second one later when the moon crosses the
equator on 19th.NW Scotland and western shore of UK look more assaulted this time, with some icy cold flows coming down from the extreme north.

15th Some gloominess with clouds threatening rain but this should blow over and sun could break through the gloom after a potential early morning shower

16th Quick shower early clearing by mid day, but spartan outbreaks with sudden scattered showers can arrive during the afternoon, Should be some sun around but mistiness or cloud threatens the late evening and more showers by 22 30 onwards…some muggy temperatures brings some extremes to contend with and if I have interpreted this correctly some blizzards may interrupt play for today in some regions ….we get some southerlies with northerly flows

17th I expect blue skies with cloud around and any spartan showers not long lasting in nature disappearing as suddenly as they arrive. Some cloud or mists in the evening depending on where you live near high or low ground but there does seem to be a promise of strong gusty westerlies around also

18th Some gloom and possible showers before 9 am cloud but sun truing to shine by mid day but rain arriving, quite heavy overnight on 18/19th as some easterlies clash with N Westerlies and it is possible some isolated tornado activity causes a stir for some region beyond ours. ( fairly accurate…though blue skies early am, turn cloudy pm cold temps along with occ showers by mid pam to late eve windy )

19th Weather system coming in off the Atlantic will be cold and unsettling with some squalls and gusty conditions, especially to the west coast and midland areas. These types of wind can be intermittent and keep revving up again just when you thought they had gone. The unusual weather conditions for 18-19th should begin to settle late today expect temps to be cool.

20th Rain expected around sunrise could be some hail or quick sharp showers before mid day. temps seem extra cool with winds keeping warmth at bay…

21 Quick spartan showers around early morning again a heavier shower by 9-11 temps seasonally moderate but some excitable northerlies, easterlies and westerlies sport with each other….

22 Should be a dry day sun with cloud but seasonally cold temps

23 Rainy weather especially to the South/SE of England some muggy conditions to accompany and some sudden gustiness to keep you on your toes……Could be some sudden squalls if not high speed winds and blizzards …the lunar phase changes today and the outlook does look grim to be honest with weather extremes causing what could be chaos for some UK regions and for us here as well. Some stormy electrical outbreaks can combine with very heavy rain to come…..drains already with grass growing out of them in my locality are going to prove troublesome without doubt with these downpours ahead……Scotland
and North of England could also be under assault with some of these weather threats……
Posted 23/10/2010 20:10 (#580397)
Subject: RFMI. Possible tornado near Hastings. 23/10/10
Location: Tiverton, Devon Come by a report of a possible tornado near Hastings. As far as I can make out, this occurred around 1400Z. No damage had been reported.
Some squally showers across the south this afternoon, see photo section for gust front images, and the report may have been nothing more than a nasty squall. Satpix do show a ‘curly job’ crossing the area at that time.
However, I am happy to stand corrected if anyone can come up with any hard evidence.

23-30th October

If I’ve done my job right then this is the week of some notable conditions heralded at the beginning of the year by the up coming planetary conditions emerging for 2010. Destructive extremes are likely for the UK and Britain and in our locality (especially in our locality in West Yorkshire) can expect to be battered by some high speed winds, gales and even hear of a strong tornado breeding condition south of us ( see above insert from UK weatherworld!!! For feedback on this accurate prediction), though one could also hit our region as well…… 26-28th phase when I expect we’ll be hearing news of some southern whirlwind type activity causing damage. 22nd-25th shows strong if not gale force winds coming down off coast of NW Scotland. Suffolk and East coast of Yorkshire and beyond are vulnerable to wet if not stormy outbursts around 23rd Oct.
FEEDBACK netweather report affirms this prediction 23rd Oct:- Sunshine or showers for much of UK, cloud & rain across S Scotland and N Ireland spreading S into N England. Cold northerly wind developing. Mainly dry, bright or sunny on Sunday & Monday
On 24th this predicton from netweather:- A fine sunny day for most, some showers near eastern coasts where there’ll be a cold northerly wind. After a frosty start, dry and sunny for Monday. Turning unsettled and milder Tuesday onwards.

23rd See above lots of static around with strong NW gales blowing in muggy unsettled electrical atmosphere not very nice….( feedback….not a nice day rainy spells along with unsettled conditions, wind more settled as day progressed, mostly gloomy)

24th-25th Noisy blustery occasionally high speed winds Northerly and Westerly and destructive…some southerlies entering the affray..a rainy outlook culminating in thunder and lightening, some hail possibly sleet as winds get involved with precipitation, humid electrical conditions to deal with, a cracker of a storm breeding with very heavy rain Southerlies breed more muggy trends for 29th ( mistake should have read 25th h/sight) but keeping temps seasonally moderate. A storm cell comes in off the NW coast of Scotland
creating murky conditions for that area but moving southwards……….
FEEDBACK .Herrumph 24th a nice day but icy cold temps, though sun kept off some of iciness during height, while 25th same with a frosty start……..netweather predict for 25th:- Dry and sunny for most of the UK today. Cloud and rain spreading in across northern and western areas overnight. Mostly cloudy and with rain or showers tomorrow. Unsettled but mild for rest of the week.
In fact Daily Mail reports 25th is coldest October :- It will come as no surprise then that the wintry conditions made last night the coldest in October for 17 years in some regions.Temperatures in West Freugh in south-west Scotland dipped to a bone-rattling -5.2C, falling below the previous record of -5.1C which was endured in October 1993.But it was even colder in Sennybridge, south Wales, where the mercury dropped to -6.4C, beating the -6.2C record set 13 years ago in 1997. RECORD BREAKING TEMPS for cold…..I’d written on notes record breaking destructive winds due to transit Mars trine transit Uranus…..but clearly it was a herald for record breaking low temps for this time of year!!!!

26th-27th Nasty conditions from the outset of 26th, Variable temps unsettled weather still southerlies still operative with more rain from the outset and electrical discharge late at night, tornado breeding conditions are here and these will be hitting the regions to south of us today and tomorrow….some weather extremes t/out the UK very cold for some regions which will bring in hail showers late night 26th and again 27th though 27th could see some sunshine trying to breakout…along with fairer temps as air clears later on 27th

28th Showers round before sunrise mistiness also if not fog another tornado outlook to SE region, likely but some clearer skies expected though some showery outbreaks still to come between 1-3pm some conflicting wind activity…..

29th Some showers, cloud around but also some sunshine and clearer skies, more moderate less volatile atmosphere and some cold pockets around warning of winter.

30th Rain likely but more moderate temps and less wind than experienced so far……

30th October-6th November

This phase is very similar in weather experience to at least five other weeks we have experienced in the UK so far—for example week beginning 30th March when Derry was hit by a freak snow storm, then from week beginning 27th May when Scotland was inundated, week beginning11 July when bad weather was around especially in Ireland and week beginning 4th June when heavy precipitation spoilt play…… I expect this phase to bring similar conditions with thundery showers expected, along with some extremes for some regions in the UK. An eventful weather week, stormy at times, with worst weather to the
South, milder than this to North with heaviest precipitation to S and SE headlines to come from NW regions. Expect a wet week with some extremes of conditions, thunder for our region 5th, in fact if I have done my job properly I expect this to break around 15 22 5th November……..3-5th see strong wind if not gales for some localities…..( hindsight —no thunder for our region but an outbreak of rain mid afternoon around 2 30 pm GMT the wind activity prediction is spot on and the gales did become strong at times over the week with stronger ones during the day on 4-5th)

30th Oct A weather cell coming in from latitude 53 N due to hit N Ireland and Cumbria or NW regions today, rain likely around us for morning clearer pm, but gloomy
outlook again by evening. some warming trends for the season might be around, but some cold variables as well, strong northerly flows around brining in the
variable colds.

31st Drier outlook showers likely by mid day mistiness cloud late evening, some warming of the season could prevail, brought in by muggy southerlies keeping temps less harsh for the season.

1st Weather cell coming in on 50 degrees North could be hitting the south coast badly giving rain and winds rain for us could arrive from turn of day to 1-2 am, moderate temps still for season and breezy or windy conditions, some southerlies still bringing in mugginess

2nd Rain looks heavy from overnight of yesterday not a nice day looks gloomy and muggy by evening

3rd Could break out into a fairer outlook till late at night when conditions deteriorate bringing in some grey clouds. Mod to cold temps lively and strong snappy westerlies, noisy and whistling at times Snow attempts could be in forecasts for some regions as well over next few days……

4th Still wet around 1-2 am again could be wet throughout, some strong high speed northerlies could be around to add excitement to the day….again snow might not be out of the question for some high ground…..PERFECT PREDICTION!

5th Stormy outlook with thundery showers likely by 15 22 wind activity is highly excitable and whirlwinds could form to the south as southerlies get out of control clashing with westerlies…precipitation will be extremely heavy and some areas can expect flash flood warnings to be in operation from yesterday onwards. ( Accurate for flash flood warnings Ilkley and Wharfe and other areas had flood warning from 4th)

6th Rain likely by 16.00 if not all day varying temps with some sudden lows to remind us of winter chills and nebulous wind activity creating unsettled air. (Hindsight:-Accurate mostly…can’t remember if a shower came at 1600 some spray may have hit some areas, we were dry I think some sun spells icy temps all day ….)–65mph-winds.html

weather alert as UK faces snow, flooding and 70mph winds
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:44 AM on 8th November 2010

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Britain is bracing itself for snow, torrential downpours and winds of up to 70 miles per hour as winter descends across the country.

Those hoping to gently acclimatise to the harsher weather will be in for a shock – with conditions changing without a moment’s notice.
Meteorologists said it was unlikely that any region would escape the gloom, with parts of Wales and Scotland expected to bear the brunt of the bad weather, before it spreads east throughout the day.

The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning for Wales, whilst 15 other areas are expected to be hit by flash flooding.
The Met Office has also issued a number of severe weather warnings, alerting people of heavy rain, severe gales and heavy snow in the Scottish Highlands.

Warnings of gale force winds and heavy rain were also given in Wales, along with heavy rain and heavy snow in parts of the north west of England.

A severe warning of heavy rain was also issued in south west England.
Gusts of 40 to 50mph will be typical, with winds picking up to 71mph in parts of western Scotland and the west coast. Gusts will also reach 56mph in areas of the south east.
Rachel Vince, Meteogroup weather forecaster, said: ‘There is a deep low moving in from the north west bringing very strong and gusty winds across the whole of the UK.’
The windy weather will be accompanied by heavy rain that will spread eastwards throughout the day.

‘It is going to be a pretty horrible day,’ Ms Vince added.
Along with the wind and rain, some areas of the country will also see snow fall today.
Parts of the Scottish Highlands, Cumbria and the Peak District over 400m could see flurries, forecasters said. Parts of Wales and Scotland could also face sleet.

After a brief respite in the middle of the week, storms and heavier winds are due to return around Thursday with the threat of thunder and lightning in western Scotland.
It comes after the country enjoyed one of the mildest November weeks on record. Wednesday was the warmest November night for five years, said the Met Office.
Byron Chalcraft, forecaster at the Met Office, said: ‘This, I’m afraid, is a sign of things to come. It’s going to be thoroughly miserable.
‘For quite a while now we are going to get these very unsettled conditions.
‘It looks as though the next couple of weeks will be characterised by this weather, if not longer.
‘At the moment we have quite a deep area of low pressure and that’s going to be moving south eastwards ending up over the English Channel.
‘We’re going to get strong to gale force winds and some heavy rain revolving around this system.
‘The whole band is continuing to move slowly eastwards in the south but will come to a grinding halt across central England.

‘The Midlands will probably get rain all day long today and face gusty winds.
‘The temperature will also be quite low – probably only getting as high as 6C.’
Overnight temperatures could drop to -2C in places, say forecasters.
The bad weather will continue into Tuesday, with thundery rain, pausing momentarily for a little respite on Wednesday, before resuming once again on Thursday.
By Friday, the strong winds and rain will have returned.
A dip in temperature, combined with the wind speed, means it could get as cold as 0C in some places.
Forecasters also warned that up to 35mm of rain could fall across the north west and in Cumbria with snow at high level.

6th-13 November

Weather outlook for this phase augurs some gloomy if not electrical conditions around, along with mists and fog along with some spartan drizzly events. along with some frosty chills

6th As above clearing by afternoon though some more rain could arrive late at night before things begin to clear tomorrow. Some cold spells as well and damp conditions if not fog and mists for high and very low areas.

7th Strong intermittent but sudden gusts of westerlies, very strong on high ground, but this should result in a fine day with some blue skies between fast dissipating gloomy cloud…hopefully. Rain around from midnight and still a gloomy start before day break but fairer conditions later and any precipitation will be spartan by 16.30 onwards. Accurate. A fine day with sunshine around,cold though

8th Some quick showers could be around from late afternoon but generally a dry fairer day, very cold with frosty chills (inaccurate rain from outset and strong gusty winds very cold with frosty chills is accurate though))

9th Still frosty temps some loud but finer weather around bright blue around in the sky, even though some cloud around. ( wrong again!!! Rain rain and more rain icy temps alng with squally wind activity, often strong, and gloomy skies………snow falls on high ground from midlands to Scotland and six cars get trapped in 5 inches of snowfall at Kirkstone Pass highest place in Cumbria….how wrong was my prediction!!!!)

10th Mid day showers, prolonged and mid night also, cool temps westerlies prevail the rain will be heavy and could cause flash floods to some localities ( NOT fully accurate the mid day showers did not arrive:- a gloomy but drier start, though some spartan shower early am, lead to blue skies by 1 pm and fair weather, but seasonally cold, little breeze around HOWEVER on a general scale for UK another system from Atlantic expected so the flash flood and rain predicted for midnight tonight by net weather might not be totally inaccurate………)

11th Rain around till mid-day with very strong gusty westerly airflows in the mix….does the rain ever stop……(EXCELLENT—though gusterlies were very strong at often 80-90mph and destructive. ONE WOMAN KILLED today reported in daily’s by 12th when her car hit by tree. )

12th Air is icy and breathtaking, with frostiness meaning blue skies but some rain sleet or hail still around from start of day and spartan showers around late at night, but less gloomy generally though frosty temps could also mean that some snow falls in some exposed regions. Cold if not snow heralded….. (EXCELLENT AGAIN! Just missed the gusty trends continuing from yesterday see above for woman killed by strong westerlies occasional spartan spray sleet like as it was icy cold…) )

13th Some heavy showers heavy at times from early- mid morning along with some noisy breezy conditions, but the temps look like they could be milder than previously experienced

13-21 November

This phase promises to be wet with rain crossing to eastern parts, especially South Eastern England from early morning on 13th and we can expect some Unusual autumn temperatures when some days from the outset reach dizzy seasonal heights and again around 16-17th which is unusual for this time of year. Most occasional showers will be spartan and shortlived unless longer spells are mentioned, and we can expect some electrical outbursts particularly on 21st This weather phase is reminiscent of 6th May when similarly rain seemed to keep threatening but many days remained dry with only spartan showers with some cloud but also some sunshine….

13th Rain from the outset as mentioned above but clearing as day progresses with temps a seasonal high beginning to develop…but don’t get the bikini out just yet!! As if you would this time of year….atmosphere, mugginess could be uncomfortable and breezes will be noisy and swirling. accurarte

14th Some showery outbreaks likely between 6-9 am sun with cloud during the day and mists or cloud very early with seasonal highs continuing along with excitable westerlies in the mix. accurate

15th 12-1am then again 7-9 am showers particularly to the south where they might stay if we’re lucky, generally a dry day for us with sun along with cloud, more highs for the season. Accurate…..though should have said seasonal lows, and there was a frost covering around early morning…….today’s papers were featuring mists over somerset and Topcliffe, as a result of the lack of wind and cold condtions.Also, they were warning of a cold winter ahead due to berries on holly being larger than average…..

16th Occasional showers 8-10pm this evening sun with cloud during the day but a generally dry time again but some easterlies flowing over keeping things a little muggy (frosty misty/muggy start but clear by 10 am and nice and sunny with some cloud around—more accurate than the TV met who said yesterday was going to be best day of the week!!!!)

17th Dry day bluer skies some cloud still around easterlies still blowing ( may have been early morning showers—not sure……easterlies a bit blustery, and sky cloudy still at 11 am…..headline floods in Devon and landslide stops trains at Tiverton…from Daily Telegraph:-….No deaths or serious injuries were reported this morning despite the severity of the weather.
Gales have contributed to the problems as trees have been brought down and blocked roads including the A390 at Gunnislake.
Many schools have been closed. Lostwithiel, Bodmin, St Austell, Par, Luxulyan and St Blazey have been flooded. Helicopters from RNAS Culdrose and RMB Chivenor rescued trapped drivers near St Blazey, where water was “waist-deep”.
Parts of the county’s main roads, including the A30, A38 and A390 are under water and lorries and cars have been abandoned. A spokesman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) said coastguard teams were working with emergency services to evacuate flooded buildings across coastal communities.
A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police said the force was dealing with a “major flooding incident”.

18th Early morning showers 12 -1 am, potential for more spray 11-2pm mists cloud possible late evening and some mugginess if not mistiness prevails, while some quirky breezes can’t decide which way to blow. (accurate forecast….)

19th Showers around 7-9 am occ spray attempts t/out spartan in nature sun with cloud and warm air flows keep things seasonally mild as southerlies flow a little like Fohn winds really bringing in some welcome warm breezes but also some easterlies till around along with NW bringing in the changes ( mostly accurate…a misty day with drizzly spells, no sun though mild t muggy day….)

20th Sun with cloud possible short sharp showers temps unusual for this time of year again, perhaps slightly muggy or clammy but some blue skies could prevail as well ( gloomy day mild t some attempts at bright spells, but mostly gloomy)

21st It will rain today and be quite heavy for some localities including ours in fact some lightening could ring in the changes…..(accurate….rain here 4-6pm temps still mild didn’t look for lightening ranges)

21-28th Nov

Some bright sunshine around especially by late afternoons and evenings, with mostly clearer skies overnight keeping nights cool, but conditions can be electrical and occasional spray showers will arrive, though will be short lived. Mistiness wont stay around long in our region and though Full Moon phases usually bring extra clear skies during evening and overnight we’ll see some showers arriving overnight 25/26th with hail showers likely and some frosts could appear due to less cloud at night to keep wamth insulated.

21st As above with rain going eastwards leaving clearer skies by evening. Some strong breezy conditions for some localities.

22nd Electrical build quick showers could arrive by evening mod temps breezy, some rain clouds could form late eve, sun with cloud around during day time

23rd Could see intermittent showers t/out but still sunshine with cloud in between ( accurate….showers spartan)

24th Early morning shower arriving before sunrise and more showers by 7 34, could even be lightening and thunder conditions possible by mid day, but these don’t seem too threatening. Temps warm up a little today which is what could create electrical discharge. (oh dear! Nope…no early showers here anyway though snow showers expected in some regions beyond ours,, frosty temps and lake frozen slightly…must go back to the drawing board!!! So frosty morning, lake freezing and sunny outlook with little cloud around is the right description for today….the temps got colder as the day progressed….to icy cold bloody freezing!!!! Snow troubling traffic in N yorkshire at Hole of Horcum))

25th Showery attempts at break of day some gloomy clouds around also temps variable, but could be frost in exposed places, pleasant and bright blue sky by evening. Some rain arriving by midnight tonight and early tomorrow morning….(quite accurate bright sunshine around in spells but cloud gathering becoming more gloomy by mid day….…some frost in exposed places, but not here, lake only a tiny veneer of ice in some tiny areas from yesterday probably, and snow flurries by 10 15am for about 1-2 hours….but NE Eng and E Scotland fared worst this morning with heavy snow and some road probs……

26th Hail outbursts break of day again and some frosty starts look likely as less cloud around at night to keep warmth in

27th More electrical discharges around mid day and afternoon heavy at times, some cloud, possible fog or mistiness along with blustery breezes

28th Some mistiness or fog around very early morning. The winds can begin to get stronger breeding faster N Westerlies, and will bring in some showers today

28th Nov-5th December

This phase brings in some strong windy conditions and unsettled atmosphere which can be wild and woolly with muggy conditions to contend with especially with southerlies operative around 1 ad 4th and easterlies on 3rd. Some sunshine will also be breaking out but this is a very unsettled phase generally as we are moving towards a perigee moon in southern declination which doesn’t generally bring us the best of the weather.

28th Unsettled, possible rainy start, with strong if not wild north westerlies, not a good day for outdoor work and though some sunshine with cloud is around, rain could be blown in as well but by evening skies should be clearer (oh dear completely missed the snowfall that came our way after creating chaos in NE regions!

29th Still windy and colder temps prevail strong westerlies with some northerlies as well should stay dry…..( not much precip of snow today, still ground cver down, and overnight to 30th snowfall raised the levels to above two inch of settled snow in our region at least!!) The northerlies were quite key as they l
eft a low on the left of the UK—i.e Saturn in lunar char. And the snow came in from the east….Saturn retro???

30th Some precipitation around sunrise (yep….snow!) still breezy with some cloudiness threatening rain to come

1st Dec Southerlies prevail…not good and rain expected but not heavy and will be sunshine with cloud too but showers by 4-6pm approx.

2 Dec More unsettled condition arrive and some outbreaks of showers as aimless breeziness and muggy air provide an electrical feel

3rd Dec Similar to yesterday but very strong N W and westerlies blowing now rain could arrive early morning…N West coast could be awaiting arrival of a weather cell
coming in off the Atlantic

4th Dec Southerlies and rain pm to eve t/out UK, with drains stretched to bursting….especially our grass growing ones full of mud and debris in my area (wicked I know but true)cool temps some mists around in low valleys early morning. Cold conditions.

5th Hopefully a dry day with sunshine and clearer skies, though it may look a little gloomy by evening, but some noisy swirling breezes along with milder temps……so far but read on for more about today…..

5-13th December

This phase is cold, mostly dry with some precipitation by 7th especially. It does look at this stage (and I don’t alter my predictions once they are posted months ahead of the weather arriving) as if a storm cell is coming over to SW Ireland from the outset approaching SW England and beyond by 6th.

5th Some spray or light showers after mid day, swirling noisy breezes..

6th Can turn cold if not frosty some extremes for some areas around this date temperature wise. Light showers around mid day with cloud mist or fog by eve along with hail or sharp showers potential 2-4 pm

7th It will rain today quite heavily and thundery outbreaks if not lightening could characterise the weather systems coming in especially by 7-9pm and this could continue overnight till early the next day temps cool

8th Gloomy starts clears a little later in the day some breezy conditions.

9th Spray 12-2am followed by sun with cloud during the daytime very breezy if not windy outlook..

10th Electrical discharges bring sporadic showers sun with cloud, and some moderate seasonal warmth but this could be a snow breeding temperature? Gusty Westerlies around to keep everyone on their toes.

11th Sun and cloud, a gloomier outlook arrives by evening

12th Rain to southern regions today and could arrive here by 176; 37 onwards GMT temps seasonally mild

13th Rainy morning from outset but some Sunshine prevails with some blue in the skies later in the day hopefully

13-21 December

Wet, wet, wet, some nasty conditions come in from 16-20th snow is possible but it won’t stay white for long I don’t think…..

14th Some showers mid day but clearer skies and less rain forming cloud

15th Swirling noisy windy weather bringing in some showers by evening

16th Early morning precipitation is likely, cold conditions could intensify paving the way for a snow breeding once this eases up

17th More weather coming in off the Atlantic and we could be getting snow, sleet or just rain, but my money is on snow…..

18th More snow or rain from sunrise onwards freezing conditions by 8pm so take care on slippery roads some freezing fogs and mists around YEP!!! It did snow cover here, about 1 inch f freezing cold afternoon and evening Scotland hit again from yesterday even Devon covered in snow…

19th Cold icy, frosty….chilly winter conditions could be too cold to rain but does that mean more snow arrives early morning Yep Arctic conditions from early am

20th N Westerlies are very strong arriving in sudden spurts, cold icy conditions around with frost expected to cover ground so wrap up warm…..more snow showers look likely

21st Drier but still cold conditions…….will it snow for Christmas……wait one hour while I look at the chart for this weather … thing is for sure the weather looks eventful for the Christmas week……..

SO WILL IT SNOW FOR CHRISTMAS????????? READ ON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

25th-28th December—SOLSTICE TIME

First of all the winds are going to be pretty strong at the outset and we have a full moon which is perigee by 25th and on the equator which also brings in some unsettled conditions, so this is an eventful week weather wise to add excitement to the celebrations around the world…..
Our local weather is wet, some ground frosts or even snow coverings could still be lying around, but w can also expect some sunshine to come long and brighten up the days ahead. Sadly there also looks to be some floods disturbing the celebrations in some localities at the outset, and the worst hit at this phase looks to be around Salcombe area as well as some NE England localities so watch out for heavy rain alerts and flood warnings…..

21st Rain heavy for many regions especially from early morning particularly to the South and some fierce north westerlies will be around but some mild southerlies could ward off some of the icy cold conditions

22nd Rain or sleet showers from the beginning of the day after an icy cold night and some freezing fog or mists could hang around in the morning as southerly air flows ring in the day but expect strong northerlies to be bringing in cold temps as well. Another snow or sleet shower could arrive by 8-10 am and the afternoon looks a little gloomy and cloudy

23rd Hail or sleet around 7 in the morning then again showers around 6-8 pm and this again could be more snows or sleet condition nut some sunshine could brighten us up in between

24th Electrical hail snow or sleet before mid day gloomy outlook with cloud around for the afternoon temps same as previous day

25th Very breezy outlook for today. Some colder weather can begin to come along but it looks like a sunny start to the day with some cloud around by afternoon….snow bearing cloud highly likely, any snow likely to arrive by 22.00 pm but no promises or guarantees just that the precipitation does look white from where I’m sitting…..I’m going to give a 80% chance of it snowing later today..

26th Sunshine around after some quick showers around 2 am

27th Today I’ll give a 90% chance of snow arriving before mid day…milder temps than previously and very breezy westerlies

28th Overnight snow likely28/29th

Winds and Weather Autumn 2010

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