March weather forecast West Yorks UK and beyond

24 Feb-4th March.

A cold, frosty and crisp outlook with wintery showers, occasional mists in lowlands and some wet spells with temperatures very cold at the start of the phase but becoming seasonally slightly milder as we continue into March.

24th. Could be a misty muggy start by clearer by mid day, some short lived icy showers expected before lunchtime.

25th. Should be some good outdoor weather today, though icy cold, and with nippy breezes, showers expected late evening.

26th. Quick icy outbursts begin before sunrise and could continue intermittently throughout the day moving towards the east for many UK regions…This looks like the wettest day of this phase.

27th. Icy Winter showers very early again same as yesterday, could indicate snow for some localities on high ground, frost around from the start, clearer but cold day.

28th. Some snow on high ground by late afternoon, hail and sleet showers for lower regions, seasonally slightly more moderate temperatures as March begins.

1st March. Quick icy showers from 8am are likely, more prolonged precipitation to come during the afternoon.

2nd.News of snow arriving to the west…Ireland/Wales on high ground, supported by some lowering of temperature fronts, more mellow showers could arrive here by mid night or before, lasting till early morning on 3rd…

4-12th March

This looks like some stormy or unsettled weather is expected and the outlook seems a little gloomy. Blizzards look likely for NW regions and a tornado breeding conditions arrives around 8/9th if not high speed winds and gales with some very icy blasts expected. A pattern of weather similar to that of 15th March 2010 looks set to be experienced this phase. More snow to the north of England/Scotland highly probable….

4th. Some damp conditions with winter showers around heavier to the east of our region and could become prolonged as the day wears on….

5th. Early morning cloud along with ongoing showers, pockets of icy cold lows around with easterlies bringing in some unsettled muggy conditions which could breed mistiness for some low lying areas.

6th. Colder/icy temps could see frost developing with varying wind flows bringing in unsettled conditions. Snowfall or sleet likely and the night sky looks gloomy.

7th. Showery start, heavier by p.m. cold icy sleet long lasting till tomorrow possibly…..

8th. Rain at beginning and end of day, cloudy some high speed gales will also create cause for concern…icy blasts, very cold conditions. Tornado outlook today or tomorrow due to southerlies getting stronger and clashing with cold lows moving southwards.

9th.Snow blizzards especially in high exposed regions. I expect the tornado to arise today…..not a nice day…high speed windy activity…

10th. Hope I’m wrong but this still looks gloomy with rain around by mid day…some cold lows around also and icy possibly blustery wind blasts, but a clearer outcome later in the evening

11th. Still some unsettled weather fronts around with cloud and continuing wind leading to a gloomy morning on 12th but hopefully this clears by evening on 12th….

12-19th March

This looks like an eventful weather phase where from the outset snow could be expected if not falling on western regions of the UK. Some prolonged heavy downpours will be arriving overnight 14-15th and again on 18-19th for many regions of the UK, but especially ours. Winds are expected to be strong, if not gale force off NW Scotland, while we get some strong westerlies brewing from 15th, stronger on 16th. Mistiness and fog around can upset travel schedules during this phase……..
Conditions are extremely seismic for this phase and from 12th March so some news expected….read blurb on website for 12-25th march when you could feel the earth move under your feet.

12th as above though there could be some quick wintery outbreaks at daybreak with some icy and fast hail/ sleet late afternoon……..temps icy cold

13th. More snow and sleet shower attempts, breezy, occasional sun outbreaks during the day, breeziness with some southerlies could bring some promise of milder temp…

14th. Very early mists, cloud if not snow attempts, afternoon outbreaks of rain highly likely clouds developing during the day with easterlies bring in the muggy trends. By late afternoon I expect rain to be prolonged and set in for a long period lasting till 15th…..not a nice two days…..

15th. Rain and still perpetuating mists and mugginess but should be better conditions by afternoon with some brighter spells of spring weather but clouds still hovering around. Northerlies vie with southerlies to bring in clearer conditions by evening thank goodness.

16th. More showery outbreaks possible during the afternoon, some moderate spring themes around temperature wise, though temps will vary throughout the day, though some sunshine or brighter conditions could cheer us up especially during the afternoon, though this means fog or mists for some low lying places by evening. Breezy westerlies begin to rev up the day….

17th. I expect some brighter weather today with seasonally mild conditions though strong winds could be the reason why. The westerlies become stronger, speedy and gusty…..a good day to dry out the washing and get rid of cobwebs…..

18th.Rain expected for most parts of the UK but especially here in our region. Some sunshine could accompany the weather during the day…still windy. Flood warnings look highly likely and some really messy conditions of some areas of UK westerly and beyond…….over next few days.

March is especially seismic this year

we can expect some earthquake clouds to form overhead around the globe in March

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