SPRING 2015 Long Range Weather forecast UK W Yorks and Yonder

table of windsHello Everyone. I am moving my weather forecasting to: http://www.UKweatherbrief.wordpress.com due to no longer having time for delivering feedback on each weeks forecast.

I do hope this isn’t inconvenient, and if you would like my updates posted into your inbox then please do sign up. Thank you for reading my blog.

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Summer 2014


My long range weather forecast are going to be a little short range in fits and starts this summer due to factors I don’t control, so apologies to all who perhaps were hoping for this forecast a little earlier.

I expect to see some lovely weather over summer this year, but this wont be guaranteed every week till Autumn!

We have to wait till Jupiter moves into Leo, but this will be heralded by some extreme weather headlines around the middle of July…more of this later perhaps…if I get time.

I can only deliver the first few weeks of summer 2014 long range forecast and have focussed upon the weather for the Tour DE France taking place in the fabulous landscape of Yorkshire this year. Yorkshire has a landscape I have always called Gods own country, so nice to know the local BBC programmers have also started calling it that too in recent years. Cyclists are not going to be disappointed if they lose after encountering some of the most fabulous rolling hills and dales on the planet.

Read on to see what my forecast predicts weather wise, and I can also say that for Leeds, this is a fabulous time astrologically to showcase the city and surrounding areas, as well as to host the start of this much awaited and celebrated sporting event and may I also say I expect a cyclist born within our city limits to arrive as a winner. Good luck!

19th-27th June
We can expect some great outdoor weather mostly dry, lots of sunshine around but wind spells can cause a few erratic wind tunnels, particularly on high ground and along valleys in deep rifts 24tth-27th likeliest days for these to arrive, so watch out if cycling down on a practise run from Buttertubs to Grassington.
Potential arrives for scattered and localised electrical breaks to sunshine with hail spurts also expected to some localities.
Highs continue as summer announces the salute to the height of the sun in our hemisphere, on 21st, so get out your bikes to cycle to the stone circles on Ilkley Moor or in Grassington to help celebrate a major seasonal marker. The 21st usually sees a few weather disturbances due to the sun ingressing from one environment to another but precipitations looks more likely to hit the NW Scotland regions, though could arrive to some northern parts of England as days continue.. The 20th could see a few showery outbursts around breakfast but I don’t expect these to linger too long, and could even turn out to be just some mists and clouds.
Generally sunny fair weather with highs of the season to enjoy 24th-27th but as mentioned earlier these could be accompanied by winds as well in exposed areas particularly. 27th could see mists lingering into mid morning.

27th June -5th July

I expect highs for the season to be checked against records for this phase. 30th sees some static build along with heat from former days. There should be some blue skies and good summer weather around but after 3rd things could begin to turn a little cooler.

The chart for this ‘Tour’ phase echoes some of the conditions we dealt with in March/April this year when easterlies brought over pollution from Europe, combining with strong winds fetching sand up from the Sahara. However, it does look as if this time the sands get blown over SE England across to mainland Europe leaving cyclists with better visibility than they would have had with sand in their eyes! I don’t discount the possibility of more pollution blowing over from the east and it does look set to hit east coastal regions. hopefully not hitting the main cycle route.

5th July-12th.

This phase brings in a tendency for lowering of temps on former week, but I am sure cyclists will welcome less intense heat for their race. I expect longer lasting weather disturbances to grow as the phase continues but fortunately these look set to be at their worst around the 8th after the race has finished.

This phase shows seismicity operating, but this will affect eastern parts of the UK avoiding Cycling routes, or it could manifest as pollution coming in to the east coast regions from Europe.

I have focussed mainly upon race days 5-6th.
5th potential for early morning mists due to warmth lingering, or showers from midnight to before sunrise with some noisy pockets of wind of varying speed, mostly northerly keeping things cool. Potential for varying localised showery conditions for some parts of the Yorkshire region in the morning, for mid morning in W Leeds after the race has set off from the city centre. Weather should be clearer by the afternoon to midnight generally.

6th Again midnight to before sunrise there is potential for showery outbreaks, mists and clouds, so watch out on grassy areas that could be slippy if you are camping out. Mid day brings a risk of more showery outbursts, and mists or clouds could still be lingering near watery places in valleys. The afternoon and evening should see the better conditions with sunshine around.
Temps will be variable but lowering, with varying cloud and sunshine on these two days. Once the showery intervals clear we can expect sun and cloud and some good visibility to watch the race with.

It’s the 8-9th that bring in the worst weather of the phase, but before 12th Full Moon I expect better weather to be turning up.

Hopefully I shall be able to finish the summer long range forecast and publish it soon, watch this space……..

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SPRING WEATHER W Yorks and Yonder 2014

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Solstice 2013-Winter2014 UK Long Range Weather Forecast

ViewGrasmereAllen BanksHello All
Sorry for the late posting of the next season’s weather but here it is. I have to say it is getting harder to deliver these as the years go by due to so many commitments, but hopefully you are still reading and testing the forecasts.

These forecasts were done in November 2013, and I did race through quite a few, so hoping they are not too wildly out!

Happy Reading.

table of winds17th-24th December

Fine sunny out breaks, but very icy cold 8th- 11th some wind to breezy turning windy again throughout. Easterlies around by 11th showing some cloud developing that interrupts fair play. Potential for showers for us as well by 11th but I don’t expect these to be heavy at all. Sunshine and cloud for 12th onwards while 13th sees fair turn to cloudier with easterlies coming in late evening, 14th is still cold due to whippy westerlies, but at least the cloud and gloom from 11th eventually gets blown on its way so we can expect brighter skies for 14th onwards, but frost sleet and snow showers could still be around for 14-15th brought in with winds, whilst 15th brings in exhilarating air, blue skies and some good photography conditions so get your camera out. By 16th temps much milder with thawing taking place to ground.

17th-24th December

The run up to Christmas sees temperatures reaching icy cold and freezing conditions with some extremes for this phase in NW areas, especially NW Scotland feeling the worst of the weather. A low sends air masses circulating eastwards starting a few hundred miles North of Scotland and moving slowly but surely southwards as the week progresses, bringing in blizzard potential, even tempestuous conditions to some coastal areas that can interfere with traffic conditions. Drive carefully…….
Night times see skies clearing with low cloud cover leaving exposure to extremely cold weather, frost and ice, but some lovely sunrises at the first half for photographers to enjoy.

Snow/frost coverings from the outset left over from 16th will provide many a white landscape to delight in. 20th-21st sees a stormier outlook developing generally

!7th/18th looks too cold to snow wrap up warmly for this big freeze continuing, sunshine with variable cloud around. Winter showers likely for afternoon 18th localised flurries on 17th
19th Big freeze continues, some sunshine variable cloud temperatures beginning to ease away from freezing
20th Slowly increasing cloudiness with easterlies fetching in some muggy conditions and it becomes cold enough for snow so I expect hail sleet and snow to arrive in varying intensities as the day progresses.
21st Is extremely unsettled from former days and heavier cloud formation is likely with an all weather day expected. Snow likely for NW, Scotland and high regions with mists forming to valleys and watery areas as temps get milder and humidity swarms around. Some southerlies in the mix aid thawing on temps of previous days. Expect sleet, snow showers, localised and sporadic, with North Westerlies kicking in later in the day trying to clear things up.

22nd Less unsettled
23rd Mists and fogs with mizzles around especially to western coastal regions from early morning. A damp day and temps less freezing and sporadic showery outbreaks later in the day.

24th A fair start around sunrise, clouds forming with the cold moving ever southward. Some wintery shower outbreaks potential during the afternoon.

25th Looks like whippy westerlies for Christmas day and the likelihood of a wind funnel or mini tornado to the southern regions but read on for news of Christmas weather>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

25th December 2013 Christmas week

Will it snow for Christmas? Usually it doesn’t and we are all disappointed, as a white Christmas is such a rarity in these parts. However, read on to find out what the chances are.

I am banking on a 99% chance of snow to some parts of the UK on Christmas Day, and I also expect to get some for West Yorks and yonder….

The last time I looked at a chart with some of the triggers operative I see for this phase, we got flood warnings to over 30 rivers in Wales, power lines coming down and gales up to 100mph in Scotland so how different will this phase be to that I wonder?

I think we are in for rough ride weather wise with some main routes under assault and this could be due to flooding, though winds will be very lively as well, activating potential for communication lines to be affected, and so hold onto your garters!

Happily the coldest of conditions we experienced nearly a week ago, goes south leaving milder temps than last phase with thawing to those watery places under freeze.

25th Mild vying with colder temps with strong westerly winds, gales likely to some western areas, NW Scotland particularly, biting and cutting wherever they blow. Wind funnels, spouts and even nr mini tornadoes to south and midlands areas are possible.. Certainly strong and at times high speed winds blow, on higher regions especially, and air traffic can be disrupted due to bad atmospherics. These winds can bring in isolated sleet and snow flurries, or even blizzards to some UK localities.

26th Some broody easterlies could see off the strong winds of yesterday and we could see mists and clouds thicker near watery places, but some generally fairer wintery conditions for Boxing Day.

27th Variable cloud, some cold erratic breezes and more potential snow attempts for some localities with heavy precipitation expected arriving before mid day. This could be sleet with snow and rain. Mistiness prevails in valleys and beyond by evening.

28th Cold nippy westerlies again with a clearer outlook for late afternoon or evening.

29th Well….errr….this looks like the worst of the weather arrives all in one go. Not a good day at all with more blizzards expected, very strong winds, erratic NWesterlies along with wind driven rain sleet and snow. The temps are milder now suggesting any snow or icy stuff is thawing wildly leading to potential for flooding for some parts of the UK. High pressure..that is the drier conditions look to be in the south. These bad conditions will affect traffic and main routes. Air and communications systems will be disrupted and this pattern could continue into early 30th.

30th As above but winds should settle and some cloud clearing to blue sky could see sunshine around for many as the day wears on, although some quick short lived flurries could affect some isolated localities in sporadic bursts.

31st Temps milder, but whippy westerlies around to keep things nippy. Mists or cloud could linger early morning but the winds can clear these to let some sunshine come through.

winterscenes 2010 002

New Year : Happy 2014

The NM is perigee and normally associated with stormy weather, and I expect we have already had some headlines about this prior to this date. I see milder temps forming above Northern Ireland keeping NW regions in cloud, mists or fogs for the start of this phase, whilst snow forming off the southern tip of Iceland could reach the northern tip of Scotland and arrive down in northern parts of England during the week ahead. There will be some fair weather around as well during the second half. Famous last words….I don’t expect heavy amounts of winter outbursts to cause flooding, though the NW does look suspect! (hedging my bets until I can confirm the contra indicators for this pattern !!) With Saturn’s sojourn in Scorpio it will always be underwater caverns, drains and caves and marshy boggy areas that feel assaulted by the foulest weather, and for this phase they do look under assault.

1st Whippy westerlies, cool day but some sunshine around; at least a promise of some less wild conditions for those returning to work after the seasonal break. Temperatures will be chilly and there is a slim likelihood of quick wintery sporadic outbursts before lunch. A cloudy if not misty overnight scenario so take care if driving.

2nd Icy temps, gusty westerlies very icy to high regions such as Pennines with potential for air traffic disruption due to wrong type of icy cold and windy weather in higher altitudes! Ice and sleet around today.
3rd Icy cold but some exhilarating air outside so wrap up warm and enjoy the high.
4th Northerlies rule until evening when milder breezes arrive responding to invitation from sunshine a fair outlook though things may still be damp, I expect these northerlies will dry them out a little, but some snow flurries could arrive in the afternoon depending on where in W Yorks you live.
5th Cold and gloomy to watery places in valleys general outlook for UK is cloud dominating but it is fairer to south than to cloudier northern regions, chilly breezes and an easterly flow cloaks a little gloom over proceedings. Those easterlies need stopping don’t they, always looking on the gloomy side………
6th Colder but some fair weather in between some rather naughty little showery stuff that can bring short sharp burst of sporadic sleet, hail and even snow flurries and these may continue into evening when they will be licensed to get heavier…oh woe to those who don’t take their wellies and snow hats…
7th-8th Similar to yesterday but petering out by 8th…..which is slightly milder temps wise…thank goodness…must just go and warm my keyboard fingers……NWesterlies look to be breeding up a storm but let’s look at the next map to see what is going on…

8th-16th Jan

Last year around this time we were looking at news of avalanches to Scotland along with looking at the resignation of the Pope..a historic act….the two were not related….I don’t think….unless we attribute them both to acts of god, that good ole insurance clause get out, errm but the Scots do have a strong Popish tradition but that’s history and we were looking at the weather, so onwards and upwards…..

Thunderstorms are likely for this phase, as mentioned earlier, and it may be I am a day out with this forecast as conflicting messages would take longer to decode and I haven’t the time…..However, these break out when the Moon is in the lower heavens so around early 9th looks most suspect if one didn’t arrive overnight on 7-8th. My money is on the former but what do I know?

We get extremes of cold weather for this phase so expect that notorious ”big freeze” to kick in and keep your nose red and your toes cold and other extremities in need of major warmth therapy. Oh if only global warming wasn’t just a money making myth, that what I say……

Overall at a glance impression of my maps is that Ireland and those parts of GB near enough to that little green gem, will get the mists fog and cloud…awww…never mind just put your best smile on. SE England, that’s you down there in Kent, looks to have a low operative with easterlies brooding their way across southern parts….there they go again…those broody easterlies…….that’s unless HAARP isn’t controlling the weather yet…..

I haven’t covered all weather occurrences for W Yorks and yonder but just most of em….well it is Crimbles coming up as I race through these winter charts….

8th Seasonally mild with mists to watery places and those mentioned in the intro and some here to start the day. Electrical build up likely with thunderstorm or lightening ready to strike overnight.
9th Easterlies are active and that means more muggy conditions and the big freeze begins to make itself felt as the day wears on
10th Cold enough to snow today, variable winds scattered clouds and brief winter showery stuff to contend wit
11th A cold front hits us all and you can feel it cool and crisp under foot, temps nippy, cutting with lots of frost and ice around but some sunshine as well. Northerlies try to clear it all up and turn NW by evening.
12th The big freeze continues in fact it continues to get colder…oh no aarrgh
13th Colder still with everything frozen over…..go ice skating to make the most of this weather. Expect freezing fogs morning and evening, perhaps all day….We should get the sun laughing at us as we fall on treacherous ground….take care whilst travelling, this is record breaking stuff so watch the media start blagging about how cold it is since last year, next year sometime never, forgetting all about the ice age millennia ago…still someone has to earn a living filling in blanks don’t they…..if only that fellah had never introduced the idea of stats, wouldn’t the news be a lot more interesting?
14th-15th A tiny easing on temps and a damp atmosphere sun with cloud around might be cold enough to snow flurries with lots of frost by 15th…..definitely white landscaping around so get yer camera out that Santa bought you….
16th..needs more study but so far looks like it’s sunshine, cold and frosty sleet/winter showery stuff early morning, fogs morning and evening possible

16th-24th January
Normally the Full Moon in winter brings clear night skies that allow warmth to escape leaving us with icy temps at this time of year. We still get wintery cold temps but freeze and thaw seems to alternate as the days wear on leaving treacherous conditions behind. Air traffic can be disrupted, Lds Bfd air services could be affected for this phase with some winds creating a disturbance at high altitudes from the outset. I’m not sure if these winds also bring in sleet so fast it lowers visibility so take care.

The major pattern for this phase saw headlines to Scotland reminding us of the time Wales got stranded at Fyffe, Scotland during the wet summer of 2012, and record breaking winds to Scotland again, September the same year. Theses high winds look set to hit the east seaboard of Scotland from the outset, and blizzards could accompany these coming down central GB as cold air descends southwards. Blue skies reign to the east of GB with sunshine and drier conditions will be seen. The western parts of GB look to experience more weather upsets with the NW GB (includes Cumbria to Highland in Scotland) receive blustery snow storm potential. Isolated flooding can occur to these regions as freeze and thaw takes hold.

16th –17th Could see some freezing sleet, snow or rain to lowlands and costal areas, short sharp and not very sweet. Some mists and fogs around interfering with traffic flow. Cold and dry north westerlies around in erratic gusts, strong and forceful at high altitudes and further north such as Scotland where they could become gales. Could develop into blizzards and NW could see potential flooding as freeze and thaw takes place.

18th slightly milder, but high humidity gives rise to more mists fogs and mizzles from the birth of the day.

19th still cold and cutting and some gloomy weather around with clouds potentially shedding their weight in mists mizzles and occasional showers.

20th cool to moderate on former freeze, thawing increases, some breezes turning windy, with more snow attempts but temps could soon turn it to rain.

21st Unsettled start more electrical atmosphere as day wears on some sudden winter flurries throughout the day, some westerlies could be gusty at times later.
22nd Looks like more winter showers arrive electrical so hail, sleet likely.
23rd Sunshine with cloud , fairer to south, gloomier to north and some whippy westerlies prevailing, but conditions more settled now.

24th-30th January

The air looks exceedingly crisp across the English Channel and to western shores and very strong gusty westerlies prevailing with headlines expected possible due to affects on traffic but also comms systems.

We can expect some outburst of showers but a drier second half for this phase with sunshine……….temps less icy to first half getting cooler again after 28th.

24th Electrical air could bring in some showery conditions, but I expect a fine late evening. Gusty westerlies could bring in the rain and cause some traffic and comms problems, could even be telegraph or electricity pylons, as mentioned above.

25th Cold start. Easterlies auguring some cloud after a sunny morning, gloomier to north and clearer skies to south. Sunshine around when cloud allows.
26th Breezy, sunshine and cold clear air, milder temps erratic breezes some frost around though cloud developing during afternoon.
27th Milder temps, thawing conditions sunshine with showery outbreaks.
28th –30th some clearer skies with sunshine, colder icier conditions by 29th along with evening showers–more likely out to western parts but travelling our way, and by 30th cold ice and frost begin to reappear with potential for mists and wait for it……read on

winterscenes 2010 002

winterscenes 2010 006

30th Jan-6thFeb

OK. I didn’t spend ore than ten minutes reading this chart because on the one hand there’s some excellent outdoor air to enjoy no matter what the weather, but wrap up warmly even if you are building a snowman or decide to go on a country walk to take in the lovely air.

Conditions clear up some of the unsettled outlook on last week. There can be gentle breezes southerly in nature but some northerlies higher up that keep things mostly enjoyable, but there could also be heavy snowfall so get the sledges out …………………..just in case I have read this correctly! Certainly temps get colder again with the big freeze arriving but bringing some winter weather to play with.

30th Looks like snow and it could be heavy, moving in from the east…mild breezes to lullaby with. This looks like staying around al week.

1st Looks like a fine start but there may be some mists around late evening as temps grow slowly colder

2nd onwards the weather system remains the same with ever colder conditions making the ground crisp and crunchy underfoot, with gentle southerlies and northerlies above……
3rd could see some more fast snowfall and flurries arriving from the east.
4th Sun with cloud cold start some sunshine around colder, and mists created due to the cold lasting into early 5th Frost, snow or both around at this stage…..
6th Sun with cloud around fair weather indicated, but colder and cloudier to the north and east, fairer to the south

6th -14th Feb

A quick tour again to give taste of the weather…
Additional snowfall likely to eastern parts, other wintery precipitation heavier to western GB. Temps lower to icy freeze by 9th and can begin to be less harsh by end of phase. 8th potentially winter showers across UK..unless it becomes too cold for those!!

6th Looks like snow arrives again especially to west
7th Cooling sunshine around
8th Winter showers travelling eastwards
9th Hail, sleet, potentially snow, more to western parts, can be fast and furious and hurt!
10th Clouds or fogs and mists forming as temps get below freezing for late afternoon clearer skies with sunshine during the day
11th -13th Sporadic often localised electrical winter flurries expected but some sunshine around cloud forming however. Winter showers to east of us. Temps still icy cold
14th Valentines Day–temps less icy fine sunny day

14th-22nd Feb
A very eventful weather outcome for this phase, with some extremes in the form of wild winds combined with intensely cold fronts moving southwards, hail, sleet and snow blizzards expected.
There will also be some migrating thunderstorms with static outbursts/lightening so watch out for all the fun of the weather fair this time of year.
Normally a Full Moon is less wild with nice clearer evening skies, less loud overnight leading to very frosty starts if not freezing fogs, and we will have some of this weather to be sure. Flooding or heavy precipitation could affect areas south such as SW Midlands and South Wales regions.

So much for the overview I’ll attempt to look at daily outcomes, but no absolute guarantees with so much weather circulating it does get difficult to time and track it.

14th-16th Sees electrical storms/blizzards breaking out with hail sleet and snow blown in by high speed winds . Thunder and lightening in the mix for some localities, our region included. Intensely cold weather is moving southwards at this time Transport systems affected.
17th-18th sees varying winds cloud occasional sunshine with unsettled to 18th turning things humid leading to slightly milder but more humid weather.
19th some winter flurries in the morning, snow/frost around, mistiness to valleys. Sun with heavy cloud during the day. Easterlies bring in some gloominess with fogs/ mists expected late at night.
20th–22nd More winter showers around in the afternoon, winds could be active. Cloudiness and mists to valleys temps getting milder, thawing highly likely. More sunshine developing during the daytime over these days.

winterscenes 2010 004

22nd Feb-1st March

Another intense weather front this time with gloomy easterly lows off NE Scotland clashing with mists, fogs and gloominess and cold waves affecting various regions as they move southwards centring on middle England terrains. Mists, fogs and freezes run up eastern coastal regions to GB so airports near to those parts will experience interruptions to their timetable. Sleet or hail can soon turn frosty or then again to snow as temps range from tortuously low to moderate during this phase.
Power and comms systems affected again, some of which may have been hit by the storms of early December. Roads may also be affected by snowdrifts, and wintery showers, along with icy conditions. Basically, although a thawing time arrives it doesn’t ever leave is with the idea winter freezes are over!

Some noisy and mischievous winds around for the first few days, howling down chimneys and alleys to spook anyone wanting to listen. Sometimes strong, whippy and cutting westerlies can gust at varying speeds.

Again, due to lack of time, this is a quick tour of some of the weather expected for our region and yonder, but not exhaustive.

22nd Heavy winter showers move eastwards leaving drains under assault and flooding. Mists and heavy cloud running up east coast areas. Some exhilarating air to high altitudes, with NW biting where they blow up a speed, and some thawing on colder temps may be discernible, but generally it is still at freezing levels.

23rd 24th Snow mists and fogs with thawing and slightly milder temps

25th some respite from worst weather events more moderate systems around, but clouds getting heavier as day progresses

26th Looks a little electrical and stormy with strong winds and cold fronts developing again Precipitation looks heavier to north and south of us. Intermittent winter flurries sometimes heavy, sometimes short and sweet. For some parts the heavy precip can end up as drifts creating problems if in rural communities where sheep need tending. Cold fronts become intense to NW and rural exposed areas.

27th -1st March Sun with cloud southerlies bring in a more gentle less aggressive weather outcome but winter showery outbursts can still arrive, heavier to 28th–to east regions as well, adding to landfall already made. 1st looks like a nice sunny day……………………………….

1st March- 8th
East Anglia to North West GB seem in line for the intensity of the sudden cold fronts reigning this time around, precipitation could be higher for those parts and beyond, with some electrical if not stormy outbursts, along with strong NW winds blowing weather systems southwards giving the region more winter showers than we get, these could lead to chilly drizzle and mizzles. Erratic winds turning gusty- gales throwing throwing their weight around and some becoming strong, icy, icy, icy and speedy coming downslope from NW regions for those in Dales and living near high areas. I do expect news of thunderstorms/strong winds from the outset and these will affect electricity supplies and communication systems.

The eastern side of GB looks to be getting the more moderate temps compared to the abrupt changes to icily cold conditions that rule over the west, whilst gloomier weather look likely to be pushed southwards by strong winds.

!7th November when similar conditions ruled we were mostly dry with occasional showery outbursts, rather than constant rain, but the south did get badly hit with the gales at that time, and could encounter strong winds again this time.

Here goes…not too confident about this outcome at this stage long range….

1st Electrical and sometimes quite fair weather could try to break out today but wont be given a chance to stay I don’t think. Clouds developing, damp air cold waves wafting over, unsettled with varying cold to mod, low temps localised and sudden. Fresh outdoor air some electrical atmospheric disturbances already mentioned in the introduction to this phase.. We could see winter showery flurries around. Breeze-windy variable. Winds strong to NW and can race downslope

Showery outburst more likely evening to early morning if they arrive at your locality W Yorks for 1st-4th most likely on 3-4th with more showery attempts likely after mid day with potential for snow flurries especially in higher altitudes. 3rd is very unsettled weather wise and changeable temp wise–could be some chilly drizzly stuff around. 4th looks very cold but chance for sunshine and clearer skies

5th-8th Getting colder and crisper underfoot by 5th with mists and frosts forming due to cold temps, with air cold and crisp. Some warming factors from Sun on 6th which is breezy but dry and sunny. Increased cloud with easterlies with winter showers to the west by 7th when cloud and mists hover.

8th Extremely cold day, some warmth from sun, and breezy, sunshine could break out as well….

8th-16th March
We should be heading towards Spring at this time, but Spring doesn’t know that and is lurking longer in the cold and frost leaving us wondering when we can dig hard soil and get plants into warmer beds……………The South England sees our coldness moving their way while E shores get more showery outbreaks than we do and these look to be sudden, cold and travelling north westerly from SE coastal region, from the outset and may travel up the east coast region with a mix of some snow flurries and sleet/hail coming in from the east.

I expect this phase to be slightly drier and more settled than previously with snow turning to frost in these seasonally cold temps. Much sunshine to enjoy but not really warm enough to shout about for the first half, thawing and milder temps as the days proceed.

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2013 Autumn Weather UK, W Yorks and Yonder: Long Range Weather Forecast


Autumn 2013

Writing this in early July 2013, after the heady heatwave that broke by 22nd, it’s easy to see more heatwaves continuing well into Autumn….in our dreams. Certainly the season starts with some highs and the area between GB and Europe is where the best temps reign supreme for a while, so eastern GB looks to be enjoying some nice highs at this stage. To the west of GB some highs also linger but with mists and hazes and some cloud that stops Sun
performing as well as we would like. This looks like turning very autumnal by 5th October when I expect high winds and some stormy outcome.

In fact I expect signs of autumn to show early in leaves and grass due to the drought conditions that left herbiage unquenched and needing sprinklers to keep them moist. In such conditions we get early drop and dying out of summer growth, the signs usually associated with Autumn in fact.

October charts brought a bit of a challenge. First of all for three weeks we get the same indicators for similar weather patterns for three weeks of the month from 5th-18th and even by 26th there is only a slight variation on the theme with a more intense outlook being generated.

Winter makes its presence around the corner quite clear by 10th November phase when temps try to remain mild but begin to give way to an icy cold front and freezing mists and fogs by 12-13th and this could create some transport
problems. it was chilly just looking at these temps let alone living with them!

This forecast takes us up to the end of November and will be updated in October to take us up to Christmas.

September 2013

FM 19th-27th September
Could be some outpourings to the west prior to this phase, with any residue meandering eastwards from the outset on 27th. If you can remember back in 31st May and first week in June, the Mets kept telling us about the Azores
high and sure enough we got mosquito outbreaks in its wake!

We will still be enjoying a continuation of some good weather for this phase, another potential Azores streak that bathes us in some nice seasonally high temps. NW Scotland could see some variable temps with occasional
dullness, mists haze and cloudiness depending on altitude and this could slowly move further down the west. But overall a good weather trend to enjoy.

October long range weather 2013

October long range weather 2013

27th October-5th October

This is where Autumn discernibly moves in.

The fair weather continues for a few more days, but temps get cooler as the phase progresses growing autumnally cold by 30th when I expect precipitation to hit NW regions, i.e lakes area. Unsettled conditions turns the tide on the good weather from 29th with winds growing restless and ready to blow off the dead leaves. Winds grow ever more erratic by 1st keeping things cool and a little chilly, with sporadic rainy outbursts, mizzle and drizzles heralding the end of summer and dawn of Autumn. Temps much cooler by 3rd onwards when winds rev up in speed and temps grow even more variable and cold, could mean gales for some regions, but some sunshine afterwards for last 2 days I would think.

5th-11th October
The cold weather looks likely to continue with gentle southerlies around at the outset trying to ward off any bitterness, but with northerlies above we can expect mostly clouds forming and localised showery outbursts from 5th, moving eastwards.

By the 7th the weather gets much more unsettled with mists haze and cloud around watery places, with warmth and cold air vying with each for space. I expect clouds if not mists and haze to predominate by late afternoon or
evening, particularly to the eastern areas of our region.

8th Brings a cloudy morning, some mists may linger, more showery outburst likely. Easterlies predominate increasing cloudiness as the day wears on, erratic gustiness makes things unpleasant if not a little stormy with NW one of
the areas of GB most vulnerable to these outburst and squalls. Could be hail or sleet and it is cold so I’m not ruling out snow arriving or heralded by these weather conditions, and it could be highland areas that gets news of the pending arrival.
9th slightly milder conditions, snow still likely as previously mentioned and showery outbursts localised but very heavy at times, but some sunshine spells around to brighten up the outlook.
10th-11th Southerlies blow with a slight rise in mists and haze lingering , high humidity and isolated cloudbursts with heavy downpours for many regions, again looks most likely to North east and west at this stage.

11th-18th October

Clearer but cooler conditions rule off east of GB with these slowly moving in later this phase. Milder temps look more likely to far west of UK and this could clash with fogs and mists forming when the two meet.
Residual flood conditions could still be taking up traffic news at the outset and the NW region looks like one of most likely candidates.
A more biting chill factor arrives after 16th when temperatures will get colder as days progress, reminding us winter is on the way.

I expect sporadic isolated cold showery outburst 12-13th, hail or sleet for high places, some cloud to contend with but winds blowing them about creating some windows for sun to shine through now and again. Winds can be gusty
on some days. 13th sees snappy westerlies gusting at times and easterlies bringing in a cloudy outlook with localised showery outbursts, most likely before lunch, 15th and 17th stronger gusty outlook.

14th colder with some sun spells and less likelihood of showery outbreaks
15th Much more unsettled, winds get gustier and lustier and sharp
16th temps move cooler than previous days with frosts likely but a crisp atmosphere more moderate winds and clear visibility with lovely skies. High places could see snow and will be much colder than in lower areas.
17th Rain hail or even sleet, could be heavy at times beginning in the morning for us. Winds gusty, cold coming in from east, a touch of frost early in the morning and at night also heralded for the end of this phase.
18th seems to herald a likelihood of scattered showery outbreaks but read on………………..

18th-26th October

A continuation of similar weather to the last phase but with echoes of a chance of breaking the 1985 March Cambridgeshire 29.4C high on 1st October, but this time it looks at if Suffolk beats the temps with Felixstowe region the most likely winner. Certainly highs rules there from the 18th. This temp was broken 1st October 2011 when 29.9C was hit at Gravesend Kent, and highs will reach by18th a well.

The theme for weather in October 1985 for a similar chart to our current one was showery outbursts with thunder around the UK for 6 days between 2-9th October, and this pattern will repeat as some mugginess and warmth moves
in and isolated torrential downpours arrive as the phase unfolds. Some outbreaks can be short sharp hail showers as at Stainburn Cumbria when 20mm stones hit unsuspecting passers by on 4th of that month. The west of GB as well as Scotland got the worst of the rain by 6th with snow falling to Cairngorms and Highlands 8th-9th—I expect a similar pattern to emerge as days progress. 1985 brought an Azores High into play and we miss the full heat of this
but a warm front is forming far wet and north of the Azores and we can expect some semi tropical lows to come over, but this is likely to form mists, haze clouds and fogs as it clashes with some of the colder air from 16th.

Isolated and scattered thunderstorms expect, to our region.

Sunset to sunrise should see less to no rainy outbursts for the most part and temps are very mild for the time of year. Evenings look likely to be a bit muggy and foggy, when usually a Full Moon sees clear night skies, but this
could change after midnight for a short while till after sunrise when precipitation favours falling at this stage of the moon.

Winds could get very lively to some regions with westerlies gusty and cutting at times, and northerlies joining in by 23rd but these usually bring a turn in the weather outlook and can clear up and bad conditions.

18th As previously forecast but the scattered showery stuff looks to be moving eastwards and seems further south. This is the day when Suffolk and SE regions get the highs. news of thunderstorms for GB could also be breaking.
Sun spells likely for us.
19th I expect a dry day with northerlies seeing off any total cloud cover forming, but it can be a little muggy with these temps. Fogs and mists likely near water over next few days.
20th Atmospheric disturbances expected from today. Localised sporadic downpours erratic, and intermittent during the day, heavy to some regions, ours too. A seismic time with EQ news for SE Russia or NE China…132E lat
55-60N long but 21st has more signals for exactitude? Semi tropical lows arrive with high humidity and cloudburst slowly circulating, thick hazes and fogs can also form with travel over the Atlantic under stress in these conditions. Gusty on occasions but mostly nebulous and variable breezes and winds.
21st Could be a drier outlook but high humidity and some cloud mists and fogs to valleys.
22nd Quick isolated and localised hail outbursts, but temps seasonally mild generally, very unsettled weather outlook.
23rd We can expect extremes of temps for the season to be causing raised eyebrows but I expect them to be on the warm side rather than colder than expected (famous last words!) Weather now gets pulled eastwards for a few
days and it does seem a little squally with variable winds, gusting at times and strong to NW and Scotland causing some travel problems on roads and highways. More mists fogs and haze around and by 24th onwards isolated
rainy weather travels eastwards with muggy conditions .
25th has some promise for sun spells and more semi tropical type temps but accompanies by mists and haze, so it looks like a cloudy night is heralded keeping the temps seasonably mild. Haze expect, mists and fogs to valleys
with variable winds continuing.

Oct 26th-3rd November

Perhaps levels of rain might be lower than we usually expect, and temps milder than expected for this time of year, and East Anglia seems to be getting a lot of the better ranges of sunshine with perhaps drier conditions and warmer
temps than the rest of us, I’m not ruling out drought conditions creating some problems for the region either.

For this phase I expect thunderstorms to arrive but little to no floods, although by the end of the phase heavier rain is likely, but the NW looks likely to get some pretty sharp or extreme outcomes.

Tornado Alley in the US looks busy at this time also.

26th Variable winds from the outset, some sunshine around but clouds developing, temps on the mild side

27th-29th Some quick sleet and sporadic showers expected, localised and intermittent but temps still mild generally and high humidity with occasional cloudbursts–quite sharp and heavy by 29th where NW sees the heavier precipitation.

From 29th weather gets easterly cloudier and skies duller and storms can be pushed northwards+ NE with outlook clearer for the southern regions. This system looks fast moving and consists of rain turning to sleet, snow with hail outbursts with winds breezy, very gusty and temps getting lower with rainfall cooling them off, some wild and windy weather is also expected.

1st Nov looks less unsettled with some chance of sunshine and clearer skies for days ahead, but breezy conditions are very active.

The last two days will have some sunshine during the day, but look more likely to see some rain travelling across by evening for us and for southern regions as well and strong westerlies remain gusty if not blizzard like, but some sunshine could also break out, but I expect snow to be in the news at the outset of our next phase Dublin and some parts of GB look to be white by 3rd, could be frost or snow…read on……

mists and mystery:long range weather Autumn 2013

mists and mystery:long range weather Autumn 2013

3d Nov-10th

A cold front arrives during this phase but turning milder by the end. 4th and 8th look to be the main culprits for wet weather, but other days can bring in some cold showery outbreaks. Winds should be less active for us.

3rd Looks like a little warming for southern regions anyway, but there is also cloud around and cold pockets, with rain sleet and snow showery outbreaks.
4th A low system brings a cold front, not ruling out snow either, skies look dull with cold mists and fogs likely to coast and valleys, showers can be intermittent and drizzly the skies are much better before sunrise so get up early to see them!
5th Some sun attempts by morning, accompanied by quick hail and sleet showers, sporadic and localised, unsettled conditions with occ sun spells.
6th The next few days brings in some haze, variable winds, some dull cloudy weather from 6th, but some sun spells, 7th will be cloudier later with poor visibility trends, could be more drizzles overnight to next day 8th is calm but humid and mists from overnight, easterlies shows some muggy conditions around but a bright promise around 6-9 am
9th can see some sun around mid day a risk of short sharp showers around sunset and more easterlies keeping things a bit dull
10th Generally fair but a risk of showers again by evening.

10th-17th November

This is when temps come to be extremely wintery with icy cold conditions and freezing over likely. Generally fair conditions at the first few days between mists and showery outbursts

10th Some windy weather from the outset with easterlies gusting around mid day, but this gives way to calmer conditions later at night. Sporadic hail and sleet showers expected from around midnight to early 1 am on 10th onwards. freezing fogs likely late at night towards 11th so take care on the roads.
11th Rain and showery conditions moving to east of us, some southerlies around but mild, and more freezing fogs by evening.
12th Some cloud with sunny spells during the day
13th Cool with sun spells from sunrise onwards should be a nice by the afternoon but some clouds and mists to valleys expected by evening.
14th Hail and sleet can burst out but not be long lived otherwise some fair trned operating
15th Today brings a very noticeable cold low into play when we could see water begin to freeze over. Icy cold showers could break out late evening and there is some potential for sleet if not snow storms with higher elevations affected, but this cold front is going to be very chilling.

16th-17th Cloudy some gentle breezy conditions about, cloudier to northern parts, fairer to the south but chilly, some warmth from sun during mid day on 17th.

17th-25th November

This phase shows extremes of temp lowering to very icy with the big freeze coming over. By 20th we could see some cold air descending to meet iciness producing some wind emergencies down in the Midlands, and the west
could also see some action from westerlies veering north to try and clear everything up a bit.

East Anglia, Norfolk regions look very cold too, so does NW of Scotland where temps are very low the SW England and NE Scotland also look in line to get snowfall by 17/18th……….

17th-18th Looks windy to the east of us, temps nippy, frost on the ground likely with potential for sleet and winter showers giving a show of white cover. Some sun could be around to keep things cheerful, with evening skies being clearer but creating cold conditions due to no or little cloud cover.

19th-20th Some rising temps during the day with sunshine trying to gain control, but hail and sleet flurries look set to come over from the east for us, heavier to the eastern parts, heavier for us on 20th and to southern shores.
Today -20th-brings in the winds I mentioned above , these can be gusty, the Midlands and Scotland look worse hit by these, nippy, keeping things very cutting, temps very icy out of the daytime sunshine. I’m not ruling out sleet hail and snow blizzards with this wind, creating a bit of a news headline.
21st Icy showers arrive today possibly by lunchtime, some sun spells with cloud and some south-easterly air flows keeping things muggy during the day.
22nd is very unsettled with south westerlies around, could be a rough ride weather wise if not an all weather day when we get rain, hail sleets snow and sun till the weather decides what it is going to do. These outbursts will be very localised and intermittent through the day.
23rd Cloudy but fairer potential for snowfall also or sleet and hail creating fogs and mists by late afternoon due to high humidity and by 24th little to no or nebulous winds growing cloudier by evening with an intensely cold low front moving in heralding dull leaden skies and moving eastwards today and on 25th when easterlies make things gloomier Bbbbrrrrrrr……..

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UK SUMMER WEATHER 2013 Long Range Forecast


Long Range Weather Forecasting that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

In February I published my Spring Forecast on my blogs at http://www.amazingweather.wordpress.com so please visit there to keep up with the Spring long range forecast,

also on http://www.ukweatherbrief.wordpress.com where you can read feedback on previous season accuracy to verify results.

I realise some parts of W Yorks will often have rainfall or more sunshine than other parts, and due to such micros operating it is difficult to locate and forecast these within only one or two miles of each other, hence discrepancies often operating between my forecasting and localised weather micros throughout the region. Happily this is a rare perhaps once a month event, leaving an overall reasonable reliability for our regional long range outcomes.

Introduction Summer 2013 UK W Yorks and Yonder
First of all I do have to write an explanation of why it is difficult delivering 100 per cent accurate forecasts for one region such as W Yorks. For 18th March, for example, I had forecast it to be a fine start with hail before sunrise, but some mists and fogs to some localities. My locality had fogs, mists and continuous thin snow showers from very early am, clearly fulfilling the warning of fogs to some localities. I haven’t had time to see if anywhere in W Yorks got the fine start with hail, to test the fullness of the forecast. However, another forecast for 8th March was for a localised outbreak of hail and sleet, but sunshine and clear skies, cold temps and strong gusty winds. Instead we got thick cloud, gloomy, drizzly stuff with fogs later in the evening, so not a good forecast for my locality at all. HOWEVER, just a mile away, still in W Yorks going over to Otley the mists cleared to high visibility and finer weather conditions on this day, which is the locality for where my forecast was accurate. Otley and Addingham and other W Yorks towns, often deliver little micros that are difficult to pin down, and there is little I can do to prevent their weather often showing up stronger than that of other W Yorks regions on around 10 per cent of occasions. This is one reason why I don’t promise 100 per cent accuracy for my outcomes.

Summer brings six planets to the northern hemisphere so summer should have some seasonally warm temps, but 2011 had some 6 planets in the north and that brought some colder conditions comparing it to 1993 which was very very cold with only three planets north. In August Venus moves south taking spring to their hemisphere early and perhaps auguring an earlier Autumn for us.

Junes seems to begin a cycle of flooding till 22nd July when it looks at this stage as if a heatwave arrives, but don’t raise your hopes too high! Nice temperatures look set to break out for the first part of July 8th-14th approximately depending on where in the UK you live.

So we seem to begin the summer with dangers of floods for the first half followed by either a heatwave or some hot summer temperatures bringing in cracking thunderstorms. I can guarantee the thunderstorms breaking out, but not for exact locations as they will be moving around quite rapidly on occasions.……..make sure your tent is waterproofed and earthed! Mid July to end of August shows t/storms and lightening proliferating as temps get high and humid with a lot of static around.

22nd to 29th July looks a little tempestuous after some warm summer temps create a risk of static discharge and floods are likely to be in the news. This phase is reminiscent of April 2000 when rainfall was above average but Ireland got an unbeatable low of -8.2 degrees C. I don’t think we’ll be beating that temp, as this phase does look warmer than that! The eastern coast will be hit by scattered electrical outbursts from the start. Cumbria but mostly Eng/Welsh border does look vulnerable at this phase by 28-29th, so do some parts of Scotland, so I will be watching the news for outcomes. Also, we can expect news of some serious religious, financial and commercial discord at this time, with clergy and bankers as well as corporates under attack. News of more terrorist activity is also likelihood and I will be looking out for news of the sea–perhaps more piracy out there for this time of the year.

I took the following info about similar patterns for 3-4th July 2002 from the MET site to show you how this phase could pan out, as similar conditions prevail for this phase.

‘’Mean temperatures generally close to average across the whole of the UK. A very wet month across most parts, with some areas receiving three times their normal rainfall.

At Leuchars it was the wettest July since records began in 1922, with 145.8 mm. Temperatures touched 33 °C at Northolt on the 29th, with 83 mm at Marham, Norfolk on the 30th.

England and Wales diary of highlights

Unsettled and chilly first half followed by a warm dry spell, then more changeable. Hot and thundery later with some downpours and local flooding. Fresher closing days.

1st to 12th Unsettled and cool with frequent outbreaks of rain as low-pressure systems and their associated fronts traversed the region. Most days were decidedly wet especially in central and southern areas of England. The rain was often heavy and accompanied by thunder, the latter being reported on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Thundery showers also affected a number of places on the 10th to 12th.’’

UK SUMMER 2013 troutbeck

23rd June -30th
High temperatures look likely to break out to the West of Ireland and Scotland’s West coast might benefit too for a change, helping them eliminate the gloomy conditions formerly reigning over there.

This could turn out to b a completely dry phase that sees off any bad weather, but I do see some precipitation arriving, but I can’t see heavy downpours arriving to bring floods, though it does look as if some parts of the UK could still be dealing with them at the outset due to rains of previous weeks.

Usually we can expect barbecue evenings during the Full Moon stage due to the Moon being high in the sky and warding off any rain attempts sunset to sunrise. I do, for the second half of this, see some seasonal highs arriving around second part of this phase, but some showery spells to keep you from getting too excited!

23rd as above

24th Risk of showers before sunset, but dry afterwards with some clouds, mists or haze around evening

Winds strong gusty and whipping at times NW in direction and varying speed over next few days.

25th Should be some rise in temps today but some static developing with a risk of lightening showers swarming around giving localised quick bursts. The outlook is unsettled with varying cloud cover but some sunshine expected.

26th Temps seasonally warm, some humidity, but should be a fair weather day. Risk of haziness by evening.

27th A bit unsettled but some higher temperatures built up with a risk of quick static localised showery outburst mid morning or just clouds, but temps rise again indicating a strong sunny arrival.

28th Same conditions as yesterday

29th A rainy outlook risk before sunrise continuing a risk to mid day, but after that some finer weather with refreshing air and good atmosphere to get some gardening done.

30th Quick sharp showers, similar to yesterday, around mid day but mostly clear and sunny.
astrometeorology 30th June-8th July

At first this chart looked like a clearer, warmer phase, but under scrutiny it became more likely that some prolonged rain could arrive to spoil the nicer patterns, so I’m not ruling out higher precip to NE regions and perhaps others, but not as heavy to our region; this outpouring could put drains under stress and bring in some localised flooding around 1st and 2nd…but hopefully I get this completely wrong…

We will get some wet spells W Yorks and Yonder, but also some lovely outbreaks of nice warm summery weather, if not highs as well, for the second half of the phase.

30th As above with some gusty south westerlies around.

1st Some sporadic sharp showery outbreaks here, but refreshing atmosphere even though dampness prevails, some leaden skies threatening to spoil things a little, with risk of a stormy outlook to NE of us with a risk of prolonged rain or showers keeping the outlook wet here as well. It could feel a little damp and chilly today as well. Showery outlook risks continuing into 2nd.

2nd Calmer outlook with some mists due to showers of yesterday, sultry conditions with potential for showers over higher areas such as the moors or just being surrounded by clouds (always a nice but spooky feeling up on the moors) cool but fresh atmospherics.

3rd Looks less wet, but mid day could see a risk of quick refreshing showery weather, some sun spells to brighten up the outlook.

4th Some cold pockets vying with warmer temps trying to break out, winds are erratic and keep things cool on high and in exposed regions, but there is also a warmer outlook growing stronger today with likelihood of sun spells.

5th NICE summery temps, blue skies and sunshine around, but a risk of quick showery outbursts for us, not sure abut the rest of the UK today though…

6th-8th Looks like the dry weather is more reliable with some nice temperatures and a brilliant atmosphere to enjoy good outdoor activity. 8th brings potential for some rainy stuff….but read on….

8th -16th July
I took some time out to look at important features for this chart and found 2 interesting record breaking incidents that wont occur during this phase…hopefully….

We have a similar chart to NM 22 June 1906 when record breaking high temperatures broke out, and though I do expect some nice seasonal highs for this phase, I don’t expect them to reach the same levels as then…..sadly, though we will get some nice warm temps hovering around–HURRAH.

I also took another look at the storm surge to Bristol and the Sun close to Mercury is supposed to bring strong winds, as in 1607, (and many times since then I might add) but I don’t see a similar storm surge, but I’m not ruling out very strong winds out to sea from 7th, and to our region on 9th. Saturn hovers around the west coast of GB from the start so it does look less sunny with lower temps there and winds look set to be strong for NW regions for the first few days, but then Silverdale in the NW can be a real wind tunnel any time of year………………………….

Photographers can expect some good visibility for the first few days as well, so get out your camera.

Temperature wise I expect seasonal highs to break out for the first part of this phase, with cooler temps after 13th

8th Sunshine around during the day with risk of quick scattered showers by evening. Temps should be warm today, the atmosphere should be clear, but cold pockets to exposed regions, and some strong gusty brisk westerlies could ward off the real highs. I do expect some sunshine today…..

9th Looks glorious for us with even higher temps ruling the day but some I’m afraid of a risk of very strong gusts and windy weather around, but this keeps things dry and hurries along any rain clouds that might try to spoil the UV count! Could be news of static outburst to west of us with mists or haze due to warming.

10th Cloudy if no0t gloomy start. More sunshine and some cloud likely but also blue skies around, some static could trigger localised sprays.

11th Temps still seasonally warm and rising, particularly south of us with perhaps lower pressure to the north, with risk of quick localised scattered cloudbursts

12th Things begin to unsettle a little today, temps still fair to moderately high, but could be cooler than previous days , Cloudy if not hazy early in the day and late at night, but fairer outlook during the day, some nebulous breezy conditions also.

13th Seismic conditions to East Asia, Japan regions today, I expect a sunny and warm outlook to prevail, but unsettled atmosphere with stronger N Westerlies

14th Risk of early showery stuff by mid day, but these look heavier to the west, sunny with isolated colder pockets for us in shady places, but less so by mid day.

15th Similar to yesterday with risk of quick sharp showery stuff if not hail by eve and potential for mist or haziness late evening. Breezy if not windy

16th A fair outlook, but very unsettled and lots of static forming, but winds to N West , could even be gales or stormy to highlands and news of thundery outbursts– late evening here read on for the next chapter in this weather story………………..

16th-22nd July
There are still some lovely almost tropical weather pockets around and Derry in Ireland looks likely to be where some of the good weather is, but so do John o Groats and Glucestershire regions, but this could turn around by 21/22nd when some cracking t/storms break out and some flash flooding is a risk.

I expect high levels of precipitation to arrive, and compete with records for July 2002 when three times the amount of average rainfall broke out and caused floods. I also expect a rash of higher than usual outbreaks of thunder and lightening storms

I’m not too happy with my forecast for this phase due to so many contradictory factors between highs and static outbursts travelling around and they are difficult to follow demanding a lot of time and more charts which I don’t have time to do, so no promises…………….but for us I do expect heavy rain to hit by 21st but we also get some nice days to enjoy with some good temps, though not as high as previously, but still seasonally pleasant…The 18th-20th look like being more reliable for good weather outcomes

16th-17th Still appears lower temps could be NE, E Anglia looks well served with good weather, some warm weather around our parts creates risk of scattered migrating electrical outbursts overnight into 17th, heavy downpours accompany these, hopefully most of us will sleep through this, but some flash floods may result. Northern areas most prone to these outbreaks; including Scotland. 17th looks fine and sunny with warm temps around to keep us cheered up

18th -22nd Some cooling begins but 19th looks nice fair and sunny whilst 20th seems static with hazes forming, some muggy conditions around today and tomorrow. Some static lightening and thunder outbursts– highly probable over these days. 21st brings in high risk of downpours before or around mid day, these are very heavy as temps begin to rise again and some strong very gusty variable speed N Westerlies. Mid day 21st looks like the sun could shine through with a fine weather outlook for the afternoon, but the evening runs a risk of more heavy rain which could continue into 22nd cooling the atmosphere before sunrise, due to a very unsettled weather system breaking out warning of possible electrical outbursts accompanying rising temps, but the skies could clear easily leaving room for cloud but some sunshine and if you are resuming outdoor activity….take your brolly for these outbursts. Flash floods risk but some very warm trends also and should be a nice evening..read on

22nd July-29th July
In my dreams this is summer breaking out with at least barbecue evenings even if there is some cloud around during the day……..BUT, as I said this only happens in my dreams……

This weather phase left me exhausted, as if a tempest passed over! A lot of exciting weather to come.

This is the time of year when the sun is furtherest away from our planet and we often see a drop in temps and bad weather as if even the clouds above are grieving over the fact that school is out!

We do have a perigee on 21st, with Full Moon on 22nd so some of the warmer temps should be ruling both hemispheres. The East of England looks to be getting some fine summer sun with warm trends of summer temps (does it ever rain in Norfolk?) whilst the west is experiencing some low pressure with cooler temps, and this will change completely around by the end of this phase.

There is a risk of flash flooding due to risk of above average but torrential and quickly dispelled cloudbursts, the western regions from Keswick in a line down to Gloucestershire are most vulnerable towards the end of this phase, but Eastern coast of England down to Cambridge and beyond to Kent at the outset get hit by some spectacular lightening electrical storms.

Best headlines seem likely to come in from the West of us….

21-22 as already mentioned this appears to be when cloudburst break in between higher range of temperatures, the east from Whitby, Grimsby to Cambridgeshire and beyond looks the best region for these scattered outbursts, and down to Devon areas there does look to be some conflicting weather systems with electrical outbursts accompanying some lovely warm temps. Expect an unsettled outlook with localise warmth then sudden pockets of cooling after showers for these two days, with lightening showers, heavy at times but very heavy for some as soon as they begin and leaving clearer skies in their wake as they travel onwards. We wont be as badly affected in our region and we can expect some cloudburst but also some sunshine between the clouds, 22nd looks cooler for us, some sun spells expected and a finer evening so get ready for a good evening walk…or drinking al fresco

23rd looks better though some mistiness and hazes could prevail but some sunshine in between with clearer night skies. A risk of a quick spurt of showery stuff before sunrise warmer muggy trends today.

24th Similar to yesterday with shower risk more likely around mid afternoon but it could turn out to be just some cloud coming over. Temps moderate, getting warmth if you see the sun and some southerly flows of weather coming over, gusty breezes at times.

25th Risk of short but heavy showers after start of day and before sunrise but it could just be mists or haze I’m seeing. Milder to cool conditions for the daytime, should be sunshine but cloud around as well. Seems like some pathways could be getting muddy….

26th News of weather system hitting the west today/tomorrow– Cumbria down Welsh borders and up to West of Scotland likely to be facing up to the worst of the weather being seen on satellites, with a risk of some flash floods. Temps very muggy and tropical rains could be localised for some areas inland with easterlies around keeping things a bit broody, and news of mudslides a risk so don’t walk near muddy cliffs or take care on high ground where footpaths need careful scrutiny.

I expect fogs, mists and haze overnight, more predominant to west, after some fairer evening weather for us.

27th Risk of showers for us 5-8am temps more humid than cold,, sun with cloud expected by afternoon, clearer evening sky,some broody easterlies along with southerly flows still knocking around posing a risk of quick showery outbursts which could continue into the next day…

28th A dull start before sunrise. Humidity levels high some mist and haze to west and around watery places and coastal regions, strong winds for some quarters, fine and sunny and warm for the afternoon with sun spells for us, but a quick cloud burst could stop play around 3-6pm but it will leave things feeling fresher afterwards.

29th Sorry but this looks like even more rain increasing risk of flash flooding from west to east and our region. Very windy outlook as well, I can’t rule out some strong winds accompanying weather trends 28th-29th……..wet wet wet…….is the theme but it will clear up the muggy trends and leave the atmosphere refreshed and by late afternoon on 29th it does look like the rains are further east of us leaving us to a drier outlook for the afternoon and eve. Cool temps 29th and we could see some blue skies around with sunshine.

UK Summer 2013 29th July- 8th August

Sorry to say my charts look like floods are likely to be continuing from last phase, with more heavy rain to add to the chaos for this phase. Hopefully I’m wrong, but astrologers have a rule, see a thing three times and positively predict, and there are three signifiers for heavy rain and floods evident, but it could be they are already over by 30th…let’s see…..

29th looks showery adding to high levels already falling, heavier to the north travelling east and causing flash floods…Suffolk looks to be getting some rain today as well Wind activity is easterly so a bit broody weather to be expected.

30th A better outlook, cooler due to rain in previous days, but exhilarating atmosphere with coolness pervading it. Sun with cloud expected.

31st More scattered outbreaks, moderate temps, for the afternoon cloud and quick but heavy showers. Mists haze or cloud by evening some sun might break through.

1st Aug. Risk of showers by breakfast, very unsettled outlook, some muggy conditions and risk of static outbursts today and these may be around very early, milder by middle of day, but it does look like late evening has some lovely clear skies for stargazers such as myself. Some strong gusty N Westerlies around today to keep things drying out

2nd. Moderate temps getting warmer, risk of heavy showers by late evening and into following morning, potentially a fair weather outlook during the afternoon.

3rd Looks like better summer conditions today with any outbursts staying off till evening if they do arrive to your locality.

4th Wind speed increased to eastern parts, but some N Westerlies bring down cooler temps today cool but dry weather, electrical outburst to high regions and northern areas. The afternoon looks cool but with sun spells, cloudier later.

5th Slightly milder today, breezy though could turn out to be a dry fair day with some warmth from sun in the afternoon.

6th 6-8th look like similar to 5th. Fairer days, breezy southerlies around turning NW by 8th, some cooling on 7th but very unsettled outlook for 8th

6th-14th August

Could this be a nice phase???

Although I studied the chart for hours and researched some unusual features in it, I found the outcome so difficult to define and I do not have a lot of confidence in it at all.

When we have a New Moon we normally get the drier weather during the day and any precipitation at evening and overnight. I don’t see excess precipitation for this phase, but the temperatures are not reliable either, nor are reliable unbroken sunny days.

At first the chart looked sunny glorious and warm, and for sure the 10th looks the most likely for this, but there are some dangers of showery and misty weather spoiling continuously clear days or prolonged sunny conditions.

Apologies if this doesn’t work out the way I forecast at this stage long range on February 20th 2013!

6th-8th look like fine days with some lovely weather to enjoy on 6th as mentioned in previous phase.

8th looks a little more unsettled with more warming around and southerlies

9th seems to have some risk of showery weather but more for the southern regions. Some good visibility around pm and evening with brisk westerlies combining with easterly flows, gusty at times continuing into tomorrow.

10th seems to be very warm and humid and a risk of hazes or mists near watery places and in valleys overnight tonight, temps mild but could be very warm if not very high, generally a fair outlook.

11th Mists and risk of muggy start today but developing into some fair conditions which sees some varying trends on cloud and temps, easterlies and some dull gloomy skies by late afternoon and evening.

12th Some mists or cloud still lingering and today sees high risk of showery weather, but skies clearer by the afternoon.

13th Another showery outlook for today around sunrise, mugginess around from early morning which looks to be quite warm, the afternoon looks better.

14th brings in some gusty westerlies combined with easterlies turning NW by 15th when they promise to get very strong, Sun with cloud expected… read on………….

14th August -21st

Mostly dry with some static outbursts of hail and sharp showers, some mists and some wind disturbances with sporadic static outbursts for 15-16th, these can be heavy to some localities, hail to others and accompanied with thunder and lightening for others. Weather will better to south England and cloudier to the north.

The worst of the weather hits the southern hemisphere for these days….

14th I’m expecting warmth in the sun, temps moderate but rising gently, fresh atmosphere, with fleecy clouds, but some unsettled winds begin to come in

15th Erratic and gusty if not high speed to north west, this can bring a sudden drop to bring in colder temps to high ground and exposed areas. Clearer skies by late evening, fresh atmosphere white fluffy clouds in blue sky, but a risk of localised and sporadic hail or sharp shower weather due to clash with warm and cold air as warned in the introduction.

16th Cooler outlook some scattered electrical showers, risk of high speed winds and or gales for some regions, acute and sharp cutting gusty westerlies along with scattered static outbursts.

17th similar to yesterday but winds less volatile, still some unsettled conditions but a cool sunny outlook could prevail with some gusty weather.

18th Similar to yesterday with some warmth from sun at mid day but a risk of a shower to freshen things up

19th and 20th localised showery outlook rising temps by 20th calm with potential for mists to form particularly likely early on 20th, due to high humidity, but by late evening on 20th some fair weather outlook some cloud around.

21st More winds likely, high speed to high locations, cool outlook though some warmth during the day, static sporadic outbursts can arrive to keep temps on the lower side, better outlook by evening read on

21st 28th August

Cooler temperatures begin to arrive, with some mizzles drizzles for us, as well as some mists and fogs. The whole of the UK sees rain moving around 21st-22nd and some strong winds are expected keeping temps low even if the sun does try to shine. East Anglia looks to get some of the highs that remain on a diagonal flow up to NW Scotland from the outset, and the NW region Cumbria could also see some of these but a risk of fogs and mists arises from this system following the trail of any warmth.

21st-22nd Rapid static outbursts of sleet and sharp showers, high velocity winds with rain heavier to southern areas, radio disturbances from previous days continue for a few more days accompanying static outbursts. Northerlies operate trying to ward off heavier downfalls and the evening on 21st looks like some sunshine gives us a pleasanter evening. Overall the outlook is cool with winds much stronger and erratic by 22nd onwards accompanying rainfall circulating the UK.

23rd Intermittent short sharp showers, hail to some localities short sharp and swift, cutting but some blue skies and sun spells likely but very cold temps for us.

24th Very cold pockets , similar to yesterday more cloud around by late evening, if not mists and fogs.

25th Humidity high, clouds and risk of fog, damp conditions with mizzles and drizzly outbursts, winds very strong gusty westerlies, sudden localised squalls break out along canal banks and river ways in valleys, localised but very strong and can last up to one or two hours before settling down. Patchy fog and mists likely especially by late evening when they can be thicker creating transport probs due to low visibility.

26th Cloudy dull with easterlies early in the morning looking broody, a cold outlook, but some fairer outlook by mid day, sun with cloud around, risk of a sudden outbursts of localised sleet and hailstorms late afternoon, cold evening and could be some frost to wake up to next day

27th The outlook is clearer for today fairer weather to the north, some cloud to start with but clearing and a fresher atmosphere but some unsettled if not stormy conditions to follow……….

28th August -5th September
I get to this stage realising I try so hard to find some glorious uninterrupted sunny spells that it would be nice to just ignore the bad bits and pretend the highs that appear in some of the charts this phase, will not be interrupted by anything windy or wet…….in your dreams..
East Anglia to Kent look set to get some lovely highs, but then they always do……the best of the temps for the ending of summer occur mid ocean half way between Hull and Rotterdam, so book your ferry now……..
Back here in W Yorks and yonder, a different picture emerges, but we do get some warm weather if not constantly sunny days to come and the 5th does look rather pleasant……

28th –30th have high humidity with likelihood of fogs by night, with mists and hazes hanging around threatening to obscure the sunshine by day. Some breeziness turning easterly and broody on 29th. The 30thwith winds turn strong, erratic and very speedy at times, and gusty turning westerly then northerly by late at night on 30th, fetching some coolness down from the north. Cloudiness forming during the day on 3oth, and a risk of rain coming in with the winds, the northerlies clear skies overnight into early start 31st producing some white woolly clouds and clearer skies for early morning 31st, and late at night promises better conditions for the south of our region, but cloudier the further north you get,

31st During the day looks like seeing a risk of static outbursts, sporadic potential for localised thunderstorms for some regions, these cloudbursts look sporadic for us during the day and late at night.

1st-5th Rain travelling south to east regions but we could see some heavy outbursts by late evening on 1st for W Yorks regions.

2nd onwards look like better days some mists and hazes could linger but temps set to still be summery and warm but humid 4th onwards, and a fine evening looks to break out on 4th. It looks breezier for this half with things cooling a little at night with air frosts likely overnight. 3rd is static hazy and humid with some darker clouds forming mid day, better weather by evening with a crisp and fresher outlook. 5th looks lovely at this stage….and from yesterday we could be in for those fine evenings when people sit out and enjoy convivial refreshment al fresco…..but read on>>>>>>>>>

5th-12th September
This looks like a drier phase with some sunshine around to remind us of summer. There are echoes of September 2011 when we had a heatwave for the last throes of summer, but don’t expect that on this occasion, and remember that there were some very strong winds around as well as rain as a result of that unusually warm weather.

Overall this phase looks drier until we get to the 10th when some precipitation looks likely to come in from the western parts hitting them worse than our region. Some strong winds could create problems for some regions for this phase also.

5th-6th Looks fair for us with some fine seasonally high temps on 5th, but there can also be sudden drops in temperatures so don’t take any warmth from the sun for granted, and if you are fell walking the drops will hit the tops first before descending downwards to valleys where areas in shadow will feel chilly. Cloudiness could set in from late evening on 6th

7th looks cloudy from the turn of the day but then it looks better from perhaps sunrise with some fair weather beckoning you into outdoor activity for the morning of the day and beyond with some warmth from the sunshine, but with some gusty outbursts.

8th A misty or cloudy start, lower temps and risk of some dullness but some sun spells expected for the afternoon, more cloudy possibly misty again by late evening.

9th A breezy outlook with some trends for more turbulent weather for some regions with strong gusty winds. Sun with cloud for the early part of the day, some warmth from sun, but clouds forming late evening warn of rain risk ahead.

10th-12th Strong, breezy if not windy, a fair start to the day on 10th but things getting duller as day progresses with a risk of rain arriving later in the afternoon and evening with more precipitation likely on following days. Some mists near waterways can be expected.

12th-19th September
The weather gets very busy for this phase and my satellite technology shows highs reigning across from Cornwall to the N E coast at Whitby, and anyone on that line across England can expect the best of a mini heatwave for a couple of days.

12th-13th Temperatures may be a little bit lower to the east to start with where some NW keep things cool, but some blue skies are left behind in their wake leaving a warm glow in the sunshine. I expect a little cloud to form by evening, but we should see some sunshine breaking out all over.

14th Today sees more highs but unsettled with likelihood of some quick static outbursts of hail and sleet in response to higher temps on previous days. It is calm misty/cloudy and sultry to begin the day, gusty North Westerlies rev up and can become strong for some regions in exposed areas to the west and north, mid day should be fine for us with a risk of showery outbreaks to high places. I’ll be looking to see if we get Fohn winds at this time of the phase, these are nice warm breezes that feel like someone left the hair drier on…..the hail storms are more likely late afternoon and evening. I do expect sunshine for daytime.

15th-16th is when the fun starts, but there should still be sunshine around the middle of the day on 15th. We can expect some static outbursts with scattered hailstorms late afternoon becoming strong overnight, with severe outbursts scattered, sporadic and intermittent, more intense to NW and Scotland as a cold front comes in to fight with the sultry conditions of previous days. Some strong gusty winds of varying speed with a breeding ground for localised tornadic outbursts, these storms can affect comms systems and air travel. There should be some blue skies around as well during the daytime.

17th shows very strong gusty westerlies, a mild start but much cooler by late afternoon with an unsettled outlook due to fast moving clouds which may prevent sun from getting through

18th-19th Stormy weather can be moving northwards, broody easterlies with risk of fogs and mists, and to be honest it does look like some heavy rain begins to fall late afternoon and evening on 18th, if it doesn’t then I’m just looking at some very dull leaden skies with risk of drizzle and mizzly stuff and cooler northerlies breaking out on 19th trying to clear things up. The NW looks to be worst hit by the precipitation on these days.

Do visit my website http://www.starsite.org.uk to find out more about long range weather forecasting with astro-meteorology the satellite system of forecasting weather successfully used since prehistoric times, a system tool that brings no harm to the planet for earth friendly weather forecasting….whoops, thouhg weather can bring in a few devasting effects now and again of course!!

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Spring 2013 UK Long Range Weather Forecast W Yorks and Yonder

Divinely perfect astro meteorology keeps the earth safe......

Divinely perfect astro meteorology keeps the earth safe……

Spring UK Long Range Weather Forecast W Yorks and Yonder

Cold and wet with snow thrown in just about sums up this Spring season.

Spring is late arriving this year and will be characterised by some strong if not fierce windy outbursts watch out for such conditions from 18th- 25th April for wild conditions to reign. This phase is also the best temperature wise and a great time to book a holiday in Ireland where it looks like the highest temps will be reported.
25th April to 2nd May looks like a slow moving system coming down from a low to NW region moves slowly across to the east spoiling the outlook a little but manifesting the continuing clash of highs with low and producing some high humidity and pluvial conditions along with mists and hazes.
June doesn’t look very flaming this year with some reminders of last year Jubilee conditions returning to haunt us and floods breaking out as rivers come full capacity creating flood alerts predominantly to the east and SE by 16th June, but the western parts are also under assault from heavy moisture mist and fogs hanging around some of those parts for weeks at a time prior to this.

Very unsettled conditions for this phase as Spring tries to break through, with some unseasonably cold conditions prevailing.

Mists and fogs to watery places will form as warmer temps try to ward off cold descending air masses, with mists and squalls more prevalent to the N East.

Very strong if not gale force winds arrive by 22nd with tornado breeding conditions likely to midlands SE regions.
Winds are very sporadic from 22nd onwards, strong at times and we will see transport systems affected as well as communication systems.

19-20th March unsettled weather with cold temps, potential frosty outlook and southerlies and NW air breeziness bringing in some intermittent showery outbreaks localised with hail and sleet coming in and snow potential for high ground.
21st Cold day, some sun but attempts at warming by mid day, quick icy showers could ring in the start of this day.

22nd Very unsettled with sleet, hail and snow blizzards potential, the south looks to be worst hit by precipitation at this stage. Winds more lively becoming strong and gusty with tornado breeding conditions to S E Midland areas. Very strong winds to our region by 10 pm with blizzards likely to come in overnight into 23rd accompanied by high velocity winds t/out UK and some scattered electrical storms. Transport and communication systems upset by this outburst of squally weather. Areas between 30-40 degrees over in Europe also look to be having some fun with the weather at this stage.

23rd Very cold outlook, mostly cloudy, some sun attempts by mid day, sporadically strong winds continue with mists and fogs around late evening.

24th Spring makes another try at breaking through today, arriving later than usual. Some windy conditions stay around, outlook very unsettled, static conditions are lively so quick sporadic localised showers can be expected as the day begins particularly. Clearer skies before sunrise with some milder temps attempting to ward of the nippier ones ruling previous days. Mists and fogs near watering places as a result.

25th Clear skies to start us off a dry day with cold pockets but some good conditions for getting outdoors and flying your kite in the windy weather! We should see lots of sunshine along with some cloudy stuff. HURRAH!

26th Weather systems begin to move in an S E direction a cool sunny outlook with some cold pockets to contend with.

27th Looks more static and some electrical outbursts expected…difficult to locate these sadly…..read on…..

27th March-3rd April

Tricky chart to read with many hidden and unusual combinations of weather systems, so I’m not very confident of the forecast at this stage but here goes……
Previous combinations of the type we meet this phase arrived last year when mudslides affected the N E regions near Berwick upon Tweed and Hexham whilst down in East Anglia lovely summery weather broke out, though some spray did arrive to interrupt clearer conditions than those upsetting rail routes in other areas from 26th June.
News of mudslides not beyond the bounds of expectation…oh if only I had a team of workers I could be more specific…….

Not only that another similar outbreak of bad weather hit us in November 2011 when Stonehaven in Scotland got a 100 year record broken as floods broke out whilst in Hampshire mini tornadoes surprised a few folk.

I do expect some flooding for this phase and it does look likely to be the N E regions again, but hopefully I am so wrong you just ignore this forecast…here goes……..

27th Heavy rain looks likely to be travelling eastwards from the start of the day (start means after midnight) but we can also expect temps to rise today and dryness to prevail as day draws onwards with northerlies active trying to dry everything out and blow away the poor conditions……some Seismicity around last time this occurred it was Cumbria region….

28th Dry but cooler day some warmth from the sun by middle of the day when sun is stronger, but some cold pockets around especially in high exposed places, Cloud around late evening.
29th Broody outlook today if not oppressive, could be some sunshine around but again cold pockets keep things cool in shade by late evening, clouds forming could bring in some prolonged precipitation that lasts far into the night and into 30th…I am not dismissing flooding due to strain on drains and it looks like north and n eastern areas already pointed out in the intro that are vulnerable….

30th as already mentioned some sunshine could break out but some loud around also clouds if not mists by evening or it may be frost as well…..

31st Better outlook for today sunshine with cloud, milder conditions but sun manages to warm things up for the afternoon a little bit.

1st April Warmer or milder seasonal temps expect these to go up today…..

2nd Some precipitation to eastern quarters could be off shore Brid, Scarborough and Whitby….hope it isn’t Whitby under assault yet again….cooler temps sunshine around as well, some gusty weather to contend with also.

3rd read on as this looks quite changeable

3rd-10th April
Looking back over my weather history the last time we had a chart similar to this over the past four years was April 2009 when Mars was on the equator and whilst the temps were spring like and warm there was a lot of heavy rain and thunderstorms broke out to Leicestershire and beyond. Similarly January 2010 when icy temps reigned with arctic lows coming over, a lot of precipitation arrived along with thunderstorms to the Huddersfield and beyond regions, with floods due to thaws with Scotland hit badly by fogs and mists causing chaos.

This leads me to understand that we will get fogs and mists this time around, along with heavy precipitation in the form of wintery showers, hail sleet and snow very heavy amounts expected sometimes localised but t/out the UK by 7th possible overnight from 6th so prolonged and causing problems in its wake, with thundery outburst localised around 5-6th.

In brief this phase is cold, damp, misty, wet and windy……………………….potential for tornado or wind spouts for 5th-6th

3rd Gusty westerlies still around from yesterday with potential winter showers by afternoon
4th Cooler outlook, some sun southerly movement of weather quick sporadic showers by afternoon, localised so difficult to track.
5th Intermittent sporadic fast icy winter showers, heavier by evening, temps slightly milder. Some mists and haze developing near watery places due to cold and warmer air clashing and wind spouts potential to SW in Midland areas–more likely on 6th>>>>>>>>>>>>>
6th Isolated showery intervals broody conditions with humidity high giving potential to breed mists fogs and haziness, this looks denser to western quarters. Southerlies bringing in snow or winter showers with N W regions up to Scotland getting heaviest outpourings. The precipitation could last overnight into 7th
7th Winter showers throughout UK with some snow expected, very heavy at times and causing traffic upheavals, some regions could see flooding.
8th Sun trying to break through the haze milder temps around with some cold pockets to contend with, more spartan sudden and quick snow/hail/sleet outbreaks potential by afternoon.
9th Showers look likely to NW regions today with some gusty westerlies that could bring some of this precipitation over to our parts on the wind a hazy start early morning.
10th Some milder Spring conditions but humidity still high.

New Moon 10 April -18th
The theme for this phase is lack of sunshine, varying extremes of temps breeding viruses due to misty muggy conditions with some snow attempts coming over with easterly flows. Cold, mostly, but blustery with mistiness and fogs around.

10th Some sun attempts potential by the afternoon, localised showery outbreaks with westerlies, showers intermittent, fogs and mists over to western regions, some snow could come in with easterly flows to southern regions and reach here potentially but no promises, scurrying clouds, unsettled conditions.
11th Some more westerlies. Cool cloudy start of day trying to clear by breakfast, clouds mists could be hovering near watery places in valleys, mid day looks clearer but cool, more moderate temps varying by late afternoon. Wintery showery outbreaks more likely to east of us—-Far East over Europe but flowing towards us. I’m not ruling out some mists and mizzles for today and this could be from late in the day into morning on 12th
12th Seems to be a little milder but some cold pockets lingering, mid day could bring some sunny outbreaks, no guarantees at this stage, easterlies and north easterlies make it a little blustery.
13th Westerlies turn southerly by late in the evening. Looks misty or cloudy with potential for drizzle stuff in some localities. Cold pockets still around so wrap up warm. Misty or cloudy by midnight. Temps are very unsettled and can vary from some milder ranges to extremely cold.
14th Similar to yesterday, some dampness prevails with potential for mizzles.
15th Temps variable again but it does look milder by late evening, blustery breezy conditions blowing clouds along so sunshine in between cloudiness, but it does look a little hazy till late morning.
Much milder temps prevailing but gusty westerlies still keeping things lively. Looks cloudy late evening and still blustery if not gloomy
17th Rain guaranteed today coming in from the west hitting us around 9 am depending on whether my pc has calculated the maths It does look clearing to better conditions by evening with milder temps….but this April don’t forget…when winter and summer battle it out.
Temps look to be rising by early 18th in fact it looks like a high comes in to make us feel summer is just around the corner….this is a very warm outlook…………………………….

April 18th-25th
The best place to be to hit the highs of Spring this phase is Ireland, especially Derry where the best of the temps break out to let us know summer has arrived……errrmmmmm except there is a cold front to the eat of UK warning that all isn’t as good as it looks. Some will hit the highs some will get the lows whilst some will get both on the same day! I’m not ruling out snow or sleet or hail either, and we will hear news of a big seismic event this phase to keep us glued to weather reports in the news……looks likely to hit the mid Atlantic Ridge as well as East of Japan.

18th Temps high tropical heat wave seems to bring a welcome invitation to strip off, but don’t be fooled….very high winds become active, but sultry conditions around by late evening
19th Another fair day fairer to the north rising temps north westerlies gusting and variable sun with cloud
20th Glorious weather expected……..high pressure moving eastwards some fierce erratic winds coming from west could prove troublesome however
21st Windy weather can spoil the outlook some lows clashing with highs will produce localised sporadic hail or sleet outbursts
22nd Winds still erratic sleet and hail potential arrives today after a clear start before sunrise, these wintery outbursts could continue intermittently t/out today and tomorrow as lows clash with highs, some clouds coming in mists and haziness could also develop, high pressure still moving easterly late evening clashing with cold and causing hail and winter showers.
23rd As yesterday very unsettled conditions so don’t take any sunny outbursts for settled weather as this can change from one minute to the next, though trends for warmer or milder temps by the afternoon, and some static outbursts likely with some northerly winds still gusty and strong.
24th Some mists clouds or haze by evening and a cloudy if hazy start of day, but the daytime should be fair, mild to warm temps if a little muggy but northerlies keep things fresh trying to ward off any bad weather threats.
25th Some high temps again but some cloud around with static cloudbursts potentially sleet or hail likely some arriving from midnight into the morning but sporadic and intermittent today.

25th April -2nd May
Some challenging conditions for me to read for this phase, so don’t rely on the outcomes too much at this stage which is the result of a partial lunar eclipse in sultry Scorpio promising some extremes of weather outcomes, so nothing is taken for granted….no guarantees but I don’t think I’ll find many trustworthy away days for this phase………………………….hopefully 1st and 2nd as well as 27th will prove best of the bunch. A low operates and can bring in a bit of a stormy outlook , some weather extremes highly likely, wind being one of them, and I am not discounting a snowfall attempt for some localities either–25th-28th highly likely suspects. OK just took a look at the weather expert Ken Ring’s email from January when he told me he expected snow for our region for 28th and 29th, so I seem to be on the right track here……..thank goodness…….

25th As above

26th Some static outbursts continue, but humidity is high and temps still seem sultry and mild with wind conditions nebulous and variable with northerlies and southerlies competing causing unsettled atmospherics. Some winter shower potential around along with some cloudiness but some sun spells.
27th Static and hazy conditions continue sun with cloud likely with the warmth going south leaving some mists potential mizzles and haziness or just cloud around early in the morning and evening.
28th A potential low operates and there looks to be a greater likelihood of windy weather and showery outbursts, some sleet or snow can shock some localities, but some clearer conditions by the afternoon this low looks more prevalent to the NW region where colder weather breaks out, but it will move slowly eastwards over coming few days passing us on its way. This system looks like a stormy outlook, showery rainy and a little gloomy. Cooler temps on previous days likely for next few days.
29th Cooler temps, very strong gusty westerlies clashing with easterlies creating blustery winds and showery outbursts as the low passes slowly east. Fogs or mists for evening
30th More showery stuff from the west before sunrise, winds continue gusty and blustery, but some sunshine expected to break out after sunrise but clouds around in the afternoon
1st Northerlies arrive and they usually bring in an attempt to clear things up a little, cold start but temps getting seasonally milder as day progresses, some cloud around with sun.
2nd Same as yesterday with some showery outbreaks risk for early morning but clearer outlook late afternoon and evening. Temps beginning to rise again…….

2nd May -10th
A static phase with some highs but this creates tendency for cracking thunder and lightening for many parts of UK which breaks out 4th-7th, but more likely for 5th in our region. My maps show low to he north with highs to the south and trouble when they meet………………………..
8th-10th will bring some showery conditions that are refreshing and clear up any residual static.

2nd As above, sun with cloud added, showers localised.
3rd Cooler outlook, easterlies bring in some broodiness, cold pockets around and air frosts likely overnight into 4th, mists and mizzles moves around UK with some hail and sleet outbreaks, most likely late evening for us.
4th Some squally conditions with WN Westerlies breeding occasionally very gusty air flows, sun with scurrying clouds. Some news of lightening strikes for some UK areas.
5th Our day for static outbursts -sporadic, intermittent with lightening and thunder likely.
6th Warmer temps today should be lovely bluer skies by the afternoon, variable winds with gusty westerlies strong at times. More static outbursts potential to some nearby regions –audible here also.
7th overnight air frost, cool outlook but fair weather gusty weather could continue
8th – 10th some fairer weather likely any showers will be refreshing and hopefully short-lived, pleasant outdoors even in the rainy spells– intermittent with variable winds continuing mostly westerly. This being a quarter moon the rule of thumb is drier conditions for midnight to mid-day.

10th -18th May
I’m trying so hard to find a good weather phase but am failing miserably, so let’s hope I got the whole thing wrong and the met says wonderful weather is about to break out….if only…
This map looks a little stormy and snow is likely to break out at any time on any day, when will we put it behind us I wonder. Floods to some regions west of us are also possible.
10th snow likely to be coming down of far NE of coast of Scotland, today is damp cool and breezy and may be strong at times snow is heralded for late evening…sorry about that…I could be wrong, but my chart says snow lands here around 22:19 and is likely to be heavy……..strong winds may accompany this influx
11th A warmer day so all that snow might thaw rapidly, it will be cloudier to the north today including us, with mists or lower visibility around sunrise but some outbreaks of hail and sleet showers also likely 607pm but no guarantees they don’t arrive at other times…
12th More snow potential by evening…………………………….cool during the day especially on high ground milder to southern parts of UK.
13th Sunshine with loud expected, weird and nebulous wind conditions turning north westerly could be some wind spouts, potential mists by evening and snow flurries not discounted
14th Icy, sunny, cool, breezy northerlies and westerlies calmer conditions.
15th Not the best day in fact mists mizzles and rainy outbreaks travel t/out GB today rain hail sleet and a bit of snow in the mix but skies clearer by late evening if you are sky watching…
16th A quick cloudburst not unlikely for start of day, temps moderate, breezy and occasionally very windy potential today gusty variable wind activity.
17th Warm and sunny with some cool pockets in shade and on high exposed areas settled outlook
18th Some icy sleet showery weather not long lasting sudden sporadic and intermittent auguring cold conditions temp wise. Wind activity variable lower temps, fairer to north GB.

18th-2 5th May
Hold on to your hats because this does look windy still BUT it does look like some fair weather breaks out…HURRAH……
Systems operating for this phase include real heat off south west coast of Ireland, oh the luck of the Irish,, the Orkneys look to be having fair weather too, it’s cloudier and more moderate from the Hebrides to mid south coast of England, while we get mostly fine conditions but any rain or gloom sets in while we are fast asleep….the 21st and 24th looks pretty temperate with some warmth to make seedlings spring up and sing.

18th- 21st looks like fair weather breaking out sleet showers still potential more to the south and eastern regions from 18th. Northerlies get strong on 19th and some cold pockets still remain in shade and on high ground, but fine weather for the daytime. 20th Fine skies for photography with gentler breeziness prevailing clouds forming later in the day and continuing overnight with some potential for sudden static outbursts continuing into early 21st. 21st Sees winds revving up and getting stronger north westerly and blustery as easterlies join in late afternoon, some showery outbreaks potential from very early morning, but temps rising during the day for a fair but very windy outlook till late evening.

22nd Looks to be higher temps kicking in warding off any cool pockets but some static build with mists or haze late evening potentially. Breezy weather.
23rd Blue skies some cloud breezy
24th lovely warm temps a hazy day, sun with cloud and gusty breezes
25th Today looks like some showery weather arrives by mid morning.

25th May -31st
The better temps are to SW tips of England -Cornwall– this phase. Wetter conditions prevail to NW Scotland, Ireland and SW Wales. A weather system passing down east coast moves further over to the continent from the outset. There is a flood or high precipitation warning for this phase but I think it will be in the wetter areas already mentioned to western regions.
Although temps do rise bring in some hope summer is around the corner, we get lower ranges of temps that break out for our region…sorry folks…go to Cornwall to get the best of the highs! East Anglia looks OK as well……

25th Fair for outdoors during the day, but some showery stuff could break out in localities around sunrise and evening around 6-7 pm, with fairer conditions southwards to us. Wins look gusty N Westerlies
26th Nice warm summery day shower potential till mid morning but some warmth in sun from mid day onwards
27th Some nice wool packed clouds in a bright blue sky, lovely outlook for photography, expect temps to rise again today.
28th Favours outdoors some easterlies turning southerly which can produce a little broodiness, but southerlies are warm but clouds breeding late evening, but a calm outlook weather wise for us.
29th Sporadic intermittent showery stuff could linger and be prolonged today, mists potential around sunrise after heat of yesterday breeding muggy conditions, I don’t see a lot of sun breaking out today.
30th Mists haze or cloud around to start the day, some finer weather by mid day as sun gets strong if it does break through the haze.
31st Similar to yesterday with the added ingredient of livelier windy weather but some fairer outlook can also arrive as sun gets stronger during the day. Mizzly and drizzly to western quarters if not higher levels of rain arriving with rivers at high to flood levels……………the conditions in the next phase see floods arriving in greater levels……………..read on

31st May -8th June

Wet, misty hazy foggy but some fair conditions to greet us as well. This is a Hollywood blockbuster weather movie with weather extremes battering Britain, and I can’t wait to see how it pans out. The plot is floods, floods, widespread floods and more floods and heavy rain when it arrives, record breaking weather breaks out. Flash floods to arrive, widespread, some misty dull weather to lowland in valleys and squalls covering limited areas and possibly near tornado outbreaks. Rivers will be flooding valleys, transport routes and flood plains for this phase…………………………………………..
Highs to SE tip of Kent at the outset, Ireland looks to get the worst of the downpours, rivers breach flood levels across the UK. 1st- 2nd looks set for thunderstorms breaking out.

31st Mists hazy start mizzles not unlikely, gusty westerlies, rain heavier to far western regions and to southern regions at this stage but it will move around the UK…..
1st Cold dry fronts from the north, dips to temps eastward with lows, rise in temps here, better temps milder to west but it does look like rain can circulate the UK today reminiscent of Jubilee days last year, oh dear, hope I am wrong….
2nd Showery outlook early morning could improve to sunnier later in day
3rd High humidity, mists near water, fairer to north, but some fair conditions as day progresses, calm outlook before the storm…….
4th Nice day sun with cloud, easterlies prevail so muggy atmosphere around.
5th should be a refreshing weather outlook even if a few showery localised arrive
7th Rise in temps today and over next few days, nebulous windy and muggy conditions, thick haze to lowland valleys, rising temps cloying and muggy, cloudy with cloudbursts expected, not good for air transport, scattered t/storms around UK, torrential rain expected with potential for flash floods and river breaches across UK western areas most affected….

8th-16th June
Some warm temps continue from 7th. Static, misty, muggy even squally to some parts and I expect very heavy precipitation to arrive with 9-11th singled out for first battering and overnight on 15-16th the second round of drenching levels leading to flood alerts. The general rule of thumb is the worst of the rainy weather arrives mostly from sunset to sunrise. More mists and mizzly breakouts to the west for this phase…..sea frets risks to those areas.

8th Strong westerlies gusty at time move away the southerly conditions yesterday and break into strong squally North Westerlies with unsettled outlook as a result of continuing conflicts between highs and lows. Some sun around between cloudiness but cool temps clash with warmth of rising temps in previous days, and there is a risk of whirlwinds and tornado breeding to midlands near eastern quarters.
9th A risk of heavy showers over to the west and south east, but they could also move over and reach our region later in the day, these could be hail sleet and snow mixed in, high ground vulnerable to snow elements more than us. This is Spring competing with summer and winter telling us not to forget to keep the wellies ready along with rain mac…..
10th Some sun might show its face between clouds coming over today, but with heavier outpourings coming overnight into early morning to sunrise on 11th Gusty westerlies keep things cool temps
11th Gusty westerlies and it looks squally for some regions inland misty and dull near rivers and watery areas, temps variable but sometimes trying to rise, Derry regions in Ireland as well as East Anglia seem to have some of the extremes around this date. Evening looks brighter but not for long as the bad conditions keep things dull again by 8 pm onwards approx.
12th Some finer conditions possible before sunrise, eastern areas look vulnerable to squalls whirlwinds and tornado breeding conditions, cold day but some sunshine. Mists and cloud could be difficult to get rid of near valleys by the afternoon and the risk of snow sleet or hail for 10 pm onwards, or it could just be fogs that I can see with news of blizzards biting hard and causing probs….
13th Some quick static outpourings again today but temps look more congenial, still on cool side, with the atmosphere getting fresher cold evening with clearer skies before midnight
14th Skies clearer at the beginning of the day around sunrise, a rise in temps fair outlook, rain again by late afternoon/ evening to northern regions and here, and northerlies revving up trying to clear up the muggy trends of former days…
15th better outlook today but don’t hold your breath….overnight rain expected again into 16th and rivers are by now at flood levels with southern and eastern parts of GB most at risk, sticky muggy day for 16th warmer temps but what a mess to some regions trying to dry out……..gusty NW might help a little but a risk of scattered t/storms also reigns.

Summer Long Range Forecast using original earth friendly satellite technology is already being viewed and will be posted asap……………..

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Winter 2012-13 Long Range Weather Forecast W Yorks UK and Yonder

bigfreezesunset astrometeorology

WINTER 2012-2013


Nearly two years ago, during Feb 2011, Ken Paone, a very skilful US astro-meteorologist asked me to take a look ahead at this UK winter to see what I could forecast very long range. I took a look at the chart for our UK region and beyond, and came up with this forecast which has been featured on his website:- http://theweatheralternative.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=UK+Winter+2012-2013

See this link showing that the very long range prediction for snow for October 2012, posted Feb 2011 on Ken’s site, has already come true by 25th October 2012 for Northumberland:- http://travel.aol.co.uk/2012/10/26/snow-england-october-2012-weather-arctic-blast/ Not bad to say I forecast that nearly two years ago using time honoured astro met techniques, on a limited budget without access to trillions of pounds worth of satellite dishes:-)

That forecast posted on Ken’s website will continue to manifest, though clearly the floods I foretold that Saturn would bring have already broken out across the UK with Scorpionic vengeance, as I expected, leaving the ground very soggy, with landslides to some southern areas especially, even before the Winter begins in full.

We can expect higher range of levels of snow for the season, and extremely frosty, freezing, temps will be around in January and February with strong northerlies keeping them bitingly chilling when they blow.

I expect blizzards, high speed winds and gales raging around the UK centring around 27th Jan-3rd Feb depending on which part of the UK you live. 5th-11th January also looks lively!
3rd Feb -10th Feb sees some freaky weather arrive, to keep global warming theories alive and well, with fogs, mists and unusually warm micro pockets of weather migrating eastwards forming off the west coast of Ireland, but one of the regions I’ll be tracking at this phase is 170 E and 51N regions where some turbulence looks to be causing headlines. This could be landslides like the ones hitting headlines currently (November 2012–and note in my forecast for Ken Paone 2 yrs ago nearly, I sadi to expect seismic and bad weather for this month)) in Japan where a tunnel collapsed due to unusual weather systems there. I also expect aquatic life to be under threat more than ever due to this freaky weather system and seismic/volcanic activity could add to the mix.

Perigee moons for 10th January and 7th February have a tendency to bring in hurricanes to the northern hemisphere during winter, so says weather expert Ken Ring in NZ, and the 10th January perigee coincides with a powerful NM making it a powerful syszgy/supermoon that can create high turbulence in the atmosphere, so watch hurricane headlines break out along with the extremes of stormy weather. The 3rd-10th Feb or beyond, depending on where you are located, also brings more wild weather in the northern hemisphere. This is going to be spectacular watching for all of us weather freaks.

Looking back at temps for the past 100 yrs 2013 looks like competing successfully with 1979 range of minima temps set at -23.5 for Feb 1979, and 14th Jan 1979 and -24.6 13th Jan 1979 and -16.5 19th March 1979, so track the low temps expected for this season to see how they score against these. My forecast for coldest conditions arriving is for freezing cold 22nd Jan to the end of the month, bringing in snow, ice, frost and big freeze, and another very cold spell from 17th Feb for a week approx with hail, sleet and snow, 17th March for a few days also brings in coldest weather for the month.

Spring breaks through in style in March (see forecast for the month below) and it finally settles in after 23rd, but I expect drier conditions to break through after 14th heralding a drought phase visiting us for the Spring season.
20th December -28th 2012

It’s Christmas so you’ll want to know if it will be a white one. I don’t expect so for us, though I’m not discounting one for you if you live on the Scottish Highlands to NW of Scotland, or high up on the Pennines and other peaks where it can lie around for months after it has left the rest of us alone. However, Jonathan Powell says it will snow for Christmas in a November issue of the Express online which may still be accessible at :- http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/359493/Odds-are-on-a-White-Christmas

Variable conditions ranging from wet to cool and dry. Icy winter showers moving east after high precipitation from previous days raise levels of water masses, causing some flood outbursts.

Normally we could expect clearer skies mid day to midnight generally. Expect some icy winter showers leaving treacherous conditions to some highways with flood for some UK areas potentially NW Scotland and Wales along with snow news arriving fro higher altitudes Temps get colder to freeze by 29th……affecting air travel with mists and fogs affecting midlands and southern region from 21st.

Only 75% confident of this phase forecast. Normally I expect above 80% accuracy for my long range predictions.

20th Sudden icy showers, sleet frost and snow combine by evening 4-6pm some sun with cloud during the day.

21st Brisk breezes cold drier outlook sunshine around, evening skies clearer, solstice today, so very hot in Australia, not so for us!

22nd Cloudy start, fast sudden showery outbreaks around 8-10 am bright outlook for the afternoon. Potential for mists and mizzles or even freezing fog in some localities in our region late eve.

23rd Damp air predominates, sun with cloud preventing temps being too biting, southerlies in lower atmosphere with northerlies in higher strata. Temperate conditions prevail for us and this could out to be a serene day….

24th showery outbreaks expected app 4-7pm and again 8-11pm, daytime sun with cloud.

25th Cloudy or misty start, dampness heavy, sudden showery outbursts by evening .Humidity high breeding possibility of mists and fog with likelihood of sudden showery outbursts or mizzles 3-6pm.

26th Sunshine with showery outburst, but these could be wetter to southern areas, here any likely outbursts likely 12 -2am.

27th Milder conditions, sunshine with cloud during the day less unsettled than previous days. Cloud around on 27th, overnight cloud keeps temps less icy. 28th similar
29th Dec winter showers, dark air with wet cloudy outlook

Full Moon 28th Dec-5th Jan 2013.

An overview for this weather phase, rather than a day to day tour. Some spells of serene conditions for the first part of the phase, sunny during the day, though frosty starts could greet the day, some mild outbursts of showers could also arrive.
I expect colder conditions to arrive 3 days into this phase when it will be mostly cold, mainly dry with sunshine during the day for the most part, the cold starts to be noticeable by 31st with freezing over of watery areas by 3rd.
We will see some brisk breeziness with the lower temps, especially on very high ground, some mists around watering places also likely.

3rd brings some blustery and bleak conditions with penetrating cold, stratus clouds around, and isolated strong gusts on high ground. 4th-5th can bring in milder conditions dry and sunny.

5th-11th January 2013

My expert colleague in weather forecasting, Ken Ring NZ, says we can expect more snow when the New Moon is perigee, and on 10th the perigee moon culminates whilst on 11th it renews itself so lets see if he is right, but I do expect this to hit Scotland to NW and hopefully fizzle out by the time this weather system gets down as far as W Yorks. We can expect some hail, sleet and snow around the UK during this phase

Previous phases of this weather brought strong winds to the UK, extremes of weather around the world and Scotland is usually the target for the worst of the weather for this outlook. Oddly there is a drought and rising temp indicator 4th-5th for regions such as Dublin, and SW areas of UK such as Landsend Pemboke and Caernarvon, but most places should enjoy a dry if windy outlook till 6-7th. Some snow looks to be developing off the far NW area of Scotland and this could move down from NW coast of Scotland and land in the form of
blizzards during this phase, most likely 6- 7th, causing disruption to transport systems, but destructive lowland storms are heralded by 6-7th for many parts of the UK. High speed winds will hit NW UK and western extremes of Wales/England so take care.

5th looks like a mild clear day with fresh air and scattered clouds around. 6th sees an unsettled outlook developing for us with variable temps and some easterlies bringing in potential for some showery conditions, lowering temps before northerlies begin to blow. For us in W Yorks the worst of the winter precipitation arrives by mid day on 7th and looks prolonged lasting into 8th combining with some of the destructive windy storms hitting lowlands.

Generally the weather is less fraught midnight to mid day, but this is a record breaking system coming over so hold onto your hammocks…..

11th-18th January

Mists fogs and freezing fogs arrive particularly to east coast of UK from the outset. A cold front skulking down offshore west coast takes it time to move across mainland Britain this phase, with temps becoming very biting as the days go by. Don’t forget to re read my winter intro for more about this time of winter…..

!1th sees a gloomy overcast if not foggy start for us, with clearer conditions developing by mid day when sunshine will brighten the outlook a little, but cold temps around, it may be that the fog I’m seeing is beginning to turn to freezing

12th Is cold but nice during the day with a clear sky by late evening auguring cold temps developing further overnight due to less cloud cover to keep things warm, this can bring in intense cold conditions and frosts as well as icy outlook so take care on roads.

13th could be some winter showers around, localised but I don’t expect them to be prolonged, another fair outlook for the afternoon by 14th after a potential for a showery morning, but the precipitation will be icy and exhilarating rather than oppressive.
15th looks the same as previous days but coldness intensifying, whilst 16th- 18th the weather gets intensely colder but this brings some sunshine along with cloud and frostiness some mists to valleys likely also, 18th potential for showers around evening but these will be fast, perhaps hail sleet type, very cold conditions continue for 18th, but sunshine should prevail during daytime.

18th-27th January 2013
Overview is for cold frosty and snow to the west and very wintry with the second half being even more frosty and icy but some sunshine around. 25th breaks the mould with some dark, dank weather

18th Outlook variable, Snow potential around mid day, cold temps with some sunshine during the day, cloudy late evening possible mist around water areas, temps freezing overnight into 19th

19th Freeze after thaw during mid day very cold temps icy air with gusty breezes.

20th no change
21 Heavy frost, a cold start, milder as sun gets strong by mid day, fogs/ mists around for evening
22nd very cold temps, sunshine around, but northerlies keep things cool
23rd Fine day, strong northerlies, blizzard potential to some high regions
24th Quick showery outbreaks after mid day likely, but another fine winter day with some sunshine, but cold temps.
25th Winter outburst of hail, sleet and snow before sunrise, very cold and frosty, cloudiness and lower temps with broody easterlies with precipitation keeping things cold.
26th-27th A mostly fine winter day outlook for both days…

27th Jan-3rd Feb

This seems to be an eventful weather phase with a lot of changes coming in mid way.
Seismic outlook –southern Ireland potential location.
Some sunshine expected for this phase, where the Full Moon usually augurs dry, exceedingly breathtakingly cold days with frosty nights, if no clouds form. Some mists can form around water places due to the intense cold gathering there and clashing with whatever mildness may have been formed by suns rays.
Some unsettled weather comes over for the milder temperature second half so make the most of the colder first part of the phase! I also expect snow to fall by 1-2nd

27th Some spartan outbreaks could arrive 2pm and 10pm approx, not a lot if any to be honest for us, but apart from these just expect some sun to be around as well as some whistles down the wind
28th North winds blow in higher altitudes whilst a fair start can become cloudy but the afternoon looks sunny with evening skies brighter by 4pm onwards Some rain could be moving southwards late night to turn of next day, but I don’t expect us to get any here.
29th Dry very cold day with nippy temps and gusty weather
30th similar to yesterday but more cloud around with winds getting stronger and gustier. Temps more moderate during the day but the winds keep it low for the evening and some snow warnings could be in place.
31st Extremely strong high speed wind, gales and winter blizzards expected today and tomorrow so take care across high places such as the Pennines and mountain roads. Milder temps can bring in some thawing, but also some snow in with the blizzards. More settled outlook by late at night and snow I forecast could just be frost…don’t think so…
1st Prolonged winter showers expected today, heavier to the south of England, with water levels rising on waterways such as lakes and rivers, slowly moving northwards in flow, some snow sleet in the mix, and we get some of this at our end of the country……
2nd Very unsettled gloomy outlook with rain, snow and sleet expected from early on, could even be a continuance of yesterdays winter downfall……winds still around but subsiding on former strengths. Clouds forming and mists and mizzles feature.
3rd Not a good outlook cloudy and gloomy mists and mizzles but milder winter temps…….read on>>>>>>

3rd-10th Feb
Some fantastic weather fun to witness for this phase and I shall be watching carefully to see how well I got a grip on these influences and communicated them to you.

Some very freaky micros stealing across 60 or so miles out to western seaboard of Ireland which means they will slowly move over to our part of the world bringing in some weird and whacky weather to some localities with some higher than normal winter fronts, whist others will be encountering continuing winter conditions.

High humidity expected with fogs and mists affecting sea and air travel especially over the Atlantic, thank goodness the Titanic isn’t setting sail now….

Unusual sea conditions mean sea life is exposed to some abnormal weather, fatal for some, and perhaps we’ll read stories of unusual levels of shoals of dead fish and threat to sea life and aquatic creatures, surfacing around this time of the season, which is what can happen when waters get too cold for them to survive.

Land masses 170east longitude and 50-51 north approx are to be watched for the headlines of unusually freak conditions prevailing.

Migrating warm pockets of weather mingle with some cold conditions, so freeze and thaw combine to make for some treacherous outcomes on transport routes. Landslides, floods and mudslides can be expected to arise adding to the excitement. To be fair if my global peers get their weather forecasts wrong due to some poor forecasting on a persistent basis then I might consider there is such a theory as global warming after all…………………………………….meanwhile they all manage to outforecast the mets delivering long range forecasts, using time honoured traditions used by our ancient mariners and without access to trillions of pounds worth of satellites……

A very mild front off the west of UK, Ireland regions, is difficult to track as tiny micros form and move eastwards, bringing in exceptional moist conditions with fogs, mist, localised thunderstorms and low visibility across much of the UK in the days ahead. Seismicity still high as well for our region of the globe.

3rd…wetter than wet can be and no chance of any drying out as air will be wet even if it does stop raining; high humidity rules. Stormy conditions move east, perhaps drifting southwards. Mists, mizzles and fog with all kinds of weather creatures scurrying around…..Any snow left lying around will thaw leaving floods to river plains and pouring onto transport routes for some regions, but not ours.

If you have booked a flight across the Atlantic for this week….oh dear……A lot of nebulous freaky warm pockets of air shield some from the colder front following on behind from west to east…betya you get delayed…

4th Fog freeze and thaw and freeze and fogs, enormously damp in the atmosphere.

5th Snow potential for high lying areas to west of us– Pennines and Welsh mountains, Cloudy wet day with lowering temps and easterlies keeping things dull and broody…get lots of indoor activities for the children for this phase..

6th sunshine around between cloudy spells, cloudier by evening, milder temps during the day colder, frosty and misty by evening with fogs likely.

7th Moon perigee so bad weather to some parts of globe around this date. Very wet day generally in our part of the world, with much precipitation reaching us by evening. Early on before sunrise a brighter sky for some belies the fogs in some low lying areas. Variable winds around moving clouds along and penetrating the mistiness.

8th Just when you thought Spring might be coming, it gets colder…..don’t throw the winter gloves away just yet! Some turbulence wind wise with whippy westerlies nipping exposed noses and fingers, some hail potential but some sunshine around as well.

9th Snow or frost around, breezy conditions especially at higher altitudes such as the moors and Pennines. Sun with cloud by afternoon very cold by evening. Some strong northerlies set sail to try clear up the mess of previous days………..

10th Clouds around icy, icy, icy, but you might be in one of those little milder micros that still hover around valleys….lucky you. Even colder tomorrow for some but read on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m not ruling out snow from 9-10th overnight and my maps show this potential coming up from SW regions with some electrical outbursts bringing in some localised showers and snow showers. Carry on reading for more fun with the weather>>>>

!0th -17th Feb

There are three lots of data agreeing stormy patterns operative in maps for this phase and it does look likely to be winter snow storms that bring in some extreme winter conditions to contend with from the outset, potentially from 9-10th overnight, with 10th looking decidedly stormy from the start, over to the south west region of England but moving northwards, regions around Landsend and Stornaway affected by this system At the same time a weather pattern far off NW Scotland is likely to drift south westwards over the course of this phase.

This phase is very cold, gets colder with icing over expected and I do expect snow for this forecast, rather than just thick frost………………………hopefully I’m wrong and it will just be cold frosty and icy……………………………My money is on snow…..Patterns in this chart herald heavier precip if not more stormy outlook to Cumbria region. Whenever Mars occupies a certain position in my maps it hits Cumbria. Still, it is a dramatic part of the world and all that weather creates some fabulous scenery up there, now we wouldn’t want that to change would we…..? In fact last year with these chart patterns we got an intense cold front coming in from Russia, and this will repeat the pattern this phase with very icy lows enveloping everyone as it descends from the frozen north…….

10th Some lively north westerlies will accompany snow, some sun amidst cloud today

11th S Easterlies around, also snow bringing, at start of today, with very icy conditions freezing everything over creating some treachery on pathways and routes by night time when low temps very acute.

12th Sun with cloud during the day, temps remain acutely cold, it could be fairer to the north of us, a drier outlook but some flurries around in localised areas brief but to the point by evening.

13th Some brief hail sleet or snow around mid day, still very cold. A finer outlook by the afternoon but by late evening I’m not ruling out another snowy outburst

14th Windy outlook,cloudy with some drying localised sun spells Quick showery flurries, with fogs and mists prevailing late evening.

15th Snow to hit western shores today, cloudy misty start for us, but clearer conditions as day progresses with some exhilarating air.

16th Snow or frost around before sunrise, clouds/mists around 7-9am. Sunny outlook during the daytime with some cloud and gusts around, frosty temps.

17th…drier but still cold……………….

17th – 25th Feb

Temps get icier by 19th, fogs and mists around as a result, precipitation intense to NW UK regions with drains and underwater caverns under assault unable to cope with amounts of water.20th sees heavy precipitation arrive for this phase, with ice crystals forming from 19th in higher atmosphere.

17th frosts around to start the day and some localised mists with potential snow or winter showers mid day, but some sunshine around also during the daytime.

18th Milder outlook, unsettled though with breeziness, some quick showery outbursts in the morning, sun with cloud around, breeding eastward cold flows with snow potential.

19th Very icy conditions could be freezing fogs and mists around, snow showers possible after mid day.

20th Very heavy showers especially heavy to the south by mid day, prolonged and breezes helping move the system northwards.

21st Mists and cloudy start, sun spells by mid day, icy temps by evening with frost, with clearer skies

22nd Sun should be out by mid day some cloud forming by evening, temps still freezing
23rd Winter showers before sunrise clearer outlook by mid day, cloud around by evening, southerlies active.
24th Fog or misty start some snow and showery outbursts could cross eastern areas temps beginning to moderate slightly on freezes of former days.
25th Sun with cloud today…………………read on

25th Feb- 4th March

I’m writing this in November 27th, one day after over 500 flood warnings were given out across Great Britain, worse to the SW areas, when everyone is asking, when will this rain ever stop?
The good news is it will subside to much drier conditions from mid March 2013, no consolation if you are reading this before then, but certainly an end is in sight!

I had to go back to February 7th 2012 to find a similar chart that rules this phase, and although it was much drier then, different astronomical events were factored in at that time, this portends a slightly wetter outcome for us for this phase than that one in February winter 2012.

Some thawing arrives to melt any iced over areas, and mists and fogs can result as moisture gets drawn up from watery regions such as lakes, tarns, rivers and canals. Aquatic life is still under threat with these weather conditions as are sailing craft and water adventurers until after mid March. Underground cavities and drains are also continuing to cause problems as thawing can stretch underground water channels to flood breach levels.

Winds get brisk gusty and westerly by 26th and some extra strong gales and speedy winds are expected for 1st March onwards.

25th Icy, sun with cloud some breeziness around but should be a fair day for outdoors.

26th Potential for sleet snow turning to rain at start of day. Some unsettled conditions as freeze and thaw vie with each other, some mists caused by this. Westerlies strong bringing in drying conditions. More showery outbursts localised at mid day, misty evening means milder temps, but some areas of UK could still remain icy overnight.

27th Cold overnight breeding some frost patches, but cloud developing but expect some brightness by 8 am. A cold frosty outlook but some sun spells during the day.

28th Some quick winter showers localised, hail from start of day. Clear skies by 2 am things stay cold some mists and fog more prevalent to east of us, should be a dry day but cloud around.

1st Sun plus cloud and strong winds gusty, milder temps with westerlies clashing with easterlies, high speed to some regions.

2nd Overcast gloomy outlook, still very windy, rain looks to be in NW and heading over our way so I don’t think it will remain dry.

3rd Some quick hail or sleet showers could break out 1-2 am and more showers by 8pm but the day looks dry and we may get some sunshine with cloud.

4th Gusty weather but nice outlook for some sunshine and good outdoor conditions. Temps should be much milder and as forecast in the overview much thawing will have taken place.

4th-11th March

There does look to be some slushy snow around for this phase, and we could see some more white stuff in hail and sleet around 7th and 8th. Overall temps are very mild , but some colder temps arrive for last few days.

Still a lot of a moisture about keeping things damp, but don’t worry this is not going to last and next phase brings a time for drying out and less precipitation. Heavier precipitation expected for outbreaks on 10th and 11th particularly over to the east of us……..

4th As above but some gusty westerlies arriving late at night

5th Gusty outbursts keep things lively, cold start grows milder by sunrise; should be some sunshine around between clouds.

6th A fair day; sunshine around; thawing conditions.

7th Unsettled outlook, often gloomy, showers keep things cool and miserable, some sleet, rain and hail t/out the morning, strong southerlies could bring in some snow and clash with strong easterlies. Winds strong for today.

8th More localised and scattered outbreaks of hail and sleet but sunshine and blue skies to accompany them. Temps cold today, winds strong and very gusty, but at least they blow away any clouds that try to spoil the day.

9th Looks a little misty and cloudy today, some snow clouds look to be coming over but there seems to be a clearer outlook by 11pm

10th Icy start some northerlies keeping temps very cool and it does look like more winter showers arrive before the northerlies get time to clear this system away. Potential for shower and snow attempts again late evening, things look wet and cold at this stage, drizzly mizzly and misty with humidity high……. but skies seem to clear by midnight, but I don’t think the mizzles and drizzles will clear till well into next day……

11th Gloomy start by 2 am, unsettled outlook for today, temps getting colder, winds gusting westerlies, but some southerlies around that may bring in showery conditions, mizzles and drizzles could be continuing from yesterday , cloud with sunshine by sunrise, but not a settled day.

11th-19th March 2013
Looking back, ignoring Lot’s advice to Sarah, In winter 2012 we had two similar charts to this one and both coincided with the most freezing parts of winter, but on this occasion I think we are into a milder than big freeze stage, but we can still expect some similar patterns to emerge in terms of mizzles, drizzles and scattered hail or sleet outbursts, but also some sunshine to let us know what that big yellow thing looks like.

I also looked to find when we might get a heatwave this summer….if we should be so lucky and it does look like one is moving around for 23rd July, just as schools break up which is a change from the usual gloominess that prevails at this time.

However, I digress. Spring doesn’t arrive in full till 23rd March, just after the equinox, when we can finally think about the big outdoors once again and celebrate some nicer conditions.

This phase sees some drier weather trying to break into the northern hemisphere and could thunder in from the outset on 11th with some sizeable earthquakes being set off, and I’m going to be watching the Blackpool area, as well as around Indonesian regions of the globe…I expect some windy weather to prevail but that means faster moving cloud and weather systems leaving clearer outlooks in their wake.
The second half looks drier and less unsettled, northerlies expected for first few days.

11th Whippy westerlies keep things cool and could turn south westerly during the afternoon, some mists and fogs around perhaps more to the eastern parts, with some mizzles around getting heavier at times. Not a nice day expected today…..
12th Very unsettled with lots of static being created, alternate rain and sunshine looks to be breaking out but nothing is for sure with this unsettled outlook. There could even be snow attempts or hail and sleet, northerlies look more active keeping things cool, all weather outcomes will be fast moving so don’t expect any to settle, and potential for some thundery outbreaks as well. An all weather day!

13th Scattery showery outbreaks, localised, from the outset of the day but I do expect some sunshine to break out as well and fingers crossed for a nice sunny day…HURRAH! But nothing lasts that long does it?
14th More unsettled conditions with more thundery outbreaks possible for some regions, maybe not ours, but lots of seismicity and static around so no bets on great weather staying around with this influence….Winds strong to the western quarter, some light sporadic hail or quick showers but also some sunshine around as well. Cloudier even mistier for some localities by evening. Another all weather day.

15th Sunshine with cloud during the day, light showers could still break out, but the temps will be cold so I expect them to be quick hailstorms, gloomy or misty by evening.

16th Temps rise today, but this also warns of mists due to moisture being drawn up by the heat around watery places in valleys. A fair day with some clouding/misting by evening, but I’ve written pretty wild winds around in my notes, so hold on to your hats in case I am very accurate.
17th Cloudy/misty start but cold temps battling milder ones, gusts westerly, clearer sky by late at night, sun with cloud outbreaks during the day.
18th Fair start fine spring day, quick scattered hail outbreaks before sunrise, some gusty weather about though with more clouds by evening, could be cold fogs to some localities
19th Similar to yesterday……………………………………………read on for unsettled conditions for tomorrow.

That completes this outlook for Winter and I will continue with Spring as soon as mid winter solstice is over……so come back for more weather talk then……………

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News November 2012

This weather forecasting blog will resume its amazing long range weather forecasting for W Yorks and yonder in time for the winter season….watch this space…

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Long Range Summer 2012 Weather Forecast West Yorkshire and Yonder

This year we greet Neptune in Pisces and looking back in time we can see an echo of the same position coinciding with droughts for the southern region that they again are currently experiencing. for example JAN 02, 1685

|Drought: no rain for many months before June (London/South).

Droughts come and go in cycles long since defined by astro meteorologists and can be skilfully forecast long range. Currently we are in a drought cycle that will begin to break 2017/18 when the drought cycle will begin to recede
and when high levels of precipitation will begin to arrive once more.

The solstice arrives on the 21st June and this year we have celebrated the second of the pair of transits of Venus over the Sun, as recorded in the Mayan calendar and found in ‘Dresden Codex.’ The last one of this pair was 2004 and the next pair wont arrive until 2117, so a long time to wait if you were hoping to be around for that! Previous conjunctions occurred in 1880’s.

Summer will have varying temerature ranges, with mists hazes and and fogs characterising the season, storms will have lightening to accompany them. We escape the travesty of a totally wet summer in our part of the glove but I’ll
be wtaching areas where the time zone is 1 day ahead of ours for they may not be so lucky.
It’s also a lovely summer fo photographers with those glorious electric blue skies remaining to give those heightened colours in images.

This is a premature look at summer, and I haven’t looked at September yet, but everyone is asking about the summer so I said would post it now. I will continue to analyse the charts and may modify some of these forecasts accordingly, and add Septembers forecast.

Sign up for bi monthly forecasts to be sent to your in box at http://ukweatherbrief.wordpress.com
or read more about how astro meteorology has been used since ancient if not prehistoric times at http://www.starsite.org.uk
and on my other blog http://learnastrometeorology.wordpress.com

!9th-27th June

This phase interrupts the previous good weather but then it is the solstice and usually at this time we get used to seeing lots of people in muddy wellies trying to find their way around Glastonbury and taking unplanned mud baths.
For this week for us there are some fair and not so fair indications arriving and it took a lot of time to tease out what the planets were trying to tell me so bear with me for this forecast, hopefully I got the right messages……but no guarantees.
There will be some fair conditions overall but also some t’storms around elevated places like hills and moor tops due to static conditions that are brewing. We can expect sudden low temps to herald not just hail showers and sleet, even snow showers on some elevations, but also some frostiness overnight. Mists are prevalent in valleys and near watery places and more likely to arrive mid phase…. The mildest temps look likely to break out from 24th which should be a fine day if only it wasn’t for the misty start that may stay around and create haze that blocks full on sun, but I hopefully am wrong about this…..

20th Quick hail or sleet outbreak potential around 9-11 am, with a fair breezy showery outlook before sunrise. Temps look warmer to east and south today, we may get some good temps in our locality but beware sudden drops in temps and expect cold pockets to be strong by evening along with cloud appearing to gather. Easterlies begin to flow by 8-9pm warning of cooler temps to arrive and some precipitation likely by 9-10 pm it could be sleet or hail, even snow on high ground, with frostiness around to greet tomorrow. Some potential for prolonged showery intervals hail, sleet if not t/storms very late evening.

21st Potential for a frosty start with more hail, sleet or snow outbreaks expected before or around sunrise, temps may rise slightly as sun tries to rise to solstice position, but mostly cold conditions reign, with clearer skies.

Scattered showers for during the day but some blue skies with cloud heavier at 2-3pm Some southerlies keep things from being wintery, some gusty NW can arise on exposed areas

22nd Fair outlook from sunrise, after some quick showery attempts at start of 22nd, with some brilliant blue skies and lovely clear atmosphere during the day, I hope. Temps on the low side with scattered showery intervals likely by evening into early next day, over as soon as they begin. Southerly flows stop temps getting too biting but I’m not ruling out frosty ovenight conditions or this could be a marker for dew on the ground so be warned if camping….occasional gusty N Westerlies around so make sure your tent is well pegged if camping on exposed areas………

23rd Flash t/storms expected along with fierce hail or sleet outbreaks combine with gusty north westerlies. Mists and haze and cloud can hover around watery places and valleys, a lot of humditiy around keeping things chilly, cloudy as well by evening with some heavy showery conditions hail and sleet again, but this looks heavier, though not prolonged into overnight.

24th Looks like a better day with a misty start but if the sun can make its way through the haze it should become a fair day, then there should be some warming temps just a little muggy with haziness around and nebulous breezes

25th Summer is breaking through in case you hadn’t noticed but where is all that nice weather I wonder…..This afternoon looks a little damp with even some mizzly drizzly stuff around, but temps feel less hostile for a summer outlook, but this condition could result in some fogs and mistiness. Luckily some northerlies are around from evening trying to clear up the muggy trend.

26th-27th look like better days with some warmth from sun and slight rise in temps, much clearer skies by 27th which should bring a fine night. Venus finally stops her seeming backward motion on these days also.

27th June-3rd July

I’m only giving a quick tour for this phase as it does look mostly settled weather wise with some fresh atmosphere around 29th and 30th and lots of sunshine as well to follow. There could be some windy and breezy outbreaks now and again, but nothing too upsetting for outdoor activity.

Looking at my charts the east coast seems to be the place to be for this phase as the sun looks likely to shine down those shores……. This looks like a fine weather phase so make the most of it. Temps look set to climb by 2-3rd and this could bring some static outburst to north Scotland at beginning and for us by the end.

The 3rd is unsettled and there could be a risk of lightening or other static outburst for some along with some windiness beginning to be a little fiercer.

3rd July-11th July

Drought indicator battle with planets trying to produce cloud and unsettled air and more lightening or static outbursts for this phase. However, it does look like there are some windy trends that upset fine days and from the outset some disruptive weather unsettles the finer outlook. The drought phase, lasting till 2017 I might add, is hitting the south more than the north and looks like getting more noticeable for this time of year with farmers struggling to keep plants properly nourished.

There are some seismic indicators as well and this echoes disturbances such as those at Zermatt in January when an avalanche trapped people in the mountain village, also by end of January we had record snow and disruptions to air travel as well as people dying on street in eastern Europe due to the lows, with Heathrow and other airports encountering problems with flight schedules as well. This freak weather looks likely to occur again due to weather disturbances high up in the atmosphere, bringing in news from Eastern Europe about record breaking weather–could be t/storms that feature, causing problems.

This is a full moon phase normally the barbecue phase for summer addicts or for evening walks and al fresco dining. I honestly don’t think you will be disappointed, although the sun is apogee at the moment and this often means lower temps at this time of year, so I’m surprised to see so many planets battling to keep things summery for this phase, thank goodness..

I do expect some lightening strikes to be quite spectacular for this phase.

3rd brings in some gusty windy westerlies but still some southerlies around keeping things seasonally mild but I do expect temps to climb today also. Cooler outlook for evening so wrap up warm if you are planning a barbecue, and I do recommend putting the fire in a sheltered place to avoid winds blowing flames where you don’t want them to be! The air is unsettled and as mentioned in the previous forecast I can’t rule out a flash t/storm for today but these will be localised static outbursts and it’s difficult to see at this stage exactly where they’ll fall, but I do expect them to be over as quickly as they began with no lingering.

4th Could see some cloud around after a cool night but I also expect some sunshine along with continuing sporadic and gusty westerlies vying with southerly breezes. Some strong NW arrive mid afternoon but southerlies are staying around for a few days to stop things from turning exceedingly stormy or too cold. Temps will drop suddenly so be prepared to wrap up when they do.

5th-6th More static around lightening strikes potential, erratic hail, isolated showers very localised, with very strong gusty NW winds active veering strong gusty and westerly late at night on 5th staying until 6th. Some sunshine in between sporadic static outbursts, in fact there should be a lot of sunshine and blue skies making it an excellent time for photographers.

Some seismic elements around as well so news of either volcanic outpourings or big EQ expected +/- 2-3 days. One of the areas singled out are Omsk and Alma Ata regions of Kazakhstan…..East region of Beijing also vulnerable…..haven’t time to look at the southern hemisphere…

7th-8th Should see temps rising higher, drought conditions causing problems but good days for sunbathing I expect…..outlook unsettled from tomorrow so make the most of this trend

9th A scattered showery outlook, but not heavy for us if they do arrive here, very spartan indeed and a fine outlook for temps rising for our region and beyond. Changes begin to come in weather wise. Some fogs and mists or hazes could create problems for air traffic at this time expect increasing humidity and cloud from today.
Some windy conditions cause problems possibly to the SW region of England I’ll be on watch for tornado breeding but always get foiled by the fact that our British press prefers US tornado reporting to our own, making it impossible for anyone seeing a localised tornado to see the importance of reporting it sadly…….. Weather conditions begin to change today with a more unsettled outlook reigning, isolated storms can spring up for some regions and by 10th it does look like the west is looking at some scattered showery conditions coming in after the highs create more static. The 10th looks like more highs are around with some northerly flows

11th Most likely day for rain to arrive from the west and travel east, but there is a drought indicator as well, but this may just have blocked precipitation being too heavy in previous days, so although temps are seasonally high I don’t see this rain being heavy or prolonged, more like a sudden outburst that soon passes over and refreshes the atmosphere from early morning Erratic weather conditions at this part of the weather phase…..

11th-19th July
Some high temps arrive again halfway through this phase but we can also expect some cold and draftiness from variable breezes and windiness gusting at times from 11-15th Easterlies get stronger by 15th with gusty westerlies strong and speedy at times by afternoon on 16th, but temps climb faster from today. Rain more than likely for 17th and 18th

11th as previously forecast
12th A dry sunny day expected any showery outbreaks would arrive at 6-7 am potentially
13th some cloud around from 1am with potential for shower but by sunrise it looks like a fine weather outlook for today. seasonally average temps continuing
14th sunshine and cloud around with warmth from sun, clouds expected to form by evening when some easterlies get kick started and warm air could create haziness to watery areas.
15th Fine start some clouds forming quick sporadic probably localised showery precip around 5-6 am cool start but sunny with temps rising as sun gets higher easterlies prevailing
16th Cloud or rain expected mid morning and some quick hail showers can arrive bringing localised sporadic scattered outbreaks again by late afternoon. Gusty westerlies could be bringing in some rain late afternoon, getting gusty and speedy at times.
17th expect some high temps to reign today but around 1am some showery stuff could water the garden and this could be a longer rainy spell than in previous days So it could be a cloudy start that develops into sunshine and blue skies as the day progresses with warmth increasing.
18th Some mists cloud or haziness, even showery stuff at start of day and into the morning but a fine afternoon is likely with temps climbing a little higher than yesterday, but this could result in some cloudiness with showery stuff by evening ….19th looks wild and windy>>>>>wait for next phase to be posted………………

19th-26th July
I had to go back to February 2009 to find a similar chart to this one, but of course the weather then was icy though the snowfall and severe cold were on the wane as temps began to mild up a bit. This phase is going to be breezy, some rainy spells and some gloom but thee will also be some fair but breezy weather.
I also expect news about viral outbreaks spreading at the speed of light perhaps coming over from Europe and it could be a similar thing to the blight affecting sheep in February this year, which was spread by mosquitoes coming over in the
mild spell from Germany. More viral outbreaks are expected to fly around in the air.
Also a warning of comms systems being affect by lightening strikes, pylons could be hit or even wind farms, especially to east coast areas of sea and across to west coast of Europe where strong high speed gales look set to cause a bit of a fuss from the outset. This can also indicate wildcat strikes by lightening that can cause fires.

The East coast of Yorkshire looks to be the place to be for the highs from the start of this phase…the heat wave of former days gets broken up today.

Around 22nd brings any bad weather outlook moving to southern regions where temps will be abnormally cooler than usual. Unsettled systems for this day expected

19th Shower potential mid morning-sporadic and later in afternoon, hopefully some drier spells in between scattered t/storms seem to be spreading their wings rapidly and we could hear some of these as they strike around the north and south. Winds look blustery and gusty and the weather is disturbed today finding it difficult to settle into a pattern we can enjoy.

20th A drier day and less unsettled some warmer temps breezes and some sun spells

21st a fine day some fair conditions and breezy weather.

22nd Should see some attempts at rising highs returning for us after a cold start so some temperatures vying with each other so don’t expect a settled outlook. Some static causes quick outbursts, but these shouldn’t stay around for long, although I’m not guaranteeing that by last thing at night some heavier showery weather could arrive due to a slightly unsettled atmosphere, difficult to forecast how far the drought conditions are interfering with precipitation at this time of year of writing in February…certainly wide of flood levels, but both the moon, and Venus are heralding either a heavy downpour from turn of day i.e 12-1:00 am, or else lots of cloud and mistiness, highs develop during the day with breezy but fair conditions, any bad weather looks to be moving south and off the east coast hopefully….

Seismicity is high also and news of EQ +/-2-3 days around this date. N Westerlies keep things mainly dry for us

23rd Any rain will be over to the west today and we should have a normal summer day seasonally average temps
24th Rain could arrive early in the morning before sunrise but a warmer sunnier day develops and it should be warm with a nice evening to enjoy outdoors
25 Some haze clouds or mists around at birth of day temps could be a bit muggy winds are strong NW turning to brisk and gusty by mid morning and more westerly later in the day. I expect clear skies during the day some cloud likely but electric blue skies by evening.

26th July -2nd August
No rain mid day to midnight is usually what happens for this phase but it is only a 90% rule of thumb. But even this kind of rule is helpful for those planning summer events.

Temps are a little on the cooler side for this phase, some breezy to gusty weather along with some good outdoor conditions and sunshine.

26th -27th Rain warning for NW regions we should get some dry breezy weather with afternoon southerlies taking over from early day gusty westerlies

28th some good outdoor conditions cold though, but sunny and some brisk westerlies until late evening.
29th A showery outlook for today cold, sun with cloud and breeziness

30th Some warmer temps mid day but these could be just cool to moderate temps. Fair generally but some rain or showery intervals especially late evening 11 pm approx.
31st Some cold pockets around today so take a wrap with you if going outdoors. Sun with cloud some temps starting to rise by mid day but it is breezy and a bit of a squally outlook for today. This could see some sporadic showery localised spray and showers in the afternoon
1st similar to yesterday clearer skies by evening, southerlies can thicken the atmosphere a little and breed some cloudiness. Could be some fast sudden sporadic and spartan hail or sleet but not the kind that linger…
2nd will be a nice sunny outdoor day with temps above ave.

2-9th August
The low temps for the south continue to make themselves felt and this phase brings potential for high levels of precipitation, but having examined where this is going to be most felt I have arrived at the conclusion that a new business could now be established with a water carrier going out to sea to collect the massive amounts of rain water about to fall mid Atlantic for this phase…contact me for further details about where this new enterprise could be…..

Conflicting warmth and dryness with cool wetness defied teasing out for daily forecasts, so I decided to just stick to a tour of weather outcomes for the phase, though I think the cool wetness lies to the lower south and warmth and dryness is above Midlands and beyond to the north, though East Anglia looks like seeing more warmth and sunshine than we do…

Remember it is a Full Moon that brings barbecue time but this is a rather risky time (March2012) to forecast for consistency in weather outlook to support it. Usually a Full Moon does clear up bad weather, and we can expect better evening than daytime weather…I’m not happy with this forecast at all….We usually get cooler nights for this time of the month as there is less cloud around overnight, but there is a lot of cloud and mist around for this phase.

2nd A sporadic showery outlook some sunshine between clouds. Temps climbing but humidity is high bringing mistiness near watery places. Seems like a calm before the storm develops today
3rd Mists and mizzles around especially near valleys and watering places, even fogs. Humidity is high and thick hazes mists and fogs cause travel problems high humidity continues.
4th Similar outlook continues from yesterday but some some sunshine expected. Scattered showers or mizzles potential around sunrise, but clearer outlook by evening
5th More settled now till 6th when at the start of the day some rain and heavy showers looks likely, the evening looks clearer

7th a quick downpour around sunrise again cool temps sun with cloud and another showery outlook more prolonged by evening 7pm time
8th Temps look set to be warmer today and tomorrow rising temps with southerlies

9-17th August

I had to track back a long way to see a similar chart to this rare display of weather outcomes..I also had to return to 1982 to see what Saturn battling with Mars brought while in fair weather sign Libra. I got lucky and found a brilliant account of severe thunderstorms from May till late summer accompanying this outlook and a wonderfully detailed account on the net, of how bad weather battled with some high temperatures to create thunder and lightening during July 1982. However, in 1982 there were lots of other planets joining in the affray, and this isn’t happening this time around, though I do expect something exciting by the end of this phase in the form of t/storms and even high levels of precipitation to some parts of the UK with weather warnings in place….The first half of this phase is good but the change comes in from 12th when the air begins to get unsettled.

9th Looks like some showery weather coming in from the west but the air is generally refreshing and good for outdoors, we may escape with a few spits and spots blown in on wind, southerlies are strong with some mists to watery areas and still air, higher temps range and some sultry conditions by evening.
10th Should be a lovely serene summers day
11th Temps still seasonally high with wool packed clouds, any rain coming in should be out of the way 2-3am if it does wend its way here, some whistling breeziness could start up heralding some changes to come in the fair trends
12th Conflicting air currents between hot and cold begin to make themselves felt. There is humidity and static around and lightening strikes can begin to break out from today, warning of rain threats.
13th I expect our region to encounter some heavy outbreaks of rain today from early morning. Temps are still on the high if muggy side and mistiness is hogging some watery and lowland areas marring visibility Ipswich looks most affected by misty mizzly and drizzly conditions so I’ll be catching up with their weather outlook for this phase to check my forecast result. The weather continues to remain unsettled as temps are on the rise again by the afternoon which is generally a fair outcome.
14th Some highs expected for 14th creating more static, while my money is on 15th for more lightening and thunder strikes which for some regions beyond ours will be awesome. Some lowland areas can expect windstorms
16th Seems like the weather is less unsettled with temps rising and some nice woolly cloud around. Some westerly breezes prevail.
17th brings another very high temperature day and some good weather>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but check any modifications to this in my next forecast…….

17th-24th August
This phase is unsettled and it took a while to decide that its migrating droughts hitting the headlines at this time of the year. I expect headlines similar to the ones we got for January this year when an avalanche hit Zermatt and

Bosnia and beyond had the coldest temps on record to east of Europe…..I only wish I could spend more time analysing the trends across Europe to see how this will manifest weather wise for this summer, though I do expect the drought will be heavy to those parts, as will temps reaching viciously high levels……..
We have the conflict of highs and lows continuing, though I am trying to stay communicative in plain English rather than resort to obscure messages used by many forecasters. In a nutshell it seems that there is the threat of stormy outbursts, but somehow the planets prevent these from breaking out into too much rainy stuff and we get some high temperatures and fair weather, though breezes and gusty winds can interfere with smooth sailing….or help it along!
The conflict in fair and foul conditions centres over the middle of England from north to south and going across east coast of Scotland. It seems to convey that the drought for the eastern quarter, East Anglia especially, will continue to cause problems at this time of year. The fair is weather we all enjoy; the foul is a trend to parching conditions that isn’t good for harvests and farmers.
Astro mets will know that the drought conditions are peaking now and won’t return to increasing heavy rainy wet conditions until 2017/19 when the planetary cycle reverses the trend for migrating droughts.

17th Fair weather around with high temp range, dry conditions but some risk of scattered localised showery conditions 5am and 5 pm time wise approx. Temps cooler slightly by evening.
18th Some gusty breezy/windy conditions NW for north Eng and Scotland especially and high ground, we will get gusty breeziness ad risk or more localised hail showery outbreaks, but this also goes with blue skies and fluffy cloud conditions.
19th Cloud with sunshine spells, cloudier outlook for morning with more risk of scattered showers, some cloud coming over mid afternoon but clearer overnight skies into tomorrow morning, temps on seasonally warm. Windy from last night N Westerly
20th rising temps, abnormally dry conditions ruling, with clear skies risk of some scattered showers and southerlies blowing. Looks like an uncomfortably warm night as well….
21st Muggy conditions around today, haziness and static atmosphere, some breezes to keep things aired, some cloudburst potential late at night and into following morning
22nd Cloud and mizzles potential but a finer outlook for the afternoon, warmth from sun and night skies look clear.
23rd Moon is perigee today, close to the earth so exerting a strong pull on tides, cloudy start if not haziness for watery areas, temps still seasonally high today. The afternoon looks better than the morning for clearer skies and sunshine.
24th Hazes mists and cloudiness around today especially to lowland areas, southerlies active and gusty, warm temps and high humidity. Clear overnight skies.

24th-31st August

I expect t/storms and rain, with most likely dates for us to be 24th and 28th but also some good outdoor weather as well with sunshine. Springs and streams in the region should be at capacity offsetting the drought conditions other regions may be experiencing. Winds are westerly for the first half, gustier by 25/26th, turning NW by 28th and easterly for 29th/30th, strong and blustery at times, especially to the NW for 28/29th.
Cast your mind back to the equinox week when we had a t/storm for 17th March, but some lovely if blustery breezy conditions following the precipitation. A similar outlook for this phase, but a rule of thumb is the better weather arrives mid day to midnight so plan outdoor activity for then to try and beat the weather blues as they waft over…

24th Increased humidity and cloud around if not mistiness and haze, could be static outbursts as well before 2pm. Finer outlook by 9-10pm but don’t get lulled into a feeling of great weather tomorrow…
25th This is the most likely day for rain to blot the weather outlook with humidity and cloud around as well as haze to lowlands near watery places, but rain looks set to cover most of the UK today so plan some indoor activity for the kids…
26th More static and hazy conditions and some mugginess, but some warmth around as well and there should be some sunshine for some in our region, but some mists could hover for some localities.
27th Should be more settled with sunshine and outdoor weather summery but seasonally ave temps, cooler to north, some cold pockets to exposed areas.
28th t/storm outbreak potential for today, but not to worry I don’t expect the rain stop play all day and night, and once it has gone we get better days ahead. Currently timefields for most likely occurrence are 3 am approx, and 8-9 and the weather gets warmer during the mid morning with sunshine and colder pockets around late afternoon, some milder temps for evening. The north and NW look to be encountering stronger windy weather around this date.
29th a cool day but lovely and sunny and this outlook should continue over next few days….with some easterly breezes around turning NW and gusty westerly by 31st when temps should be milder. 30th looks cool.

Apologies for any errors in this forecast write up but I still have to decode the amazing anomolies in this envrionment that prevent me from being able to trnsfer from one notepad to another. Also I have had serial problems trying to upload my usual photos so apologies if none show up for this one.

September forecast not yet ready and will add these as soon as I am able. Meantime enjoy the summer!

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